And that’s a thread I pick up in much of Stevie’s music: so many songs about women who are younger, older, wise, lost, and figuring it out all at the same time. And tonight, the teenage girl a couple rows in front of me wearing a sweater with a skull on it is having just as much fun dancing and singing along with her friends as the gray-haired older women in our row who joyously, drunkenly slur to one another, “It’s ‘Landslide!’” when guitarist Waddy Wachtel starts strumming his guitar.
And at 68 years old, Stevie Nicks is still figuring it out, too. In the very last song of the night which is, of course, 'Landslide,’ which she wrote when she was 25 years old, she adjusts a line from the original: “And can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life? Uh-uh, I don’t know, oh, still don’t know.”
—  Rebekah Kirkman, 24 Karat Gold Tour review (Baltimore, MD - March 26, 2017.)

Holy Crystal

Where I Got It
Cost: $15.48
(You can find this item for cheaper on eBay and even on Amazon. I bought this particular one because I have prime right now. I can’t speak for other sellers, but my shipping experience with this seller was positive. It came in original packaging, well protected, and in good condition. I got two day shipping and had no issues with tracking.)

In the video I show each side, and how they sound when I use them. There is no talking in the video. Below I break my review down by reviewing each side separately in order of when they are shown in video. I also give each sides description exactly as written in the instructions that came with the crystal. Some of them are written kinda odd and confusing because they are translated from Chinese.

•Soft Silicone
Description: “Small soft tactility that have the function of blood circulation and massage.”
Review: This side is the side I find myself using the most. I am a tactile seeker and I have issues with picking my skin when my anxiety gets bad. This side is AMAZING for both of those things. The lil nubs are pretty soft and easy to pinch, pick, and feels nice to rub my thumb on. It’s a really great tactile feel, and makes a satisfying noise when you move your finger over them lightly.

Description: “Game controller button experience, using ABS material to enhance texture.
Review: These buttons really do have the same feel as a controller. They also make a great click noise. I like clicking all the buttons at once.

•Rotating Disk
Description: "Do you want to a rotating disk? You can come and try it.”
Review: This side is so nice!! In my opinion it’s way better than the one on the fidget cube. It’s textured, it clicks when you press it, very easy to turn, and is slightly raised. I like to turn it with both my fingers from the side. This is one of my favorite sides to use.

Description: “360 rotation joystick”
Review: This joystick is better than the fidget cubes as well. As you can see from the video it has WAY more range, and is actually like an Xbox controller joystick. It is very nice.

Description: “You can have experience of the ubiquitous switch rhythm.”
Review: The switch has a very satisfying feel when you press it, and it makes a nice click. I like to put my whole finger on it and click it back and forth.

•Soft Button
Description: “People who like pressing ball pen can try it”
Review: In my opinion this is actually more satisfying than a ball point pen cause the button is silicone and feels soft and nice to push. The clicking feel and sound is exactly like a pen though.

•Sliding Blocks
Description: “Sliding the sliding block to adjust own life rhythm.”
Review: First of all, these all slide so smoothly and without and issues. I like the fact that the middle one is a little higher than the other two because it feels nice when I move them all up and down at the same time with my thumb. They are a really nice silent feature.

•Smiling Faces
Description: “Is a face very cute, it won’t be angry no matter how much you pinch.”
Review: These little faces are made of silicone so they are nice and squishy! Very nice to pinch! Also, they are great to just run my finger over. The bigger face that has its own side sometimes makes a pretty satisfying noise when you pinch it, if you pinch it right. All the faces are hollow on the inside, making them easier to pinch.

•Silicone Rope
Description: “Free shrinkage, it can be hung anywhere and not afraid of missing.”
Review: The strap is convenient for obvious reasons, but it’s also nice to fidget with because it is silicone. It is stretchy and it feels nice to roll between my fingers.

Description: “The side has three gears which can be poked and rolled, spreading voice of clear and harmony.”
Review: At first I was bummed these where so easy to turn, but after I played with it more and more I began to like it a lot. I like just running my fingers over them, and spinning them super fast.

Final thoughts:
Over all I think this thing is great! Yeah, it’s bigger than the fidget cube, but that’s because it has a lot more things to fidget with! Plus, I personally like that it’s bigger cause the fidget cube would make my hands cramp up bad if I used it for too long. Its about the size of a baseball. It’s light weight and all the sides work great and have multiple ways to fidget/stim with them. I know that whoever designed these things probably got the concept from the Antsy Lab fidget cube, but in my opinion the Holy Crystal is way better than any of the fidget cubes real or knockoff. It’s a tactile seekers dream come true! I think anyone could benefit from this toy, but especially people with autism, sensory issues, ADHD, anxiety, and skin picking. If you need to keep your hands busy, this is the toy for you!

(If you have any questions about this item feel free to leave an ask)


Ho recensito la nuova console Sega.


LGR Reviews The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff


MV25 - 9: Matching hight expectations is one hell of a hard task. Unless you’re Maverick. 

JL99 - 5: What does it take to make Jorge Lorenzo invisible at Losail, a track where he’s the one with most race wins ? Nothing less than a Ducati. But keep positive J, you’ll tame it!

MM93 - 7: He did not sparkled but we all know it’s the big prize he wants.

VR46 - 8: Sala-gadoola-menchika-boo-labibbidi-bobbidi-boo, Put them together and what have you got ? Another podium for this one. 

AD04 - 8: This Andrea might not be an alien but boy does he never fail to deliver.

DP26 - 6: Save what he could at a track neither him or the RCV likes. Better things coming soon for this duo.

AI29 - 5: He solemnly vowed this will be the last crash. Nope, don’t laugh, he’ll really try…

JZ5 - 7: Not a double Moto2 for no reason hey!

AR42 - 6: We do hope for more and we know he can. 

CC35 - 2: Two points for the effort but a double crash cannot deserves much more than that…

AE41 - 7: Impressive what this one can do once in a while !

Sons of an Illustrious Father at FireCreek

There are few things I love more than a good cup of coffee, and good music is one. Both make the days easier to swallow and both are essential to the writing process. Combined, I can’t say no and this is how I ended up in a coffee shop/bar in the middle of a snow encrusted college town on a Saturday night, listening to Sons of an Illustrious Father. 

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Beauty & The Beast (2017)

Music. Romance. Disney.

Three words to win the heart of most girls between the age of seven and.. Well up really. So this really was a no-brainer for Disney when someone pitched the idea that they should ‘remake Beauty and the Beast into a live-action film’. Now I don’t know if I’ve made it super clear yet, but I’m a huge Disney fan and although it wasn’t my favorite of fairytales growing up I was still excited to watch it and see what the cast could bring to the timeless tale.

Lets start with the cast – obviously the main selling point was going to be ‘we’ve got Hermione Granger’ and having been the only part I’ve really ever watched Emma Watson in I was interested in seeing how she would go from playing a whiney mud-blood to the ever-lovely, singing Belle. To say I was enchanted by her performance would be an understatement. She gave a certain quality to the character that made the petite, yet bold and strong, Disney princess come alive on the big screen.

The part of The Beast was played by a lesser known actor Dan Stevens, (Matthew Crawley from the hit series Downton Abbey) when actors get approached with a part they do countless hours of character work trying to get into the mind frame of that particular role (Robert De Niro once prepared himself to play a character that was supposed to be dead by laying in a grave that was going to be used on set, he also drove taxi’s for three months before he filmed the 1976 film Taxi Driver) so I’d interested as to what Dan did to prepare himself for this role, considering he portrayed the character in a very life-like sense and made you feel genuinely scared of his beast side and sad for his human side.

The handsome, yet ass-ish, role of Gaston was played by the very-much-handsome-in-real-life Luke Evans (Fast and Furious, The Girl on the Train) Evans has a look about him that just makes you think ‘He’s trouble but I’d go there’, and that’s why this role was perfect for him. He portrayed the selfish character very well and added the well-needed conflict to stop this film from becoming a sappy romantic film.

I’m a sucker for comedy actors, they have to be my favorite, and Josh Gad had me from the moment I watched him try to pick Zooey Deschanel up in New Girl, playing the nerdy beer delivery guy ‘Bearclaw’. In Beauty and the Beast he played the flamboyant (Praise Disney!) sidekick of Gaston, Le Fou. It was refreshing to see a butt-kissing character with a slightly gay (we’ll get there) portrayal with a clear crush on his alpha-male leader. Even though he spent the majority of the film literally trying to be Gaston it was nice to see him become his own character, completing a character arc, by the end of the film.

There’s definitely other mentionable characters, but the whole cast did such an amazing job portraying the many different characters we’d be here all day. I do have to say my favorite character would have to be that of the take-charge candelabra Lumiere, portrayed by Ewan McGregor, who pretty much stole the entire show with his number ‘Be our Guest’, when he sings and dances his way around the castle’s dining hall and earned one of two rounds of applause throughout the cinema.

Studying film not only opens your eyes to things you don’t even realize are there on screen until you complete a film degree but it also opens your eyes to just how much time, effort and money goes into making these hundred and twenty minute escape nuggets. Unfortunately it can come as a downside, whether it’s while you’re sitting there watching as Deadpool and Francis fight it out but the continuity between Francis’ bloody teeth keeps changing between shots or when Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg are battling it out as father and step-father and their kids toys magically disappear between shots, you notice the little things and sometimes it can take your concentration off the magic happening on screen. During this 130 minute film I found myself, scene-to-scene, having heart palpitations at thinking about just how much the set design alone would’ve cost. With gorgeous castle scenes that included about fifty staircases and beautifully decorated old-timey rooms, the details alone just made you feel like you were a princess in a forgotten-about castle. That’s not even mentioning the cute little village that Belle originated from, and the little Parisian attic that held such a heartbreaking backstory for both Belle and her father.

It was so delicately crafted that during the dark scenes you felt scared for the characters and whilst you were watching singing cutlery jump and bounce around you had a huge smile plastered on your face and when Gaston decided he was going to win Belle’s heart once and for all you were frightened for The Beast and wanted to gallop along side Belle as she rode to his rescue. I definitely felt moved from scene-to-scene, that when the screen went black and the entire cinema erupted into the second, well-deserved, round of applause for the night I joined in as shivers ran up my spine.

I couldn’t really fault the plot, although I was so enamored by the post-production end product that I wasn’t really focusing on that aspect for most of the film, but it really is a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast. Oh, sorry, I got a bit sidetracked but it brings me to my next point – the score and soundtrack. If you’re not a fan of musicals this film really isn’t for you, I was right in my element but for those of you who would rather spoken dialogue you should probably opt for different film with around eighty percent of the film being sung instead of spoken. With gorgeous tracks like Belle, Gaston and Be our Guest you’d be silly to cut such emotion wrenching songs out.

To round out the review I’m going to give this ten roses out of ten, from the real-life Belle and beast we met in the cinema lobby right through to the sea of crowd swooning as we walked out of the second sold out screening of the night it was a gorgeous night and something to experience. Highly recommend!

New Girl: “Misery”

Episode Synopsis:

Jess avoids her feelings for Nick by taking care of her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) in Portland. While attending a work party with Reagan, Nick panics that they really don’t know each other. Meanwhile, Aly prepares to meet Winston’s mom (guest star Anna Maria Horsford) for the first time, as Winston admits he hasn’t told her they are cops.

The Promotion

Well, Nick and Reagan’s storyline really was reminding me of “The Captain” episode. They both had a similar problem, which was that each couple was not communicating properly. Of course in “The Captain,” Jess was getting frustrated with Nick because he wasn’t communicating with her at all and didn’t like to talk about his emotions. This was very similar to this episode, except Nick finally realized that communication is key, and took it out on Reagan. I would say though, that Nick and Jess definitely talked more about their problems, than Nick and Reagan, but I think in this situation, Nick has pretty much been dating the female version of himself, so now he realizes that he needs more from a relationship, than just hanging out. I think he finally understands what Jess was going through when they were dating. Talking about feelings is important, and just talking about essential things, like promotions, is necessary. Also, this makes a good tie-in for Nick and Jess to get back together, because Nick has been calling Jess, to talk about his problems, and him and Jess need to also communicate their feelings towards each other. Lastly, there’s some similarities with the fact that Schmidt was the center point of both realizations, that talking about feelings is important. In “The Captain,” Schmidt definitely wasn’t rooting for Nick and Jess to stay together, and was making matters worse, by telling them that they were having communication problems. And in this episode, Schmidt was more of a helping hand in explaining the positives to talking to your significant other. Now that Nick and Reagan are walking on egg shells, I’m interested to see how this all falls apart for good. 

I’m a cop 

Winston and Aly definitely had their own set of problems to face, but it wasn’t with each other. It was with Winston’s mom. Staying with the same theme of communication, Winston was having a hard time telling his mom that he was a cop, because since his dad left early in his childhood, him mom has been very protective. I was glad that him and Aly finally revealed the truth in the end, and for the most part, Winston’s mom excepted their choice of work; but I was not expecting the reveal that Winston’s dad was also a cop. That makes me want to learn so much more about Winston’s dad, because was the reason Winston’s dad left, have to do with stress at work or something having to do with his job? Also, it was a nice way to show that Winston and his dad were similar in some way. 


Well, Jess landed in Portland, at her dad’s house, and things couldn’t have gone stranger. The storyline was super forced and I was glad that Jess’s dad asked her what was wrong. Jess revealed yet again, that she’s in love with Nick, but at this point, she’s totally in distress. Like this time, it’s totally end game for her and Nick, and I can’t wait to hear what she says to him when she returns. I hope it’s super emotional and makes me turn into a puddle of happiness. 

Happy couple 

Speaking of forced storylines, Schmidt and Cece’s scenes in this episode were pretty god awful. Like I’d stated in my last review, I wondered how the writers were going to incorporate Schmidt and Cece into the loft shenanigans, now that they have moved. Well, we got our answer. The two just waltz into the loft and try to give out happy couple wisdom to everyone else. It was pretty annoying, but I gotta say, they did end up helping Winston and Aly and Nick with their problems. I just hope that in these last two episodes, the writers give the happy couple some better storylines. 

Watching SWR for the first time: Zero Hour

Reacting to Zero Hours, part 1 and 2.



Part 1

-Oh boy.

-Ohhh boy.

-I haven’t even been able to check my dashboard in fear of spoilers.

-The finale.

-Oh my god.

-Let’s do this.

Reminds me of the opening scene from one of the Season 1 episodes.

-Only, instead of Tarkin, it’s Thrawn this time.

-Good to see Kallus is still alive.

-Aww, there are tiny trapdoors for the tiny droids.

-Double Agent Droid.

-Eyyyy it’s Tarkin.

-Kallus, don’t you think listening to your droid-overheard material in such a loud volume will attract attention? At least use some earphones? Do they even have earphones in this universe?

-“If we are to crush the rebellion, we must have our lousy subordinates take live prisoners and greatly increase their chances of living to fight another day.”

-Yeah Ezra, time for Kanan to slap some self-confidence into you.

-Dodonna… DODONNA


-”At last. general Doodano’s fleet has arrived.”

-Wait… the place Kallus is in…


-Also, please keep your doors shut. They always forget to do that.

It was at this moment that Kallus knew he fucked up.







-Other ISB agents?

-No, just stormtroopers with dark armor. Or maybe just normal stormtroopers and it’s the trick of the lighting.


-Also, Disney portrayal of blood (somewhat-ish anyway).

-On a side note, his hair is longer than I thought. Maybe I was stupid for thinking that his hair was just cut short instead of brushed back with actual length.

-Damn that’s some pretty good research done by Thrawn. Although, I’m slightly disappointed that he didn’t just pull out a backup map and compare the two.

-Okay I feel really confused here because I want the Empire to wreck the Rebels’ shit but I also feel sorry for Kallus.

-Dammit Sato, I sense a death flag.

-I mean, I don’t have very good senses of death flags but…


-Yeah Constantine, do something useful for a change.


hello i am thrawn and im gonna kick ur rebel scum asses

that smirk be like “ahahahaha fuck you”

Ezra: “nonononono this is not happening this is a nightmare i don’t want to do this i don’t want my friends to die this is horrifying” Kanan: “k”

-Hey, Rex is back.

-Kanan: “I’m a persuasive guy.”  Oh really.  I beg to differ.  VERY CONVINCING, NORMAL HUMAN BEING

-Woohoo, large-scale space battle! Finally!

-Bendu: “I told you I don’t take sides.”              “I’m taking none of your shit.”              “Take this jellybaby and go away.”

-Dammit Constantine or Konstantine, whatever it was.You’re gonna ruin everything.

-He’s like that one guy in an MMORPG who tries to land an impossible kill and destroys his entire team.

-Thrawn: “dammit konstantine, don’t you dare

-(I’m too lazy to look up if his name starts with a C or a K)

-Constantine: “You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my real dad!”

-Annnnnd Sato basically does the Kamikaze.  Sorry if I triggered anyone, I know it’s a sensitive subject of past wars, but it was the first thing that jumped to my mind…

Well, I’d say he’s still looking pretty smug there.

-”I will not fight your petty battles.”  “Time Lords, sworn to never interfere, only to watch…”

-Damn, he’s cooking up some Force-TimeVortex-storm there.

-So apparently Sabine is coming back for the finale.

Part 2

-Why aren’t they just bombing the planet already

-”This is really Sabine’s baby”   what.

-Whoa, nice.

-So why is Thrawn “planning” orbital bombardment? Why isn’t he doing it?

-Alrighty then. I believe in you, Thrawn.


External image


Even fireworks are intimidating to some people. Imagine this.

-Imagine you’ve only got one transparent shield to rely on to for protection from green laser hell raining down upon you.

External image


-Wow, the Rebels are so gonna d-  Thrawn: “They’ve had enough. Cease fire.”  Disney, don’t you think you’re taking your main character shields a little too far?

External image

Her face of relief when she realizes Kanan is alive.

-”Oh, all that is only funny because you’re still alive. Now please, come home, love.”  SHE SAID LOVE


The background looks like a painting.

-”You and I are not the same, Kallus, as these rebels ara about to learn.”   Hope that’s true, Thrawn. Hope that’s true.

-What is it with Interdictors? They’re smaller than Stardestroyers…

-I just looked it up and oh. Oh.  It has Gravity Wells, which means it can stop ships from Hyperspace jumping.

-The start of this battle feels like triggering traps with small troopers in Star Wars Commander.




-”Air groups, clear the sky of that… Annoyance.”  Thrawn be like  bitch

Badass Kanan is badass

-”Looks like the family’s together again.”  Space family confirmed.

-Bendu up in the sky like

(Yes, it’s from Doctor Who)

How are they running up there anyway? Does the artificial gravity of the ship extend beyond its shell?

-Why can’t they just use TIE fighters to bomb the jetpack people assuming that they have their shield activated?

Thrawn: Well shit, this wasn’t in my plans.

“Iiiiii might’ve made him angry.”

-p e r s u a s i v e

-”CONCENTRATE FIRE ON THE CENTER OF THE STORM”  Well, that’s the first time we heard Thrawn yell, though given the situation, no one would’ve heard him otherwise.


-That actually worked?? For once?

I believe I can fly…

-R.I.P. Interdictor.

Mutton Chops is up to something.

-”That’s the first good news I’ve gotten today.”  What about Kanan surviving?  Or did you somehow go through midnight?

Knew it.


-They saved the little mutton chop

-…He can take down stormtroopers single handedly and we’re calling him ‘little mutton chops’.

Welcome to the Rebellion, Kallus.

User BENDU has used TELEPORT. Chat//Thrawn: u cheating hacker!!

Yay he lives!!






Almost five weeks ago, I reblogged a review by @iamshadow21 on the super cheap ebay Tangle Jrs (originally brought to our attention by @aestistic). I added several even cheaper ebay links I found - a variety of Tangles available with free standard international shipping for $2 USD or less, and I have linked them since when asked about how Aussies can get their hands on Tangles without selling our souls in the process!

The day before I reblogged the review, I purchased three Tangles myself from the $1.97 USD (with free shipping) listing by ebay seller goodhook. After PayPal’s conversion, I paid $8 AUD for three Tangles, which is a bargain compared to the $6 AUD each in my local Toyworld. I got an email a few hours after purchasing saying my items were shipped … and then I waited. And waited.

To my delight, they arrived today. They were packaged well - tucked together in a line, wrapped in a few layers of foam sheeting, each item individually wrapped in a clear plastic bag. I can’t fault this at all.

Sadly, I am less enthusiastic about the Tangles now that I’ve opened them and handled them.

They’re very subtly wrong. My inclination is very old stock, stock too flawed to sell under conventional packaging or knock-off, based on the differing logos (shown above). Firstly, they have a musty-plastic odour that I’ve smelt from no other Tangle (part of my joy in the product is their lack of smell). It’s faded slightly after opening, and isn’t so bad I can’t play with them, but it exists. Secondly, these are the loosest Tangles I’ve ever handled, and that includes my well-loved travelling Tangle. (If they’re already this loose, how much looser will they get under handling? While I can try boiling them, I fear the squeaking that often results.) Thirdly, they’re lighter than my other Tangles and the plastic feels less dense. They also creak (in addition to the usual clicking, although it isn’t very loud). All of these things are pretty small on their own, but they add up to give a feeling of cheapness and difference.

The black is the worst in terms of weight and looseness; the glittery red is the best. All three of them have the differing Tangle logo that doesn’t match the logo on my newer Tangles.

(Can anyone with an older Tangle tell me if this how the logo looked at some point, or if it is a modified logo that indicates an imitation product? I had trouble finding good images for comparison!)

I feel like my conclusion, at this point, is the obvious one (for this particular listing): you get what you pay for. These are inexpensive Tangles, but they’re not quite as nice as the packaged Tangles, not to me. Admittedly, I’m so used to the feel of the toys I’ve been handling for months that the difference is throwing me off. Perhaps, after some use, these won’t bother me so much.

This said, would I recommend these for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and wants a Tangle? Or isn’t sure if a Tangle will be right for them and wishes to try it out first without spending a lot of money, especially for international stimmers? Absolutely. They suffer in comparison, not in function. They do all Tangle things just as well as my other Tangles!

Image descriptions under cut:

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hetaliawhovianfreak  asked:

Just wondering, have you ever heard of morph? I bought it today and I really like it, since it's kind of like kinetic sand but foamy.

Thank you for sending this in! @luna-stims was telling me about it yesterday, so this is perfect, because I can post her comment here as well:

Michaels has a new product called Morph out, and it’s a moldable dough. It feels very much like a kneaded eraser. It bounces a little bit and it floats, and it’s very lightweight, and if you pull it slowly and gently, it fluffs instead of tearing. It’s currently on sale for $10 for a good-sized bag.

She also linked me to a really detailed (and long - twenty minutes) video review of Morph from the Lucky Penny Shop, for folks wanting even more information, including info on smell, texture and resistance. There’s also a colour-blending video! (Neither has any annoying background music.)

Morph looks so versatile with regards stretching and moulding and pulling and texture, so much more so than playdough, and I really hope it comes out here in Australia. I’d love to try it out myself!

The online Michaels link has it at $14.99 USD for six different colours.

Better Call Saul Season 3 Preview: Episodes 1 and 2 set a deliberate pace that will pull you in.

Rating: A
While the episodes are packed with minimalist progression, they are no less engrossing. Past seasons’ episodes have garnered some criticism for either moving too quickly establishing nothing or too slowly trying to establish a lot. If the first two episodes of this season are any indication, this will be the season Better Call Saul has found it’s own unique voice, ties to Breaking Bad be damned.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, there is also no doubt the series is well on it’s way to an inevitable collision with the pre-established introduction of Saul Goodman. We, the viewer, are well aware how this story ends. The march toward the inevitable merge grows shorter and shorter. Sometime in the not too distant future, Jimmy McGill will become Saul Goodman. Until then, Season three, while obviously trapped in the gravity of Breaking Bad still has time to expound before the words collide. This makes the nuanced and detailed creation of Jimmy McGill’s pre-Walter White world all the more impressive.

– Bryan Flood

Michael After Midnight - Orca: The Killer Whale

Jaws is a movie that spawned a hell of a lot of imitators, and why wouldn’t it? Jaws was the original summer blockbuster, and films of the past proved having animal antagonists could be good; look at all the killer giant bug movies like Them! Of course, Jaws opened the door for seemingly normal, non-irradiated animals to be the villains, and a slew of movies were released, few of which were good in their own right. However, those few did stand out on their own; the best of the bunch is probably Piranha, but just a step below that is the killer killer whale movie, Orca: The Killer Whale.

The plot is about as simple as it gets: A hunter kills a female orca and inadvertantly its newborn child, which slips on out after its mom is caught and gets hosed overboard. The orca’s mate is not happy with this, and so goes off on a roaring rampage of revenge against the hunter. Not much too it, and since this is clearly taking a lot of cues from Jaws, it’s probably gonna end the same, right?

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Chula Pils (Novo Brazil)

Brewery : Novo Brazil
Beer : Chula Pils
Style : Pilsner / Pilsener / German Pilsener
Variance : Dry-Hopped with Cascade

8.5 / 10

Good ol’ Chula Vista. I’m not sure if you knew this, but Chula Vista literally translates to “donkey breath” which is strange considering how beautiful it is. Oh wait, I’m being told it translates to “beautiful view” which makes a lot more sense. Thanks a lot google! My sister was lucky enough to live there for 4 years so I got to visit pretty often and even though I wasn’t old enough to drink, I knew it was someplace special. When I went back to San Diego last year I actually drove through Chula Vista just for fun and the only mistake I really made was not checking these guys out because so far they have proven how awesome they are with these amazing brews. Pilsners seem to be the most confusing style to me because breweries either make them taste like fancier versions of commercial offerings or they pump up the flavor to the max and create something special. Luckily these guys went with the second choice and brewed up one hell of an example of the style and made my tastebuds smile more than if Amy Schumer actually moved to Canada because she’s the only one I’d be happy to see go. This has a nice malted sweetness to start before some bright hop flavor mixes in with only a slight bitterness and bite before ending with a nice hearty bread-y malt flavor to close. If you have the chance to get your hands on these cans that are more colorful than Harvey Fierstein (you know what I mean) you should definitely take it because this really is one delicious brew regardless of your experience in the craft beer community. That is all, now leave me alone so I can finish this brew. Peace!

Written by: Steve B.


Believe the hype: ‘Hidden Figures’ is as great as it looks

The choice to give Hidden Figures an Oscar-qualifying run ahead of its wide release next year was a wise one: This movie is a home run, a veritable fist-pump of a film that celebrates the tremendous success of these women while never forgetting exactly how difficult their journey to the stars was.

Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe are all terrific — the latter coming off an incredible debut year as a film actress, having also co-starred in Moonlight — and the supporting ensemble is strong across the board. (Hidden Figures makes for a great best ensemble SAG nominee.) Their performances, with Schroeder and Melfi’s smart script in tow, keep these figures from becoming mere chess pieces in history. Their wants, their needs, their loves and their pains are rendered with specificity and sympathy.

In truth, Hidden Figures would have been required viewing no matter what because of its historical importance. But now, it’s a movie you’ll be anxious to see again minutes after walking out of the theater. Read our full review

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How to Annotate Literature

Many times language and literature classes require students to annotate the books that are given to them, but in many cases tips and advice on how to do so is lacking. I will be sharing my personal strategy for efficient and successful annotating that will not only help your understanding of the text but also gain the love of your teachers!

The tips have been divided into 5 components, each with their own explanation.

Sticky Tabs are Your Best Friend

I don’t know how I would manage to annotate without my sticky tabs. They help me organize and navigate the book before the reading, remind me what to look for while i’m going through the text and help me find whatever I may need once I get to further analysis for the class. 

Create a key for your tabs, personally I use five colors each having a few specific purposes based on where I place them in the book. Most stickies are accompanied by a specific note that will remind me of what I wanted to point out, these stick out of the right margin. 

  • Pink- Anything to do with characters, be it development or certain traits to remember. It can also be used for when you have questions about character related aspects of the text.
  • Orange- Refers to setting, in plays it is also applicable for stage directions.
  • Yellow- Is used for literary devices and use of language (tone, diction, patterns) and syntax, if there is a particular word the author used or a structure you want to take note of, this is the color to use. 
  • Green- Applicable to any important plot events, notable scenes or things that you think will be significant later in the story.
  • Blue- Themes and context of said ideas, anything to do with time, place and space in which the text takes place. It can also relate to how your context (a student reading a book for a literature course) impacts your perception of the text.

These are the things teachers usually look out for and it is certainly useful in any kind of further task! 

The top and bottom margins can be used to divide the book in to sections, such as chapters or scenes, mark the most important pages and to also highlight text to text connections. These colors you can pick yourself!

I do not recommend having more than 5 sticky tabs per page, otherwise it gets too crowded and they lose their purpose! (but you will still need to buy aaa lloootttt)

This is my key for the book I am currently annotating, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. 

Don’t Overdo it With the Highlighter

Find one color highlighter that you like the most and use it to mark explicit words or phrases that catch your attention, you can also use them in correlation with you sticky tabs! 

I prefer to use a yellow highlighter because it seems to bleed the least, and I usually use it in relation to the the yellow and blue tabs because those are the ones that relate to the most detailed and minute parts of the text. Once again you can find your own preference! But don’t overdo it, otherwise, like the tabs, the highlighter will lose its function to highlight important points. 

This is an example of how much highlighting I usually do. For non-fictional texts or parts of a book (like in the introduction you see here) I reserved highlighter for dates and names. 

Have a Conversation With the Author

This is one of the first tips that my high school teacher gave me and it’s really one of the most important ones to remember. And I know, it may sound kinda silly, but I find that it really helps me in developing my ideas and remembering exactly how I felt about a certain aspect of part of the text. 

Whether the text is fiction of non fiction, anything in between, you can always do these few things

  • Ask questions- As if you were going to get an answer, ask questions, write them down and write down as many as you want. Writing things down helps people remember so then it is more likely that in a class discussion you will be able to recall your queries or wonders. 
  • If you don’t like something, or you’re surprised by something, write it down! Use exclamation marks, use words that you would use in a regular conversation. I always write ‘WOW!!’ or ‘OMG’ when i’m especially impressed, and having such vocal- well written vocally- emotions will bring you closer to the subject of the text. 
  • Talk to the characters as well, if you are questioning a character’s actions ask them and provide an explanation as to why you speculate they may have acted a certain way. Not only does that further contribute to your involvement (also making things more entertaining) but it also deepens your thought!

What i’m trying to say is write down anything that comes to mind, your first response is your true response, and it is a valuable addition to your notes! And if you want to write a whole essay in between the lines… Actually, i’ll come back to that later! 

Pens, not Pencils 

I used to make notes completely in pencil but my approach changed when I realized that overtime the pencil would rub off and get illegible. I think it was because I used my book so much, but having switched to pen I realized that it helps me in quite a few other things as well. 

The good thing about pen is that you can’t erase it and let’s say you started writing down a note, scan down the page and realize what you are taking a note of is completely wrong. That’s ok! That’s actually really good! Don’t scribble out what you just wrote down, but instead continue and explain why you may have thought a certain way and what your understanding is now. That relates really closely to the previous note. 

Evidently pen also appears darker on the page, then there’s no possibility of it ever disappearing. It also won’t smudge or bleed as long as it’s ballpoint! That’s a good thing when drawing arrows between lines, underlining in addition to your highlights and circling/boxing whatever you deem necessary.

Time, Effort and Commitment

It’s clear that this post took me a while to make, and it took me a while to develop this system with all of the things that I have considered. So it must be self evident that using this type of annotation won’t be quick. It might get tiring at some times, and for me it really does, but at the end I find that it always pays off! You have to stay committed to this technique, you have to put in the same amount of effort for every page, which means you need time. So here are a few final general tips I will leave you with.

  • Don’t procrastinate! As goes for any task, and this one more than any, don’t waste time getting to it! I advice you check how many pages you have in total and make sure that you do a certain amount per day (usually 5-10 pages a day is good!)
  • If you go off on massive tangents in the side bars, make sure that you don’t get too distracted by them because they will take up a lot of your time. But one now and then may be good! Be sure to mark it for later reference!
  • Play mind games with yourself. This one is actually pretty interesting but it personally gets me a long way. If you have 20 pages left, don’t look at it as 20 pages but instead as 4 times 5, then the amount will seem a lot more manageable! It’s a kind of self encouragement!
  • That can also be said by looking now and then at how far your bookmark has moved through the book and giving yourself a pat on the back for all of you hard work!

That’s all I have for now! If you have any further questions for advice or explanation please message me and I will be more than happy to help! And I hope that this helps some people out too! (I’m counting this as 21/100 days of productivity as all I did today was related to annotating.)

Pasta Emoji Ratings

A classic, nice simple sauce, would eat this no problem. Probably tastes pure and the kids would love it. 7/10

Fun, simple, but dangerously close to Mac n Cheese with that level of orange saturation. They would probably steal your labeled food from the fridge, simply shameful. Not sure what the purple spots are either, not sure if i’d eat this one. 5/10

Shameful, it appears to be a few noodles left on a plate, what a waste. Would not eat someone’s leftovers. 0/10

Elegant, simple, modern. Reminiscent of a pizza, which is a fresh new way to approach the subject. The stray noodle is a little worrying, but for the most part they’re a hardworking, well put together pasta. Would hang this up in my modern art gallery. 8/10

Not sure how to feel about this one. While the sauce is one of the best renditions I’ve seen, beautiful detail, the rest of the dish is lacking. The leaves look dangerous, like those delinquents that try to roll with the pure kids, but we’re onto them. I love the symmetry of the three noodles rising from the sauce, would eat them for sure. Not so sure about the rest. 6/10

Fake. This obviously canned pasta is trying to play itself off as genuine, unforgivable. While the taste is probably fine, a pasta you’d let your daughter hang out with, it doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a filthy liar. would not eat for fear of my health. 2/10 

A very small noodle, good with young children, tries their best at all times. It has the perfect portion of sauce for such a tiny thing, and it deserves all it can get. I would eat this, but gently, as not to intimidate it. 9/10

Magnificent! Tasty! A real winner of a dish! The attention to detail and shading simply astonishes me. This dish is to die for, and the kind you’d bring home to your mother. Simply lovely, would definitely eat. 10/10

This is just abhorrent, not tasty at all. The choice of thick white noodles surrounded by a yellow liquid, while an interesting take, is incredibly inaccurate and tasteless. Would not eat, especially with that trident thing. 1/10

flavourless, an absolute bore of a dish. White I appreciate the detail of the cell shaded noodles, they lack charisma and courage. Would be a true pure friend, someone you can rely on, but very easily manipulated and a momma’s boy. Need’s more saturation if it want’s to roll with the big boys. 4/10. 

I feel like this is a failed attempt at what HTC excelled at. The abstract look they’re going for just doesn’t execute well at all. And that black border feel’s very threatening and hostile, as if I’m not allowed to eat it. The kind of pasta who has problems with it’s masculinity. Probably wouldn’t eat. 3/10

Why the fuck is there chocolate syrup on my pasta. 0/10

Viola Davis gives the single greatest performance of 2016 in ‘Fences’

There have been other great performances in film this year — Mahershala Ali in Moonlight, Molly Shannon in Other People , Annette Bening in 20th Century Women — but Davis’ is different. Watching Davis is watching a master craftsman build a cathedral without so much as breaking a sweat. She is unparalleled and reason enough to see Fences , no matter how uneven an adaptation it may be. 

Viola Davis will be remembered in history as a legend. We’re just fortunate enough to live to see her working at her peak. Read more

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