Thoughts on the Class Season Finale/Predictions for Season 2

-Quill usually have more than one child, but she implied there is only one, meaning that the child is most likely not going to be born the same way quill usually are.Going off of this, I really doubt she is going to die having the child. Also, fighting in those heels was incredible. 

-April…well she’s not dead, so that’s something! I really thought if anyone died it was going to be her, so I’ll call this a victory. Now, they can spend the second season fighting the Godzilla Angel and trying to get her back into her corpse before it rots too much? 

-Tanya is a kid, and I don’t know how it works in the UK, but she is going to need a guardian. She did mention a grandma, so maybe she and her brothers will go there. Hopefully, she’s local? 

-Charlie. Can we please just give Greg all of the awards? The acting throughout this episode was incredible. He is absolutely broken, without the souls he’s lost hope and truly become the last of his people; the guilt that he already felt just thinking about genocide, now having done it, is going to be intense. I think there will be some interesting story between how different people approach that with him. Particularly, I think April, Matteusz, and Quill will have some very interesting and very different things to say. 

-Ram should probably sign up for therapy with Charlie. Honestly though, that was pretty harsh, his father was amazing and I would have really liked to see more of him. Honestly Ram’s lost so much, taking away his one solid pillar of support is just…wow. Plus his girlfriend is a Shadowkin. This season was just pretty awful for him. 

-Matteusz will most likely forgive Charlie.(At this point, I think Matteusz will forgive him anything really…) To support this idea, at the end of the episode, Matteusz wasn’t telling Charlie to stop because he wanted to save the Shadowkin, he didn’t want Charlie to die. I think part of his fear was that Charlie would commit genocide and be cold and alien about it, maybe even make excuses like many horrible groups do when they wipe out large amounts of people. However, we see now that Charlie is still Charlie, he didn’t do it because of hatred or for revenge, he did it out of desperation, sacrifice, and love. Plus, with how broken he was, he certainly won’t be making any excuses for himself. He was ready to die with them. Seeing that, Matteusz will try to be there for him and will continue to love him, but I think there will definitely be a strain on the relationship while Charlie tries to process everything and Matteusz struggles trying to find a way to help him. Matteusz will probably feel helpless for a while, but he is basically the patron saint of patience, so I think they’ll get through it. 

-Overall, that was an amazing finale and as sad as I am about the deaths, I’m glad it wasn’t any of the main group; I really hope they avoid making the mistakes Torchwood made in that regard… here’s hoping we get a season 2~ 


In honor of Yuri!!! on Ice and the Figure Skating Grand Prix 2016, both airing on TV Asahi this December, the TV Asahi building lobby cafe, Chez Madu, had a special collaboration menu. 

It was obvious from their sweet little Twitter announcement that they didn’t know what anime gold they had on their hands. By the weekend, they were only allowing 200 guests per day into the cafe, and they announced tickets were to be handed out at starting 9:30AM. I woke up early on Saturday and was in line by 9AM, but I was in the back. Dozens of other women were lined up ahead of me. Yuri on Ice is new, but already beloved! I managed to get two tickets for myself, and my friends who showed up a little later got one each. 

My first afternoon go at the cafe I ordered the Victor pancake plate and the Yurio pierogis with a Yuri iced cocoa for me and a Victor cafe latte for my friend. The pierogis tasted a bit like nikuman. The pancake had a ton of whip cream. Underneath, too! We posed with the standees and the golden statue of Yuzuru Hanyu at the entrance. It was an early morning, but a great way to spend the afternoon. 

26/100. Had a bit of extra time today, so I decided to dress up my reviewers and add some color to them. Was supposed to go to the gym today, but I woke up late so I’ll try again tomorrow!

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It takes me a while to digest shows, especially new ones, but I have come to the realization that Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 is a MASTERPIECE. All around entertainment. You will leave the theatre feeling like you got your money’s worth. Josh Groban actually surprised the hell out of me. Not that I was expecting something not great from him, but when these big Celebs do Broadway I always am skeptical. But HOLY SHIT. GIVE HIM HIS TONY. Not even half way through the first act he got the longest applause ever. Cause he was just fantastic. Seriously his acting & singing was just amazing. Denèe Benton was so precious and her voice is beautiful and I was inspired by her performance. Being a black girl who wants to be in theatre, maybe musicals and seeing her do such a role with range is amazing to me. The end took my breath away ok. The scene with Natasha and Pierre had me secretly bawling but I don’t like to cry in public. OKAY NOW If you haven’t already I WANT ALL OF YOU TO LISTEN TO “SONYA ALONE” PLEASEEE. Brittain Ashford stole the damn show with that song. SO HEARTBREAKING. The most unique and beautiful voice I have ever heard. The ensemble were so lively. They gave out dumplings. This was sort of random but if you are in New York please see this show. We got rush tickets for about $39. I don’t think you can capture anything like this on camera, there’s no way. Even though I know a lot of you guys won’t be able to see it, I hope there will be a video out there. It was so weird cause we weren’t allowed to take ANY pictures like he yelled at us. So who knows if there will be a bootleg? But I hope there will be some sort of professional recording. But yeah I loved this show. WORTH THE WATCH!


Warp House

Doom II - 2016 - by Ed Cripps

A large level in the Deimos style, using almost entirely stock textures… and rendered in GZDoom with all the slopes and 3D floors that money can buy! If you can weather the seemingly limitless monster ambushes, you’re in for a treat. Warp House generally plays so smoothly that you’ll be sad once it’s over. In the meantime, enjoy sights like that opening blood crater with a spanning bridge and the maw of Hell trench complete with big, sharp, pointy teeth.


Review: Ancillary Sword (novel)

Author: Ann Leckie

Genre: sci-fi, space opera elements

Year: 2014

Notes: Second book of the Imperial Radch Trilogy, preceded by Ancillary Justice and followed by Ancillary Mercy. Winner of the BSFA and Locus Award. Read it in Italian here.

We’re back to the Radch. I’ll try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible: Breq’s plan in Ancillary Justice didn’t go exactly as planned, but she still obtained something. She becomes Breq Mianaai, is appointed Fleet Captain and is put in command of a ship, the Mercy of Kalr. She has to reach Athoek Station, a station orbiting a distant planet famous for his production of tea, and protect it from the Radch’s enemies, be it the ever looming threat of the alien Presger or the danger within the Radch. She compels, motivated also by the fact that on Athoek Station lives the younger sister of Lieutenant Awn (if you’ve read Ancillary Justice you’ll understand the weight of this). Not an easy task, taking into account that she’s being assigned a very young lieutenant and Breq is very determined to find out what she’s hiding…

On certain aspects I loved this book even more than Ancillary Justice. Maybe it’s because I’m used by now to the peculiar use of female pronouns to indicate every character including those we would consider biologically male. Also, never forget that I could read descriptions of customs, religions, clothing and tea sets for hours and be happy with it, if they’re well balanced with the narration like with this novel. Either way, now that Justice introduced us to the Radch universe, the narration takes over. With a significant higher number of events compared to Ancillary Justice, the story is set mostly on Athoek Station or on the planet itself. Breq visits the tea plantations, which are, unsurprisingly, familiarly ugly for those who work and live there. The owners, of course, live in luxury, while underpaid children pick the tea leaves to make a tea so valuable it’s not even sold but only given as gift. Leckie isn’t subtle in her critique of imperialism and the hypocrisy behind it, to the point that the reader is a bit tempted to say “yes, we know, slavery is bad and people are shit, can we please move on with the plot?”

Luckily there’s more than that. I personally enjoy a lot books that leave me wondering what was going to happen next, and Ancillary Sword is very efficient in this. We’re presented with the facts as Breq knows them, but it’s hard to guess what will disturb Breq’s official mourning on the planet or when will Breq’s enemies realize that she’s onto them - and how will they react. Whenever I feel that things are going a bit too idly, too calmly, something happens and Breq has to act. She’s very efficient at making new enemies, mostly because despite her outward appearance she’s still a centuries-old AI who takes no shit. And honestly, I love how Leckie wrote Breq: her desire to tell people that yes, she knows how they’re feeling but not being able to because it would require too many explanations, the relationships she has with the other AIs, the respect she has for Ancillaries and, above all, how she feels incomplete. She doesn’t want to be more human, she wants to be more like herself.

Of course like other trilogies’ middle novels Ancillary Sword isn’t perfect, and it still doesn’t answer to all the questions the first book raises. In fact, it raises more. What or who is behind the Ghost Gate? How involved are the Presger in all of this, if at all? How are Breq and her allies going to solve the huge problem the Radch Empire is facing without destroying what has been standing for more than three thousand years? We’ll have to read the third book to find out more.
Vote: 8,5

Итоги ноября’16

Долго думала, надо ли вообще писать об итогах ноября, потому что с книгами у меня было хуже, чем обычно. Но решила все-таки набросать пост о том, что же я прочитала и посмотрела в ноябре и что вообще cо мной происходило в прошлом месяце.

Учеба и стремительно приближающийся конец семестра, а следовательно и зачетной сессии, словно дементоры выкачивают из меня радость и силы, поэтому на чтение в этом месяце пришлось катастрофически мало времени. Если честно, стыдно это признавать, но книг в предыдущие тридцать дней я прочитала всего 4.

“Последнее письмо от твоего любимого” - Джоджо Мойес

“Жизнь с плохим парнем” - Шарлай 

“Будь со мной” - Дженнифер Арментроут 

“Дрожь” - Мэгги Стивотер (отзыв будет в скором времени)

Наиболее зацепившей меня книгой стала “Дрожь”. Надеюсь, завтра уже поведаю вам о том, чем же мне понравилась книга Мэгги Стивотер. 

И Мойес! Как всегда эта дама покорила мне своей необыкновенной любовной историей и заставила пуститься в мечтания о прекрасном. Оставшиеся две книги, как вы можете понять по оценкам, не особо меня впечатлили.


Самой яркой картиной были, конечно, “Фантастические твари”. долгожданная премьера, которую поттероман внутри меня ни за что не мог пропустить.

А кроме того я посмотрела:

Несмотря на такой захватывающий сюжет и интригующие события, по своей сути фильм оказался, грубо говоря, никаким. Смысловая нагрузка, а вернее ее отсутствие, буквально вынесла мне мозг. Не отрицаю, что смотреть было интересно, но вопрос “к чему это все вообще было придумано?“ не переставал постоянно крутиться в голове. И тут, думаю, виноват автор книги и то, что концовка была скомкана.

Судя по этим трем фильмам, можно сделать вывод. что я конкретно ударилась в историю Англии (спасибо лингвострановедению :D). Все фильмы очень приятные и интересные, естественно основанные на реальных событиях. Очень удивила история принцессы Дианы: как оказалось, я совсем не была осведомлена об их с Чарльзом отношениях и о самой женщине в принципе. “Король говорит!” с неподражаемым Колином Фертом в главной роли тоже оказался великолепным фильмом. Хотя, честно говоря, Джэффри Раш мне в этой картине приглянулся даже больше. Ну и история про сестер Болейн с обворожительными красотками в главных ролях тоже пришлась мне по вкусу.

Долго я шла к этому фильму. Вот наконец дошла. Психоделика в чистом виде. Но зато красивая, интересная и необычная. Да и на Натали Портман всегда приятно смотреть.

Сериалы. Я могу отметить два - один от Нетфликса, а другой отечественный, производства канала ТНТ.

  • “Очень странные дела”

Мистический сериал, рассказывающий о тайнах, которые таит в себе маленький городишко. Увлекательный, динамичный сериал, главными героями которого являются дети. Настоящие дети, а не 30-летние дяденьки и тетеньки, играющие подростков в течение нескольких лет. И именно на этих маленьких очаровашек стоит обратить пристальное внимание, потому что они замечательны.

Сериал 2014 года, транслировавшийся на российском телевидении. Из названия понятно, о чем именно этот сериал. Группа ребят после череды происшествий отправляются в Припять. К их путешествию к месту катастрофы прибавляется еще куча мистики, путешествий во времени и паранормальных явлений. Хороший, порой немного пугающий и очень захватывающий сериал. К тому жеглавную роль в нем играет Сергей Романович, что для меня является огромным плюсом.


Меня новогоднее настроение настигло еще в последних числах октября. Да и зима в этом году пришла к нам чрезвычайно рано, поэтому вполне нормально, что на протяжении всего последнего месяца я то и дело слушала новый и старый альбомы а капелла группы Pentatonix (пишу сейчас пост и слушаю как раз их песни). Если вы еще по какой-то причине не знаете этих мастеров пения или не слушали их рождественские альбомы, обязательно это сделайте!

Событие месяца.

Главным событием месяца явилось двадцатилетие со дня свадьбы моих родителей. Правда мы все были настолько заняты работой, что решили просто заказать еду на дом и поужинать в кругу семьи. И этот день был лучшим днем ноября :3

И еще огромным событием для меня стало то, что вас, моих прекрасных и милых подписчиков, стало вдвое больше! Еще в августе, когда я начала основательно вести свой блог, я и мечтать не могла, что кому-то будет нравиться то, что я пишу. Но я ошиблась и у меня появились вы - еще одна большая и чудесная семья. Вы еще получите от меня порцию милостей и благодарностей в скором времени, но я не устану вас благодарить за то, что откликаетесь на мою писанину. Спасибо, дорогие! Я вас люблю и крепко обнимаю сквозь экран ваших девайсов <3

P. S. если я еще не совсем вам надоела, подписывайтесь на мою группу и инстаграм, там я тоже стараюсь регулярно обновлять записи!

Step right up for the recap and review of The X-Files #8 – Came Back Haunted, Part Three.

Last we saw Mulder he had travelled to Hungary, where he was conscripted into a work camp and overcome by yet to be explained…. beings? Visions? Ghosts from the past? I really have no idea. Meanwhile, back in DC, Scully discovered a link between a terrorist attack and a recently investigated mall shooting while Ben-Brahim is trying to pick her up under the guise of a rescue mission for Mulder.

We open in Hungary at the work camp. Mulder is hearing voices and his eyes glow orange.

“We remember. As you were taken. Now returned.” The voices are vague and I’m yet to have a clue what they are trying to get across.

The men at the camp are being worked hard, with both promises of great opportunities and menacing threats. The voices continue to speak and the mood is dark. A man steps forward to accuse Mulder of asking questions. I don’t recall any questions though and this seems a little out of left field but let’s go with it for the moment. 

The leader of the work camp seems to be about to beat the ever-loving snot out of Mulder but just then… lights emanate from the chests of the workers and the leader alike.

“Old ones rise. Old ones returned,” the voices say.  

Mulder’s accuser falls to the ground, looking stunned and aghast.

“Old ones called. Now returned,” he says. “Old ones prepare for holes in the sky.

Mulder looks skeptical and a little less concerned than he probably should be.

We cut to the credits and join Scully midflight on her way to rescue Mulder with Ben-Brahim.

It’s in the air that Brahim decides to let Scully in on the fact that he doesn’t exactly know where Mulder is and that he has an “idea where he’s been.” You can feel the skeptibrow™ though Scully’s back is turned. 

He tries to mansplain to her that she couldn’t possibly understand the threat they are facing.

“Try me,” Scully replies. That’s my girl.

He informs her of a human trafficking situation which flew below the radar of all the international agencies and that these men returned from their labors… changed. They are being exposed to something in the earth and it compels them to do terrible things. It makes them aggressive and paranoid, and a danger to both themselves and others.

Scully recalls a previous X-file but the captain interrupts her thoughts over the intercom. Something is not right.

The captain emerges from the cockpit with telltale orange eyes, wielding a fire extinguisher and rambling that, “you’ve seen them, looking back at us…like holes…”

The pilot then goes in for the attack and Ben-Brahim foolishly tries to protect Scully. He’s rewarded for his efforts with a crack from the extinguisher but Scully springs into action, high kicking the mad pilot like a badass ninja. She makes the noises and all. 


The pilot recovers enough to go for the fire extinguisher again and begins cracking it against the plane.

“They’re watching us all,” he says, while Scully and Ben-Brahim worry about the integrity of the plane should he break the pressure valve. Not surprisingly the extinguisher explodes and a hole is blown out of the side of the plane.

On that cliffhanger, we cut to Hungary where weirdness is still happening.

“Together,” the workers chant.

The leaders of the work camp are in something of a panic. There’s a hole in the ground and there has been no word from the mysterious squad. Meanwhile, somebody has to tell the “benefactors” what has happened and nobody seems too eager to do that.

“Attack. Kill them all,” chant the zombie-like refugees.

One of the masked leaders makes the call and is ordered to burn it all.

The refugees continue to chant about knowing all and old ones and holes in the sky as the whole site, which has been rigged to explode, blows. 

Mulder takes this as his cue to appear and asks into the ether what they know about him. “I won’t let you leave,” he says, picking up a shard of metal and bringing it to his eye.

But the “old ones” won’t let him. They are now free.

To the sound of screams at the work site, we cut back to Scully. She’s amazed to watch as the airplane repairs itself. Ben-Brahim isn’t in a mood to answer  many of her questions, though, because he’s got a dead pilot and co-pilot to deal with. He wonders if Scully will do the honors of moving the co-pilot and joining him at the helm. He reminds her that Mulder is still very much in danger, which produces some Scully-angst while reiterating that Scully doesn’t know what the mysterious forces are capable of.

She might not know exactly what they are dealing with, but she does know that they came after Ben-Brahim, and she calls him out on it. 

“The ground may have shifted,” he says, “but some things are more clear than you might realize.”

I, for one, am glad someone has some idea of what’s going on because I’m still dazed and confused.

We quickly shift to Mulder as an unseen person discovers him in the bushes. They claim he’s “one of them” and as Mulder protests, his blindfold is put back in place.

The issue ends on a panel showing a partially buried sign. It reads- Strughold Mining Company.

Dun, dun, DUN!

Overall, I’m having a hard time with this arc. It has glimmers of greatness and what seems to be an interesting story but at the same time, I find myself growing bored. There’s too many vagaries, too many repeated panels showing refugees mumbling nonsense and the excitement I felt in part one has all but disappeared.

By far, I am enjoying Scully’s side of the story more than Mulder’s and that is probably because even though she hasn’t done much, her spark is still there as she rolls her eyes and heavily sighs at Ben-Brahim’s attempts to impress her. A possessed Mulder however… is rather boring. I really wanted to love this series but I’m struggling.

I hold out hope that the final issue will explain an awful lot and bring our dynamic duo back together to do some ass kicking and name taking.

As always, I have no complaints about the art. Matthew Dow Smith creates a mood with his features and Jordie Bellaire complements him well with the choice of coloring.

There are only two covers this month. A subscription cover featuring and angst-ridden Scully in her unfortunate Season 10 hairpiece and an absolutely delightful regular cover by Menton3. In that one, a determined Scully ponders life out the window of a jet.

See you next month for the Came Back Haunted finale!

The X-Files #8 - “Came Back Haunted” Part Three is available at your local comic book retailer now.
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It started with a conversation with one of my doctors. “I think you should try probiotics,” she said, “but most of them aren’t strong enough. You really need between 3 to 6 billion colony forming units for a year or so. Most probiotics only measure in the millions.”

Heyoo, more reviews! This one’s a probiotic/medical food, so dig in 🍴


Tokusatsu in review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Intro/Part 1

Your franchise-Cancellation-threatening series is in another castle.

Seriously, that was Fiveman; Ohranger never caused that.  Stop spreading that it did.

Bookmas Series: 3rd December 2016
A review by Jess Scragg

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

Rating - 8/10

The opening starts with Basil, an artist who seems fascinated/protective over the character of Dorian Gray, so much so that he tries to avoid introducing his good friend Henry to him in the fear that Henry will become a bad influence on Dorian.

Dorian meets a women called Sibyl Vane, a young actress who performs in London theatres. He falls madly in love with her and is infatuated by her acting however, Dorian seems to be more attracted to her onstage persona rather then her own. The tragic events in Dorian’s life lead up to a life of deceit and crime which come back to haunt him at the end of the novel.

The novel combines the natural world with the supernatural and I find that the way Wilde has embellished this very different from any other classic novel that I have read before. Throughout the novel Wilde subtly contradicts societies obsession with appearance by examining the life of Dorian. He writes how events and circumstances result in his collapse perhaps trying to indicate a personal message towards the reader which is up to them to find out.

I gave this book an 8/10 because I love the unusual aspect of it and how the main themes of corruption and crime are shown through the painting of Dorian Gray done by Basil (you will have to read the novel in order to fully understand what I am rambling on about). I can’t see any major faults with the book however I didn’t rank it any higher as although I was impatient to finish the book, it didn’t leave my mind ticking over what I had just read. I was happy to move onto another book soon after. Very detailed and thrilling novel that has to be read at least once, I would 100% recommend this novel to others!


After more than 3 years I have made a new review over on YouTube. I’ve actually made a new channel called “Dinges”, which happens to be a word you can use when you can’t find the appropriate word to refer to something.

My first video is a review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the film yet, feel free to head over to my new channel page to subscribe! It’s nice to be making videos again. :)

itslizzi3stylestvd  asked:

I just read chapter 12 and oh my god that was intense and sexy and just WOW!😍 Such great writing I love how steroline almost had sex on the kitchen table. BEST. THING. EVER. I just... I wanna know everything so bad and yet I need to be patient. So I know you said the drama is over... so KNOW does this mean the sexual tension goes on super drive with them? After Bonnie deals with her issues of course. God, I can't get enough and I'm excited for chapter 13! 😏🙌🏽👏🏽all hail the queen of SMA 👑

AWWWW, thanks so much, love!!! So glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, the UST and drama was definitely cranked up for chapter 12, but rest-assured, the UST part’s not really going anywhere. I actually think sobriety makes UST scenes way more fun, because there’s no external force muddying things or giving people a convenient excuse for feeling and doing the things they do. 

Bonnie’s definitely got a new awareness of Damon after 12, which is kind of fun because she feels so bad about everything and is in 500% fix it mode and is taking the things she said and did super seriously, but then these totally shallow and wildly inappropriate thoughts keep interrupting her. Like she’s trying to be all serious and grave and then boom, mental detour. It’s a fun contrast to how immune to him she’s been in that past, and it also kind of lightens up the apology tour she’s on. It also sets up a wild ride for this fake-dating Kai dinner. 

And as for Stefan and Caroline, you get to dive into Stefan’s head and see his conclusions about the night before, which I think is needed, and then you get a new development for them that opens up a lot of doors for a fun chapter 14. I’ve used the word fun a lot but honestly the things planned are, IMO, just a lot of fun, lololol. Thanks so much for the kind words, babe!

The Eyes of My Mother (2016), Nicolas Pesce

This was mad depressing and really gross and all about the insidiousness of loneliness and it was all just a lot, but it’s also extremely confident and quietly powerful and equally frightening as it is sad, so I think it’s safe to applaud Nicolas Pesce for one of the best directorial debuts of the year and to also champion Kika Magalhaes for perfectly capturing the sick essence of one creepy as fuck but undeniably fascinating character. 

Metacritic: 63, RT: 74%, IMDb: 6.8

The Chemist — Chapters 5-6

We’re still following our protagonist as she kidnaps her target with literally zero conflict getting in the way. Her drug is apparently powerful enough to make Daniel completely receptive to suggestion.

And speaking of which…

“Why did you give me your number?” she asked when his lids started to droop.
He smiled dreamily. “I’ve never done that before. […] I like your face. […] I really wanted to see it again. That made me brave. […] I feel different. I think it’s you. I felt different as soon as I saw you smile.”
As soon as I roofied you, she amended in her head.
“Well, that’s quite a compliment,” she said.

Of course this devolves into romantic banter and misunderstandings where Juliana thinks it’s the drugs talking. I don’t think there’s a cliché this book isn’t going to fall for.

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Divination reviews

Hello all.

Today I’m going to briefly review the two skills of two diviners that I used here on tumblr when free readings were offered, @moon-alchemy and @venusdemilotic69. @moon-alchemy was my first attempt into divination services her on tumblr. I asked my question anonymously, she answered quickly and her pendulum reading was with my gut reaction. Easy, quick reading, and a pleasure to work with.

@venusdemilotic69 answered two of my questions. Her intuition is spot on. My first question for her was, unfortunately, a little heavy and focused on a prior relationship, but she answered it with grace and provided support (I also responded to her promptly that I felt similar feelings and was appreciative for response and essentially debriefed held a quick debriefing). My later question was fairly humorous and I’d be happy to use it as an example of her divining skills.

I have a per diem job in addition to my full time job. After a particular draining shift, I figured I’d ask for a pretty unbiased second opinion. She posted within a day that I should keep the job, and before I could check my tumblr, I ended up knocking off my driver side mirror. This confirmed that I needed to keep the job.

I highly recommend using the diviners. They’re fun, friendly, and easily accessible.  It’s a great way to try out readings and exploring if you wish to use the services of different users.

I'm a tough reviewer.

I’m really critical about books - even my favourites will still have bits where I’ll be like “yoooo I didn’t like the ending” or “this sub-plot could have been better” but I still loveD the book and sometimes I confuse myself like “if there’s so many things j didn’t like about this book why have I just named it my best of 2016” or smth but does this make me a bad person?? I like to think I’m rather positive when I consciously try to be but there are very few books that I can’t criticise, and I lovE authors like they’re my favourite people and I hate to think that people think I’m being cruel and am out there to hurt them… I don’t know, should I stop posting my opinions because they just don’t make sense or might hurt the author??

Burn With You (Continuation)

By: BreatheSemperMea

Summary: Callie and Arizona both excel in their professional lives as a firefighter and a paramedic, saving lives every day. But both souls struggle in their personal lives because of mistakes made in the past.

Sugarkane Review:

Quarter 1: (Chapters 5-6)

One of the first things that popped out to me about chapter five was the beginning description. There is tons of it, and most of it has to do with Malia. I think that was a very good choice by the author. One because Malia is an original character(OC), and her personality needs to be established in order for us to care about her. And two because it further develops the relationship between Callie and Malia and sets the stakes for upcoming angst (i suppose). One downfall of this description though is that it’s slightly generic. Everyone loves Malia, and always gives her what she wants. She’s so cute and innocent and adorable. They can’t help but let her stay up past her bedtime. That sort of thing. It’s not a bad dynamic; I said ‘aw’ while reading it, but it’s something I’ve said ‘aw’ at a lot in a lot of other stories too. What i’m saying is it would have been perhaps a little cooler to see very specific, unique things she does with the other characters. That being said, later on in the chapter, the author writes this description that I have to mention because it’s kinda perfect. She talks about how Malia always wears these Super Mario Cart pajamas that she’s growing out of, and it’s the most normal, simplistic, yet original look into the child’s personality. This is the kind of characterization I like to see.

That being said, Chapter 5 Malia started to shock me a little bit as the story carried on. Which leads me to my first ever segment of “Kids! They say the darndest things!”

Age-inappropriate Malia Lines:

“When we were at the mall, you were quiet, unusually quiet and you seemed lost deep in your thoughts”

  • This isn’t a terrible line by any means; it’s just a nine-year old would never say this unless it was pre-established that she’s an observant little weirdo which it hasn’t been so it’s inappropriate for her age. If Malia always talked like this though, i’d really like it. It’d be cool reading a socially inept, super genius child try to converse with her aunt in a normal way.

“I thought I saw Arizona at the firehouse yesterday. The woman near the door looked exactly like her. It made me think of her and how happy you were when she was with you. Mamá always said she made you smile the widest and Papá said that you’re gonna marry her one day, before you even thought about proposing”

  • Why would adults tell a child any of this? The answer is they wouldn’t, so I assume she overheard it. How does she know anything about Callie wanting to propose? Why would she remember something she overheard enough to regurgitate it in such a mature manner? 

Why didn’t you marry Arizona, tia Callie?“ 

  • A nine year-old would never say this out of the blue. A Calzona shipper would say this out of the blue. I’m beginning to think Malia is just the Calzona fandom but as a human child.

So anyways, the fifth chapter continues on to have Arizona kiss Callie and then Callie run off. I read my previous review to kind of jog my memory, but I still don’t understand why they don’t just get back together. They obviously still love each other, the chemistry is there, the opportunity is there. Oh wait, oh my god, is this paralleling the actual show??? Lol. I’m in pain. Anyways, the sixth chapter is pretty similar to this chapter except Callie has a conversation with Mark. Mark says the same thing I’m saying which is basically there’s not one good reason the two should be apart. Callie says some “my life is a mess and i’m not ready” type of thing and runs off again. And then she tries to talk to Arizona, but suddenly, Arizona is too hurt to talk. And back and forth.

Quarter 2: (Chapters 7-8)

Okay, coming out of chapter 7, I have to say this is where the story should probably resolve itself. The two characters who have absolutely no reason to be apart should come together and be a couple. Anything else that happens after this chapter, if it’s not fluff, doesn’t sit right with me. This is a pretty likable story; the writer has skill no doubt. I like Mark in this story; he’s written well. But the conflict should be over. If I go to chapter 8 and there is conflict, I’m telling you now. It better be conflict that is real. And by real, I mean there needs to be external or circumstantial things keeping them apart, not emotional turmoil because it doesn’t really seem founded in this story.

Okay, so coming out of chapter 8. There was a good conversation between Callie and Arizona. Not enough levity or humor though. I feel like i’m losing these characters in the drama, and I can’t really distinguish their personalities. Callie, as it turns out, had a lot of sex after Arizona left her which is very in character (flashbacks to the Africa incident). I liked that, I did. But part of me felt it was a ploy to keep the story going. Arizona walks off all hurt and is like “i just need time, okay,” and I don’t quite, quite understand it. It feels like she isn’t concerned enough about what Callie is going through. Who cares that after you dumped her, she fucked a lot of people. This woman who you know didn’t want to be a parent lost her sister in a tragic car crash and is now forced to raise a child. THAT’S HUGE. THAT’S GIGANTIC. Arizona don’t be so selfish.

Quarter 3-4: (Chapters 9-12)

I’m just gonna put these last quarters together because there’s really no reason for them to be separate. These four chapters resemble the first couple of chapters in that two are separate for no easily explicable reason. Callie gets trapped in a fire. And uh, long story short, she dies.

Loll she doesn’t die, but I got you for a second there, didn’t I. 

Anyways, she does get trapped in a fire, and surprise, surprise, the fire is at the same school Malia goes too. Arizona comforts Malia while Callie is being turned into barbecue pork, and it’s a good scene. I really wanted flashbacks to Arizona and Malia’s dynamic. Malia seems to really like Arizona (I assume because Arizona used to come over and braid her hair and they hit it off). I kinda wanted a flashback to that, but the flashbacks seem to be Calzona-oriented so, it would probably be weird.. Anyways, skip skip skip, Arizona takes Malia home from the ICU because Callie’s in the ICU, and i’m okay with this. Callie goes to heaven or the afterlife for a little bit and it’s basically Aria telling Callie she has to not die because Malia and Arizona are waiting for her. Apparently everyone in this story except Arizona and Callie are the ultimate Calzona shippers. Callie wakes up and somehow, someway, Arizona is going to be staying with Malia and Callie. That’s what I gathered. So this whole quirky storyline is gonna go on for a couple of more chapters probably, though the author is going on hiatus, so if you’re interested, there might be a longer wait time.


  • Average Chapter Length: 3,615 words
  • Alternate Universe
  • Angsty
  • Original character
  • Unfinished
  • First Review