anonymous asked:

If you do requests, can you draw anything with Niles please? thnk u

…You did say “ANYTHING” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*If anyone has anything they’d like me to draw btw, plz feel free to drop me a message. I never opened requests but I have a few in my inbox right now and it’s been really fun so, just go for it! I’d prefer to keep any requests strictly related to FE: fates though because I’m not too confident in doing anything else.*

If I said I love the way you
love the things you love,
would you understand how
I lost your lips along the veins
of autumn? How I found your
hands against a smile that said
come make me a mess? Or
how the light in your eyes was
created in the flower that doesn’t
know how to look away from the
sun? I’ve been writing love letters
to a you that never existed &
mailing them off to graveyards &
though I just wanted to be the
best sin you’ve ever had, love
recognizes goodnights & goodbyes

more than hellos