2017 Tamagotchi Mini Feature In GameStop’s Black Friday Flyer

’Tis the season! GameStop has just released their official Black Friday flyer, and we couldn’t help but notice Tamagotchi has made the cut!

The 2017 Mini has been featured on page page 6, right next to Hatchimals. GameStop sells the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini in their stores for $16.99! YAY for Tamagotchi making it to flyers!

my heart goes out to every single of of us who has to spend today and tomorrow working retail/food/customer service jobs for the thousands of ungrateful holiday goblins that will descend upon us and scream at us about prices and ask if their turkeys are male or female and just generally suck the souls out of our bodies with every “2-for-1” coupon they hand you.

i hope you get to spend at least part of these next two days with people you love, who love you.



A lot of times we’re desperately trying to organize the store/put away items/put up displays between customers while trying to keep track of our checkstand and you’re really helping if you just look around and wave us down or something! 

I know that sounds like it’d be rude, but nothing is more annoying than looking back at the register to find someone standing there with their stuff on the counter DEAD SILENT like I’ll somehow magically know to spawn for them. My boss tried to put a bell up there but corporate said no because they apparently also think we are mind readers. -_-;

It’s okay to assert yourself to clerks if you’re nice about it! We’re here to help!

we all know capitalism is fucking evil but one of my favorite stories to tell from Retail Hell is that time my district manager got annoyed that 2 poor people were taking food out of the dumpster occasionally so he told us all to start pouring bleach over all the items we threw out so people couldn’t use them/it would hurt them if they touched it directly. never did that and absolutely have participated in “employee theft” by stealing bags of food from the dumpsters to donate to the local food bank but like. he really did just want us to directly harm people over food that was already in the literal trash.

Dear family who want me around for major holidays,

If you haven’t worked retail since the Reagan administration, kindly FUCK OFF. Your Reagan-era and Reagan-inspired laissez-faire policies are why I fear retaliation for even considering asking off for any time in November or December. Yes, this will be my sixth holiday season in a row with no time off. I am well aware. I don’t have “seniority,” I can’t “pull strings,” there is no one who can “cover for me,” and my manager will certainly not “understand if I just don’t show,” not this time of year. Those are statements of things that were possible when unions were stronger in the 1970s and had the lobbying strength to make sure that employers weren’t running busy times on overworked skeleton crews with no backup. Accrued time off, and especially paid accrued time off, simply doesn’t exist anymore for anyone on an hourly wage, so even if there was coverage, I still need to eat.

If you’re so upset your children and grandchildren can’t see you for the holidays, maybe you shouldn’t have sold them into wage slavery in the 1980s and every election since with your voting habits.

I hate working at a store where baby boomers love to shop
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when they have to wait in a line
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when we don't have the item they are looking for
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when they have to use the internet
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when all the associates are too busy with other customers who was there before them and now they have to wait till someone is free
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when they waited at a register that no one was working at and no one showed up to help them
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when they have to carry things
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when an associate goes on break
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when an associate corrects them on something
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when we no longer had an item that they bought 30 years ago
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when they can't return something they bought 30 years ago
  • Baby Boomer: Gets offended when they see a non-white manager
  • Me: I don't appreciate the lack of respect you are giving me
  • Baby Boomer: Your generation is so sensitive.

the thing that bothers me about the McDonald’s sauce business, as someone who’s worked fast food before, is that corporate completely shat the bed and put the health and safety of their minimum wage workers on the line for the sake of some publicity for their company that is already a household name

let’s be real here, while the behavior of the fans of Rick and Morty is disgusting, the idea that these restaurant chains knew that the supply wouldn’t meet the demand that over a year of hype had caused and then made their employees, who typically aren’t making enough to live day to day, deal with it, without telling anyone, “hey, there’s only about twenty promotional sauces here, you’re going to deal with having to turn a lot of people away”

that wasn’t the advertising campaign, that wasn’t “hey we’re only going to have a very, very, very small limited amount of sauce available,” it wasn’t “hey, you have a chance of winning this sauce by purchasing our product and we’ll fucking mail it to you or something,” it was “hey, fuck it, we’ll make them give it away to about twenty people and then deal with thousands more”

how is that a good business practice? how is that nothing but cruel for your employees? how is that good pr, even? 

where’s the justification for this