Although they are presented as harmless, goofy explorations of inane historical side-notes, cable TV specials such as Ancient Aliens and The Lost History of Ancient America normalise expressions of racist intellectual attitudes towards native peoples.

Their basic premise remains: ‘These primitive brown people couldn’t possibly have contributed to our cultural history! It must have been [aliens / giants / prehistorical Europeans]’. Indigenous peoples in North America, Latin America and Africa were practical metallurgists, experimental chemists, civil engineers and urban planners - restoring native peoples to their factual place in human developmental history reveals a dazzlingly beautiful archaeological narrative which throws grubby crypto-fascist conspiracy loons into the shade. 

Busting these absurd, revisionist ahistories is an anti-racist duty.

Anyway, if the new Harry Potter movie that is set in NEW YORK IN THE 1920s doesn’t have any black people in it (like the trailer suggests) I am legit going to throw my Harry Potter books in the trash and never look back.

I don’t care whose fault it is. The casting directors, the producers, j.k. herself. I don’t care. That level of disrespect, historical revisionism via white supremacist fantasy is not to be tolerated.

The Jazz Age.

With no black people.


Reince Priebus is Trump’s White House Chief of Staff. This is his statement on Trump neglecting to mention the Jewish or any other specific victims of the Holocaust. This is how they turn a targeted genocide into “something that happened.” A majority of Jews in Europe and enormous numbers of Jews in the Middle East and North Africa were murdered because of the Nazis during the Holocaust. Erasing that fact is antisemitism. Telling Jews to shut up about our own genocide is antisemitism. If you want to talk about the other victims, mention who they were. Don’t universalize. Don’t omit. The Holocaust was not universal. To pretend otherwise is Holocaust Revisionism and Holocaust Denial. Do not normalize it.

The idea that MLK was ‘nice’ to white supremacists is also just historical revisionism 

He was sent death threats. The FBI considered him dangerous. People assaulted and murdered many of his followers. White America thought he was too confrontational and not appeasing enough to the sensibilities of whites. He was considered disruptive and an “outside agitator.” He was not a beloved man. He was hated and despised.

His protests came with the risk of being brutalized or killed by police or vigilantes. He decried the white moderate for caring more about order than justice. He refused to condemn riots, ‘the language of the unheard,’ because of how violent America was to Black people. Despite their differences, Malcolm X offered him protection and self-defense. Even though he was committed to nonviolent resistance, which meant breaking the law, disrupting traffic and yes - willingly opening yourself to being brutalized, he was more complicated than you give him credit.

The United States hated him and for his troubles he was killed.

He was not the caricature of nonviolence you think he was. Read a fucking book.



Click the link and read the whole thread. While the Civil Rights Movemnt brought with it many advances, one of its most unfortunate legacies is the way history is re-written so that our leaders are used to silence & guilt those who want to fight racism and refuse to prioritize the feelings of racists.

Happy Martin Luther King Day, please use this day to reflect and educate your self. 

Reject revisionist history when it comes to the horrors of racism and the battles that were held to oppose it.

We were in a battle then, and we are in a battle now.

So after watching Hidden Figures I’ve been researching the lives of the main three protagonists and I found something really beautiful??? 

Karl Zielinski, the Polish Jewish man who in the film encourages Mary Jackson to go get her engineering degree is based on a real person! The real man’s name was Kazimierz Czarnecki and I wish that they’d left his real name in the narrative. He was a long time mentor of Mary and they even published a whole bunch of scientific papers together! And, when he retired, she threw a party for him.

Kevin Costner’s ‘Some White Men Were Good During Segregation’ plotline was utterly useless, unnecessary and complete historical revisionism designed to make white people feel comfortable. If they wanted a white male protagonist, they should have focused on the achievements of Kazimierz Czarnecki instead and celebrated the solidarity between Jewish people and Black people.

Chauvinism in the Left and the Maoist Rupture

Chauvinism is a serious problem in the left that’s been plaguing it for decades. There’s a common trend of communism being seen as a “white person” thing, started by the “immortal gods” of revolution, Marx and Engels (i.e., white men). The truth is that these figures weren’t perfect, they were human beings, and because of their identities were sometimes guilty of making rightist eurocentric and masculinist errors. The contributions of non-white revolutionaries like Frantz Fanon, Kwame Nkrumah, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, Fred Hampton, Gonzalo, Angela Davis, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X, Leila Khaled, Ajith, Anuradha Ghandy, Jiang Qing, and others are constantly overlooked. There’s a good reason for this sentiment of suspicion, too, it didn’t just come out of nowhere; betrayal after betrayal have led the oppressed masses, especially those of oppressed nationalities, to distrust revolutionaries because of their history of chauvinist behavior.

Hopefully, the communist movement would have realized its chauvinist errors and come up with a solution by now, right? Marxism-Leninism-Maoism gives us a scientific way of handling this contradiction, and there are tests you can apply to Maoist organizations to see if they’re really interested in helping the people and not just phony petty-bourgeois impostors. I also want to point out that identity politics are not completely in contradiction with communism, that instead they should be extended via revolutionary theory and fully incorporated into that theory. Maoism has a method of handling these contradictions that Marxism-Leninism doesn’t, and if Maoists are doing their work right, any chauvinist or rightist petty-bourgeois errors will be corrected if the science of MLM is being followed correctly.

Here’s a quote from J. Moufawad-Paul’s “Continuity and Rupture,” a philosophical work that outlines the terrain of Maoism (which only crystallized as a coherent ideology between 1988 and 1993) in an attempt to provide clarity to this new theoretical tendency that is often poorly understood:

Mass-line, criticism and self-criticism, cultural revolution: these interlinked aspects of Maoism’s claim to be the next stage of science are necessary for building a movement that is capable of addressing the problems facing any revolutionary organization today. Here are some questions worth asking: is an organization building itself according to the will of the revolutionary masses while, at the same time, organizing this will and providing theoretical guidance; is this organization critical of itself and willing to accept that it is wrong; are the movement’s cadre serving the people and capable of self-criticism in a way that parallels the "checking of privilege” common in identity politics circles but, unlike these circles, tied to a coherent political line; does this movement see itself as capable of transcending the ruling ideas of the ruling class, grasping how certain ideological moments distort and over/under-determine the economic base (as Mao pointed out in On Contradiction), and constantly reforming itself through the long march of cultural revolution? Failure to answer these questions might in fact be a failure to concretely apply those theoretical insights that are supposed to make the name of Maoism into a concept.

How do we correct rightist errors and prevent chauvinism in a revolutionary collective? By understanding the dialectic between communists and proletarians, submitting ourselves to the people, accepting their unyielding criticism without thinking of ourselves, acting from the needs they express instead of our own subjective desires, and rectifying our errors without bringing our fragile egos into the mix.

I honestly miss the radical leftist messages from the early Assassin’s Creed games; especially the ones from Subject 16′s puzzles:

Yeah! Highlight the theft of the means of production by the bourgeoisie! Let the workers own the means of production!

Yeah! Herald the call to revolution! Promote direct action!

Yeah! Show the people about the imperialist atrocities committed by the US against Chile, Iran, Argentina, and dozens of other countries!

Yeah! Challenge the bourgeoisie throughout all of history!

But in the one game that has Karl Freaking Marx in it – IN VICTORIAN LONDON WHERE INDUSTRIALISM AND WORKER’S RIGHTS ABUSES WERE LOUD AND PROUD – they turn him into a revisionist social democrat like:

I mean…what happened to the accuracy and the flame from the earlier games?

REMINDER that the story of Mulan was stolen from Xiongnu /Central Asian tribes by Han imperialists!!! Every representation of Mulan as Han Chinese is revisionism!!! Remember how monstrous/demonized the Huns were portrayed in the Disney film? Well, Mulan was one of them!!!

The next time a Slav asks me why I don’t mention the Slavs in the same breath as Jews when I bring up the Holocaust, I am going to tell them that Slavs, not Germans, guarded the Labor Camp where my grandfather was enslaved and my great uncle died. 

Slavs were Holocaust victims. But when they frame their victimization in terms that demand Jews act like what was done to them is the same as what was done to us it is a form of Holocaust denial. I’ll happily fight Nazis by your side, but don’t demand that I forget or downplay Slavic anti-semitism during the Holocaust. Slavs massacred Jews, stole our homes, and collaborated with Nazis against us until they were betrayed. I will salute those who resisted. But the only European countries under Nazi occupation that resisted as a collective were Denmark, Bulgaria and Albania. If you’re not from one of those countries, you can’t claim anything close to collective innocence or try to blur the historical record in your favor. 

I’m so sick of this garbage.

Not enough of the Slavs spoke up with the Germans came for the Jews. And when the Germans came for the Slavs there was no one left to speak up for them.

Random South American trivia

Between 1864 and 1870, the then Empire of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay fought a brutal war against Paraguay, its true reasons lost to history and patriotic revisionism, where it would be known as the War of the Triple Alliance - Guerra de la Triple Alianza, named after the three enemies of Paraguay.

This war would end up becoming a thinly-veiled genocide against the people of Paraguay, as it cost the country a staggering three-quarters of its entire population, with between 70% and 90% of all adult males killed in the conflict.

Paraguay’s pre-war population is estimated at around ~500,000

It destroyed the country in such a way it took it decades to recover, and even so it remains one of the least developed nations in South America, only above the Guyanas, where its neighbors, Brazil specially, became powerhouses in both the Sub-continent and the world.