Jack Barakat is GAY

Jack Barakat is gay. No doubt about it. He’s literally the only band member I know that hasn’t had/have a girlfriend or wife. He’s 100% gay. I know it. He knows it. EVERYONE knows it. Jalex was real at some point and Alex may be bi or even pan (cause you know he married a WOMAN, a beautiful woman but a woman nonetheless.) I have to admit, some of my ships I know there’s no way it could be real like… I hate to say it but like Kellic. That’s my OTP man but Kellin’s married with kids and Vic has a girlfriend. Not Jalex, there’s no way you can sit here and tell me it’s not possible that it was real. Jack and Alex kissed all the time, constantly touched each other, literally ran around naked with together and straight out said Jalex is real but they’ll never admit it. Jack is a FLAMING homosexual and my spirit animal. He’s just so gay. I literally don’t understand how girls are like “have sex with me” and crap. He collects girl’s bras because it’s funny and maybe even to be a little ironic, not ‘cause he wants yo ass. Like do you have eyes? Can’t you see? He’s SO fucking gay. FUCK anyone who disagrees. I KNOW MY TRUTH. Gaaaaah. -Sonni 😂😭

so I met atl earlier today at a signing and i was bummed cause i didn’t have time to talk to them we couldn’t hug them or anything :/ but then i went to the blink concert after right? im standing with my fren @loveashtonsomuchithurts and jack LOOKS IN OUR DIRECTION AND SMILES AND WAVES and I was like fuck and then HE wALKS TO THE SIDE STAGE AND POINTS AT ME AND IM LIKE WTF JACk AND HE’S LIKE COME HERE BITCH AND IM LIKE OK but i was frozen and allison (the fren) had to drag me out of my seat and she shoved me towards him and i walk over aND HE BENDS DOWN AND PLACES HIS PICK IN MY HAND GUYS I LITERALLY WAS LIKE “thank you” AND I SOBBED ALL THE WAY BACK TO MY SEAT shout out to the girl who high fived me and said congrats then i hugged carly and proceeded to cry for a while tonight was the best night of my fucking life ok

I know 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ve seen all their dicks, Calum swings left.
—  Alex Gaskarth at the APMAS for his political speech