Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles



Changes, pt. 3: Claire’s Evolution

After Chris and Leon, it’s Claire’s turn to have her evolution chart. I included her appearances in the games, some cutscene models (because they looked slightly different from their in-game versions), her Degeneration model and some concept models.

By the looks of it, Claire never drifted significantly away from her roots, staying faithful to her very first depiction, which was Elza Walker (row 1, pic 1). Her most iconic depictions are those in Resident Evil 2 (row 1, pics 2 & 3) and Code Veronica (row 1, pic 4 & row 2, pic 1). In Darkside Chronicles (row 2, pics 3 & 4) she was maybe at her best, and she seems quite good in the graphic novel Heavenly Island (row 3, pic 4). Her more drastic change was in Revelations 2, where as we can see from the whole last row, even the concept models (row 4, pics 1 & 2) looked quite different from the final model versions (row 4, pics 3 & 4).


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