Reyes County


It’s a view that has been seen so often in photographs. A view that is truly magical when the sun and fog are just right. Out in the hills of Tomales Bay, where the cows roam in historic dairies. Point Reyes National Seashore is home to some of the most stunning landscapes. The miles of rocky seashore brings peace and beauty to such a dangerous place for boats. Further inland lies the Cypress Tree Tunnel. The beautiful trees arch just so perfectly that it seems magical. I find it fascinating when nature creates such stunning views. While Tomales Bay is home to many cypress trees, no others look so unique as these ones. It’s a drive worth taking, even for just a quick stop on the way to Point Reyes Lighthouse. 


Cross-eyed Coyote by lennycarl08
Via Flickr:
Kind of a scrawny little guy in the grass at Point Reyes


Do you ever just like out into the Pacific Ocean and see how far it goes? Look out into the horizon where the water and the sky meet and become one? Do you see how the land and the waves crash together for miles along the coast? It’s as if a foreign land lies below these waters. Life seems so still looking out towards the horizon when in reality right under the water life is so full. Even on land the rugged coast line combines with the horizon and it seems to just go on forever. Its a home to so many and a place of danger for so many. But there is so much beauty in this place. The san francisco bay area is full of so much life and excitement. Point Reyes National Seashore fills the hearts of so many adventures with its simplicity and wonder. It fills my heart with love and beauty. It calms my mind and my spirit.


Elvira: Aunt Minerva, what have I always told you about exposing your witchcraft?

Minerva: Oh Elvira, it’s not as if we were Siegfried & Roy, we can only do a few harmless parlour tricks - moving shopping charts, fixing parking meters, switching prices codes. And I hate living in the closet!

Elvira: Look, I don’t like it any better than you do, but I’m sick and tired of pulling up stakes just to keep me from getting burned at one. Besides, I like living here in Freslock Bay.

Minerva: Oh, yes, glamorous Freslock. When you told me we were moving to Calsimfornia I thought Starlight Shores, showtime, Simfest - but nooo, you meant Freslock Bay, naptime, the city of retired angels.


Point Ouerbacker Aesthetics Inspirations

Point Ouerbacker was mostly done when I got a hold of it, but I had a few references that I used to continue shaping the world, especially in the community lots and the overall world tones (INIs, weather, etc.). I’ve posted some of them here, and I hope they’re of use to people looking for inspiration!

Point Ouerbacker’s not a new, shiny world. In fact, most of it isn’t. It’s a tired rural world that should feel very much like the type of fading 20th century Americana that the rest of country has seemingly left behind. I wanted something a bit grungier than the typical Sims 3 world, but still bright and colourful.

It’s one of those blue-collar counties you might find yourself in by chance rather than by design- and it’s still a nice place to spend your summers in. Just don’t expect very much to be going on!

Of course, rural America can also be a a place where not everything is what it seems (and things go bump in the night), so there’s certainly lots of fertile ground to explore ;)

Point Ouerbacker can be found here.


A tour through Point Ouerbacker cont’d.


A sunset in Seacliffe is always the best. Warm sands, cool water, views of Point Ouerbacker and Santa Mira- it’s definitely a great place to unwind after a long day. In comparison, a sunset in Freslock Bay’s boardwalk will always end up with a Battle Royale/the Hunger Games between you and the seagulls.

PSA: Going to post up a testing version tomorrow. I hope you all like it and can help test out the world! Oh, and a happy 100-ish posts? I usually don’t do that thing.



Along with Claire I moved another group of Sims to another gem in Sims 3 custom worlds: Point Ouerbacker by potato-ballad-sims
It’s a unique world, it’s beautiful and I love the background stories behind areas and lots. I’m having a blast playing in it.

Hippies, hipsters, alternative and Sims starting off in the gaming industry but can’t afford a house in Simlicon Valley, are slowly moving into Point Ouerbacker.

This here is Tregan. She’s just cycling back to her new home at Bagelwood Trailor Park after a successful job interview at the local social casework office.
It’s booming business as more and more locals are having problems to make ends meet, are unemployed as traditional industries are closing down and are taking in an excessive amount of nectar. They are hiring two young caseworkers. Tregan is one of them..

Loaded up the Reyes County beta, dropped Bruna Hitch into my game as a tester sim… And, uh, was surprised until I remembered I had removed my entire Mods folder to see if it would help my game.

I’m not back yet! But I’m working on it. My game loaded, I LOVE Reyes County, and I have a story of legacy-type story idea that I’d like to put there. The world is still a beta, though, so I can’t work on it yet. But I’m coming back! I think I’ve lost the Baileys, though. :(