Dragon Quest I, II and III coming to 3DS 

Square Enix have confirmed that Dragon Quest I-III will all release on Nintendo 3DS this month in Japan. Dragon Quest will release on 10 August priced at ¥648, Dragon Quest II will release on 10 August priced at ¥864 and Dragon Quest III will release in late August priced at ¥1,620. All mainline Dragon Quests will be playable on a Japanese 3DS by the end of this month. No news on any localisation at present. 

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Floppy disks (working beautifully since 1992~1995) … Game Doctor SF III (超任博士)

Return of Double Dragon (two floppy disks (1992), and original brand new game bought in… 2005, better late than never. =))


New Vienna, Iowa
Population: 407

“New Vienna was initially settled by a group of German immigrant families who were living in Ohio. These families had come to the area in search of farmland.One such family was that of William Steffen Sr. and his wife Mary. William and Mary were originally from Recklinghausen, in what today is Germany. They came to the United States and settled in Ohio. William and Mary and their children joined the other German immigrant families who came to New Vienna in the 1840s. The descendants of William and Mary number in the thousands today, and some of their descendants still live in New Vienna and surrounding areas.”