Rhett and Link

Rhett's Birthday Book


Come forth Mythical Beasts!

We are pulling together to gather messages/letters/fan art, to be bound in a professionally printed book to be sent to Rhett as a gift from the Kommunity for his birthday.


  • Longer messages/letters are always better than just “happy birthday Rhett from me”. So try to come up with something a bit more substantial.
  • Make sure to say who you are. Real name or online username is fine.
  • No fanfiction.
  • Messages sent in the email body are a lot easier for me to copy paste into the book template without the need for additional programs (office etc). So please try to add text in the email body instead as an attachment where possible.
  • Scan hand drawn artwork at the best dpi you can (300 dpi is what the book is printed at), this will stop any blurred images.
  • Cover art for the book will be completed once again by Georgia, whose art was used for the front of Link’s book.
  • Remember the book is for RHETT, Don’t put messages in for Link or ask Rhett to pass messages on. As Link said “It’s nice to get something for your birthday that’s just Link related”- we want that for Rhett too.

Email all submissions to: rhettandlinkommunity@gmail.com

Deadline for submissions:
Saturday, 5th September 23:59 EST.

Don’t forget to share with other Mythical Beasts!


Too perfect “I don’t even know anymore”