Just saw Justice Leauge

 I went into this film w/ literally NO EXPECTATIONS & NO EXCITEMENT/HYPE, due to critics/reviews & the last few DC films Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad literally made me Angry & are crap films to me. 

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Honestly I think that helped a bit cause honestly I didn’t mind the film all that much. Of course there were a few scenes that made me go hmm 🤔😐like all the Crap CGI & some stupid plot points but if I’m keeping it 💯 I wasn’t Mind blowingly bored like I was in BvS & Suicide Squad so that’s a Plus to me.

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 & I did enjoy seeing everyone team up in live action. I was on the verge of giving it a High DoubleToasted/ Spill Rental. But there was that moment where they said “my fav quote” from a certain someone so I gave it a bump to MATINEE 

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and all in all it wasnt great but it was fine/alright to me.

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Before I begin, I must state that I received this mannequin free of charge (except for shipping, of course) in exchange for this review.

ARMATURE NINE is basically a custom-made series of poseable figures made for artists, which can supposedly mimic virtually any pose that is humanly possible. An exaggeration perhaps, but not by much. I ordered the smaller 6-inch “Rider” version, as opposed to the 12" “Ranger” version because I wanted to save on precious desk space. The fact is, almost all the reviews I’ve seen online are for the 12" Ranger, not the 6" Rider. I honestly could not FIND anything on the Rider. So if anyone’s looking to buy it, hopefully this will give you some insight into what you can expect.

More information can be found HERE: armaturenine.com/rider.html

I hadn’t used a mannequin as an artist’s aid in years, so in a way, this was sort of a nostalgic experience that I was looking forward to. So my expectations were rather high. I’ve used quite a few mannequins in my learning years, and this is easily the most poseable figure I’ve seen. But, it’s not without its flaws.

Most notably, the figure had very loose joints, especially at the hips. Loose joints on an A9 are a fixable problem with a little bit of liquid crazy glue and a special rubbing procedure, but honestly, I should not have to perform maintenance on it right out of the box. I ended up using this “glue tightening” technique on almost every joint on the arms and legs, and even the neck and spine. To the creator’s credit, I DID succeed in tightening the joints, making the poses much more secure, so it’s no longer an issue. But again, it’s not something I should have had to do after just a couple of days.

The joints are made of 3D-printed wood composite, which is basically liquid plastic mixed with wood dust for a wood-like texture, and then 3D-printed. This material really does feel like actual wood, and it’s quite a bit more durable, since actual wooden limbs of this size would almost certainly end up breaking or splintering.

The fingers have only two “bones” instead of 3, and the thumb was completely loose. Another joint I had to tighten. But once I did, it seemed capable of forming a fist. Because each finger was barely half a centimeter long, I felt like I had to treat it like spun glass. But then, I’m notoriously “careful” with my stuff, almost to a fault. I can’t help but wonder though… Could this “armature” construction method be applied to a life-sized “Hand Mannequin?” It’s a solid design.

Due to the tiny size of this figure, I sometimes found it difficult to operate effectively, as my giant hands at times seemed ill-suited for working with such a tiny figure. Thankfully, the magnets placed in the feet and hands made posing the figure a lot easier, since I didn’t have to think so much about keeping the figure upright. And this is good, because half of human movement is inherently off-balance. It’s how we walk, through a series of controlled falls on our feet. So magnets are really the only way these sort of poses can be replicated on a mannequin. THe figure comes with a small metal disc-shaped stand, which these magnets can cling to, as shown in the above photo. If it weren’t for those magnets, I’m not sure I would have enjoyed using this, as it would have suffered from the same problems as most mannequins. It was nice to be able to pose a figure without relying on a “posing claw.”

For the life of me, I simply couldn’t get the props (in this case, a 2-handed sword) to actually STAY in the figure’s hands. I’m guessing the props were spray-painted with a metallic paint, because they almost seemed to stick to the magnets in the hands. But the effect was not strong enough to actually stay put. Also, the “blade” of the prop kept fraying until it could no longer even stay on the hilt. This is the one aspect of the figure that I can describe as outright negative.

The back of the figure also features a ¼" screw hole, which is meant for flexible camera arms and tripods. A9 used to sell them, not anymore. I eventually managed to find one for a decent price on ebay, from  a Hong Kong seller. So if you’re willing to wait a month or so, getting a tripod/extension arm is not too difficult.

It’s also worth noting that while this model is significantly less expensive than the 12-inch “Ranger” version, the price difference might be worth it for the larger one. I don’t have a Ranger model, so I can’t say for sure, but being able to work on a larger scale may allow for more accuracy and precision, at least with the limbs and torso.  

In conclusion, while this may seem like a harsh review, I honestly think it’s a good product. Even at a fraction of the size, I still believe the Rider to be a mannequin of a much higher quality than the standard mannequins you’d see at a typical art supply store. It is by far and away the best one I’ve used.

But as any serious art student should know, a new toy doesn’t magically make you a better artist, any more than reading a fitness magazine makes you healthier. A mannequin is best used as an AID, not as a crutch, and nothing can replace practice when it comes to improvement.

Another thing to note is that the maker of A9 updates his blog rather frequently, and he’s always working to improve on his product, so I hope that this review will give him the information needed to do so!

Great product, man.


- Flawed, but brilliant.

(Also, deepest apologies to A9 in the delay for getting this review out. Circumstances beyond my control delayed me.)

It (2017)

I haven’t posted in so long, but here we go again. I’ve watched this movie like two weeks ago with my boyfriend and i actually loved it. I normally don’t watch scary movies, but since he likes them i thought it wouldn’t be that bad to try and watch one too. The whole movie theatre was full so when i first saw that i was sure that it was gonna be a great movie.

The story is about (as you can see from the poster) a clown that terrorises a town in the mid 80′s. I can’t tell you more without revealing too much, but trust me you’ll love it if you like scary movies. This is actually a remake of the 90′s version so you may know it. In my opinion after watching some scenes from the old one i think this one is way better. 

I have to say that nothing really scared me, but there were some really creepy scenes. What i liked most about this movie were the actors. The child actors that starred in this were amazing and hilarious. The clown really creeped me out so Bill Skarsgård did a good job.

Hope you’ll like it and don’t forget to tell me your opinions. 


I join Oliver Harper and Richard Jackson for an hour-long review of Justice League on Fix It In Post!

News and a Review!

Some amazing news first - we have a new addition to our little family ^^ A sweet, chill, darling of a cuddlebug Spirit by the name of Sé (pronounced ‘Shay’) that we were introduced to by the equally wonderful @creature-cauldron 😊

It was the oddest thing. I really had no intention of adding to the family but when I read Sé’s bio, it seemed almost familiar - and I could see him pretty clearly in my mind’s eye (which isn’t that unusual for me but the clarity gave me pause!) So, I sent in a couple of questions - just chatty 'what do you think of this, do you like that’ kinda things - and Sé’s energy was SO lovely when he replied! Gentle and calm and maybe a little curious - just like a sunbathing Seal! (I think he’s laughing at that xD)

Not expecting anything to come of it, I filled in the Creature Cauldron application and sent it in. You might be asking 'why bother if you weren’t “expecting anything to come of it”?’ Simples - even if Sé didn’t want to work with me, I wanted him to know that I liked him and that he was wanted. I don’t like reading about Spirits who get no applications.

Anyway, it wasn’t long after I hit “Submit” that I got a lovely message from Cali telling me that Sé had read my application… and he WANTED TO WORK WITH ME!

Poor Cali. She had to put up with my incoherent, typo ridden squeeing and inane questions for the next little bit ^^;

She was incredibly professional however, and told me what would happen next regarding payment and the distance Binding I had requested (I’m in the UK, it was a lot more feasible!) and surprised me by informing me that she could Bind Sé’s energy to a temporary Vessel for now and switch it when I got something more suitable. I had a pearl bracelet to hand that seemed fairly apt and sent a pic to ensure Sé was okay with it for now (which he was!) and Cali told me she’d let me know when the Binding was complete.

To be honest, I was sitting in my jammies scrolling through Tumblr, but I slipped the bracelet on to hopefully help out energy-wise - and got quite a shock when it suddenly felt VERY warm around my wrist. I was blinking at it in surprise when my phone informed me I had a message - from Cali, letting me know the Binding was complete and Sé had just left and should be with me in anything up to 24 hours.

The squeeing commenced again though fortunately I kept it to myself this time xD

She also sent me a full PDF with Sé’s details, including some info that hadn’t been on his public bio which was very interesting, and a thank you note which I thought was so lovely of her 💕

It was a wonderful, easy and fun experience and I was SO excited to meet my new friend!

A lovely ocean scent greeted me the next day when I was squealing to my friends about being chosen by such a wonderful Spirit and a warm touch on the back of my neck let me know he was with me. I greeted him, lit an incense for him and we spent a little time setting up an Altar space of his own. I feel a little bad as it’s a bit bare looking but we’re off to get some more things for it today, if we can ^^

More to come - I’m really looking forward to getting to know Sé, he’s an absolute darling from what I’ve seen ♡

Most notable, however, is the way she regains a physical symbiosis with Jamie beyond their sexual connection. These are the moments that Sam Heughan’s and Caitriona Balfe’s choreography is remarkable not only because it looks natural and effortless but also how they bring a bittersweet poignancy to their rare moments of peace out in nature (kudos to the script by Shannon Goss and director David Moore). One night, Claire finds Jamie on the deserted deck, staring up at the large, bright moon. When she approaches him from behind and gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek, I realized I couldn’t remember when that had last happened. “Is it really just you and me,” she asks, to which he replies, “You and me and the man in the moon.” Then, he turns and envelops her in an embrace as they kiss again and she leans against his form, the two of them looking up at the sky together. There are about six consecutive actions in one fluid movement, almost as if they were dancing in place, and epitomizes the connection that comes with time, effort, and emotional need. 

Later on, they speak of this connection and how they still can’t explain it, but that night under the moon, it is explained for us. Claire tells Jamie of how men had just landed on the moon in 1968 and describes what it looked like: barren but beautiful, a new world of firsts for man to discover. She then recites a portion of the children’s book Goodnight Moon which Brianna had loved to be read and later recite, and the parents share their collective loss and individual heartache: Claire because she remembered what it was like to be in the presence of their child; Jamie because he can only imagine and believe. 

Their relationship is structured in the same way, unencumbered by the limitations of time and space. It is almost hyperreal, as if they could see or sense inside the matrix of how things connect - in society, in nature, between two people - and that makes each moment together more viscerally felt. Now that Claire has crossed time and space to return to Jamie, the moon in all its ancient cosmic permanence represents this metaphysical connection they share that cannot yet be explained but must be believed. As Captain Raines (Richard Dillane) quotes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There are more things of Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” so Jamie and Claire are one step closer to the cosmos than other humans, so their paradigm of the world is substantially deeper and richer. 

All The Stars In The Sky In Outlander 03x09, The Doldrums - Brooke Corso - PopWrapped

Just got out of Justice League

I honestly dont feel comfortable talking too much shit about this movie because it was so hopeful and friendly. They really tried to please niggas like me who’ve been slow roasting that dumb dark shit all this time. 

I fuck with the team heavy. I wish there was more of them ALL working together at once. Its just like The Avengers as far as team dynamics and banter and shit. Seeing them all standing together in costume for the first time made me want a Marvel/DC crossover ASAP. 

As far as action goes, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and  100000000% Superman had the coolest moments. Flash was ight. A lot of his jokes and dialogue felt wild forced but I appreciate what they were going for. Batman was Batman but with Whedon dialogue. Cyborg was ok but I still cant imagine a whole ass movie about this dude and they spend zero time on his human side for reasons that lead into the negatives

As far as bad goes, let’s just rip this band-aid off right quick

-This hoe was chopped to shit just like Suicide Squad. Ultimate cut on the way

-I can 100% tell which scenes were directed by who. The reshoots were very obvious

-Superman’s lip 

-Steppenwolf looked like a big ass PS2 character and the Parademons were annoying and loud as shit

-Superman’s lip

-Some plot points didnt make a lick of sense

-70% of the CGI looked like ass like

-Superman’s lip

-Whedon reused a fuck ton of his old material from both Avengers movies that can get a lil distracting like


Anyway yeah


Superman’s resurrection makes up most of this score


Jingly Jewellery from WonderlandMC

Been meaning to talk about this beautiful shiny stuff for a while! ✨

Also want to say sorry for not posting much anywhere lately. I’m going through a really shitty thing, it’ll come right eventually, just sorry for the recent absence x

WonderlandMC: http://bit.ly/2AyC79g

Regarding Steve and Nancy

I see a lot of people feeling sorry for Steve after the recent season. I see some people saying Nancy didn’t deserve him.

Well, here’s the thing. Nancy didn’t deserve him; she deserved someone better. Yeah, Steve Harrington underwent some radical changes in personality, but before that change happened, he wasn’t a very good person. He wasn’t a very good boyfriend. He hurt her. Sure, he changed. But that does nothing to the fact that Steve was not a good person for Nancy, and Nancy has a right to call off a poisonous relationship if she wants to. I respect her choice, and I respect her self-respect.

Another thing to consider; Nancy changed too. As Steve changed, so did Nancy, and this newly changed Nancy found that she meshed a lot better with a changed Jonathan than a changed Steve. (And yes, Jonathan changed. Maybe in less visible ways than the two other teenagers who had an almost complete metamorphosis, but everything that happened did affect him. A lot.) Jonathan has hurt Nancy too, but if Nancy has moved past that, I don’t think I should be the one holding a grudge against him.

Plus there’s the fact that our dear Jonathan Byers has had a life that can only be described as a twenty-car pile-up that straight up collapsed in on itself and burst into black demon flames. Possibly some of the only good things that has ever come out of his life is his brother not dying and Nancy Wheeler actually loving him back. I’m not heartless enough to argue that he does not deserve what they have right now. Steve can suck it up and deal with his breakup like every other person should: with dignity and respect. Which he did. For which I applaud him.

Thor: Ragnarok review

Thor: Ragnarok is a much-welcomed addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This film has a nice blend of action and comedy. You get the impression while watching it that the cast had a lot of fun being a part of it. Taika Waititi left his imprint all over it, and here are the main takeaways from it:

Thor’s growth

Just when you thought Thor was the finished article, Marvel found a way of adding depth to his character, both physically and philosophically.

Marvel upped the ante for him with the destruction of his hammer and home, coupled with the disclosure that Hela was his sister, death of his father and discovery of Asgard’s imperial past.

Although, he overcame his doubts and difficulties by channelling his inner strength and coming to his senses as Odin instructed him from the beyond. Ultimately, he is more than the weapon, and Asgard is a people and not a place.

Thus, making the difficult decision of leading the mass exodus of his people and causing Ragnarok itself to defeat Hela, with the release of Surtur who crushed her and the world.

Hela’s history lesson

Hela’s exposure of her and Odin’s past conquest of the Nine Realms is a reminder to us of how history can be deceptive.

Although, she got schooled in a lesson of history herself: times change. She learned this upon her return to Asgard after Odin’s death, when his power over her imprisonment diminished.

The people didn’t welcome her back with open arms; they didn’t even know of her, let alone of Asgard’s imperial past, and quite frankly they have evolved from it.

Loki: once a trickster, always a trickster (it’s in his nature)

Trust and broken trust is a common theme in his relationship with Thor, which is evident in this film.

Despite coming through for his brother in the end by freeing Surtur at his request to defeat Hela, he couldn’t help but be attracted to the Tesseract on display in Odin’s vault along the way.

Even though it’s up in the air whether or not he stole it, it’s more than likely he did. The possible reintroduction of the Tesseract in the MCU’s narrative is going to have huge implications moving forward, especially in the wrong hands.

Banner’s out of sync relationship with the Hulk

Banner’s use of a car analogy to describe his rocky relationship with the Hulk since the Battle of Sokovia was perfectly articulated: “It’s different this time. Usually, it feels like we both have a hand on the wheel, but this time he was driving, and I was locked in the trunk".

Although, car analogies used to describe a relationship between two personalities in one body in the MCU is nothing new.

In the season 4 finale of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Robbie Reyes used one to describe his time in hell: “Yeah, but it’s hard to describe. The main thing is, there, I’m just a passenger. Ghost Rider drives, and by drives, I mean fights and kills. It’s kind of all we did”.

Case closed on the Valkyrie casting controversy

One of the most satisfying shots in the film was when a blonde-haired member of the Valkyries who fits the bill of your typical Valkyrie from the comics died in front of her by Hela’s hands in a flashback.

You can’t help but wonder if it was Taika’s way of putting the so-called “casting controversy” to rest by acting as a symbolic reminder to those questioning Tessa Thomspon’s casting choice: she’s Valkyrie.

Besides, Valkyrie is very much Thor’s equal in this film. For example, rather than listen to his advice of getting into a ship with him and Banner, she fought back against their pursuers while escaping from the Grandmaster on Sakaar. This act also inspired him to fight back.

The superhero genre has a habit of representing female characters as the damsel in distress, so its good see that it’s not the case with Valkyrie.

Heimdall the People’s Protector

While Ragnarok was looming over Asgard, Heimdall’s only concern was the people. He played an active role in their survival.

It’s a much-welcomed change from his one-dimensional role in the previous two Thor films, which was devoid of any purpose.

The aerial shot of him shepherding the people across the Rainbow Bridge looked like the sea had parted, very reminiscent of Mosses’ crossing of the Red Sea as he led the Israelites to safety in the Bible.

BOOK REVIEW: A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

We weren’t Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I was ok with that, I thought. We had things they didn’t, too. Like electricity, and refrigerators. And Mario Kart.

Title: A Study in Charlotte

Author: Brittany Cavallaro

Published by: Katherine Tegen Books 

Genres: Mystery, Young Adult, Contemporary, Retellings, Fiction

Pages: 352

Format: Paperback

Rating: 4/5


The last thing Jamie Watson wants is a rugby scholarship to Sherringford, a Connecticut prep school just an hour away from his estranged father. But that’s not the only complication: Sherringford is also home to Charlotte Holmes, the famous detective’s great-great-great-granddaughter, who has inherited not only Sherlock’s genius but also his volatile temperament. From everything Jamie has heard about Charlotte, it seems safer to admire her from afar.

From the moment they meet, there’s a tense energy between them, and they seem more destined to be rivals than anything else. But when a Sherringford student dies under suspicious circumstances, ripped straight from the most terrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Jamie can no longer afford to keep his distance. Jamie and Charlotte are being framed for murder, and only Charlotte can clear their names. But danger is mounting and nowhere is safe—and the only people they can trust are each other.

Equal parts tender, thrilling, and hilarious,

A Study in Charlotte is the first in a trilogy brimming with wit and edge-of-the-seat suspense.

Trigger warnings: sexual assault, drug addiction, murder, 


I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, I have read the original stories and some retellings and A Study in Charlotte is now one of my favourites.  A Study in Charlotte is about Charlotte Holmes (descendant of Sherlock Holmes) and James Watson (descendant of Dr. John Watson). I loved all the references to the famous cases of their ancestors. Also, Charlotte and James were great characters in their own right. It took me until the second chapter to get used to James’ point of view. Sherriford the school they attend sounds like such a beautiful school, I could really imagine James and Charlotte bunkered down in her laboratory.

The friendship between Charlotte and James was one of the strongest points of the story, they had their share of ups and downs but came through it together. The mystery kept me hanging on until the end. The writing was good and kept me enthralled throughout the story. I liked that James was narrating the story just like John Watson.

Overall, If you love Sherlock Holmes I think you will really enjoy A Study in Charlotte, I know I did. I may have bought the sequel already.

Natsume’s Book of Friends (10/10)

Natsume Yuujinchou, and its manga, has a home in a very special place in my heart. A coming of age story of a modern teenage boy with no ties to this life, it’s only appropriate that he can see spirits. The youkai are not the ghosts of dead humans(in most cases). No, rather, they are natural spirits, gods, sentient beasts, sometimes even living dolls.

And while this sounds like a scary story, it’s actually the opposite- because of how Natsume looks at it. He’s lonely, and misses parents he can’t remember, but he doesn’t lash out or let his jealously control him- he is only more thankful for what he has. He was scared of youkai when he was younger- hated and feared them to the point of running in the opposite direction every time he spotted one, but by the time the anime starts, he has calmed down enough that with the help of some new friends, starts to become involved in the lives of people both youkai and human, even finding a precious home as well. Basically, in this show there is nowhere to go but up- and it does!

If you are looking for a heart lifting fantasy with an unconventional lead and unpredictable stories, look no further. The character development that progresses steadily throughout the many episodes and seasons is also so wonderful to watch. He slowly but naturally starts to trust people, value himself, and even start to express normal emotions- a luxury he never had before. Never have I seen such a realistic yet hopeful depiction of recovery after a traumatic childhood.

Check out some more recommendations here!


To say I was channelling Sirius Black from Harry Potter when he says, “I did my waiting, 12 years of it…” would be an understatement. I’ve been fan of the Justice League for over 15 years and I distinctly remember around 10 years ago hearing talk of a possible Justice League film. Finally, we have it! 

Tonight our favourite DC Superheroes joined forces! Having grown up watching all the animated series and playing with our very own Justice League Watchtower and figurines, to see the inception of what we know and love come to life on screen was quite something. I will try to go as in depth as I can without giving anything away, so make sure you watch it. 

We find ourselves where Batman v Superman left us, dealing with the loss of Superman (Henry Cavill). Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) with the help of Alfred (Jeremy Irons) are on a quest to find fellow special beings to join their team and unite against a looming danger. A new villain in the form of another god like alien being, has decided to make his presence known. We learn that this villain has a history with humans, Amazonians and Atlanteans (with a special appearance from the Green Lantern Corps). It is from this point that the two leaders recruit superfolk who are on their radar, Cyborg (Ray Fisher), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). 

Much like Suicide Squad I enjoyed the little back stories into each of the characters lives. Wonder Woman and Batman were the exception, where we were given a dose of what they do best, fight crime and save the day. What I also liked was the way in which we as an audience were put into the positions of some characters. Such as Batman and Wonder Woman, learning about the abilities of each character. Whilst we as fans know historically what the powers of each superhero entails, who knows how it will be written in the film. I was pleased to see how the film makers approached this, particularly when we already have some of these characters in the DCTV universe. We were also able to relate to The Flash, who like us would be super excited to join and check out all the gadgets but then, in certain moments think, “all I’ve done is push people and run away.” At one moment I thought, I have to be honest as much as I’d like to be Wonder Woman, we all know I’d be Flash. Which is equally just as cool. 

That’s just it. Each character owned it. In my mind they even set up the ground work for their own solo stories.  I’m talking Flashpoint, Aquaman and even a Cyborg film. After the success of Wonder Woman, we know DC can do a great origins story. Flash will be incredibly interesting as we already have the tv series, however if filmmakers follow what we already know about Flashpoint I will be mighty happy. Aquaman has just wrapped filming in Australia, and we can’t wait to see it (especially after tonight’s scenes) and come on, we’re talking Aquaman, or at least the way we see Momoa portray him is unlike any superhero we’ve seen before. Which brings us to Cyborg, who we know from Teen Titans, wasn’t part of the Justice League origins team, but I really loved the addition into the film. I love the intellectual side of it all, having been given glimpses into it during Justice League. 

I have to talk about the different worlds, Themyscira featured in Justice League with all the Amazonians doing what they do best, amazing fight sequences that made me want to watch Wonder Woman 2 all the much sooner. Honestly, the fight sequence where we last leave the Amazonians was my favourite. The way in which they worked as a team, as one unit looked spectacular. Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) returns and puts on quite a remarkable performance. I remember the scenes so vividly as they were shot so well. They were truly breathtaking scenes. Then we visit Atlantis, where we come across the Atlanteans and in particular Mera (Amber Heard), who we know to be Aquaman’s wife. Mera was beyond what I expected her to be in this film. I was so happy to see the way she came to life on screen, I remember thinking, ‘yes! Another powerful, strong woman.’ I can’t wait to see what she brings in Aquaman. I also found her interaction with Aquaman to be quite interesting. The dynamic between the two was so real and unique in terms of superhero love interests. 

I absolutely loved the fight sequences towards the end, where the team unite. I was smiling like the Joker at that point, so enamoured by what I was watching. What I had been waiting years to see. The colour grading as always lends to add that extra element that makes a DC film just that, a DC film. It has that dark, grungy quality to it, which really adds to the overall feel of each film. It really worked in this film and at times I was thinking back to previous Batman films, both the 80-90’s and 00’s trilogies. The music was the perfect addition to each scene. My particular favourite was Aquaman aka Arthur Curry walking back to the ocean, drinking whiskey as a rocking track accompanies his strut. Reminded me of the scene in Suicide Squad where Deadshot is showing the prison staff just what he can do. Gary Clark Jr.’s cover of Come Together was one I thought, need to download and work out to this track, Wonder Woman style. 

There were some parts I’d edit down, like some of the more strategy talk, yes, it served a purpose, but I think it could have been done more succinctly. Also there was a fair amount of power posing done by the League. It wouldn’t be the Justice League without it though. In amongst all the action and drama there were some really great comedic moments. Each character had their own sense of humour. It wasn’t verbal, it was physical too. Flash was the king of comedy, the little idiosyncrasies he added working off others was so well done. The fist bump scene, for instance, which was further seen at the end of the film, and the scene where they’re all flying and Aquaman walks off having just intimidated Flash, Flash’s reaction in each situation is perfect.  I enjoyed seeing the different sides to each character, like Batman, actually overjoyed when he reunites with a certain character. It was also great to see Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) return to add another element to the aftermath of Superman’s passing. I really liked Lois’ role in the film, much like Martha, it shows the reality of certain situations. Two other characters return, but I can’t delve into these characters without giving things away. We’re also introduced to a certain character who will join the DC universe. Saving all that for a possible spoiler talk review. 

Justice League met my expectations and I can’t wait to see it again. I definitely recommend it and I actually can’t wait to marathon all the DC films and then go watch this again. It’s the perfect addition to the DC universe.

Rating: 4/5 


Okay so I saw the Spongebob Musical

To all of y'all who try to berate this without seeing or listening to it


Ikfekds okay but no I was shaken throughout the whole show and afterwards


So some highlights were

- every single one of the character’s introductions

- the heckin ensemble rocking the harmonies

- the entire stage shaking (omg rOUGH)

- perch perkin’s b a s s

- PLANKTON RAPPING LIKE NO TOMORROW (sNORT haha sorry) BUT SERIOUSLY! The show is so different from the soundtrack and lemme tell you,.,., plankton raps the same speed as Lafayette in guns and ships. Maybe even faster. sHOOK!!


- Ethan slater can Ethan SLAY ME DJDJ


- everything about Super Sea Star Savior

- I love patchy help him please



- “MY L E G”

-sandy can step on me


-balloons bubbles flashing lights and streamers being thrown everywhere

-the theme song

Oh my god I can go on forever but crikey that was the best day ever

It was so magical!!!