Another Scene From Episode 8
  • Rey:I have to tell you something, Finn.
  • Finn:Sure, what?
  • Rey:I'm.. gay. And asexual.
  • Finn:Disgusting. That's against my beliefs. We can't associate anymore.
  • Rey:...
  • Finn:...
  • Rey & Finn:*cracking up*
  • Finn:HAH! AS IF! I'M BI!
  • Rey:Judging people on romantic and sexual orientation? Like that even happens!
  • Finn:It'd be like judging someone on their skin color!
  • Rey & Finn:*looking straight at the camera* Ha. Ha. Ha.
  • eight year old:so Rey is going to be Kylo Ren's girlfriend in the next movie?
  • seven year old:no way! Kylo is going to be her boyfriend.
  • me:what's the difference?
  • seven year old:I don't know, it just sounds better.
  • eight year old:Well obviously Kylo needs Rey to tell him what to do, she is the boss.
  • me, on the verge of tears:I am so proud.

Blood and Snow
a Reylo fanfic
coming soon

“You know… I’d like our child to have hair as black as night, skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood,” she whispers. She shakes her head, laughing at her own daydream. “I sound ridiculous,” she chuckles.

“No you don’t, sweetheart,” Han reassures her. “I mean, combine that with my good looks, and he’ll be the fairest of them all.”

“Don’t get too excited, hotshot,” she replies, slapping him softly on the arm. “Maybe he’ll end up looking like me or like Luke.” 

“Either way, with parents like us, I’m sure he’ll be an angel,” Han jokes.

anonymous asked:

About that Unkar Plutt deleted scene, I was wondering your opinion. He obviously comes to get Rey and NOT the falcon, since he tells her to come with him, adding "You don't know the trouble you are in". That line actually stroke me: could it mean Plutt HAD to keep and eye on Rey, that he was meant to watch her? And that would he fail, it would be very problematic(both for her and him)?It seems that he actually needed to bring her back, as if the person who left her had warned him about escaping.

It’s rather intriguing, isn’t it? I think there are several valid interpretations when it comes to Plutt’s reasons for tracking Rey down:

1. He’s afraid of losing his best scavenger/slave, so wants her back to continue working for him.

2. He’s angry with her for stealing his property, and wants to take her back for punishment (this is probably the surface reading).

And, perhaps most intriguingly, you have:

3. Whoever left her behind ordered Plutt to never let Rey leave the planet, warning of serious consequences if she were to escape. Plutt is desperate to get her back before the warning becomes fulfilled.

Personally, I think these are all factors. The first two are overt, and I think the third is implied by the facts that a.) we know Rey was left with Plutt when she was abandoned and b.) Plutt goes directly to Rey rather than the Falcon upon reaching Takodana - his primary goal seems to be getting her back rather than retrieving his property. That implies something more than petty vengeance to me, but we’ll see.


Yugiri (DaizyStripper), HAL (FEST VAINQUEUR), Rey (ASTARIA) and SaToRu (glamhaze) on the front cover of December 2016 issue of「Cure Vol.159」magazine with the Raid. on the back cover.

This issue also features artists such as Kiryu, DIAURA, DOG inThePWO and many more.

This magazine will be released on October 21st, 2016.


We’ve got two more The Force Awakens commentary track previews today. In the first, at Yahoo, J.J. Abrams reveals that it was a suggestion from Selma director Ava DuVernay that lead to a key shot during Rey and Kylo’s duel. The second, at IGN, is about how Rey and Finn’s initial meeting changed.

The commentary is a feature on the upcoming 3D collector’s edition that will be out on November 15 in the U.S. and October 31 internationally.