Okay guys, there’s something that’s really been fucking me off and that’s the treatment of Colin’s TV era. Oh I know a lot of you guys praise his Doctor and his BF stuff, but when it comes to his actual TV era you’re just like the rest of the fandom, criticise, criticise, criticise. “Oh, colin’s great, and Big Finish is great, it totally makes up for his TV era…” This is the kind of thing I am sick of hearing. It is FINE to have a different opinion, but seriously WHY does season 22 and 23 get so much hate? The writing WAS NOT terrible, now I understand that everyone has a different preference, but when fans tell me that I’m not a “proper fan” or I’m a “Hipster” for loving sixes TV seasons, that’s when I lose it. It really upsets me when people bash the sixth Doctor’s era, most of the fandom blindly says it’s crap without giving it a chance, because other fans say it’s not worth it. Seriously, there are  people who say “Timelash is rubbish” and HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN IT, and when they do they realise it’s actually quite good! But a lot on this falls on Reviewers and other fans with a wide audience who immediately dismiss 6’s era as rubbish and say that EVERY fan agrees. I’m going to  prove there is at least one person who likes it…  So let’s actually take a look at season 22 (And the twin dilemma) …

Twin dilemma- Pretty good                         

Attack of the cybermen- Pretty good          

Vengeance on Varos- SUPERB                  

Mark of the Rani- Pretty good                      

The two Doctors- Great!                              

Timelash- Good

Revelation of the Daleks- SUBERB 

Please re-blog if you’re pro season 22/23. Rant over.