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Post-pacifist: RF!Chara upon seeing a certain monster they once knew a millennium ago.

Well they wouldn’t be TOO surprised if it was just a monster they saw, or ran into at the battlefield, considering monster lifespans are practically eternal for boss monsters, and normal monsters live very long as well.

They’d just be extra-cautious around them, and frisk would notice Chara going abnormally silent and tense.

They’d probably ask em about it later, to which chara won’t give a straight answer to. Something like ‘old ones are the worst’ or something. Imply that they have the most experience, that Frisk should be cautious.

 Frisk won’t listen, of course.

Now, if it was PRE-PACIFIST:

They’d just feel very uncomfortable with the fact that they fell, and would be very adamant that Frisk kills them right away because for what other reason would they be down here for?

but still, not that impressive. Its basically what they always do. the whole, ‘frisk kill them kill them now before they kill you dammit’

now. Now imagine it was a little different.

it if was a monster they had actually fought against, and SLAIN? Oh OH BOY THAT WOULD HAVE SO MANY REACTIONS FROM CHARA. Especially, especially it if was one particular monster. That i cannot name nor state their parallel to because spoilers.

but it would have so, so many great angst bits.

A sample from my current WIP (reverse!verse):

Dean swiped his palms along the tops of his thighs, rough fingers catching on the silken threads of his vessel’s slacks. “There’s… something coming. And I’m trying to stop it before it gets here.”

Castiel sighed. “Well whatever it is, I’m sure it isn’t the end of the world.”

Dean remained guiltily silent.

Castiel’s eyebrows shot up, up, up, along with his heart rate. “The end of the WORLD?”

Dean winced. “I’m working on it, ok?”

To reverse or not to reverse

I know some tarot readers just turn their cards right side up while others read the reverse. I have a hard time with both… I’ve done readings using reverse readings in the past, but recently I’ve stopped.

Some cards just feel like they have no reverse interpretation to me? I have a reverse interpretation in my tarot journal for every card, but some just feel… wrong. But at the same time, some cards, esp the major arcana, seem to have really strong reverse interpretations? Idk

As I write this I realize maybe I should try only reading reverse major cards?

What do you think?
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“This could’ve easily been you, Zimms. You could’ve been the one to OD before the draft. You could’ve gone to Samwell. You could’ve taken the long way to get to the NHL.”

Or, Kent’s and Jack’s roles are reversed and Jack goes straight to the NHL and Kent somehow ends up at Samwell.

The story begins with a draft.

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for the 5 headcanons, monster falls with reverse mabel version harpy greek, meroctopus and kitsune

Ohhh! Reverse!Monster Falls. Nice!!


1. She enjoys showing off her flying capabilities, and adores teasing to her brother that she can fly but he can’t.

2. She often threatens people by telling them she’ll peck out their eyes or heart if they don’t do what they want.

3. People around her say she could make a perfect snow angel. Mabel refuses to stoop so low.

4. When enraged, she rips things up with her talons.

5. Her bird half is that of a raven


1. She had her whole house remodeled to conform to her new form.

2. She secretly enjoys singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” to herself. She would never let ANYONE hear her.

3. Her tentacles (and to some extent her hair, skin, and eyes) can change color. She usually keeps them black/navy blue.

4. She has a horse and carriage with a water tank that she uses to get around. Dipper thinks it’s excessive, but she doesn’t care.

5. She uses her powers to perform hydrokinesis. So some extent she can use this to move herself around.


1.She loves shape-shifting into a fox to trick people.

2. When she transforms, she already has all nine tails, so she is very, very powerful.

3. She once tried to use her powers to possess another person. It… didn’t go so well, as the body rejected her and she was almost unable to return to her own body.

4. She likes to use her powerful pyrokinesis and illusion abilities against her enemies.

5. For all her strengths, she has one major weakness in the form of a “Kitsune Orb”, which, if anyone get they’re hands on it, can be used to control her and her powers. She keeps it locked in a safe underground, and becomes paranoid when anything or anyone comes potentially close to finding it.

Thank you so much for these asks! These are super cool 

Dangit, something else I have to draw…

Send me a GF character (and an AU) and I’ll give at least 5 headcanons I have for them. :)