Reunion Tour


reunion tour sketches. an absolute roller coaster

also, news for tumblr, i’ll be compiling all these sketches in to a sketchbook zine that i’ll be selling at cons! and maybe online if enough folks seem interested. the zine might contain some sketches i wont be posting online, maybe a page of taz nights sketches or something!

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Towards the end of episode 59, Taako and Merle find the door to Lucretia’s office and on it is a seven digit code. Taako uses the Hole Thrower and rolls a really good number. Griffin says that they got through, and Justin asks if he just ruined Griffin’s puzzle, to which Griffin says that he can’t just not let him use the Hole Thrower and so it was okay. What was the seven digit code? It had to in some way relate to the seven members of the IPRE? Maybe the seven relics? What would Lucretia have put for a code that was important enough to be a puzzle that they could solve? I need to know this is keeping me awake at night.

So Taako has a pretty bad charisma score, right? Bad enough that his bluffs totally depend on the dice. But Justin is a smooth ass talker, see Taako rattling off a totally believable story for Roswell after one loop and his (considering the stress) plausible reasons for keeping the mannequin around in Reunion Tour. If Taako’s a performer with a fast tongue and a kind of magnetic personality, what’s the In Fiction explanation for that bad bad Charisma?

I offer a solution. Taako’s ears are tells. GIANT tells. The elf can barely hide a thought to save his fucking life. They droop when he’s sad, perk up when he’s interested, pin back when he’s pissed, and worst of all twitch when he’s lying. Not subtle twitches, oh no sir, huge ticks like a horse flicking away flies. So whatever Taako’s face and mouth are saying, his ears are telling the truth. Only reason he lasted as long as he did performing was because Taako honestly loved it, and that love was clear as crystal to every audience.