Incredible sunsets are one of the many rewards of hiking along the Appalachian Trail, a national scenic trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine. Native to the Appalachian Mountains, rhododendrons bloom in this gorgeous photo that was taken along the trail near the Roan Highlands on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. With so many great vistas to choose from, this scenic area is a favorite with day hikers and backpackers alike. Photo courtesy of Serge Skiba.


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He hummed to himself as he weaved another flower into her fiery hair. The small daisies framed her red locks and porcelain skin perfectly. She looked as if she had stepped out of a painting. The smell of lavender and rhododendrons and the warm feeling of her head in his lap made him lean back against the bench in content. It tingled his senses and warmed him all over. 
“You’re not meant to pick the flowers from here” Her voice was thick and so she must’ve been lulled to sleep by his ministrations on her hair. “They take so much care to plant these, Soonyoung.” She continued as she sat up, locking her hands in his. 
“I know, but my masterpiece needs all the flowers in the world.” He said as he picked another cluster of bluebells from the bush next to him, tucking them into her hair before whispering.


University of Latvia rhododendron breeding and testing nursery “Babīte”

Latvian University rhododendron breeding and testing nursery “Babīte” was established on 1 July 1980. Kennel established pine forest Babite, 11.8 ha. It is currently the only specialized rhododendron farm in the Baltic States.Kennels main task is rhododendron introduction and breeding.Over the last 30 years of existence, a large open-air farm, rhododendron species and varieties collection, which includes 72 species of wild rhododendron and 191 variety, including 64 Latvian University developed the variety (breeder R. Kondratovičs).


Ground Layering is a form of plant propagation in which clones of the parent plant are made as lower branches come into contact with the soil.

This can be done manually (as I have done above with a Rhododendron), or, it can happen naturally, when a plant produces adventitious roots.

The process can be accelerated by scoring the bark of the stem section that is to be buried to reveal the cambium–which provides undifferentiated cells that turn into root tissue–and applying rooting hormone.

When this is done above the ground, it is called air layering.

Layering is a reliable way to create clones of plants that are difficult to propagate by cuttings, like certain hardwoods, or flowering trees like magnolias. The clone is able to derive water and nutrients from the parent plant, while slowly establishing roots over a period of weeks or months.

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