Ricardo Rodriguez

  • Alberto Del Rio:WWE is racist and made Mexican jokes about me
  • Ricardo Rodriguez:WWE is racist and made Mexican jokes about me
  • Sin Cara:WWE is racist
  • Mark Henry:Michael PS Hayes called me the n-word
  • Booker T:Vince McMahon said the n-word ON TV
  • Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods:We are literally black preachers
  • The Rock:*wins the WWE title*

Arrive.Ho Ho Ho.Leave

You’re a mean one, Mr. Del Rio. You really are a…mean guy. Santa Claus put Alberto Del Rio on the permanent naughty list and socked his former announcer Ricardo Rodriguez with a bag of Christmas goodies after Del Rio accidentally hit him with a car last Christmas.

Lesson learned, don’t cross Kris Kringle. Happy holidays from “Parts Unknown”!


Another reason to love Roman Reigns

As alot of you already know, before their debut the Shield were tipped off by CM Punk that alot of the guys in the locker room would probably no sell them because of their rapid push to the top. So as suggested by Punk, they’d stiff the guys and legitimately beat them up when they did their ambushes. One of the guys they did this to was Ricardo Rodriguez.

Anyways, he was super pissed about the whole thing given that he had just recovered from a prior concussion. Afterwards the only guy to actually apologize to him was Roman.