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A very oddly specific question. Ive seen loads of fanart of our friendly neighbourhood illyrians and i was wondering y u gave them rounded ears when ive mostly seen pointy.

Well, I’m generally a stickler for details, and ACOMAF said so. It’s a small detail - and maybe an easy one to miss - but during the dinner when Feyre meets everyone for the first time, Cassian tucks his hair behind a rounded ear (page 166). Rhys has pointed ears because he is half High Fae.

Bryaxis, Nightmare Come True

I know the fandom talks about bryaxis a lot. But I have yet to see a post discussing this one thing. 

In the library when Feyre first meets Bryaxis he doesn’t hurt her. He is just simply curious as to why she is down here, who she is, and what the twins are doing chasing her. Feyre closes her eyes against him but would that really change anything? Bryaxis is millennia old. So old no one knows, not even me (Bone Carver). So surely he could still send his fog over Feyre and put her into a hellish nightmare in her mind, killing her that way. So why doesn’t he! 

I know he says that Feyre is his highlady or the Nightcourts or something like that.. But why would that change his mind? I don’t think it would. So again, why did he let Feyre live? Isn’t anyone else curious about this? I mean he tried to kill Cassian, probably would have tried to kill Rhys or Mor or Azriel. Whats does he see in Feyre? I know Feyre is always said to be the great one, the one made, the curse breaker but I just don’t think those titles would matter to Bryaxis. 

 It has been bugging me for weeks now! lol. 

Requiem: Part Sixteen


*Alvarez gripped Adrien’s arm before he could pull back his shadows. She pressed her other hand over his mouth, cringing at the warmth of his breath. She watched as the camp lord swaggered towards his room. Alvarez tugged Adrien forward. Walking in his shadows was different than walking in Cyrian’s. She pressed Adrien’s back against the wall, pressing her shoulder against his chest as the camp lord closed the door to his room.

Stay,” She said to the Shadowsinger’s son without looking back as she slipped out of his shadows in a fluid motion, her blade already gripped in her hand. Her feet pressed against the ground, not making a sound. A smile pulled at her lips, the mere thought of this prick lord dying had her bones tingling.

He deserved it. Deserved what was coming for him. She was glad she was the one who brought his demise to his doorstep. She stopped at the door, listening to the talking on the other side. Vaida. Alvarez’s breath hitched, just once, and she gripped the blade harder.

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Morrigan: Her power is truth, but she’s been living a lie

Amren: The True Immortal, the Destroyer incarnate, a plague given form—yet she left her Father’s realm, fell from grace, because she was born with a curious heart and wondered what it would be like to love and hate and build.

Cassian: The Prince of Bastards, God of Warriors, bravest of all Illyrians—yet he is a coward at love. 

Nesta: An unmoving, unflinching pillar of steel and flame, Goddess of Death, but she feels more deeply than anyone.

Azriel: Singer of shadows, master of secrets, but his deepest secrets are written on his face.

Elain: The kind hearted seer if all, yet no one sees her.

Rhysand: The vicious, deadly High Lord of Night, feared throughout the land—yet he would gladly sacrifice himself for those he loves.

Feyre: The Cursebreaker with a human heart, the starving Bride of Spring—the wolf they did not see coming.

Stryga: The Weaver, an old God of Death, she consumed life because she could not live.

The Bone Carver: The forgotten twin of the Weaver, an old God of Life, he obsessed over death because he, himself, could not die.

The Suriel: Ancient, all knowing, and hideous like a nightmare—but inside lay the heart of a dreamer.

Bryaxis: The face of deepest fears, drinker of dread, the presence in the darkness … but all it wanted was light.

Cassian: Hey Rhys, I need relationship advice.

Rhys: Just because I’m dating Feyre doesn’t mean I know how I did it.

The ACOTAR movie

It just occurred to me that when the ACOTAR movie comes out, everyone who hasn’t read the books will be like


but the book fans will be like


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If Celaena was in ACOTAR.

After entering Tamlin’s estate for the first time:

Celaena: *breaks into every room*

Celaena: *mutters to herself* Luxury and comfortable interior - check. Fabulous clothes for free - check. Delicious food - check. A library - check.

Celaena: *bursts into dining room where Tamlin and Lucien are waiting for her with a look of total despair* Why are you keeping me here?! What will I do? *covers her eyes and pretends to cry* My poor family! How will ever escape? I have to stay here forever! *faints on the chair*

Celaena: *opens her totally dry eyes a few seconds later* Do you think you can get me a piano?