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The dull thud of steel against straw and wood wan almost rhythmic coming from the training room. Harkin’s breath was heavy but not labored, his sword stopping only for him to cast the occasional simple spell. His left arm was exposed and seemed to have light radiating from cracks in the skin, as if the bones themselves were aflame. Harkin made little notice of those who passed, his mind a great distance away.

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Serious rhythmic gymnasts train about 60% ballet, 30% rhythmic apparatus (ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs and rope) and 10% conditioning. So it's quite easy to transition between dance and RG. I'm from a country where rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most important sports and almost every little girl trains in rhythmic gymnastics here.

thanks for the info!!

But like, there are non-russian athletes that train in Russia, could they be targeted by the IOC..?

idk about other sports, but there are at least 3 non-russian rhythmic gymnasts who train full time in Novogorsk in Russia : Varvara Filiou from Greece, Kaho Minagawa from Japan and Son Yeon Jae from South Korea.

Like, this situation is so messy