Also for anyone curious about the origins of Chromarose’s name: it’s a vague translation of “Rhodochrosite” (a gemstone; “rhodo” = rose and “chrosite” = color, based on the word “chroma”). There is no way in which Rhodochrosite has anything to do with this character. It also sounds somewhat like a business or production or band name and, Jandek style, it’s hard to tell if “Chromarose” is the name of the performer or if “A Chromarose Production” at the start or end of their videos just means that’s the name of their tiny studio that has only themself in it or if that’s the name of the musical artist or What. Yeah it’s meant to be like that.

Photo by @_theopaque_ featuring a few things from @structure_minerals 😊 #symmetry #crystals #stones #minerals #theopaque #spinel #cavansite #amethyst #apatite #fluorite #rosequartz #rhodochrosite #opal #cavansite #greenberyl #tourmaline #ruby #structureminerals

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Rhodochrosite (Pseudomorph after Calcite) from Greece

“This beautiful specimen is an extraordinary example of pseudomorphosis, wherein the original mineral (calcite) left its distinct crystal form and was replaced by a new mineral, the pink rhodochrosite. Thus, this specimen illustrates the typical characteristics of rhodochrosite–pink color, a greater hardness and weight than calcite, and a chemical composition primarily composed of manganese–but it will retain forever the original form of its calcite host. It was coated lightly at a later time in its history by a light crust of tiny colorless quartz crystals. There are a number of small pyrite crystals down one side of the matrix”.

by World’s Finest Minerals and Crystals