Resident Mentor

Last Duty Night

Finally done with all classes, moved most of my stuff out, and its my last night of duty. It doesn’t feel like it anymore though. Everyone is gone. Rounds are more like whats left in THIS kitchen. Sad times.

Excited to see what life is like with more free time though…

Bersama Ibnu Sina CEO Gits Indonesia, perusahaan teknologi yg berbasis di Bandung yang banyak membuat aplikasi android dan iPhone di beragam bidang, sudah mengarungi beragam pengalaman selama 7 tahun, bisa dibilang kakaknya @badrinteractive . Ibnu juga calon Google Developer Expert Indonesia dan mentor residence di Indigo Incubator. Saya banyak belajar dari perjalanan Ibnu dan Gits selama ini. Di foto ini kita lagi berburu nasi kucing di sekitaran ciputra land, Surabaya – View on Path.


Got to reunite with the Newcastle Aussies. I met all these guys a year and a half ago because they lived in the International House where I worked as a Resident Mentor. These were some of the people I had to see in Australia so it was great to finally reunite.

I stayed in Newcastle for the weekend with my friend Brent (on the left end in both pictures) and he showed me around the city. One of my favorite parts of the city was the beach. There were a lot of surfers out during the weekend so it was very entertaining to watch them. The beach is what draws people to the city and it certainly did not disappoint.

I’m glad I got to finally see Newcastle. Most students from my home university go there so now I was able to see what attracts most people to the city.

One of the best things of being abroad here in Australia has been reuniting with so many people. From living in the international house for three years, I’ve met so many international students but the Australians have been the ones I’ve established the best friendships with. I just find it so amazing to be able to meet someone on one side of the world and see them again in a completely new part of the world. Being able to have these kinds of experiences is one of the many reason why I decided to study abroad.

Week 20 (40%) Review

At this point I am now 40% done my residency program.  We have covered EBP and statistics, lumbar spine, hip, SIJ, and knee so far in the program.  I have had over 80 hours of direct mentor time, rounded with physicians in family med, orthopedics, sports, spine, urgent care, and radiology.  I have developed a research proposal and will start my data collection in the next few weeks.  I have also taken a written exam, practical, and live patient exam for the first trimester.

It is really had to quantify just how much information I have learned so far this year because it is a very immersive and mentally engaging experience.  The biggest thing I like about the residency is the discussion time I have with my co-residents and mentors.  I have had exposure to a myriad of manual technique philosophies, exercise prescription theories, and styles of physical therapy.  One week we are getting a lecture on the Mckenzie method, the next on advanced imaging, the next hands on practice with a FAAOMPT trained specialist.  That alone is what really sets the residency experience apart from clinical practice.

I am by no means an expert in any of these areas.  However, I have a much greater understanding of when to perform the right technique or intervention at the right time with the right patient.  Gaining exposure to so many different areas allows me to take the best but understand the rest.  I have a better understanding of pattern recognition and reflect more in-action instead of after the fact.  The phase “when you are hammer, everything becomes a nail” is resolved with residency.  I now have a whole tool kit and it continues to grow with high level, high skilled, evidence based examination and treatment techniques.

You can still get to a high level of care without having to go though a residency program, but by going through a residency the process is accelerated.  You can get exposure to all different areas of PT but the time and money required will be a much greater investment than simply attending a residency program alone.

I highly recommend the program and offer my email above to contact me for any questions.