Best New Horror Movies on Netflix: Fall 2016

I know there’s an overwhelming amount of horror movies to sift through on Netflix, so I’ve decided to take out some of the legwork by compiling a list of the season’s best new genre titles on Netflix’s instant streaming.

Please feel free to leave a comment with any I may have missed and share your thoughts on any of the films you watch. You can also check out past installments of Best New Horror Moves on Netflix.

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White Rabbit Red Rabbit

It’s hard to put the experience into words. I guess the most apt way to describe it is that it felt like Stana was standing in your living room in your own home, playing for and with you. It was a small theater, and she has such a presence that the moment she stepped on that stage, she filled the entire space with her personality. I was, quite simply, enraptured!

She was a little nervous, at first, but she found her stride really fast, and she had such fun!! You could feel her enjoyment of acting, and her energy palpable in the room. The play was very funny, and Stana gave all she had to bring the joy and jokes across to us, but it had real depth, an underlying storyline and scenes that really made you think - a “playful, enigmatic and haunting solo show” (New York Times review).

Without giving much away, it tackles concepts such as authoritarianism, constrictions of freedom of expression, and social conditioning to obey or to punish (this has all been written in reviews such as in the New York Times and thus are not spoilers.) The play perpetually contrasts at times goofy performances or witty humor with quiet, thought-provoking monologs, and in my opinion, Stana did a fantastic job playing these facets of the play. At one point she was so touched by the scene that she was crying (and then so was I.)

She was amazing, you guys! I mean, just incredible. Playful, sparkling, indomitable. It was very unique, very fun, very moving experience that will stay with me for a long time!

Favorite moments:

The producers opening intro stating that “for these two gay guys, meeting Stana was love at first sight!” - and can’t we all relate to that?!

Her bright laughter when she walked out on stage seeing all of us cheer her on.

Her joy with acting.

When she broke off script for a moment to check with us if we were getting it.

She had to repeat a certain section on a ‘deadline’ of 30 seconds and that was one of my very favorite sections of the performance.

When the words “police” and “murder” came up and she repeated it, for emphasis! (you can envision it. go ahead. ;))

Not so favorite - not being the right number, or close enough, to make it up to the stage with her! ;) I had read up on it before that there would be audience participation so I was primed and ready to jump from my seat!! Alas, it was not to be. :)

The above photo of Stana is one of those that perfectly encapsulates the performance for me. See that touch of mischief in her look? Yeah, like that. :)
(I apologize, I do not know the credits for this photo.)


River City Tokyo Rumble is exactly what you want it to be ⊟ 

Oh man, I’m so happy to be writing these impressions. So, when Natsume announced River City Tokyo Rumble, there was a lot of confusion, particularly on my part, about exactly which game it was. Arc System Works made so many Kunio games on 3DS, none of which got localized. My best interpretation was that Tokyo Rumble was an updated version of the first Renegade game, a pre-RCR Kunio brawler.

With that in mind, I tempered my expectations. Well, I was wrong about which Kunio game it was, and my expectations were blown out of the water. This is a real sequel to River City Ransom. It’s hard to imagine a better scenario.

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The Worst of Times: How Life on Earth Survived Eighty Million Years of Mass Extinctions

This slim volume by Paul Wignall is one of the most meat packed geology books I have read all year, taking a novel approach to extinction studies, and focussing on the age of the supercontinent Pangaea and the effect of the distribution of landmasses on the consequences of these large scale events that affect life on land and sea over the entire globe. He connects the events to vast outpourings of magma and their effects on life, trying to tease out why some of these events are associated with large scale extinctions and not others, suggesting the vagaries of continental drift on the consequences for life of the eruption of these large igneous provinces.

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Twentica - Red Dwarf blog

(SPOILER WARNING: The following is an in-depth critical analysis. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may want to before reading this review)

Red Dwarf series are like buses. You wait four years for one and then suddenly two come along at once.

Yes Red Dwarf is back and for the first time in a long time its future is assured. Series 11 and 12 were shot back to back and there’s murmurings of a possible Red Dwarf stage show on the way too. The Crimson Short One is here to stay.

Last week Series 11 kicked off with its opening episode Twentica. What did I think? Yeah, I thought it was alright. I must confess I’m not totally enamoured with it, but it’s a decent start.

The Dwarfers run into a subset of simulants called Exponoids, who have a hostage they’re willing to trade for the Casket of Cronus. The hostage turns out to be a future Rimmer, which leads to a mind bending portion of the episode where Lister teleports the Casket over to the Exponoids in exchange for future Rimmer, only for present Rimmer to be kidnapped so that future Rimmer can be traded in the first place.

Originally posted by onlynightmarebeforechristmas

First episode of the new series and already I’ve got a headache. Thanks Doug Naylor.

The Exponoids then use the Casket to travel back in time to Earth in order to change human evolution. Following the Exponoids’ time stream, they land in an alternate version of 1950s America where technology is outlawed and the Exponoids have enslaved humanity so that they won’t be a threat in the future.

Let’s start with the positives. First of all Twentica is simply gorgeous to look at. The models and CGI are blended together seamlessly and I love the use of lighting. Red Dwarf has never looked better. The contrast between the high-tech Starbug cockpit and the dark and grungy streets of prohibition America look striking, and it really helps set the tone.

I also like how Twentica really builds off of the momentum of The Beginning. You really do feel a sense of camaraderie between the Dwarfers as they try to save Earth from the tech prohibition. When Lister is given the option to stay on Earth once the Exponoids are defeated, he refuses because he doesn’t want to lose Kryten, who would be susceptible to the EMP. Even Rimmer tries to encourage Lister to stay, thinking about what’s best for him, until he realises that the EMP would kill him too at which point he reverts back to his old self. There’s a closeness between the four. A sense of comradeship that wasn’t quite as apparent before and that I actually find quite endearing. It shows just how far the characters have grown and evolved since the early days.

There’s also loads of good jokes and funny moments throughout the episode. I loved the idea of a speakeasy science lab with ‘hookers’ that will discuss scientific theories with you at the right price. Lucie Pohl in particular as Harmony was hysterical with her science-y jokes:

Cop: “How dense do you think I am?”

Harmony: “Do you really want to know? Just divide your mass by your volume.”

Originally posted by d0oyouknow

Albert Einstein was funny. Or should I say Bob the Bum? Standard comic mishap with the added twist that Bob does in fact save the day after all, putting the ‘potatoes’ together to create the EMP to stop the Exponoids. (It also ties into Red Dwarf’s working class hero theme quite nicely). And while we’re on the subject of Einstein, the joke that got the biggest laugh from me was when the Cat got confused by Einstein pushing a pram full of string.

Harmony: “He’s developing a theory about that.”

Cat: “Pram Theory?”

That has got to be the best Cat joke… ever.

And then there’s the Exponoids themselves. The most advanced machines in the universe and they’re brought down by a childish squabble. Love it! (So does this mean the Inquisitor is an Exponoid?).

Twentica is an unusual Red Dwarf episode in that it’s strangely topical. Obvious parallels can be made to modern America regarding the devaluation of science and reason. The Bible Belt censoring evolution even though it’s widely considered to be scientific fact (even the Pope accepts evolution for God’s sake), the ignorance of certain Americans involving things like global warming and the gay gene, and of course the discrimination of atheists and non-Christian citizens in certain states. While a lot of what happens in Twentica is preposterous silliness (such as a cop beating the shit out of a toaster), it does actually have some basis in reality. It’s really not that much of a stretch to believe that Americans would willingly sacrifice logic and reason for a perceived ‘higher’ power.

Need I say more?

And then of course there’s the whole idea of being careful not to become too reliant on technology in case something untoward happens. The ultimate irony is of course the Exponoids were created by suffering humans in the future in an attempt to stop themselves from abusing technology. Our only solution to prevent the abuse of technology is to create more technology. And of course, like everything humans create in the Red Dwarf universe, the Exponoids become warped and twisted and effectively destroy humanity themselves.

Twentica is a very funny episode with some very ambitious ideas, but I think it’s perhaps a bit too ambitious for its own good. The biggest problem I have is that I think the ideas behind Twentica are just too big to be crammed into one half an hour episode. This alternate America doesn’t always feel fully realised and there are aspects of the plot that feels bit rushed. It would have been nice if we could have spent some more time with Harmony and the other scientists so we could form a deeper emotional connection with this underground society. While entertaining and interesting at points, I never felt like I was fully invested in the scientists’ plight. I’m also a bit disappointed that Doug Naylor never took advantage of the fact that two of the Dwarfers are electronic (Rimmer and Kryten). The episode sets it up as though Rimmer and Kryten are in danger and that something bad is going to happen to them, but then nothing comes of it.

Plus there are one or two logic holes. If the Exponoids changed history so that humanity never developed advanced technology, then how come the Exponoids are still there? Shouldn’t they have just popped out of existence? Restricting humanity’s tech would mean the Exponoids would never have been created in the first place, which means they would never have gone back in time to enslave humanity in the first place, which means the timeline would just snap back into place. And what of the Dwarfers? How come they’re still there? There’s no way holograms, robots or spaceships could possibly exist in this alternate timeline, right?

I did still enjoy Twentica for the most part, and it’s a decent start to Series 11 for the most part. I just wish Doug Naylor saved this for a two parter or something.

Slash Watch: Considering Rimmer’s attitude toward women, you’d think his eyes would have spun like fruit machines when Harmony whipped that EMP out of her garter, but he seems strangely non-plussed. Maybe his mind was on something else… 

On a totally unrelated subject, Lister looked damn fine in that suit, didn’t he?


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My Season 7 Premiere Review

Having being away for the weekend I have been able to watch the season premiere only today and here’s my impressions:

  • I enjoyed the episode! After a season 6 where a can only save the season finale, this first episode in season 7 is actually one I want to watch again, for several good reasons, I think I saw a big improvement from last season in the whole episode construction. I’m happy and I want more! :) But let’s star with the only negative thing…
  • I’ll pretend Steve was having some kind of vision (Hookman style) in the chapel because it was really *creepy*. I can certainly understand the wish of honoring Jack Lord, but if you can’t do it properly just let it go… At least they could have made him clearly a vision making him somehow a blurry halo with a vague resemblance to the old McGarrett ,making it look like Steve was actually talking with a part of himself. That Jack Lord’s puppet with soulless eyes was just plain scary. 
  • But it was an alternate universe scene even for an other big reason: did they hint that Steve lost ‘the woman of his life (???????)’ due to his work????? I mean, seriously? She lied, betrayed and abandoned him again and again… he tried to help her again and again… she left, came back and left again… ‘loosing’ her has been the greatest luck in Steve’s life, second only to meeting Danny! Anyway I think that all this questioning about his life they’re making Steve do will bring him to recognize again he actually has a family, his ohana made of broken toys he fixed somehow bringing them together <3
  • So, what do I liked in the ep? First of all: Danny being Danny again! I loved him so much in this episode, I finally saw again the character he was and I fell in love with: loving, funny, hard headed as much as Steve, smart, not the whining angry man they wrote last season most of the time. ‘He said he was fine, he was wrong’ that really made me laugh :D I was worried for the wheelchairs race, from the preview it looked dumb and Steve looked mean, but watching it was indeed silly but not so bad, because Steve cheated but Danny got back at him and even won, an other signal the real Danny, the one who doesn’t take any s##t from Steve, is back! The scene where he stressed Steve to the point to let him drive only for telling him he couldn’t drive either and having Chin chaperoning them both was an other I feared from the sneak peek and then surprised me in a good way :)
  • Looks like I was worried about a lot of things (and who can blame me after season 6? :P) which turned out quite good instead: Danny and Steve dialogue after Steve hurt himself was in character too and after that, with Steve still stubbornly going inside the hotel, Danny had his back as usual, till that ‘Steve! Don’t do it!’ he finally listened to, saving his life. And the way Steve and Danny look at each other after the bad guy falls down and dies is an other beautiful moment.
  • I was pretty sure they would mostly ignore that Steve almost died two weeks before and indeed they had him jumping and running like in his best SEAL’s days.. but Alex being good as he is, played Steve like he was out of breath all the time, and I liked this little bit of realism, I can see Steve pretending everything was normal even if he didn’t feel OK at all (to all the fanfic writers out there: whumpy-codas are always welcome ;)). Also thanks to Alex for showing so well the emotions behind Steve’s stubborn behavior. <3
  • Special mention for the ‘They’re in love again’ that I don’t know who said, Kono or Abby?

And after all the McDanno I loved here’s some other nice things:

  • The incredibly long parkour action scene which was very well done (action scenes being a must for H50) 
  • That little core 4 moment in the elevator, just seeing them together makes me smile remembering the good old times of the first seasons.
  • Chin being such sweet uncle to Sara (I think he’s going to let her go but I’d love so much for him to adept her <3) and such a badass when he gives orders to the hotel manager 
  • Kamekona And his new season project :D
  • Meeting the new governor, first watching her on TV being all ‘aloha-style’ only to have her ordering Steve around a few minutes later… great lady! 
  • The new ME who probably won’t be anyone Love Interest since she’s a curvy girl :P

That’s all for this week, I’m a happy fangirl today and next week episode looks good too, I also love  Chris Vance since I watched him on  Mental ;)

Cats Broadway - September 26th, 2016

(You want the epitome of my personality in a photo? Well this is it.) 

I have to say, if I had to choose a highlight of my life, this would be it. I know that’s overdramatic, but I literally waited 15 years or so to ever see Cats live, and let me tell you, regardless of what they did change of the show for Broadway it was still the same Cats I knew and loved; the same energy, the same joy and happiness, and the same magic. I will be doing my review by each song number just to I can stay organized and on topic, and then a few standout cast members (because it was so hard to concentrate on everyone because I was so overwhelmed.)

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Have you read my blog post yet about my favorites from @erstwilderofficial ’s newest Halloween range?!
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Mob Psycho 100 Review & Analysis: What Makes One Special

Let’s not deny the obvious: the words that have been used the most when recommending Mob Psycho 100 to someone are “it’s by the same creator as One Punch Man“. Fair enough. ONE has proved to be able to come out with some successful and refreshing stories, and mentioning the creator of what was without a doubt the most popular anime of 2015 is the perfect hook. However, this comparison also has its downsides because, even if there are some obvious similarities, these are two completely different series with different intentions and different audiences in mind.


REVIEWED (Review Wednesdays) #9.a ~ ReLife (Anime)

“Maybe worrying about the future partings so much that you miss out on happiness in the present is a waste.” ~ Hishiro Chizuru

Premise and Plot ~ 11/13

In a time where the popular trending theme for animations is about life and time, whether it be about being in another time; era or area (e.g. Gate, Grimgar) or being reset in time and time again (e.g. Re:Zero) or whatever the new upcoming anime’s take on the trend is, ReLife has a slightly unique (so far) and refreshing (albeit somewhat comedic) perspective on how our lives (and the lives of others) are affected by when and how we live it.

The premise is short and straight to the point: basically the MCs are subjects of an experiment that makes them look 10 years younger so they can relive their high school experiences in the hopes that they will either improve their current social capacity/confidence or overcome a traumatic experience. But that’s where the simplicity ends. Because even though the plot utilizes apparently generic character tropes, it is how the premise (and the conflicts or circumstances brought forth by it) reveals who, how and what these characters truly are.

It also delves deeply into the introspection of ones thoughts and feelings of the MCs where I found a kindred affinity, because I too was like the past (and slowly becoming future) of Subject 002: once full of life and care, in the hopes of touching the lives of every person I meet or befriend; and now I have become (the failed) Subject 001: dead serious, dead honest, dead flat when it comes to communication and interaction (and pretty much dead = me).

The anime paces itself pretty well from the establishment of the premise and progressing it through the limited (and too short) 13 episodes that leaves you with mixed feelings because you either want to see what happens after *minor SPOILER ALERT* the tease of Subject 001 and 002 possibly getting together or not seeing what happens because you pretty much know it’s going that way eventually and inevitably so.

Or would it? This possibility and how it vaguely but slowly grew from the very start is what grips me the most about the anime and ultimately made me look forward to another season. I wouldn’t necessarily want it (actively as some seem to) all that much but a second season will definitely be a plus and something to watch. In the meantime (and maybe until such a time), I digress and move on to the manga (which unfortunately, is also unfinished).

Artwork and Cinematography ~ 8/13

Not the most beautifully drawn animation considering it’s a very recent release as compared to other concurrent and recent releases. Static artwork were adequate and common-place, whereas the general dynamic artwork felt sub-par (almost as if rushed) than most anime of its generation, although some scenes were quite good. It had dynamic animation quality reminiscent of “The Girl Who Leapt through Time”, which is poetically apropos considering the theme and story.

But really, if you were completely engaged when watching (and not just half-watching it on one-half of the computer screen while doing something else in the other like I normally do to save time) then you would realize that the quality of the animation has little effect on the impact of the animation itself.

Simply put, the animation was simple and apt enough to deliver the story without drawing much attention to itself. Because that’s what this anime is about, at least to me. It’s not more about what you see and more on what you think or feel about what is happening in what you see. And there is definitely more to think and feel than there is to see.

Tones and Tracks ~ 11/13

OP seemed generic and standard in the kind of way that doesn’t catch or engage your attention to itself (unlike e.g. Kiznaiver). It’s not bad but it’s not the better than all the other openings out there either. You find yourself easily thinking about or doing something else even on the first watch/listen (where I usually pay attention to the whole episode from start to finish). You pretty much find your attention back when you realize that the episode is starting.

The track is a different matter. In the first few episodes, the common accompaniment track for the regular scenes seemed a bit louder than regular and distracting to a point. But a few more episodes later, I realized that it fit perfectly with how awkward and distinct the story and characters were. Nearing the last few episodes, the track is now as much a part of the plot as the animation. Background tracks seemed this way as well, although most are carried over or overpowered by the ED.

ED is on a different level altogether. Music, and auditory input in general, has always been an important part of any forms of media that I engage in, where I sometimes even focus more on the music than what is actually happening at times and I find myself replaying the scene just to review what really happened. That’s how I came to notice the different ED tracks for each episode. That alone would have been a cool addition to the good tracks in itself. But after I realized that the tracks themselves were of the genre and from the time period where the MC lived his “actual (chronological)” high school, that was the jizzle in the jazz.

The choice and feel of the tracks fit just right and you find yourself subconsciously but merrily listening as you watch, and lingering even after the end of the episode just to listen some more (and sing along) to the ED. In chorus, the music was as stimulating to the ears as the plot was to the mind. Definitely worth saving had I the means and the resources, and more so the care to update my very old and outdated playlist. Maybe it was high time to relist my playlist the same way I should relive my life.

OVERALL ~ 10/13

From its serendipitous and unpretentious beginnings, Relife didn’t present itself with a significant impression going into it. It was just this one comedic scene that made me curious about the plot and the characters and that curiousity (no matter how unfounded) was actually well placed. By the end of the first episode I was engaged with the premise and the theme. By the end of the succeeding episodes the plot and the tracks kept me going. And by the end of the series, the characters and their stories (plot and back) made me think about my own and about a lot of other things. It almost made me feel something as well, like the usual “dead and empty” feeling you get after finishing a great anime.

As dead as I already am (much worse than Subject 001), ReLife has moved me enough to review my life, rethink and reconsider the way I have been living it. And in a way it has, because the posts: GAMON (Game On Mondays) and the *new and improved* TUEDOSDAYS (To Do Tuesdays for this week were based on and a result of ReLife and how it has affected my life. I have also moved on to the (and finished the latest) manga (while re-watching the series on the other side of the screen), review of the manga >here

Recapping everything, ReLife has rearranged my life and made me reconsider reliving my life, my Real Life. And that’s all I have really, because I have run out of “re” word-puns and my ReLife of my ReaLife has now begun.

“Someday we’ll part. Maybe be forgotten. But we’re living in the moment. So… make lots of friends, fall madly in love, and enjoy every moment to the fullest.” ~ Kaizaki Arata

I don’t care,
~ Anthony


In case you missed it last weekend. Your reblogs are extremely helpful to my channels growth.


I put Delta over Frontier music wise, because how diverse the music are. Every song just differ than the others.

In the first album there’s Ballad like Giraffe Blues, Pop Funk-ish Cosmic Movement, Uplifting Pop like Bokura no Senjou and Ikenai Borderline which captures what Delta is, don’t forget Anime-ish Pop Jirittic Beginner (sounds like a song that Nanahira would sing). And there’s Neo Stream which fuse a lot of genre without being out of sync.

The second album got more diverse with Absolute 5 as the Bokura no Senjou of the album, and then there’s Zettai Reido and Hametsu no Junjou with RnB Pop like feel, Onnyanoko Girl captures the EDM feel, for more Pop EDM there’s Hear the Universe. Love! Thunder Glow is the Pop-Rock track that sides to rock, Namidame Bakuhatsuon is the opposite, or like neutral. Electronica Silent Hacker is surprisingly good, the Ballad track God Bless you which captures everyones heart who watched the episode, that monolgue surprise me, oh man really good. and Ai Oboete Imasuka

it really has everything.

Title: The Hidden Oracle | Series: The Trials of Apollo #1 | Author: Rick Riordan
Pages: 376 | Rating: ★★★★ | Goodreads: X


How do you punish an immortal?
By making him human.

After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. Weak and disorientated, he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy. Now, without his godly powers, the four-thousand-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus’s favour.

But Apollo has many enemies - gods, monsters and mortals who would love to see the former Olympian permanently destroyed. Apollo needs help, and he can think of only one place to go … an enclave of modern demigods known as Camp Half-Blood.

My Thoughts

Look, at this point in my life I will probably read just about anything Rick Riordan writes about mythology.

The main character in this one is different than what Riordan has written before. Aside from the obvious - it’s about a God-turned-mortal rather than a Demigod - Apollo is… well, selfish and a bit of a jerk. And unapologetically so. He was also absolutely hilarious and it was refreshing to have something so different from the teenage demigods.

I really, really liked Meg. She was adorable and sarcastic and exactly what makes a Riordan novel when it comes to its characters. There’s another layer to her, though, behind all that - she has a complicated past and it makes my heart hurt for her. And the thing at the end? Yeah, I’m a bit mad at myself for NOT seeing that about to happen until a few pages before it did.

I have to say, though, it seemed to start a bit slow. It wasn’t until about halfway that things picked up and I really started to enjoy it. Maybe it’s because the plot itself felt so similar to how the original Percy Jackson series started and I feel so much nostalgia for that series it’s hard to compare to it. I liked the writing, though, as always. It’s easy to read and just fun.

And the haikus are PERFECTION. They’re almost pointless, but so hilarious and give a great mini-preview to what’s coming in the chapter.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this series goes because I think it has a lot of potential.

Read in June 2016

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I just finished Crooked Kingdom, and I thought I would share my goodreads review here.

For a long time I have had a soft spot for stories about crimes and bands of criminals, and this this book and Six of Crows certainly fulfilled that need!
The schemes were well executed, well planned and sometimes funny, with just the right amount of feeling things will go wrong.
I love the characters, their differences and how they are portrayed (I must admit I probably smiled a few times at how dramatic Kaz is. Especially when I thought about his age.. Isn’t he like 17?!)
In the previous book, along with the great plot, it was great how the reader got glimpses of the characters’ pasts, and Crooked Kingdom did a good job of digging deeper into the past and the reasons the characters ended up where they did.

I normally have really mixed feelings when it comes to alternating narrators. Sometimes it can make a great story better, but sometimes it just ads unnecessary confusion if not well executed. Leigh Bardugo really handled it well, both in SoC and CK.
Often with alternating pow’s, I find, you prefer one narrator, and the other parts are sort of.. I don’t know ‘in the way’, but in this book, I never had that feeling.
I could get to the end of a chapter with a cliffhanger, and the excitement build up through the chapter would start to drop when a new character took over the next chapter, but then that character would grab my attention just as fast, and I found myself in a roller coaster almost leaving me dizzy (in the best way possible). I could just imagine a trapeze artist (is that what it’s called?) letting go of the bar and being suspended in the air for a moment, starting to fall before being grabbed by the next acrobat swinging on.

I’m not at all good at pointing out flaws and this book probably have them, as most books do, but right after finishing a book I’m high of the excitement of that world, and I can’t see the flaws. I certainly don’t have anything bad to point out right now.

This book was a fully enjoyable and exciting read, with characters I hate to leave.