midnight drive [m]

summary: the waiter at a new restaurant is more than dashing and he catches every fragment of your attention. good thing you decide to stay after hours, to which he gladly offers a late night drive to you that only escalates into something more.

pairing: waiter!johnny & reader insert

includes: fluff, smut (car sex, fingering, oral, penetration)

wc: 12.2k

note: I know the cover picture is a sunset, but I couldn’t find a good photo of a midnight drive ;~; Anyway i hope you guys like my new fic! I used johnnys korean name by the way—i was really torn on which of his name to use… haha

It had been a monotonous day.

Ever since you woke early dawn for your morning run with your close friend and roommate, Yuju, you had been nothing but drained; your energy was gone like the wind. You did not get enough sleep to begin with and dealing with the drone-like strangers on the streets, a grumbling stomach—everything—was an arduous chore. She proposed the idea of going out for dinner again at her favorite local restaurant—one of the few places you actually despised because you found the food quite distasteful. But due to the many times you resisted ensconcing yourself within the confinements of the dim, fancy restaurant you finally complied with Yuju to eat there once.

You spent your day pacing the apartment as Yuju ran errands; you sometimes wasted hours by staring at the flickering television. Then, once she arrived back to the apartment on the dot of seven o’clock, she pestered you to get ready and kept the angry question of why you were lounging on the couch locked in her chest. You responded with a groan and pulled yourself from the sofa to drag yourself into the restroom.

You freshened up with a quick shower and minimal makeup, tossing on a dress nicer than usual and giving you the pop of spendthrift. You waited patiently in the kitchen for Yuju, who was taking her sweet time in perfecting the minor particulars of her makeup and hair. You were leaning on the counter, lips pursed into a pout as you dreaded the upcoming dinner. The food at Yuju’s favorite restaurant was nothing but bland to you, and you groaned at the thought of the given sustenance.

Yuju finally waltzed out of the bedroom appearing resplendent than most normal patrons, a bright smile sheening her face more than the diamond necklace that looms from her neck. Her shoulder length hair curved perfectly inwards, providing the appearance of a black sea of silk. “We’re just going out to dinner,” you commented with an eye roll.

“And I gotta look my best!” she responded while grabbing onto her keys. “Come on, I want to beat the line.”

You stepped out of the apartment and began walking to her vehicle. “If you spent half the time you did on your makeup, we would have skipped the line.”

Yuju only smiled. Inside her lean black vehicle she prepared to drive; the engine purred and she turned up the pop tunes of her fresh radio. She stirred up mindless conversations amidst the transport, rapidly jumping from topic to topic—probably from excitement of eating at her favorite restaurant. After all, it was not everyday for you to agree to an annoying event.

She parked close to the curb messily, moving slow and careful as her head turned to peer back, then to the front. Your fingers were drumming on your thighs as she steadied the car, and when she finally parked it close to flawlessness you felt as if you found a solace.

You and Yuju exited the lean black vehicle with a scenic smile, feet meeting the sidewalk as heads turn your way. You were gawking at the familiar sights, taking in the known scenery and recognizable architecture, and amidst the moment something different caught your eye—no, someone.

There was a waiter in Yuju’s favorite restaurant across the street serving drinks to a table outdoors, a shining beam gracing his expression. His hair swept over his forehead in a handsome manner, and the uniform he adorned seemed as if it was immaculately tailored for him specifically—because he looked that perfect. You felt your face get hot, a hopeless grin painting on your face and it matched his own.

“Are you ready to go?” Yuju asked you, shattering your reverie.

“Huh?” Your body jolted from her words and you flashed your attention back to her. “Ah, y-yeah.”

Yuju looked to where your attention was directed: right at her premier restaurant—the one that you found distasteful. She raised an eyebrow, piecing together two and two because you were never interested in what her loveable restaurant had to offer to eat. Then, it hit her. It was not the food—nothing like the outstanding drinks that came in an array of colors—it was a man, the waiter, that caught your eye.

And in that very moment, eating at the once despised restaurant did not appear all-too-bad.

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great comet characters as food network shows
  • Pierre: Good Eats
  • Natasha: Cupcake Wars
  • Sonya: Pioneer Woman
  • Marya: Worst Cooks in America
  • Anatole: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
  • Helene: Barefoot Contessa
  • Dolokhov: Restaurant: Impossible
  • Old Prince Bolkonsky: Paula's Home Cooking
  • Mary: 30 Minute Meals
  • Andrey: Chopped
  • Balaga: Cutthroat Kitchen
The Signs as Food Network Shows
  • Aries: Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Taurus: Iron Chef America
  • Gemini: Beat Bobby Flay
  • Cancer: The Kitchen
  • Leo: Food Network Star
  • Virgo: Worst Cooks in America
  • Libra: Cupcake Wars
  • Scorpio: Restaurant Impossible
  • Sagittarius: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
  • Capricorn: Barefoot Contessa
  • Aquarius: The Great Food Truck Race
  • Pisces: Guys Grocery Games
Put On A Show | Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Put On A Show | Jennie (BLACKPINK)

word count: 2.6k
genre: smut
warnings: dominant/submissive themes, exhibitionism
request: Can you write a sub!Jennie drabble where she has an exhibitionism kink and she wants her girlfriend to fuck her against a windowsill?

Something is obviously amiss when you enter your shared apartment. For one; your roommate that rarely migrates farther from the living room than to the bathroom and occasionally his room, second; your girlfriend is what seems to replace his presence. Usually you’d be happy to see her, but it’s a little worrying that she got Do Kyum to walk to the front door and leave. Many a date night has occurred in the walls of your apartment with Do Kyum hanging around in the background since Jennie couldn’t very well go out to eat or do karaoke like you’ve done with dates in the past. In fact, there were probably a few nosy fans hanging around in the lobby when you got on the elevator armed with phones, hoping to get a picture with your girlfriend or demand to know what she was doing here and not with her members.

In actuality it was really any of her business, but it was your’s since it’s your apartment she’s in and your couch that she’s dragging away from its place underneath the huge picture window. Honestly, you want to know what she wants the end result of her current labor to be and you can always question her later, once she’s noticed that you’re home. She doesn’t move the couch far, just a bit to the left. As soon as it’s out of her way she leans against the windowsill, minding the small army of plants Do Kyum insisted would add to the picturesque appeal of the room. Whatever that means appears to not apply to Jennie as she presses herself against the plate glass. Finally, curiosity eats away the rest of your patience after a long day at work and you ask her what you’ve been wondering this entire time.

“What are you doing?” You don’t shout, but Jennie was so fixated on staring out the window at the highrise condos across the busy street below that she jumps when you speak. There’s a muted thud from her forehead smacking the glass and she turns with a pout on her lips.

“What are you doing?” She demands, rubbing her head.

“Last time I checked, I live here.” You respond easily. Jennie flops herself on the rearranged couch to watch you kick off your shoes and drop your bag on the floor next to them. “Where’s Do Kyum.” You ask on your way past his door on the way to your own room.

“I got him a dinner reservation for two at the fancy seafood restaurant that’s impossible to get into.”

“Then how did you get a reservation?” It’s awkward to shout through the apartment since Jennie didn’t follow you to her room as she usually does whenever you move anywhere. Jennie shares the same sentiment as she calls for you to come back. You change out of your work clothes before following through with her request.

“So how’d you do it?” You ask once back in the living room. Jennie has moved back to being pressed into the glass. Her words make foggy little clouds as she speaks.

“I’m Jennie from YG Entertainment’s new girl group, Blackpink; people usually give me things without me asking. I asked for a reservation for two and they gave me a whole private room for that price, so Do Kyum better enjoy it.”

“Well, Miss Blackpink Jennie, in this house I’m in charge.” She glances sideways at you. You hadn’t meant it as an innuendo. It was more of a joke about how you never treated her any different even before you started dating. To you she was just Jennie. Extremely talented and drop dead gorgeous, but still just Jennie. You know better now, especially since she’s giving you her look. Instead of taking your lighthearted words as a joke Jennie took them as a sign that you’re in dom mode. In her defense, you are now. The dark look in her eyes is hard to resist.

“Who are you looking at like that?” Her eyes drop to the little divots the couch legs left in the carpet. “And why’d you move the couch?” In lieu of answering she just flops herself over the arm of the couch so her ass is in the air and her head is in face down in your lap. You swat at her raised backside before reiterating your question. She peeks up at you through her lashes.

“I wanted you to fuck me against the window.” She mumbles. You spank her again. This time she squeals at the unexpected punishment and you smooth your hand over the place you hit, raising her already short skirt even higher. Beneath it is nothing but skin and you have to resist the urge to spank her again.

“Where are your panties?” She shakes her head and presses it back between your legs.

“I didn’t wear any today.” It’s muffled, but you still hear it.

“What’s with this breaking rules and still expecting me to do as you wish.” You smack her ass in succession for each rule she’s broken, three in total. Not wearing panties for one, avoiding answering your questions, and the most important; speaking to you without your title.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I’ll be good, I promise” She whines. You pat her hair in forgiveness.

“Since you went through all the trouble of getting Do Kyum out of the house, I suppose I can indulge you.” You concede. Her head pops up immediately. A smile has replaced her earlier pout.

“Thank you, Mistress.” You nod, pushing her off of you.

“Go get your toys.” She jumps up to run to your room as fast as she can. It was established early on that you’d keep all Jennie’s toys here where her members–namely the baby Lisa–wouldn’t get into them. Jennie returns a few moments later with the black box full of all the toys. She sets it at your feet before kneeling behind it.

“So you want to get fucked against a window?” You ask casually, like you’re discussing the weather. She nods excitedly. “You know people will see you, right?” Another nod. “What makes you think I want them to see what’s mine?” You snap. Jennie quickly averts her eyes to her hands folded daintily in her lap. You tilt your head and watch her, waiting for answer. When you still receive none you pop open the box and choose a simple riding crop. The sharp snap of it slapping across her thighs rings through the room.

“Answer me when I ask you a question, or do I need to retrain you?”

“No, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress. I am yours, anyone can look but they won’t be able to touch me.” You like that answer. It strikes your ego and you’re sure she said it to do just that.

“As you wish, then.” She risks a glance up at you, a hopeful look in her eyes. “But if you get your wish, then I want something in return.” Her face drops minutely at that, but she doesn’t hesitate to answer you.

“Anything you want, Mistress.”

“Good girl,” You lean towards her and she closes her eyes, expecting a kiss. Instead you lightly slap her face. “Strip.” Her clothes disappear in seconds. You already changed into a loose, oversized t-shirt which drops to the floor with her clothes. Beneath it is a black lace bra and matching panties. Jennie swallows audibly as she takes in your body.

“Go to my room, then wait.” She pads away, looking longingly at the window as she goes. You dig around in the box of toys until your fingers brush against what you’re searching for. It’s no secret that Jennie has a thing against larger toys, always shying away in favor of something more compact. But if she gets something, then so do you. It takes a few tries to properly fasten the harness around your hips and get the dildo into the right position, but as soon as you do you go to join Jennie. As expected, she kneeling in the center of your bed and her face pales at the sight of the toy strapped to you hips.

“Mistress–” She starts.

“Shut up.” Her mouth snaps closed, “You already said anything I want, or were you lying?” Jennie knows lying is against the rules and it has never been a problem before. She shakes her head with a quiet mumble of “no, Mistress.” The reason she hates big toys is because she enjoys not having to do any work, but today she’s doing all the work in exchange for you giving the residents across the street a show to remember.

“Come here.” You sit next to her, patting your lap. Obediently, she sits in the cradle of your legs. From this position you can feel her arousal dripping between her thighs and know she won’t need much prep. Your hands move between her thighs, toying with her clit before slipping them inside her. The reaction you get is explosive. Jennie tosses her head back in a flurry of thick hair, lips parted in a silent scream as she grinds her hips into your hand. She’s enjoying this too much for you to just be prepping her to take a bigger toy than usual, but you allow her to relish in the feeling before you take it away again. After a few extra minutes of allowing her to have her fun you pull your fingers out. She whines pitifully which earns her a quick slap.

“Hush, I gave you more than you deserve.” She bows her head in shame, “Now turn around.” It takes her a moment to figure out how to maneuver herself to fade away from you without falling off your lap, but once she does you feel her go rigid. You know exactly why. Recently, you mounted a full body mirror to the back of your door which is directly across from your bed. Jennie realizes she’s going to have to watch herself get fucked.

“Mistress, what–” Your hand jumps to grab a fistful of her long hair and yank hard so she’s looking up at you. You say nothing, allowing your eyes to speak for you. “Nevermind, Mistress, I’m sorry.” You shove her head forward again in favor of grabbing her hips. She shudders as you position her over the dildo, but doesn’t make a sound. She does when you slam the entire thing inside her in one go, though. You let her flop forward with a string of strangled moans. Her hips stutter erratically as she unconsciously fucks herself on the toy she supposedly hates. You don’t mention it, opting to trace patterns over her spine until she sits back up. Once she does your hand locks around her throat.

“You’re going to fuck yourself open and not take your eyes off that mirror. This is how you’re gonna look to everyone else, so make sure you put on a good show.” She nods when your hand falls away from her neck. “Good girl.” You compliment, giving her a light pat on the ass to get her moving. Her legs are caged around yours so she presses her hands to your thighs to steady herself before rocking her hips back against yours. From over her shoulder you can watch her breast bounce each time she slams down on the toy. Her lips part in a string of incoherent words as she catches your eyes in the mirror.

“Mistress, please–” You’re not quite sure what she wants as her words are cut off by a pitched moans so you let her take for herself. She wraps your arms around her body, pressing your hands to her chest. She uses your fingers to play with her nipples as she bounces wildly on the toy. You don’t want her to come from all this, but you want her to be close to the edge. If you’re going to show everyone what it’s like to fuck Jennie you’re going to show them the best part. When she’s screaming and panting your name, begging you to make her come. Just a few more flicks of her hips and your hands drop to Jennie’s waist, holding her still. She thrashes angrily against your hold.

“Mistress, please, I’m so close!” Her voice cracks into the next octave as she whines for you to let her come. You move one hand to push her face down against the mattress and spank her once. She squeaks out a moan and tries to grind her hips to get more stimulation from the toy. That earns her another smack to the ass.

“You’ll get what you want if you behave.” She stills and stifles a protest when you pull the toy out of her. “Come on.” You don’t wait to see if she’s following you as you make your way back to the living room, her rushed footsteps are enough. You stop in front of the toy box and pull out a blindfold. After it’s tied you press her hard against the window. The blindfold is because she’s already seen what she’ll look like, now it’s everyone else’s turn. Jennie braces herself against the window with her forearms, arching her back to offer you the perfect view of her spread pussy. You grab the riding crop from earlier and give her a few smacks. She yelps and spreads her legs further.

You position the head of the toy at her dripping entrance and press in one fluid motion. The wet sound of her taking the toy and the sharp slap of your hips hitting her ass echo through the room as her harsh breaths fog up the window. You’re not even sure people will actually see her, but what Jennie wants Jennie gets. She seems to be enjoying herself and you’d be lying if you said this wasn’t a turn on. Showing you sub off to everyone was something you’d never consider doing on your own, but you’re glad she brought it up. The lusty smirk on her lips is enough to want to do this over and over.

“Mistress, I’m so close!” Her lips are nearly kissing the glass as she says this and you fuck the toy into her that much harder. She cries out in pleasure, pushing her hips back to meet each of your thrusts. She comes with a scream of your name, then collapsed against the glass. You help her ride out her orgasm before discarding the toy and sitting on the couch with Jennie in your lap. Luckily Do Kyum has an aversion to sunlight and prefers the couch in the corner or you’d have to worry over him noticing Jennie’s arousal staining the cushions before you get a chance to clean them. Jennie doesn’t seem at all worried about the mess she’s making as she slides from your lap to the floor.

“What are you doing?” You ask. You were almost sure that would take all the life out of her but there are still sparks of lust glowing in her eyes.

“Can’t I repay you for granting my wish, Mistress?” She asks coyly, her fingers playing with the lace of your panties. You run a gentle hand through her wild hair before resting it on her cheek. You probably shouldn’t keep indulging her but you’re not going to turn her down when she looks so eager. You roll your eyes, but give her the answer she wants to hear.

“Anything you want, baby.”
the circles of hell by food network shows
  • Purgatory: giada at home
  • 1st: chopped junior
  • 2nd: cupcake wars
  • 3rd: barefoot contessa
  • 4th: chopped
  • 5th: restaurant impossible
  • 6th: diners, drive-ins, and dives
  • 7th: guy's grocery games
  • 8th: beat bobby flay
  • 9th: cutthroat kitchen

anonymous asked:

Do u have anything against vegans or vegan restaurants? Like wtf? 😒😒😒😒

Because I said in an article that gentrification is white people moving in and opening up vegan restaurants and espresso bars?

Way to miss the point entirely.

I love vegan food. I’ve lived on a vegan diet before. This has nothing to do with vegan food, and everything to do with the sort of privileged mentality of people with money moving into a “culturally rich” (see: POC) neighborhood for their history and culture and then removing the culture and local businesses and opening up their own niche stores and restaurants, making it impossible for us who’ve lived there for generations to continue to afford to live there because of the raised cost of rent.

But no obviously this is about hating on vegans which I mentioned off handedly as a joke and not the literal thing I said it was about

Be My Baby (And I’ll Look After You)

It was a cool, spring day in downtown Seoul and, while the citizens of the city went about their business unhampered, a young Chinese man named Wen Junhui was having a complete mental breakdown. He’d finally gotten his nerve up enough to propose to his boyfriend of two years and even though his friends had agreed to help him with the proposal, he was completely terrified of what could go wrong. There was so much stress involved in planning because his baobei, the love of his life, deserved the best, most memorable proposal in history. His original idea had been to propose in the flower shop that his friend Seungcheol owned because that’s where they had first met, but that idea was scrapped after remembering that it was spring and Minghao had horrible pollen allergies. Another idea was to go out to a fancy restaurant and propose via the cliche “ring on a breadstick” but it was a Friday and reservations as any good restaurants were impossible to come by on such short notice.

Jun grabbed his hair and yanked, hoping the pain might give him inspiration. It gave him a headache, and he sat at the kitchen counter rubbing his temples to alleviate the pain. It was stressing him out so much and the nerves were killing him, but…this was his boyfriend. That beautiful, loving person who’d stuck by him through so much shit. The person that Jun would gladly throw his life away for. It…it just had to be perfect.

“I’m home!” A voice called as a door slammed at the other end of the apartment. In walked Minghao, looking adorable in an oversized sweater of Jun’s and round glasses. His hair was slightly wet and hung down in waves rather than the tight curls that had been common as of late (it reminded Jun of thinly sliced pork belly, not that he’d ever tell his love that). His cheeks were flushed and Jun smiled at the sight of two steaming Americanos in his hands.

“Welcome home baby,” Jun got up from his seat and pulled Minghao into a tight hug. “How were classes today? Did you find out the results of your last assessment?”

Minhao pulled back slightly so he could take of his bag and place the coffees on the table. He sighed, pouting a little bit. “No. I’m really worried about that assessment too. I think I missed four counts of the choreography that got changed and the music was changed last minute too and just…ugh.” His boyfriend thumped his head into Jun’s chest and Jun entertained himself by running his hands through the blonde waves. Minghao purred at the sensation and yep, okay, Jun was dating a literal cat.

“Don’t be so stressed out babe. You’re the best dancer in your class, you know that. The professors have said that millions of times. You don’t need to worry.”

“I just want to do good. For my parents and everyone and…it’s just really hard sometimes.” Minghao pouted and removed himself from Jun’s embrace. “I’m going to go take a shower. I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

Jun kissed his forehead and Minghao, blushing slightly, went down the hall to the bathroom. The sound of water running was heard a few minutes later, accompanied by Minghao’s soft voice, singing an old Chinese song that Jun hadn’t heard in years. Jun grabbed one of the Americanos and slumped down onto the couch in the living room. He hoped the caffeine would help his headache a little. He felt bad about stressing over a proposal when his boyfriend was so worried about his classes.

As a dance major at Seoul University, Minghao had a lot of stress thrown at him. The dance department was notoriously hard, known for having a low acceptance rate and punishing teachers. As a foreign student, Minghao had been singled out from the start and many of the professors seemed to make it their job to make his life harder. Jun was proud of his boyfriend through. He worked twice as hard as anyone else in that department, staying in the studios until early in the morning to he could get choreography perfect. There were many days when Jun would have to go to pick Minghao up at the studio only to find him passed out on whatever horizontal surface was available.

Jun sighed. Maybe he should save the proposal for another day? Even though it was their anniversary, maybe all that was needed was a night in with movies and junk food. The Chinese man was already running through a list of take-out numbers in his head and trying to remember if there were any new movies on Netflix when Minghao came into the living room. The dancer was wearing Jun’s clothes, which looked huge on his waifish frame and he was cuddling a gigantic Pororo plushie that they’d won at a fair the previous summer.

The sight of his baobei wearing his clothes and looking so tiny just made Jun’s heart melt. He opened his arms, beckoning Minghao over to cuddle. Plopping himself down on the older boy’s lap, Minghao snuggled into the embrace and sighed contentedly, all previous stress temporarily forgotten.

“I know it’s our anniversary, but would you mind if we just had a lazy night in? I can call for Chinese food and we can binge on horrible reality shows?” Jun whispered into Minghao’s ear. The smaller boy smiled and nodded. “Can we get kimchi fried rice?”

“Of course babe,” Another forehead kiss was given and Jun pulled his phone out of his sweatshirt pocket to dial the number long memorized to order deliciously greasy fast food.

The pair sprawled out on the old couch, immersed in watching horrible movies. When the food came, it was devoured in record time and the coffee table was littered with takeout cartons and disposable chopsticks. As the night went on, they drifted off to sleep with the tv humming quietly in the background.

The elder of the two woke up the next morning with a dead arm and a mouthful of curls. He yawned, stretched, and carefully removed himself from the shared embrace. Picking up his lover, Jun carried him into their bedroom and tucked him under the covers. Minghao snored on quietly, nose scrunched up as he unconsciously reacted to some dream. Slipping away into the kitchen, Jun checked his phone to find a barrage of new messages.

Scoops-hyung: Did you propose yet?

Angel Boy: I heard from Seungcheol that you found the ring! so happy :D

Diva Boo: i’d better be your best man at the wedding!

10/10 Hoshi: did you do it did you do it did you do it did you do it??????????

Jun replied to all of them.

Jerry: not yet; he was so tired last night we just had a lazy day

Turning off his phone, he set about making breakfast. Twenty minutes later, pancakes were frying on the griddle and sausages were sizzling in a pan. Jun chopped up some fruit, arranged everything nicely and carried a tray of breakfast into their bedroom. Minghao was awake, sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes sleepily. He yawned.

“Good morning Junnie,” A smile spread across Minghao’s face at the sight of food.

“Morning love,” Jun set the tray down on the end of the bed and crawled under the covers with his boyfriend. “Hope you’re hungry because there’s a ton of food.”

“Always,” Minghao could eat and eat and eat and never gain weight. It sometimes worried Jun how thin Minghao was, but was quickly reassured by him that he had always been like that.

They ate in a comfortable silence, the only sounds being forks scraping over plates or little slurps of coffee. Sunlight streamed through the curtains, giving the tiny room a warm glow. Jun found himself analyzing every detail of the younger’s face, from the crinkles in the corners of his eyes to the dimples of his cheeks to the soft curve of his lips. He was suddenly taken back to the first time that they’d met, Jun a senior at SeoulU and Minghao a nervous sophomore transfer from China. It had been such a relief for the sophomore to run into someone who spoke his native tongue, who understood how it felt to be homesick and to want your own food, your own bed, your parents near you every day.

Thinking back on all of the times they’d shared together, all of the fights and make-ups, the stolen kisses and  hands held under tables, Jun realized that through anything and everything, he just wanted to be with Minghao forever. He realized that he didn’t need an elaborate proposal to make Minghao feel his love; he just had to be there. Shaken at the realization, his thoughts hadn’t caught up with his mouth when he blurted out: “Will you marry me?”

Minghao looked at him in disbelief. The world seemed to stop. “What did you say?” His voice trembled.

Jun pulled his boyfriend onto his lap and looked him straight in the eyes before he chickened out of saying what he’d been dying to say for the longest time.

“I want to marry you Xu Minghao. I want to wake up next to you forever and share everything with you. You are the love of my life, my baobei, my everything. I had this giant elaborate proposal planned out; there was going to be flowers and a celebration and all of our friends, but for some reason I could do it. Do you know why? Because I realized that I don’t need to do all of that stuff because it doesn’t matter. My love for you is a stronger message than any of that stuff combined and I hope to God that you love me as much as I love you because I want to stay with you until we’re old and gray and we can’t hear each other say I love you because we’ve gone deaf and senile. I don’t care if we’re stuck in a crappy apartment in a foreign country where neither of us are good at communicating, or if we’re on a beach in Hawaii or if we’re in the middle of the apocalypse. I don’t need fancy things or a big house or money because all I want is you. Forever and always, I just want you there. So, I’m going to say this again before my brain catches up with my mouth and I freeze up: Xu Minghao, baobei, love. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life loving you. Will you marry me?”

Jun took a deep breath and looked and Minghao. There were tears coming from the boy’s eyes and Jun panicked immediately, thinking that he’d upset him somehow. “Baby, please don’t cry! Did I say something? Please talk to me.” He pleaded.

“I can’t believe that for a second you’d think that I don’t love you as much as you love me. Of course I’ll marry you, you big idiot!” Minghao sniffled and rubbed at his eyes. Jun kissed away his tears.

“You’re serious?”


Jun laughed and a few tears came out of his eyes as well and they both sat there crying and laughing until neither of them could cry anymore.

Wen Junhui’s plans had been ruined. There had been no elaborate proposal, no fancy dinner or huge gesture. That Saturday morning, in a tiny apartment in a foreign country, Wen Junhui and Xu Minghao fell even more in love. From that day on, whenever they held hands and Jun could see the engagement ring on Minghao’s finger, he was reminded that sometimes the best things in the world were the simplest. He was young, had the love of his life by his side and he was ready to take whatever the world threw at him. Minghao would be there with him through thick and thin and Jun really could say that he was the luckiest guy in the world.

Ten Exciting Concepts for a Doctor Who Theme Restaurant
  1. The Impossible Grill 
    The same order keeps coming back to your table again and again. But why?
  2. Pizza Hath 
    Family fun with a bubbling jar of tomato and mozzarella stapled to your face.
  3. Daleks Inn, Manhattan 
    The only authentic Skaro-style pub in New York. Scary.
  4. The Zarbicue Shack 
    Spicy wings and legs, and plenty of ‘em!
  5. Krispy Kroll Doughnuts 
    Delicious fried rings of tentacle with Swampy Sprinkles. Yum.
  6. Fang Rock Café 
    Packed with charming memorabilia including dismembered corpses, green jelly and lost contact lenses.
  7. Ooders 
    Tacky bar where the staff wear uniforms designed to show off their shapely hind brains.
  8. The Bistro Below 
    Digest your dinner before a giant star-whale digests you.
  9. The Veg of Destruction 
    Money-saving eatery where you get shut in a room and pelted with broccoli for 50 minutes.
  10. TGI Doomsday’s 
    Delightfully romantic until your dining partner gets forcibly ejected midway through your meal and is left sobbing against the wall outside.
Cast Iron: Part 19

I was super blocked on this because I forgot my own cardinal rule of all things:  When in doubt, Snotlout.  

Previous Parts

Astrid is still flushed, still rubbed wrong and right and agitated when she walks back into the filming trailer.  Finn looks at her with that doubting expression she hates, the one she got as an eighteen year old girl in Paris, with her cheap knives and ill-fitting chef’s coat.  She sets her jaw and stalks over behind the counter, tossing her hair and trying to detangle it from the wind.  

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