spacemonkeymafia42  asked:

Could you write about life on Mother Base?

Sure! Uh, I made up a character to write from her perspective. If you’d like me to take a crack at it from another angle, I’d love to, just let me know!
Thanks, @spacemonkeymafia42!!


“Stop!” A drawl rang out, and poor little Jane Warren stopped in her tracks, eyebrows rising above her glasses.

“Y-yes, Mister Ocelot sir?” she quivered.

“Do you know how to fire a gun?” he asked, his gaze scrutinizing. Behind him, several new recruits stood at attention, all seeming to stare at her without looking. Ocelot proffered his revolver, and she felt her body shrink away from the unfamiliar item.

“I’m in R&D?” She replied, her voice raised as though questioning her own job status.

“Now that isn’t really what I asked, is it?” His voice was not unkind, but Jane felt quite frozen, as pale as her lab coat and as stiff as her little kitten heels.

“I… uh… no? I’m sorry, Mister Ocelot, I just need to–”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Ocelot sighed, looking up at the sky as a familiar voice floated across the deck in its usual irritation.

“Warren, where the hell is the budget report I asked for? If R&D wants me to approve another project, then they’re going to have to–”

“Now now, Miller, I was interrupting her during her task, there’s no need for that,” Ocelot chided, and Kazuhira Miller’s mouth set in a grim line.

“There’s plenty of need, actually, if the Boss really wants us to expand our–”

The two began to bicker, and Jane sighed, eyeing the unmoving recruits and delicately slipping the little folder of documents onto Miller’s clipboard. Twenty words deep into an indictment of Ocelot disrupting his day, Kaz barely seemed to notice.

Jane began to make her way back to her tiny little office below deck, but found herself thoroughly distracted by the early morning sun sinking into her uncomfortable starched lab coat. Before realizing what she was doing, she suddenly leaning over the rails, staring into the water, procrastinating on her return.

A gentle tap on her shoulder made her jump in a full body twitch, her glasses suddenly askew. Fussily thrusting them back into place, Jane put a hand on her chest, heaving a breath in relief at the source of the surprise.

“Oh, Quiet! I’m sorry, you scared me. You’re just so, uh… quiet.”

Quiet inclined her head, expressionless.

“Tough crowd,” Jane muttered to no one.

Quiet looked over at the other end of the deck, frowning slightly at the distant sound of two full-grown men continue to argue over nothing in particular. She looked up and made a large circle with her index finger, and met Jane’s eyes with her own, a delicate line between her brows.

“Mother Base?” Jane guessed.

Quiet nodded, her frown deepening as she pointed at Jane.

“What am I doing here, huh?”

Quiet pressed her lips together, the set of her brows suddenly sympathetic.

“I ask myself that, sometimes.” Jane said, looking down at her heels. She looked the part of a brilliant scientist, but today the shoes seemed a little big for her dainty feet. “But when my brother died helping Big Boss… I knew I had to support his dream. I can’t fire a gun, but I can design a mean research study!”

She shuffled awkwardly. Quiet smiled. Jane smiled back.

“You’re not so scary,” Jane observed, and Quiet’s smile turned smug.

Behind them, D-Dog dragged a sullen and muttering Eli back to the cafeteria. Ocelot and Kaz’s bickering faded as a chopper signaling the Boss’s return appeared on the horizon.

Just another morning on Mother Base.