Return to Oz


Robot inspired previews,for the Bleeding Metallics art show, opening August 2nd 2013, at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.

Royal Army of Oz by Laz Marquez

Ultra Seven & Ultraman by Kako / Tumblr

MAZIN-GO!, Great MAZIN-GO! & GO RENDIZER! by Rey Taira

Terminator by JP Valderrama

The Iron Giant by Scott Hopko

Klaatu Barada Nikto by Ridge Rooms

The Heartless Tin Man by Phillip Ellering

Latest Painting  - ‘The Iron Army of Oz’ (Return To Oz / Iron Man - 24” x18” acrylic on stretched canvas)

The original painting will be up on eBay this evening for 3 days, starting at $1 (I’ll post a link when the time comes). Prints available from tomorrow in my US store (US) and my Rest-of-the-World store

Thank you, as ever, for your incredibly kind words and whatnot - you are most definitely appreciated! :)

I feel like painting a big splashy portrait now. Not sure what, but I do…


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