Beth Hoeckel

These gently apocalyptic images are mixed media collages by artist Beth Hoeckel. The dreamlike quality draws you into another world of a futuristic past. An impression of the future reflecting on a bygone era. A 1950’s futurism study.

They are brilliantly entising, you wonder about the situation, the story behind the collated image.

As though you have jumped into a famous five or secret seven story, but way better.

All images from her website here.


@eugenia_loli Makes Vintage Collages with a Futuristic Twist

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“I became very sick in the 2000s. After four years as a tech journalist, I couldn’t work anymore,” remembers Eugenia Loli (@eugenia_loli), a San Francisco Bay Area resident with Greek roots. Art came to Eugenia naturally when she was spending all her time at home. She first got into experimental filmmaking and then turned to collaging.

With a love for futuristic sci-fi art, film and old magazines, Eugenia has collected around 750 vintage magazines. The retro imagery serves as a source of inspiration and builds the foundation of her surreal and sarcastic collages. “Such vintage images look like a painting compared to the more accurate digital images of today,” Eugenia explains. What sprang up out of necessity turned into a full time profession for Eugenia, who recovered from her illness in 2011. “When my health got restored, my art truly flourished,” she recalls. “Sometimes I feel they go hand in hand.”