Here you go! A redone free pattern. You can find it on Ravelry under the name Nannerl

I knit these socks ages ago for my mum. She thought they were so pretty she refused to wear them. I hope you all enjoy knitting them. The lace is way easier then it looks. You can actually memorize it very quickly, which makes for faster knitting.

Thank you!

Link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nannerl

“What would ‘Burn’ be like if sung from Laurens’s perspective?” asked no one.  Yet here I am with my answer anyway.

So this has nothing to do with the Reynolds Pamphlet.  The scene is Laurens alone in his quarters on August 26, 1782.  Featuring actual quotes/paraphrases of Hamilton and Laurens’s correspondence.

I fudged around with the lines a bit so it won’t match up with the original verses syllable-for-syllable, but the tune is basically the same.

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Key 15th Anniversary!! by ONion

you ever just change the lyrics to the Danny phantom theme song ,,,,,

Yo, Marinette She Was Just 15
When tikki came along, but what did that mean?
time to be a hero slash a teen

(she’s gonna catch em all cause she’s miraculous)

at first it was hard, she wanted to quit
saving Paris alone, nothing quite fit
then suddenly,
every thing just changed
her partner was decidedly, a little bit strange

(hero hero),
When they first teamed up she realized,
he had golden blond hair
and glowin’ green eyes
he could use cataclysm, his staff, and flirt
& he always made sure she didn’t get hurt
It was then that she knew what they had to do
they had to stop the akumas who were coming through
they’re here to fight
for me and you

(He’s gonna catch em all cause he’s Chat noir
gonna catch em all cause she’s Ladybug
gonna catch em all cause they’re miraculous)

Rewritten Hamilton lyrics - round 3.5

Happy ones this time!  Since Hamilton’s comma sexting gets its own treatment in the show, I thought I could rewrite this to reflect the fact that Laurens felt the need to put a period after his name.  All.  The.  Time.  So here is a rewritten excerpt from “Take a Break.”  Scene is spring of 1782.  Hamilton is in Albany with his family while Laurens is in SC, fighting and working on his black regiment:

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kebutuhan berbicara

ada yang bilang bahwa perempuan lebih cerewet ketimbang laki-laki. ternyata, penelitian terbaru menunjukkan bahwa laki-laki dan perempuan berbicara sama banyaknya setiap hari. hanya saja–konteksnya yang berbeda. perempuan lebih banyak bicara tentang perasaan. dan dari sanalah label lebih cerewet didapatkan perempuan.

tentang banyak berbicara juga berhubungan dengan banyak menulis. ini dugaan saya semata, bisa jadi laki-laki dan perempuan menulis sama banyaknya. namun, perempuan lebih banyak menulis tentang perasaan.

sejujurnya, saya kaget sama diri sendiri–karena saya menulis sebanyak ini sejak sekitar satu tahun yang lalu. setelah saya selidiki (dengan asal-asalan), sepertinya saya banyak menulis karena kebutuhan bicara saya tidak terpenuhi. meskipun kegiatan sehari-hari saya menuntut saya untuk banyak bicara, pada dasarnya saya tidak banyak “bicara”.

ini memang tak bisa digeneralisasi. tapi menurut saya, menulis adalah cara yang sangat hebat dalam memenuhi kebutuhan berbicara. daripada berbicara dengan seseorang yang kebutuhan bicaranya sudah terpenuhi, lalu saya menjadi kecewa karena respon yang diberikan tidak sesuai harapan. daripada selanjutnya kekecewaan itu membawa saya kepada rasa kesal atau pertengkaran. daripada kemudian hubungan saya dengan orang itu menjadi kurang baik.

daripada itu semua, lebih baik saya menulis untuk memenuhi kebutuhan berbicara saya, sambil belajar bersyukur dan menciptakan kebahagiaan sendiri. sudah kita sepakati bahwa menjadi bahagia adalah kewajiban setiap orang kan?

menulis memang bisa juga jadi membahayakan. kalau-kalau saya sadar bahwa saya butuh menyalurkan kebutuhan berbicara saya, tapi ternyata menulis membuat saya lebih tidak bahagia ketimbang mendapatkan respon bicara yang biasa-biasa. kalau-kalau, tulisan saya menggerogoti diri saya sendiri. yang ini jangan sampai terjadi.

satu lagi jawaban mengapa saya susah berhenti menulis. ternyata saya butuh menulis, sebagaimana saya butuh bersyukur dan butuh berbahagia.


Is there a reason you are naked in my bed…..

I had been coming home late from extended studio sessions, always exhausted, usually spending more time immersed in my music than at home.

Lately my friends have been busy with up and coming projects and I’d been so focused on this new album. Recently I decided to come home early; exhausted from working 24/7, I just needed a long break, at least a week to myself.

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ME2: What it says on the tin.

“CHAKWAS!” Shepard cried out as the airlock opened, her throat and lungs burning with a different name than the one on her lips. Distress had her vision swimming, but she managed to find the doctor’s silver hair in the crowd that greeted them on the other side. “It’s Garrus,” She explained helplessly, indicating the unconscious turian over whom she kneeled. Was he recognizable? Shepard didn’t know. The telltale blue of his tattoos was upstaged by a darker, slicker, more worrying shade seeping from the right side of his face, smeared across Shepard’s hands and falling in heavy droplets through the metal grating on the floor.

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wearily unsettled
disquieted, the room, my oubliette
wearing oblivion
for ambiance  

where the curtains slight, the morning breaks
meddlesome at the periphery
acquiring form, provoking
teasing past a peeking window slant
uncoupled words, compelled to contemplate the ground
without sound

no voice may gather in
or verse convoke
where indefinite inspirations willingly cease
this drifting recitation

Rewritten Hamilton lyrics round 2 - “Best of Wives, Best of Women” (now titled “You Know the Unalterable Sentiments of Your Affectionate Laurens)

Scene: Early in the morning of August 27, 1782.  Laurens is preparing himself in his quarters for the morning’s upcoming action (side note for those who don’t know - the battle that Laurens was killed in happened at about 3:00 am).  Laurens is basically talking to Hamilton in his mind/subconscious.  Featuring more quotes/paraphrases of Hamilton’s and Laurens’s last letters to each other.

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Lexi stared at him after making her declaration. It was all serious eyes and pursed lips, part determined to make him realise and part angry that he hadn’t already.

“What about Caroline?” Stefan replied, his dopey dumb expression spreading across his face. It took everything she had for her not to laugh. Was he really that oblivious?

“Wow, you really don’t…”

“Love her?” he interrupted making her stop still. She even blinked a few times to get herself back on track.

“Yes, yes I do”

She lets herself smile then, a proud grin covering her face. It’s not long before he mirrors her and his own shining, dimple full smile has taken over his lips. A smile that just screams I’m in love. As they break into laughter and he sips the last few drops of his drink, his eyes fall heavily to glance at the ground.

“It’s okay” Lexi smiles “We’ll get you back to her”

(how it should have happened)

serdds asked:

I have no doubt that you've already been asked this, but... Do you know of any full re-writes of THG and/or CF??? I've consumed Arthurs Camelot's and Jamie Sommers's versions, but I'm desperate for more! :D

Here are all the rewrites I know of, including the two you mentioned (for anyone else who hasn’t read them).


Director Carmichael:

It Was a Lie

The Truth Revealed

Vita in Veritate

Jamie Sommers:

74th Hunger Games Challenge: We Always Were

Catching Fire: Rekindling

Mockingjay: Broken Wings


Someone to Watch Over Me

My Last Breath

Come Rain or Come Shine



The Hunger Games: Peeta’s Story

Catching Fire: Peeta’s Story

Mockingjay: Peeta’s Story

Deliverance (Post MJ)

E.W.S. Miami:

The Girl from the Seam (THG)

The Pearl and the Rose (CF)

War of Memories (MJ)

Rising Fire / Deep in the Meadow / Children of the Seam (Post MJ)


The Fate Games (THG)

Rekindled Fire (CF)

Jabberjay (MJ)

The Dandelion (Post MJ)


The Hunger Games - Peeta Mellark

Catching Fire - Peeta Mellark

Mockingjay - Peeta Mellark

Coal Pressed Into Pearls (Post MJ)



The “End of the World” series contains three Haymitch pov prequels (below) and four side stories, from varying povs (Mr. Mellark, Delly, Peeta, etc.), which can be accessed here.

The End of the World / The Hanging Tree / These are the Names  (prequels)

The Last Tribute (THG)

The Golden Mean (CF)

The Narrow Path (MJ)