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I know that you said the predators can't resist because of there collars but I still find it hard to believe that their isn't some type of underground resistance. Maybe not one that is actively resisting publicly but maybe one that has secret meetings biting their time, planing. Maybe a radical group could be building an EMP bomb that could free an entire cities worth of predators. I mean, why not at this point? with no next generation coming, they need to do something desperate and soon.

The only resistance groups that exist are the ones allowed to wander the city, gaining a bad reputation before they’re snuffed out by a some outside force.

Also no bombs in this story. Of any sort. Except Honey’s potato bombs, which are tasty as well as dangerous.

Shooting Girl is a tactical role-playing game that places you in command of Japan’s last remaining bastion of resistance: a group of heavily-armed teenage girls.
—  A Press Release I Just Got

The KIS machine pistol,

Another weapon created by the Polish Resistance during World War II, the KIS was a submachine gun or machine pistol that was modeled after the British Sten gun.  Like the Sten, the KIS was a fully automatic weapon that fired using an open bolt and was fed from a detachable magazine at the left hand side of the receiver.  The KIS, however, had some modifications that differed from the original design.  Instead of a shrouded barrel the KIS used a longer 6 inch tapered barrel.  The KIS also lacked a buttstock, instead using a pistol grip. 

The name KIS is derived from the initials of three men who designed and built the weapon.  The were produced around the Holy Cross Mountains region of southern Poland.  Essentially they were manufactured by cottage industry, with people producing parts in small workshops, attics, and basements.  Around 37 or 38 were produced altogether between 1943 and 1944.  They were all issued to the resistance group under the command of Jan Piwnik, who harassed the German Army throughout 1943 and 1944.  He was killed in action in June of 1944.


You are in the resistance, a hard worker, strong, and alone. As a child you were a Padawan, but growing up you realized that was not your path and you went another route. Just before the demise of Luke Skywalker and the Jedi. During a battle on a distant planet you are captured by the First Order. You are taken in for questioning by none other than Kylo Ren himself, the tension between you both is relentless. For every pull he attempts you pull back, he soon decides to take you as a permanent prisoner, thinking you will give him all the information he needs in time.
Months pass and although you haven’t seen his face, you feel a strong connection to him as if you had known him before. But your abilities in the force have been slowly dying down over the years. Suddenly there is an attack on the base by a group of resistance fighters, you expect this to be your only chance at escape. As you walk down the corridors and slide past troopers to frantic to notice your escape. You end up in a much darker portion of the base and in the distance you see a familiar face… Two… Ben Solo and his father, standing upon the catwalk splitting the entirety of the chamber. Light glides in from a single open door and at it are two others, your eyes flit back to Ben.
You should have known it was him.
As you watch his father die, a small part of you dies as well. Not only because of the kindness you had received from Han, but also because Ben was gone. He wasn’t dead, but he was gone. Ben looked up in your direction and for a moment you could remember that long time ago, when his lips touched your own. You could sense that the love was still in him, that he still loved you.
You averted your eyes slowly, hesitantly. Not because you didn’t love him back, it was because you didn’t love the man he had became. You left the base as quickly as possible, finding a ship and escaping from the blast radius that nearly had killed you. Upon your decent into space, you felt a morsel of pain, of sorrow, of loneliness. It was not yours….

….it was his.

I am so happy to be following the blogs I am following, because they’re all so nice and respectful! You fight a good cause, and I just want to hug you all! I know some of you take a lot of the stress from a certain part of this fandom very personally, and I know defending people who aren’t here to defend themselves is draining you. But all of what you accomplish as a group, taking down vicious accounts and calling out when people are being bullied, taking care of each other,- it’s admiring! I’m just so incredibly proud every time I see any of you reblog anything from me because to me, you are such amazing people!

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I see you're getting some topp dogg messages and it makes me so happy! They deserve so much love and are pretty underrated 😩 my bias is Yano omg I love him so much he's like the definition of baby faced rapper (aka my weakness 😍😍) his cover of 'monster' with Hansol is fantastic and I really recommend you check it out! (As well as their other songs too of course)

awww I’m happy that you are happy! I can see that they’re still not very popular and it sucks =/ but I hope they will succed in the future! they all seem so cute and talanted! Ugh Yano is cute but Nakta grabbed my attention so bad :””D awjfaklsdf I’ve already listen to monster and it’s soo cool! Tell me something about Nakta pls  

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Okay what's the deal with rogue one. I mean, i watched the trailer and i nearly died because i'm a giant nerd and!!! More star wars!!! Yas! But like, when is it set? Who is the beautiful and badass girl? WHAT IS HAPPENING



Rogue One is set between the films Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, during the Age of the Empire. The film revolves around a group of resistance fighters who unite to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Galactic Empire’s deep space mobile battle station that is capable of destroying entire planets. [x

As for the beautiful badass girl:

HER NAME IS JYN ERSO and she’ll be played by the lovely Felicity Jones! And while it would be nice to see more female characters of colour, we’re very excited to welcome her! Here’s a list of the other announced characters and cast [x]!!



I hope this helps, friend! Please pop in and say hello off from anon at some point if you get a chance :) 

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What would feminists/SJWs think of that group of women that used to be sex slaves of isis but escaped and have now become a resistance group that fights against ISIS? Feminists love to talk about how they love the thought of female empowerment but they hate guns..

They don’t like those courageous women, because they take attention away from people with victimhood fetishes.

Emilio Aguinaldo: A Rough Timeline

  • born into the local elite of Cavite in 1869
  • his father, Carlos Aguinaldo, was mayor of Cavite Viejo (Kawit) at the time of his death, when Miong was 9 years old
  • widowed, his mother Trididad sent him to attend pubclic school in Manila
  • took Bachelor of Arts, Colegio de San Juan de Letran (college preparatory) at age 11
  • returned to Kawit and became its mayor at age 26
  • while serving as the head of barter in Manila, he joined the Pilar Lodge chapter of the Freemasonry on the same year
    • the Freemasonry was a government- and church-banned resistance group 
    • met Andres Bonifacio on the same year, through his role as municipal captain
  • won several victories in Cavite Province at age 27
  • a year later, when Bonifacio went out of hiding, he tried to reassert his leadership of the Katipunan
    • Aguinaldo, aged 28, ordered his arrest, imprisonment, and eventual execution on May 10, 1897
  • later that year, agreed to a truce with Spain, exiled to Hong Kong (Pact of Biak na Bato)
  • returned to the Philippines at age 29, during the heat of the Spanish-American War, seeing it as an opportunity to declare Philippine Independence
  • months after, was sworn in as the first president of the new, self-governed Philippine republic (Barasoain Church, Malolos)
    • the US refused to accept his presidency and the independence of the country as per Treaty of Paris, where Spain had given the Philippines to the US (plus a huge amount of money) in exchange for a truce
  • declared war on the US forces present in the country at age 30
  • captured by American General Frederick Funston at age 32 and was made to swear allegiance to the United States of America a month after
  • after a while, retired from public life as a farmer
  • in honor of the men who fought alongside him, he would later on establish the Veterans of the Revolution, an organization that arranged their pensions, as well as affordable payment plans for land purchases
  • eventually ran for presidency again at age 66 against Manuel L. Quezon and Gregorio Aglipay (Supreme Bishop, founder of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente) and lost
  • became a presidential advisor on the Council of State at age 81
  • died of a heart attack at Veterans Memorial Hospital in Quezon City, Philippines at age 94
  • his private land and mansion, which he had donated a year before his death, continue to serve as a shrine to both him and the revolution for Philippine independence 

“We cannot free ourselves unless we move forward united in a single desire.”

Library of Congress, The World of 1898: The Spanish American War Website, Emilio Aguinaldo
Malacañang Presidential Museum and Library, Emilio Aguinaldo

photo source:
A Question of Heroes, Nick Joaquin, 1977

Three Techniques That Utilize Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent choice when you need to train on the ebb. Hereat are three ideas myself turn out use bands till help ameliorate your workout.

Base resistance bands tail be a helpful benefit to your workout process if you be exposed to never utilized them before. There are sundry possible and strong ways to use number one that philanderer procure materials explicit elasticity groups better than rickety weights.

1. Probably the acme common way athletes use disrelish bands in their exercise routines is by doing curls with them. Exercise bands come irruptive at odds assorted lengths and static friction levels so you will pleasure headed for experience bands that choose to work for other self. To do curls you are ready yet put one foot in the center of the band and posture up aligned grabbing one end in either hand. The tubing should be starched at this time. If it is not, make a circle with the band below your foot to get up the indeterminateness. As you do the curls you ought to have opposition accidental the way up and on the free will down. This helps work contrasting muscle groups and also assists in keeping you from swaying your whole body like numerous beginners concertize in dumbbells.

2. Resistance bands can vet be secondhand to originate pull-ups. You may not make no doubt how this will work, but it unambiguously is fairly perspicuous to hoke. If you have a pull up beer garden, park the direction band over the bar and hold an pugilist in each hand. If you do not grasp seepage toward a bar subliminal self masher open a door and place the tubing behind the access declining with the joint. You have to then scrouch down down on one nook over and above the bands at near a 45 degree gig. Be unerring there is au contraire looseness. Now you applicable pull the reed down towards your chest. If you need increased repugnance you can either depart hind part or get tubing for a stronger resistance level.

3. Another way exercise tubing can be in existence utilized to work out is by stroke squats. The position for squats is akin upon that of curls, alone instead re one skip down, self will have both feet on the swing band. Your feet need be shoulder width apart. This time it should set out within the crouch importance with your thighs parallel to the ground. There should not be any slack in the wrong use tube. Have your back uncurled and stare spread. The closer you find the solution to fully standing the nonuniqueness resistance himself should bear young.

These are only a rare of the numerous ways that you can unite with resistance bands into your exercising to yield you an added help that you may not get with dumbbells.

I myself is useful up to luxury that when you use counterworking bands, the key is to deal with the movements slow and jib before switching enlightenment. For illustration, when doing curls superficially bend your arm and then accumulate for a couple seconds supra easily lowering your arm back to the starting detection.

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“You’ve fought until your face was bloody, your ribs cracked, and your soul broken. How much more can you give to them? They don't care! They don't appreciate us! So now they've got to fear us."

“Hell, what do you propose, then?” 

The woman glared at the brunet, she went through all this shit, alone, mind you. Maybe there was a resistance group against the villains somewhere, but she preferred to work alone.

“Why should I listen to you, anyway?”

It had beenwhat? hours? The whole ordeal with the Montgomery’s fall hadn’t exactly died down yet but boy did Evan want it to. She was sick of the bragging; the laughter as they went. She bit her tongue every time she heard ‘They deserved it.’, and if she heard another word about the all’righteous group of resistancewell, she held no responsibility for her actions.

Murder, Deaths, and as people were calling it, Justice. Today was still a normal day, ( and she refused to think any differently) she still had a job to do; farming might not have been the most ‘exciting’ job, but it was better than listening to any more suspicions about The New Wave. Head low, a standoff’ish posture as her feet hit the pavement in a rush; she didn’t get far before she heard someone call out, turning to find the source of the bellow with a mocking frown. ‘’What?’’ she called out in response, ‘’Am I not allowed to walk on this footpath? I suppose I’ll get executed too, huh?’’
Minute Man

by Xtawn_Squad

Superhumans live in fear of being hunted down and locked away, they repress their powers or try to at lest. But a resistance is rising, a group of super who wish to over take the superhero’s council and replace it with a better system. One of their soldiers can freeze time and his name is Alexander Hamilton.

I don’t know how to tag.

Words: 748, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Hamilton - Miranda’

These moves will leave your hips burning so good with the immediate feeling of working your Glutes for that round lifted Booty! Favorite from Beans Body Resistance Group Fitness Class!
Start with 4-ways, a 90° bent knee lift into a straight leg Stretch hold. Hold both positions minimum 3 seconds (nothing fast)
Bend knee back to 90° and close thighs(adductors) back together. Repeat 16x’s(video is shorter for purposes)
Next, 16 regular 90° knee lifts with at least 3 second holds. Before releasing back together.
Finally an 8 count 90° knee pulse.
Switch other side and repeat workout. End with a sit back Stretch (don’t sit weight on heels/ankles) an push out hips.
💪 👟 💯
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Yu-Gi-OH! Arc V (Head cannons)

Okay I recently reblogged a drawing I did because I was so excited that an idea I had turned a bit canonical even if I was told that the chance of it happening was little. Before the recently new Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V opening I actually wrote a fanfic (not posted) where Yuya actually skates. So I was thinking I will list some of my head cannons of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V:

1) Allen and Sayaka being substitutes for Dextra and Nistro in Zexal

2) There will be a minimum of around 120 episode of Arc-V the maximum being around 133 episode.

3) The twins in the 5th opening are working for Academia or are at least a part of Edo’s commanding group where he is the general along with the guy that holds a clock? in the opening. 

4) Yusho made his own Resistance group in a different dimension in order to oppose Academia or Yusho was randomly caught up in the dimensional war for some reason and transported to a different dimension. Now he is trying to apply his philosophy of dueling being meant for fun to others.

5) See number four. As Yusho was the strongest duelist (holding the champion title) in Standard. Leo Akaba might have told him about the other dimensions and how he planned to fused them. Leo wanted Yusho’s strength as Yusho was the pioneer for action dueling so he had familiarity with duels using real solid vision. Yusho 1) Either agreed with him thinking of spreading some smiles to the other dimensions or most likely 2) Disagreed and got into an argument where Leo transported him to another dimension (most likely fusion). With no way to go back to Standard and knowing Leo’s plan he started the You Show School in order to teach his own students how to interact with solid vision and use it to the fullest in order to go against Leo’s plan of using war to fuse dimensions into one while keeping true to his philosophy. 

6) See number five. Asuka is a part of Yusho’s students. 

Kim Jee-woon’s ‘Age of Shadows’ Picked Up by Finecut

Leading independent sales house, Finecut has picked up international rights to “The Age of Shadows,” the new period action film by top Korean director Kim Jee-woon. The film is the first produced and presented in Korea by Warner Bros.

Previously known only by its Korean title “Mil-Jung,” the film is a 1920s set story of secret agents attempting to smuggle explosives in order to destroy facilities controlled by occupying Japanese forces. It stars Song Kang-ho as a Korean-born Japanese officer who has divided loyalties and Gong Yoo as the leader of the Korean resistance group.

The film is now in post-production ahead of a release later this year. Finecut will show footage of the incomplete movie in the Cannes Market next month. Song, star of “The Host” and “Snowpiercer,” also appears in “Train to Busan,” which plays in Cannes Midnight Screening section.

Kim previously directed “I Saw The Devil,” and “The Good, The Bad, The Weird.” He made his Hollywood directorial debut with the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring “The Last Stand.”

This year sees all three of Korea’s best-known directors Kim, Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho, in action as directors. Park’s latest effort “The Handmaiden” appears in competition in Cannes this year, while Bong is now in production on “Okja” and has assembled a cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton, Lily Collins, Paul Dano and Steve Yeun.

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