Revenge of the Fallen


Hmn! A bit of a reaction to the new Robots in Disguise Decepticon OVERLOAD’s name today! That’s him, topping this photoset, but we can’t think why his name has everyone so worked up and throbbing with excitement! Don’t worry, though - TFWiki’s here to help you relax and take away that tension by bringing you Overload after Overload tonight, as we go over the history of the name. Slip into something comfortable and join us, won’t you?

First, there’s Generation 1 Overload, from way back in 1989! He was a Micromaster, but we all know that size isn’t important for an Overload - it’s how he uses it that counts!

Then there’s Armada Overload! He was Optimus Prime’s partner, who slotted himself into the Autobot leader’s ports and draped over him as a mighty weapon!

How about Universe Overload? This steamy engine enjoys hooking up with his fellow Railbots to form Rail Racer!

And there’s always Revenge of the Fallen Overload, the powerful weapon that lurks between Devastator’s legs when he and his fellow Constructicons intimately connect!

Will the new Overload be worthy of laying side-by-side with his predecessors? It’s a sticky situation! But the wait to find out will surely make it worthwhile!

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