petty revenge: shakespearean style

So I live in Texas, which, as most of you probably know, is filled with homophobes. Freshman year At my old high school (I transferred after one semester, I’m at a different school now.) I was very into theatre and had been doing it for around 5 years, so naturally I was in the Theater class. I was VERY openly Not Straight (I hadn’t defined myself at that point, I was just reaaaallllyyy into girls and let everyone know it) and I have had a few (a lot) of problems with classmates in the past, but there was this one guy (gonna call him Chad bc I honestly can’t remember his name) who kept being an issue. The theatre department was made up of 2 classes, tech, and performance. I was in performance and he was in tech, and we had it the same period. A lot of the times, when we had to perform something, we had tech come and watch. The assignment was to write an emotional monologue about an experience that we had faced, and I was like “ok, I’m gonna make it gay.” my teacher decided to have us perform our rough drafts for our own class before we performed for the other class, and besides my tiny circle of friends, no one in class really knew about my sexuality at that point, because I was more focused on my performance skills than shouting about how much I liked girls. As soon as I finished my monologue, the class immediately showed their support for me, and it was all good.

This was around the time that gay marriage was legalized, (2-3 months after) and he was harassing me quite frequently about it, and even threatened to harm me if he saw me “being a sinner.” (I laughed at his phrasing) So I decided, “hey, why not call him out for his bullshit in my performance?” So I wrote my monologue about falling in love with someone named Alex (I chose a gender neutral name) and how I was harassed and threatened by someone with a name eerily similar to Chads name, taking care to only reveal at the end that Alex was a female. When I got to the part about Chad, I made obvious direct eye contact with him throughout the whole thing, and then people realized what I was saying.

He ended up getting a talking to by both of the teachers, and nobody liked him after that lmao. I also got an A on that assignment so yeet.

I hope that one day, many years from now, someone mentions my name in front of you. I hope that once you hear it, you feel it deep within your gut. That it takes a hold of your heart and squeezes it as if it was a bug. That it makes your blood rush, and your ears buzz with only one thing crossing through your mind.
—  Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write (via @chocolatecristian)

They’re not just 2 dimensional men created by a software company. No. They’re my escape from reality. They’re my little forms of happiness. They’re the voices that tell me I’m good enough and that I don’t need to change so bad. They give me butterflies in my stomach when I’m too afraid to fall in love for real. They’re what I turn to whenever I wanna feel loved. They make me feel loved. Voltage Inc has done a tremendous job with creating their characters and they make me happy. They make millions of us happy. I’m happy to be part of the Voltage Inc fandom.

How MC would handle a dangerous situation

Anonymous Request: So I saw the headcannon a while back about what MC is like in each game, and I was just curious if you could possibly do one about how you think the MC in each game would react to a dangerous situation? (it could be funny or serious!)

Ohhh this is an interesting one! I surely can, hope you like them! :) These are just my opinion so everyone keep that in mind lol Also keep in mind that the games I haven’t played (or just aren’t very familiar with) will not be included. 

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder: 

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Love Letter from Thief X: 

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My Sweet Bodyguard: 

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Serendipity Next Door: 

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Our Two Bedroom Story: 

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MPD: Close to You: 

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Dreamy Days in West Tokyo: 

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Be My Princess (1&2): 

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Star-Crossed Myth:

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My Forged Wedding: 

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Enchanted in the Moonlight: 

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Kiss of Revenge: 

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Pirates in Love: 

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10 Days with my Devil: 

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In Your Arms Tonight: 

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A Knights Devotion: 

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Her Love in the Force: 

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My sister found out that one of her friends was homophobic and the first person she went to was me (she doesn't know I'm gay but she probably has her suspicions) and in the conversation he kept on saying how he hates gay people and at the end he almost stopped talking to her because "the government was watching him" so we told him over text that the government was gay and going kill him and other weird things like "Macklemore didn't die for this" and we got in trouble in the end but it was fun

are you telling me the government isn’t gay?


This is literally me in EVERY voltage route

Huedhaut MS


I’ve lived a hundred lives, I’ve loved a hundred loves, and I’ve walked in distant worlds… all thanks to Voltage.

How I feel about the Voltage Fandom...

I am Stitch

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole - Master Post

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the links below to catch yourself up:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24

I’ll be updating this link with new parts as the story updates.

The Final Problem: The Message from Miss Hudson to Mycroft Holmes, 1996

Twenty years ago, Sherlock Holmes spent the summer in America. While he was there a grisly double-murder caused the local law enforcement great trouble. They couldn’t convict the man – he was about to walk free.  This was, of course, until Sherlock Holmes offered his deductions and testified in court. Frank Hudson, ruthless criminal, philanderer, and drug dealer, was sentenced to death.  His wife, Martha Hudson, with whom he had no children, was relieved to finally spring free from his dangerous web. However, there was one person Sherlock did not mean to cross – Frank Hudson’s daughter from another woman. This woman vowed from that day on, if ever Sherlock Holmes were to fall in love, that she would be there to take that all away from him, to take what he took from her. She, from wealth and power funded from that cartel until Sherlock left her “penniless and abandoned” (TAB), sent a message to Mycroft Holmes. The message read as follows:

“From this moment on, Sherlock Holmes has made an enemy of me. I will be in your orbit for the rest of my life. I will take from him what he took from me. You will alert me as soon as he falls in love. The code word is "Love”. Once I hear the word, I will abandon my work to start anew. If you do not do exactly as I say, millions of British citizens will die. I have consulted James Moriarty, to keep an eye on your brother until I am notified. He is a fan of his work and will be watching every online blog, every news outlet for information on his well-being. If I find out Sherlock has fallen in love from him and not from you, millions of people will die.”

I present to you Miss Morstan, who suffered greatly at the loss of her father in The Sign of Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this version, she is Miss Hudson.

There is a letter game running through BBC Sherlock. Thank you @teaandforeshadowing for pointing me to this official Sherlock Youtube channel clue.

Miss Hudson, who has reached out to various people in her attempt to take down Sherlock Holmes, has her minions coded in vowels. AEIOUY – These represent four people in her web. Let’s start with “A”:

This is Janine Hawkins. Her last name changed to “Donlevy” in The Abominable Bride. Keep in mind she is one of the monstrous regiment Mary leads Sherlock to in the crypt. 

“Donlevy” is a callback to Laurie King’s Novel “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” where Sherlock Holmes solves a mystery at Sussex Downs involving Patricia Donleavy, Moriarty’s relation. 

It is important to note that Janine’s last name is missing the “A” – just like the newspaper clipping Sherlock saw floating past his head in The Abominable Bride. The clip read “Body of Sea Captin Found in Chapel”. Again, missing the “A”. Arwel Jones, the television show’s production designer sent cryptic tweets with the letter “A” mysteriously capitalized in the middle of a word. This is because they’re playing a letter game. 

This is “E”:

Mary Morstan found out about her and “Redbeard” when she threatened Magnussen at CAM Tower. She wasn’t there just to kill him. She wanted more. 

This is I, O, and U:

Here you can hear Sherlock saying “IOU” to himself and Molly enters the shot. She asks him about it. He doesn’t answer. Keep in mind Molly – along with Janine – was one of the women who haunted Sir Eustace in The Abominable Bride. She was the one who killed him, actually. I think she’ll be used more against her will in episode 3, but it’s important to note she will be manipulated in the grand, villainous scheme. 

And, last but not least, we have “Y”:

See the “Y” in blood on his lips? Yep. He’s the consulting criminal that’s helped make this all a reality. He’ll be back in The Final Problem to ask Sherlock “Is this silly enough for you yet? Gothic enough?” – but these questions will be to the audience, as well, seeing series four has been very, very wonky so far. Too dramatic. That’s because we’re rewatching “The Abominable Bride”. He’ll tell Sherlock “It’s not real”. This should be the moment we become grounded in reality – or at least right after. At this moment we’ll be told just why this whole series has been so hard to follow. Patience, patience, everyone. We’re not even to the good part yet. 

Do you know why “Staying Alive” was always a problem for Moriarty? Because it was in his contract to not kill Sherlock even though it would be fun. Miss Hudson never allowed for that. 

Why do you think Mrs. Hudson gave Sherlock a “special deal”? Mycroft, who’s been aware of this impending problem for years, asked her to “look after him…. please”. She has always been a mirror for John – knowing this it’s easy to see Mycroft went to her, too. Mycroft has been playing chess, putting his pieces in position without anyone knowing.

He tried everything he could to make sure Sherlock never fell in love. It was for everyone’s good. Caring is not an advantage. 

Mycroft upgrades their surveillance status immediately as this happens:

And then he gave the codeword “Love” to Miss Hudson to let her know the game is on, so she dropped everything, betrayed her group, and left. 

In The Final Problem we’ll see “Mary” still alive, Moriarty back from the “dead”, our wonky perception disappear, and a monstrous regiment of women (AEIOU) wait to take Sherlock down. Remember, we’re watching The Abominable Bride again. Mary will jump out of the shadows at the last moment, alarming John and tipping off Sherlock of the long game. 

But you’re wondering about Mycroft, about the government? No, those players don’t matter. Moriarty had to distract Mycroft and Sherlock in order for Miss Hudson’s pieces to better close in. Too busy solving the bomb under parliament? Mary inched closer. Too busy solving the Mayfly Man? Mary inched closer. Too busy getting to Magnussen? Mary inched closer. 

You want this to be some epic Moriarty/Government showdown? It won’t be. This is about love and revenge. Simple. Pedestrian. Tedious. 

But this is a love story, after all. 

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And I loved every minute❤️ 

I swear one day, you’ll taste me in every lips that you will kiss. And you’ll never be quite satisfied.
—  cynthia go // excerpt from a book i’ll never write # 3
Fair Use of Voltage Inc. IP

Since its creation in 1999, Voltage Inc. has been a leading name in interactive romance novels. We develop more than apps—we produce dramas about love and the challenges associated with it. This passionate subject has created a passionate, talented community of fans. We are humbled by the interest shown by our fans in sharing our games and creating their own work based on our creations! At the same time, we at Voltage spend a lot of time, thought, and money creating these games you love, including the characters, music, sound effects, stories, and illustrations. We need to protect them so we can keep creating.

You can consider this document a guideline for “fair use” for our English-language games. Copyright can be complicated, however, and this cannot cover all situations. Please be respectful of your fellow fans and of us.

Here are some examples of things we are okay with:

  • Original art inspired by our games and characters
  • A few screenshots
  • Avatars, banners, and other personal-use images
  • Our announcements and images as released on social media

Here are some examples of things that are not okay:

  • Videos, screenshot series, or text reproductions of a story
  • Posting our music and sound effects
  • Anything being sold
  • Misleading or confusingly similar apps or art

In short, we don’t want anyone confused, we don’t want to spoil stories, and we don’t want what you share to replace the experience someone can get straight from the source (us!).

Please remember that these guidelines are subject to change and are not legally binding. We want to find a balance with our fans; it takes time to do that. Whenever possible, we will reach out to fans posting material in the “gray area” before making a formal takedown request.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy. We hope it helps!

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What are the best otomes right now on IOS?

Hmmm I’d have to say the best otome games on mobile in my opinion are (first 5 are FTP and the last 5 are paid in case you were looking for one or the other!):

  1. Mystic Messenger
  2. Samurai Love Ballad Party
  3. Midnight Cinderella
  4. Liar! Uncover the Truth
  5. Destined to Love
  6. Be My Princess 1 & 2
  7. Kiss of Revenge
  8. Love Letter From Thief X
  9. Star Crossed Myth
  10. Our Two Bedroom Story

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Hello! I know you've been inactive for quite a while so you don't have to answer this question but what's you fav otome games and the ones you recommend? it can be paid or mobile games thank you

Hello! oh my gosh, I’ve been inactive for like more than a year or so…? Ah, I’m so sorry anon for that! But of course, I’m answering your question!

Favorites…? Yeah, right! Be prepared for a lengthy list! But anon, I can’t really specify which I love the most because each game has its  own uniqueness so the ranks here don’t mean that ‘Akane-chan likes this better than that’ or something out of sorts~

Though, I’ll only list the ones which leave great impressions on me here!

  1. Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story – great bgm, great art and of course, great voice actors! I fell in love with Shitara Seiji (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) at the first sight, though his story is a bit lacking in some parts.
  2. Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Kiss – yea, another TMGS! This time, what I love the most is the romantic backstory, the mermaid legend! The bgm and art are still top notch and also the voice actors. I love the progression of Saeki Teru’s (CV: Morita Masakazu) route here and I just like Wakaouji-sensei’s (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) character~
  3. Samurai Love Ballad Party – sengoku era! I’m smitten from the moment I downloaded this game. My favorite main story is Kojuro’s though I prefer Saizo more (if only his main story was written better) as a character. The MC here is cute and I find her pretty relatable.
  4. Kiss of Revenge old game yes but the story? Well it outmatches most otoges I know which prioritizes the act of having sex and romance more. The whole storyline isn’t perfect but if only Voltage put some more effort on it (like medical vocabs or such), it will surely become a better and great medical drama! One of some points I love from this game is the MC, she is independent! I also love how each of the characters’ story progressed. I prefer Issei here but I’ll definitely go for Takafumi Daidouji if only Voltage released his route…
  5. Guard Me, Sherlock! – ahahaha, it’s one fun game! I’m currently in love with Mycroft’s route since it’s just recently out. Before, I was really smitten by James Moriarty due to his quirks and two stooges Sebastian and Jack~ Ah, the MC here is an actress! It’s pretty rare for otoges to have MC who is pretty famous or having a bunch of self confidence.
  6. Liar! Uncover The Truth I love this game, like, really really love it! The MC, especially! I love how she resembles me in general and how funny she is! I hate those sorts of helpless, masochistic MC Voltage creates in other games who will just close their eyes only to have the guys save her! I mean, it’s not realistic at all! Aside of that, the guys’ characteristics. Although I was raging while going through Keima’s and Kunio’s lies, they’re great characters, nevertheless. My pick here is Itaru – call me a traditionalist but yes, it’s him. He is friendly, cute and willing to go on great lengths to make MC happy. My second pick will be Sotaro since I just have a thing for cool guys…
  7. Our Two Bedroom Story okay, it’s the MC again. She’s sassy and funny and I just love it! The whole storyline is a bit refreshing too. And Minato! Tsumugu! I can’t pick between these two…
  8. Hiiro no Kakera 4 ~Shirahana no Ori~ though there was one point in my life when I was completely done with this game while in Gentoka’s (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) route (which also made me  contemplate whether to get rid of this game for good or not) Kuuso’s (CV: Suzuki Chihiro) route made me see this wretched story in a new light! When I started his route, just then and only then I realized the true meaning–the jewel–of the story! He isn’t the nicest guy and he’s rude most of the time but he certainly gives her some feedback, advice, reassurances and love that she needs! Unlike Gentoka who only showers MC with ‘I love you’s! Ahh, my rambling might paint this game as unworthy but trust me, it’s worth a try, especially and only Kuuso’s route! This whole storyline used to be a whole bullcrap to me but in Kuuso’s route, it becomes a true historical drama that I long for! While other characters’ routes disappoint me, the story itself left a really great impression on me, in Kuuso’s route.
  9. Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo – the MC is funny, cute and so relatable! The story itself is already funny and the characters, while seem like to be too good to be true, are realistic as well! Overall, all the routes are great but Ayato’s (CV: Namikawa Daisuke) route is my favorite since it’s unlike the others. His character is enjoyable and I found myself replaying his story twice…

I suppose those are the ones which left quite the impression on me anon! And I’m not sure with what you mean by ‘recommend’, are you asking about the game or the characters? If the characters then you can say the ones I mentioned above (with the exception of Gentoka) are whom I find most enjoyable.

As for the game, then I suppose the firsts I recommend you will be TMGS series, Kiss of Revenge and Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo. TMGS series cover everyday-like school days but it’s cute and highly relatable if you’re a student! Kiss of Revenge is probably my preferable Voltage game so far due to the unique storyline and Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo, again, is about school but MC here is not your average, shy female student – instead, she has a lot of weakness that she has to overcome in order to get her happy ending!

Ahh it turns out to be a way longer post than I intended to but I’m happy to answer!

Have a good day/night, anon!