Title: Let Me Make it Up to You

@warriorqueen1991 requested: Could u do a fic where Jason’s girl gets freaked out cuz her house is almost broken into she’s all shaken up so when Jason shows up and opens the door completely unaware, she smashes a vase over his head lol feeling awful she explains what happened apologizing repeatedly while patching him up extremely fluffy, a little funny, and of course smutty cuz the reader wants to make it up to him in the best way ;)

Character(s): Jason and Reader
Summary: You were waiting for Jason to come home when you heard someone trying to pick the lock. Leaving your bedroom to check on the noise, you see someone dressed in all black and a ski-mask to cover their faces with an opened bag. Managing to scare them away, you are obviously shaken up when Jason decided to walk in. Thinking it was the burglar, you grab a vase and smash it over his head, realizing that it was Jason that you had just hurt. 
Word Count: 1,941
Warning: Oral! (Giving to Jason, bc come on, who wouldn’t?)
Author’s Note: I am an absolute sucker for writing Jason Crouse. I love him. I love the character. I love how hot he fucking is. Anyway, thank you @warriorqueen1991 for this request! It’s completely different and it was so much fun to write! I hope you enjoy! :-)

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Reactions of all the Weasley family members (Maybe Harry and Hermione too?) of catching you and Fred having sex?


Harry: Lol with all the shit Harry’s seen in his life, accidentally walking in on two of his friends would be no big deal at all…I firmly believe Harry (or at least book Harry) would just start laughing; he’d be shocked at first but then wouldn’t be able to hold back a snort of laughter which would make you both laugh too.  Then he’d say something like “well I’ll leave you to it, then!” and leave, then after he shuts the door he’d cast a silencing spell on it for good measure hahaha

Hermione: She’d walk in by accident and catch you and give a surprised little “Oh!” then start apologizing so profusely and shield her eyes.  Poor girl would have just been sent up to let you know dinner’s ready or something and she’d be so embarrassed, but she’d get over it by the end of the day (though it was still awkward to look either of you in the eye for a bit!)

Mr. Weasley: He’d walk in, make this exact face, open his mouth as if to say something but then think twice about it, and just slowly close the door as if he didn’t see anything.

Mrs. Weasley: The second you both heard her voice and footsteps approaching the door would be the biggest “oh, shit” moment of your lives and you’d get off of each other in a split second and dive under the blanket.  You’d literally cover yourself completely and Fred would say something like, “uh, hi Mum,” trying to sound casual as if there’s not another person in his bed but failing miserably.  She’d start yelling of course, not so much bothered by the fact you were having sex but more so by the fact that it was happening in her house where “anyone could have walked in! Your little sister could have waked in!” And eventually Fred would just flick his wand at the door so it shuts in her face, and this time he’d remember to lock it :P

Ron: He would open the door intending to ask Fred a question, only to find the two of you in a very compromising position.  He’d get all red and look anywhere but at the two of you and ask his question very quickly but Fred, enjoying how awkward Ron feels, would say something like “come again?” and make him repeat it, then give him an answer as casually as if it had been asked over the dinner table.  Ron would mumble “thanks” and slam the door and run away haha

George: George would already know what you’re up to.  After all he and Fred share a room at the Burrow and Fred had told him earlier that he “needed the room” that night…of course George got the hint right away and didn’t mind.  He’d be trying to sleep in the next room over though and once it got to be later at night he’d get pretty sick of being able to hear everything going on through the wall and would pound on it a few times and shout “KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!” to which you both would respond “Sorry!”  And then you KNOW the next day he’d greet you both with:

Ginny: She’d burst in the door much like Ron, probably looking for something of hers that she thought Fred or George had taken and hidden in their room, and see you on top of her brother and just blink once, look around you and say, “Fred, have you seen my deck of Exploding Snap?”  and Fred would pull the covers up even more to cover you both but then he’d be like “uh, yeah, I think it was downstairs.” Ginny would nod and say thanks and head for the door then say “Oh, hi, Y/N!” as if she just noticed you.  On her way out she might even make some playful remark about how she thinks you could do better hahaha

Charlie: Okay so Charlie would have just arrived for a surprise visit and he’d be bringing his things upstairs when he hears some…noises…and goes to investigate, only to find the two of you going at it.  You’d both yelp just because you thought no one else was home, but upon seeing Charlie you’d say, “oh, it’s just you,” having been afraid it was Molly.   Charlie would just stand there with his arms folded and say “nice to see you again too, Y/N.”  After an awkward pause Fred would say “catch up with you at dinner then?” and Charlie would immediately reply “yep” and leave promptly :P

Bill: Lol he’s so chill if he ever caught you he’d probably just be like “nice” and then leave you to it

Percy: Percy would catch you and probably run to the Minister of Magic in a huff because that’s what he usually does instead of reconciling with his family

~Mischief Managed~

Cait :)

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hey! can I get a kageyama and fem s/o, but she's tsukki's lil sister? I wanna see tsukki's salt on point and of course angry kags and that's all! the rest is up to you 😊

Ahh! I hope I lived up to your expectations, Anon! I really enjoy this idea though; Tsuki and Kageyama having to spend more time together than either of them want all because they love the same girl. LOL! Tsukishima can be such a little shit, it makes me so happy!

P.s. I’m gonna spend pretty much all freaking day getting through as many requests as possible! I literally have so much time today and thought I’d put it towards something productive!

Kageyama knew there was a large chance of this happening, but there was a part of him that hoped that anyone but the boy before him had answered the door. He couldn’t help the way his face immediately scrunched up at the sight of the tall blond and the way that he stared blankly down at him. God, it pissed him off. But he was on Tsukishima’s turf, he had to be respectful here.

“I, uh, I came to see [First Name]-chan,” he stated politely. His lip pouted downward, his narrowed gaze dropped after he spoke them, staring hard at the space between their feet. After a moment of no answer, he brought his eyes up to meet with Tsukishima’s gold ones behind his lens.

“No,” he answered blankly, body moving back and hand bringing the door to shut in the other’s face.

Kageyama paused, staring at the wood of the door now in front of him, gaze wide. Immediately, he felt his anger take hold of him as he lunged forward to pound hard on the surface. “Oi!” he shouted, “Bastard, open the door!”

His hand stalled mid motion of hitting the door hard again when it swung open, this time revealing the startled face of the Tsukishima sibling’s mother, her brown eyes were wide on him and he mirrored the surprised look. “Oh,” she was the first to speak of the two of them, “nice to see you, Kageyama.”

“Uh, I–”

“Be careful, mother,” Tsukishima spoke as he peered around the corner to the doorway he had left his teammate abandoned outside, “this brute is uncontrollable. It’ll be safer to keep him out and away from important things.”

The setter’s gaze narrowed on the blond, bypassing his mother before turning back up to her with an open expression free of the resentment he felt for her youngest son. “Ms. Tsukishima, I’m sorry for startling you,” he spoke, his body bowing forward before brining his gaze back up to her, ignoring the snickering Tsukishima behind her, “[First Name]-chan invited me over.”

She smiled kindly then, moving to the side and gesturing for the boy to step into her home. “She’s in her room,” she answered before moving to return to the living room, leaving Kageyama to make his way towards his girlfriend’s room, a path he knew well at this point.

Removing his shoes, Kageyama stepped into the home and moved to shoulder his way past the taller boy, a glare shooting at the small smirk that rested on his face. Stepping into the room he had been desperate to reach since he first showed up on their doorstep, his hard gaze immediately disappeared when he met with her eyes. They tension in his shoulders dropped as she crossed the space between them and wrapped her arms around his middle in greeting.

“Trouble getting through the door?” she teased, she knew the answer. It’s not like it was the first time it ever happened.

A pout appeared on his face at the mention of the events that had just transpired. “He is so…” his voice dropped away as his hands lifted to grip angrily at the air around him.

The small laugh that passed through her lips took the glare away once again. His gaze met with hers and when she moved to press her mouth against his, all the tension in his shoulders immediately dropped away from him. Returning the kiss, he brought his hands to rest gently on her hips, allowing himself to meld against her.

“Gross,” a familiar flat voice came from across the hall, “I need to vomit.”

“Damn you, Tsukishima!”

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seventh year sirius black, fluffy, graduating 30. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” 65. “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!”

“So of course, we’d take this passageway…”

Y/N and Sirius inch closer, hidden under James’ invisibility cloak. Remus and Peter continue talking quietly, unaware that they are being watched. “The Forbidden Forest is probably the perfect place to set it up.” Y/N furrows her brow at those words, stealing a glance at her companion, who looks equally confused.

“Do you think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” Sirius whispers. Y/N’s eyes widen when Remus stares at the location where they stand, invisible, and shushes Sirius wildly.

“I’m confused, Moony, what about this passageway?” Thankfully, Peter’s rather stupid question diverts Remus’ attention. As he sighs and turns back to the papers on the table, Y/N nudges Sirius and motions for him to turn around.

The two hightail it back to boys’ dorm room, thankfully empty, and take James’ cloak off with a sigh. “Well, we’ll definitely do better than that,” Sirius says.

Y/N glares at him, snatching the Marauders’ Map off the table and staring at it intently. “Don’t take this lightly, Black. this is the biggest prank war of our Hogwarts careers. If you mess this up for me, I swear to god -”

“Love, calm down.” Sirius jumps off the bed he’s been lounging on and picks his way towards Y/N between the piles of dirty clothes on the floor. “Would you feel better if we started setting up right now?”

Y/N glances at the map again and notes that Remus and Peter are still in the library and Lily and James are by the lake. Their previously scouted location is completely free of students and faculty alike. “Alright, let’s go.”

Walking around the castle at night is a strangely freeing feeling, one that Y/N is all too familiar with. Turning towards Sirius with a grin, she doesn’t bother checking the map. “Do you suppose we should -”

The sound of loud footsteps makes Sirius place a hand over her mouth, quick as a cat. “In here, fast!” They make a beeline towards the open doorway of the broom cupboard on their right, not caring about the tight fit.

As the footsteps become heavier and louder, Y/N’s breathing becomes shallower. “They’re going to see us, Sirius, the doorway is open, this is the worst hiding place, I -”

“Calm down Y/L/N!” Sirius takes a deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut. “Just pretend that we’re sneaking off to snog, okay?”

Those words, if nothing else, at least shut Y/N up. Her eyes, blown up to the size of saucers, bounce around Sirius’ face looking for any trace of a joke - but she can only find sincerity. “W-what?”

Sirius blushes slightly and avoids Y/N’s gaze. “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!” Reaching out, he snatches her hand away from where it was hanging limply at her side, and glances out the door again. “Whoever’s out there is right here, love, I -”

“Kiss me.”

Sirius snaps his gaze to Y/N’s at the sound of her breathless voice. “What about the prank?”

Y/N rolls her eyes, making Sirius smirk and take a step closer. “Just kiss me, Bla -”

She never does get to finish her sentence.

Upcoming Imagines

Some people were requesting that I post a list of my upcoming imagines so they can see what to look out for!💜 So here it is:

 ▪️Actor - Y/N is in a film and has to do a kissing scene and Shawn gets jealous

 ▪️Roses - Y/N doesn’t know if her boyfriend is good for her and how she feels about Shawn 

▪️Catcalling - Y/N gets catcalled on the street and Shawn is NOT happy about it

 ▪️Fan Account - Y/N is dating Shawn and she stops going on her fan account about him and her Internet friends go crazy 

▪️Party - Y/N has a guy flirting with her at a party and Shawn is NOT happy about it 

 This may not be the exact order they’re posted in, but I hope you like the sound of these!💗

Please Don't Go

Requested By: Anonymous

can you do a Cole Sprouse x reader that includes Dylan too? maybe the reader and Dylan decide to surprise Cole on set and there’s maybe some drama between the reader and Lili or something like that? haha i’m in desperate need of more Cole x reader!!

Pairing: Cole x Reader

Description: It had been months since you last saw your best friend Cole, you both were in the acting business so you never had time to see each other. However, you and his brother Dylan decided to take off work one day and surprise Cole. You both were expecting a warm happy welcome, but that wasn’t the case.

Warnings: Tension between Lili, reader, and Cole.

Word Count: 1,628

A/N: I hope you don’t mind but I kind of put my own twist into this idea, I’ve been in a real bummed out mood so it’s kind of sad. But I believe it’s still good, so I hope you like it.

Originally posted by outofmindsayo

Months before, you and Cole had been practicing lines, getting ready to audition for the biggest role of your life and his.

This was the thing that was going to change everything between the two of you, for the best and worst.

You both waited eagerly for weeks for your results, and sure enough you both got callbacks, and ended up getting the parts you auditioned for.

You both were so excited, but never truly realized what this all meant at the time.

That is until it was the day you both had to pack, and leave to travel your separate ways.

“Time flies, huh?” You joked, a sad smile on your face.

“Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?” He gave a goofy grin, making you smile.

“I know you’re going to do really well Cole, I’m proud of you.” You smiled, giving him a hug.

“I know you are too Y/N.” He hugged back, before letting go and getting into his taxi.

It was this moment that changed you, from the second you woke up that morning, to waving goodbye to your best friend driving off in a taxi to his new life.

Things were already changing.

You too that day got into a taxi, starting your new life also.

This was the beginning of something great, at least that’s what you thought and hoped.

You soon became a super star, everyone knew who you were, wanted your autograph, a picture, anything really.

You weren’t going to lie either, you loved it, it was everything you wanted.

Months had gone by, you didn’t really have the time to think about Cole and how he was doing, you were too busy focusing on yourself and your career.

You did however know that he was on a new TV show called Riverdale, and that he was a huge part of it.

You were proud of him, he really wanted to have a different personality compared to his previous roles.

You really wanted to see him, so you decided to call his brother, Dylan.

You and Dylan were close like you were with Cole, so you knew he’d know where Cole was.

It took about a week to get a break from filming, you did extra hours so you wouldn’t be missed in certain areas in filming.

Soon enough the time came and you and Dylan were off to visit Cole, someone you hadn’t seen since the moment you both parted ways.

You missed hanging out with Dylan, he was just as goofy as Cole.

You both caught up with each other on the plane trip, something you hadn’t done in a while.

Hours later you arrived, walking onto the Riverdale set with Dylan.

People came running up to you, asking for pictures and autographs, which you did, then did some with Dylan too.

You both thanked your fans then set off to find Cole.

You both wandered around set, goofing around, dancing to music on the way, then spotted Cole.

Dylan nudged you, making your eyes widen.

He looked different, but you liked it.

“Yo, brother!” Dylan called, making Cole’s head snap in your direction.

His eyes widened, before he ran out to the both of you, engulfing you both in a hug.

“What are you two doing here?” He laughed, doing a handshake with Dylan, before giving you another hug, which you gladly accepted.

“We decided to surprise you.” Dylan grinned, making you shrug innocently.

“You two, I don’t know what I’m going to do with the both of you.” Cole chuckled, wrapping his arms around the both of you.

Cole decided to end up giving you both a tour of the set of Riverdale, and you had to admit it looked great.

The three of you ended up later that day just catching up, laughing, overall having a great time together once again.

Something you all dearly missed.

You were all just chatting when a few of the Riverdale cast members joined in.

Cole introduced them as Kj, Lili, and Camila.

They all were super nice, except you kept getting a bad vibe from Lili.

She’d keep giving you side glances, which you noticed, along with Dylan.

You decided to excuse yourself, which Lili also did, following you.

“You both need to leave, you can’t be here.” Lili spoke from behind you, making you stop and turn around.

“I can do what I want, when I want Lili, so why don’t you stay out of business that isn’t yours.” You smiled politely, making her glare at you.

“Cole is my business, he’s my boyfriend.” She snapped, making you freeze for a moment, before glancing at Cole.

He locked eyes with you, knowing something was wrong.

Both him and Dylan rushed out, before seeing you and Lili.

“Cole is it true?” You questioned, making him shift uncomfortably.

“I mean, kind of.” He messed with his hair nervously.

“Kind of?” Lili shouted, before storming off.

You raised an eyebrow at Cole, then at Dylan.

“Did you know too?” You asked Dylan, who refused to look at you.

You let out a sarcastic fake laugh, crossing your arms.

“I was so wrong about you, the both of you.” You shook your head, a fake smile on your face.

“No you weren’t it’s still me, your best friend.” Cole tried to interfere, but you were done with his excuses.

“She’s the reason why we lost contact, and you can’t blame me for not trying to contact you because I did, you just ignored me, so I stopped trying.” You stated bluntly, narrowing your eyes at Cole.

He cleared his throat, looking at his feet.

“You’ve really become a different character, hope it was worth it.” You stated, before backing away.

“Wait, Y/N where are you going?” Dylan spoke up quickly, a confused look on his face.

“Back home.” You smiled sadly, looking at the two brothers in front of you.

“What? No! You can’t.” Cole blurted out, stepping towards you.

You just looked at him, before walking away once again.

“Please don’t go.” He spoke quietly, making you stop in your tracks.

You stood there a moment, thinking in your head for a logical response.

You took a deep breath, before turning around.

“Cole, you already did.” You smiled sadly, motioning towards his new home.

He stood there in disbelief, unsure of what to say or what to do.

Dylan just stood there, unsure if he should get in the way or not.

It felt like memory lane, but this time you were the one leaving.

You gave a small wave, a tear slipping down your cheek, before you walked away for good this time.

Cole wanted to tell you to stop, to stay there with him, but he knew you were right.

And that’s what killed him.

He watched you walk away that day, onto a bigger and better life.

He was proud of you, and what you had accomplished.

But he’d always remember the day he watched you leave, wishing you wouldn’t go.

And you’d always remember him saying, ‘please don’t go.’

This is what made the both of you great actors/actresses, you became a character, but still had yourself deep within.

None of this would have happened if you both hadn’t let go.

As hard as it was to let go, it was for the best, you both knew it, and that’s what kept you together forever.

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Can I have a list for class 1-A as Greek gods or goddesses?

Class 1-A:

Kaminari Denki: Zeus, God of Skies and Lightning.

Momo Yaoyorozu: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War.

Katsuki Bakugou: Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths and Fire.

Kyoka Jiro: Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt.

Midoriya Izuku: Janus, God of beginnings

Kirishima Eijiro: Atlas, Titan whose strength lifts the world.

Ochaco Uraraka: Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Tenya Iida: Hermes, God of Roadways.

Tsuyu Asui: Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture.

Fumikage Tokoyami: Hades, God of the Underworld.

Tooru Hagakure: Hecate, Goddess of Magic.

Shouto Todoroki: Ares, God of war.

Yuga Aoyama: Adonis, God of Beauty and Desire.

Mina Ashido: Hestia, Greek Goddess of Domestic Life.

Ojiro Mashirao: Pan, God of Shepherds.

Hanta Sero: Apollo, God of Music and Medicine.

Mezo Shouji: Helios, God of the Sun.

Had to add some of these beans too:

Neito Monoma: Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Itsuka Kendo: Selene, Goddess of the Moon.

Hitoshi Shinsou: Hypnos, God of Sleep.

Hatsume Mei: Nike, Goddess of Victory.