Rhett & Link’s Buddy System Live Viewing Party

Watch the first episode of Buddy System, LIVE with Rhett & Link.

Rhink head canon:

Rhett likes to play his guitar sometimes for no other reason but to feel it in his hands.

On those rare evenings at ‘Mythical Entertainment’, where work lulls and gives him a moment to himself, he pulls it out and plucks at it softly.

Within the safety of his and link’s office, Rhett lets the vibrations of the strings and wood provide him with a reprieve of sorts. He allows the gentle tune he strikes up to carry him away for a while…

Link likes it when Rhett plays his guitar too.

Link is drawn to their shared workspace almost every time.

Mostly he’ll just lean against the door frame for a short while before going back about his business…

Occasionally though, on the slowest of these evenings, link will find his way all the way into the office.

Rhett lays on the couch most often. His long long legs leave no room for link to sit beside him so the brunette sits down on the floor instead. Closing his eyes, he rests his head back against the seat cushions and simply listens.