i… i couldn’t sleep so i went ahead and translated the final rhythm heaven japanese comic

most of the credit goes to @rhythmheaventhebestplus and her translation, i just made it look a bit prettier (and changed a few lines)


DJ School redraw rating screens for Rhythm Heaven Megamix are done! They look pretty well since I’ve been drawing them according to their heads from Forest Remix. Now no one will be disappointed seeing one of this cool rhythm game from Rhythm Heaven. The only difference between both original and redraw ones is that Blue DJ’s headphones are switched positions. Next one I’m going to be redraw in RHM style is either Love Lizards, Showtime, Crop Stomp, Drummer Duel, Rockers or even sequels. Stay tuned!


Happy Valentines Day! 

First I’d like to thank shinywhimsicott for the idea of obtaining these sound effects, check out his remix of Remix 5!

After noticing a way to separate sound channels,
I played around with DeSmuME and figured out how to record the sound effects. Better than Rhythm Heaven Fever’s technique? At least it doesn’t require a separate emulator build…

However I could not record:

  • Built to Scale ½
  • Fan Club
  • Big Rock Finish
  • Rockers ½

Due to MIDI notes being played instead of music being played in both left and right channels (#6 and #7 can be easily muted).
Sorry about that!


I also kept the original audio files, in case any else wants to extract audio data. Keep in mind they might not be prefect playthroughs.

Check the image file for visual game reference. This text and the image above are both included in the zip file.

+: Available
-: Not available


- Built to Scale
+ Glee Club
+ Fillbots
- Fanclub
(Remix 1)

+ Rhythm Rally
+ Shoot em’ Up
+ Bluebirds
+ Moai Doo-wop
(Remix 2)

+ Love Lizards
+ Crop Stomp
+ Freeze Frame
+ The Dazzles
(Remix 3)

+ Munchy Monk
+ DJ School
+ Drummer Duel
+ Love Lab
(Remix 4)

+ Splashdown
- Big Rock Finish
+ Dog Ninja
+ Frog Hop
(Remix 5)

+ Space Soccer
+ Lockstep
- Rockers
+ Karate Man
(Remix 6)