New Year’s Resolutions for the Signs

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these resolutions are compiled from asks sent by my wonderful followers! I based the post off moon signs, but feel free to check you sun or rising too!

aries: be more open • don’t let people take advantage of you • stop procrastinating on school work • focus more on yourself • find what you are passionate about • make others happy • give yourself permission to make mistakes and not be perfect 

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” -Helen Keller

taurus: stand up for yourself • be more positive • be less stubborn • be more adaptable • believe in yourself • stop worrying about what others think of you • focus on what you think about yourself

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” -Norman Vincent Peale

gemini: don’t let the little things bother you • stop procrastinating • believe in your dreams • study more • improve organization skills • pave your own road • be yourself

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” -Ralph Marston

cancer: do what makes you happy • live in the moment • don’t let other people’s opinion effect you • be more outgoing • go on more adventures • be braver •  work on your artistic skills • be kinder

“True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.” -John W. Gardner

leo: live in the moment • give back to the community • read more books • put yourself first • take care of yourself • be more independent • stay clean

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. “ -Wayne Dyer

virgo: be nicer to people • study more • be more on time • realize you don’t need to be perfect • love yourself • be comfortable in your own skin 

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” -Allen Ginsberg

libra:  be more confident around others • work towards success • focus more on studies and family  • be more motivated • be mindful of others 

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” -H. G. Wells

scorpio:  focus on your own happiness • finding coping techniques • focus more on your ambitions • become your best self • surround yourself with great people • work harder • be healthier

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” -Stephen Hawking

sagittarius:  take more risks • take relationships more seriously • focus on your growth • be nicer to others • think more positivity • take care of both physical and mental health • try new things

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” -Rabindranath Tagore

capricorn:  get more done • improve time management • understand more about the world around us • take initiative • take care of yourself and others • relax more • be more organized

“Never give in and never give up.” -Hubert H. Humphrey

aquarius:  learn more about the world and yourself • be more in touch with your emotions • try new things  • being a better person • allow yourself to make mistakes • trust people more • be healthier

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

pisces: purse your passions • take care of yourself • figure out who you are • take action • be more confident with yourself  • work towards your best self • stop letting people influence you

“Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.” -Albert Schweitzer

Healthy New Year's Resolutions That Don't Involve Weight Loss

While many of us think the obvious resolution is to lose some weight in January, you can do better than that! You can be happy without getting thinner! If you want to make some healthy improvements to your life in 2017, choose to make a resolution that goes beyond losing weight. Instead, target areas of your life that can be directly improved:

  • Make doctor and dentist appointments in a timely fashion
  • Cook and prepare lunch instead of relying on processed foods
  • Floss
  • Support local farms and food producers
  • Get more quality sleep
  • Eat vegetables at every meal
  • Meditate
  • Spend more time outside
  • Actually eat your fruit before it goes bad
  • Bring your own bags when grocery shopping
  • Don’t watch tv or use the computer during meals
  • Take vitamins
  • Stretch and improve your flexibility
  • Drink herbal tea instead of coffee
  • Concentrate on improving your posture
  • Clean your kitchen and dishes after each meal
  • Participate in Meatless Mondays
  • Stop biting your nails
  • Cut back on your sodium intake
  • Regularly donate unworn and ill-fitting clothing to a local shelter
  • Wear sunscreen every day you’re outside
  • Quit smoking
  • Get an eye exam and update your prescription
  • Cut down on the amount of plastic you use each day
  • Re-try foods that you hate, but haven’t eaten in years
  • Moisturize and remove your makeup before going to bed
  • Keep a journal

Focus on changing your behavior instead of changing your body, and then every step will be a step forward.  

17 resolutions for 2017:

1. drink more water. simple, easy, healthy.
2. write more, make connections. 
3. be healthy - physically and mentally.
4. be happy, or at least get on the path to happiness.
5. get involved in passion projects. 
6. focus on school. education is opportunity. 
7. forgive, both others and myself. 
8. have fun - learn how to unwind.
9. stop procrastinating, be proactive.
10. develop healthier coping mechanisms. 
11. make more playlists. music is everything.
12. stop comparisons - i am myself and nobody else and this is okay.
13. drop toxic people. stop putting up with things, learn to say no.
14. breathe, relax, calm down. take it slow sometimes.
15. give more compliments. 
16. stand up for myself. i am powerful too.
17. make a difference, however small.

—  17 Resolutions for 2017 // k.m. (via @perceivingwords)
advice for the new year: 
1. Talk less. Do more. The fewer people that know your plans, dreams, business, the better. Move silently, and let your actions speak for u
2. Work harder than u ever have before, to get to where you’ve never been. You have to commit and overly dedicate yourself to your goals.
3. Miss out on the random turn ups. Less online “link ups”. Put your phone down & Surround yourself with people who genuinely care for you.
4. Respect yourself. That way people know you don’t tolerate disrespect and no one can come in thinking they can play with you & yours.
5. Eliminate the desire of wanting to rekindle old flames. What’s out, is out. Continue Moving forward.
6. Don’t allow yourself to be a “convenience” to anyone. Let go of anyone who only comes to you, needs you or wants you, on their own time.
7. Protect your dreams goals and desires. Nurture them with positive energy. All things are possible when you truly believe in YOU.
8. Your assignment from God is yours, only. Don’t let anyone question your purpose, persuade you to give up, or make you feel inadequate.
9. Procrastination doesn’t make success. Excuses don’t make success. Ambition does. Hunger does. Commitment does. You want it? Go get it.
10. You matter. Stop doubting that. You’re amazing. Stop questioning that. Stop giving people the power to treat you like you mean nothing.
—  twitter: DearYouFromWe (Reyna Biddy) 
Language learning resolutions

Although I study Korean, the resolutions I’m making are appropriate to people learning any language. I thought I’d post them as I think some of them might be quite helpful for anyone looking to make language related new-years resolutions, or just how to better themselves at language learning in the new year. These are tips and tricks that can help you through out the whole year - not just for the first few days of January!

1) Learn 10 new words every day
      If you feel like 10 is too much go for 5 or even just one, whichever fits you and your pace of learning best - one is still better than none, and hey, by the end of the year that’s a whole new 365 words you now know in your target language - progress!

2) Set your study time
Personally, I’m going to try for an hour a day just sitting down and straight learning, set a day each week, or a time each day and just sit down and get to it, you could do 5 hours a week, 2 hours  a week, 2 hours a day even. Remember, just do what fits best with you and your schedule - you don’t want to overwork, but then you also don’t want to be wasting time that could come in useful for your learning progress.

3) Keep a diary
     Keeping a diary sounds like a bit of an odd one, but no, I don’t mean simply writing down how much work you’ve done or what you’ve learnt, instead, keep a diary in which you write down what you did that day- your thoughts, feelings, and anything else you might put in an every day diary entry, but write in your target language, it will give you a chance to practice using the language every day, even with things you may not necessarily use in day to day conversation.

4) Test yourself
Again, match this one to how fast you’re wanting to progress, but I recommend testing yourself what you learnt that week, or that month or even just completing some tasks. You could do this by printing off worksheets you can find online or buying a workbook!

5) Vary your learning
This is more of a personal one for me than anything, but if you have the time to learn another language or subject, throw that in there too, for me, I’m going to do an hour a day of Korean, and an hour a week of Chinese, but make sure to plan this well as you don’t want to be getting behind on subjects you may have exams in.

6) Plan
 I’m being serious, you have to plan. I really can’t stress this enough, whether you wake up early Monday morning to plan your entire week or just make a habit of planning for the following day every night - This is really going to help you out.

7) Re-evaluate your resoluions monthly
     Yes, you heard me right - re-evaluate your resolutions. Change them. You may think that if you’ve made a resolution you have to stick to it but your main resolution should be to reach your goal (and we’ll get onto that in just a minute). At the start of every month, look at the main events coming up, if you have a lot of events or exams then cut down your language hours, make less goals for the end of that month and plan it to suit you - you’ll never achieve your goals if you’re over stressed and over working yourself.

8) Goals
Set one main goal for your language by the end of the year, that’s the main one you want to achieve - then set smaller ones for the end of each month that will get you there, then more for each week. This breaks down your goals and makes them more easily obtainable.

So those are my resolutions guys! I hope they were helpful to you all!!! <3

ideas for things you can achieve! 

Happy (early) new year! Here’s to 2017, the best year yet! (because 2016 has set the bar pretty low)

You can start working towards a goal anytime of year, not just for a new year’s resolution! 

→  Guide to Setting Effective Goals


  • run x distance
  • run x distance in y time
  • attend a certain fitness event (ex. color run, ironman)
  • be able to lift x amount of weight
  • lose, gain, or maintain weight
  • eat healthy food
  • start incorporating new fitness types into your life
  • go for daily walks

Physical & Mental Health

  • keep up with medication
  • quit bad habits like smoking, binge eating, drinking too much, etc
  • go to x number of dentist, doctor, optometrist, psychiatrist, therapist, etc appointments
  • improve self esteem
  • drink more water
  • start journaling


  • contact friends and family x number of times
  • meet new people
  • reconnect with old friends
  • stop contacting an ex


  • save x amount by y date
  • save x% of each paycheck
  • no spend for x amount of time
  • start a savings or IRA account
  • establish a budget
  • pay off debt
  • get insurance

Personal Development

  • take an online course
  • listen to podcasts 
  • learn an instrument
  • learn a language
  • start a blog or youtube channel
  • get a promotion or better job
  • start playing a sport you like to watch
  • learn to cook
  • write a novel
  • read more
  • start a business
  • get organized, clean more often
  • learn self defense


  • travel to places you want to go
  • watch concerts and performances
  • visit museums
  • watch new movies in cinema
  • attend conventions 
  • go to theme parks
  • change your style
  • get or remove a tattoo
  • adopt a pet
  • donate money or volunteer

+ more posts / youtube channel

2017 has to be better, has to be less sharp. 

2017 holds endless possibilities, and maybe it is our duty to be open to them rather than fearful of them. Maybe we have to make 2017 better. 

I don't know how to go from drowning in my own tears in 2016 to at least surfacing in 2017 to finally breathe fresh air again.

My hope for you in 2017 is you find good people, that people love and cherish you the way you haven’t been shown how yet. I hope that you become fearless in being yourself, I hope that you master being unapologetically you. 

I hope that you are kind to yourself, that you know that change doesn’t happen in a day, but if you work hard on change, one day you will wake up and see how far your baby steps have taken you.

Promise me that in 2017 you won’t sacrifice yourself for those that weigh you down, for those that put you down and the ones that make you feel less than them.

Finally, don’t be afraid to be alone in 2017. You can be alone, but you don’t have to be lonely. Love yourself unconditionally, surround yourself with good people and enjoy your own company. Don’t change to fit into someone else’s dream, be the centre of your own story.

—  Have a happy and safe New Year, I’ll see you on the other side.

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPresolutions

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags. For a chance to be featured, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal of #WHPresolutions was to convey a resolution for the year ahead through creative photos and videos. Each week, we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.

Hey, everyone! So I know it’s a little bit early to be making a masterpost on new year’s resolutions, but I figured, hey, the best time to make a change is now, right? Anyway, here’s some new year’s resolutions for all of you lovely people. Good luck with your resolutions!


1. Read at least 50 books. 

2. Make a new masterpost once a week. 

3. Journal at least once a week. 

4. Spend 10 minutes every day tidying up. 

5. Make the bed every morning. 

6. Learn a new language. 

7. Eat only healthy food. (and vegan bc I’m vegan)

8. Only spend 15 minutes a day on tumblr and 1 hour every weekend. 

9. Write a book. 

10. Get better at graphic design. 

11. Take better studyspo pictures. 

12. Break a bad habit. 

13. Revise for at least half an hour every day. 

14. Stay away from Netflix if you have work to do. 

15. Write down friends’ birthdays and plan something for each one. 

16. Clean the house once a week. 

17. Save water. 

18. Try to be more eco-friendly. 

19. Stick to a budget. 

20. Practice self-care once a week. 

21. Stay organized (keep a planner, bullet journal, etc.)

22. Try to go out once a week. 

23. Avoid procrastination. 

24. Practice discipline and restraint. 

25. Do one nice thing every day (pay a compliment, do something for someone else, etc.)

26. Choose a charity to donate to once a month. 

27. Go running three morning a week. 

28. Stick to an morning routine. 

29. Stick to an after-school routine. 

30. Stick to a night routine. 

31. Wake up earlier. 

32. Try to limit cramming. 

33. Try to limit all-nighters. 

34. Make breakfast and lunch the night before. 

35. Stay active on tumblr. 

36. Try to eat out less. 

37. Cook with family. 

38. Make a savings account and deposit money in it once a month. 

39. Get better at art/be more artistic. 

40. Maintain a 4.0 G.P.A.

41. Start a studygram and post at least once a week. 

42. Start a youtube channel. 

43. Get a pen pal. 

44. Get a pet (I WANT A KITTEN OMG). 

45. Try to see the positive side of every situation. 

46. Stay in contact with mutuals. 

47. Host a giveaway. 

48. Gain more followers. 

49. Read inspiring news stories. 

50. Clean out my email inbox. 

51. Get rid of spam emails and unwanted social media outlets. 

52. Use coupons/deals more often. 

53. Get over physical insecurities/learn to love yourself. 

54. Get a better wardrobe. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but if anyone thinks of any more, feel free to reblog this post with suggestions! hugs, mel

Six new year’s resolutions

1. I resolve to go to the Jim every day. To stand around near the Jim, semi-unobtrusively in my mask and warm winter gloves, until the Jim asks me to go away. Then to move on to the next Jim. No Jim shall be fully comfortable in 2017. If I run out of Jims, I shall move on to Jacks, or possibly Joes.

2. I resolve to walk under the career ladder at a point when a career farce is being filmed, leading to a pot of career paint landing on my head. I will dodge the two gentlemen crossing the street with the big glass ceiling by swinging on the career rope helpfully provided, which will hoist me straight up to the career roof with minimal effort when the career piano is knocked from the window by that chap on the career third floor with the glass of champagne.

3. I resolve to save money. I will save it from whoever is mistreating it, by force if necessary. I will stalk the night, ever alert to the siren call of misapplied currency, in my mask and warm winter gloves. When I have saved enough money, I will let it loose in the woods where it can frolic with the little squirrels in peace.

4. I will lose weights. Not my own weights, because I need those in my kitchen for when I cook for the little squirrels. No. I will lose your weights. I will go into your lifting-palaces and roll your heavy-items into handily adjacent rivers. Soon, the guns of the muscled will be no more.

5. To get into shape. The shape will be a triangle. I will be sleeping in a special mould to achieve this resolution.

6. To meet new people. This one is easy. I will be meeting lots of new people. Most of them will be called Jim.