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can we get some more khal drogo up in here? you're such a talented writer. like i legit binged so much on here. fantastic job! could i request one where drogo encounters an equally large khalasar and defeats the other older khal. he ends up taking the eldest daughter as a bride and she is just a spitfire and doesn't like him at all until some of the members of the khalasar try to get a little rowdy with her and he shuts it down super quick and she realizes he's not that bad? thanks, dearie!! 😘

Pairing: Khal Drogo x Reader
Fandom: GoT ; ASoIaF
Warnings: language ; violence ; attempt of sexual assault (nothing graphic)

Summary: When Khal Drogo defeats your father in a duel, he has the choice of becoming your new Khal, or becoming your husband. He chooses you.

A/N: awww, thank you sooo much my darling! I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself! I really hope that you like this one as well. khal drogo stories are always a bit of a challenge for me, but like last time, I hope I did him credit! (also, please imagine everything spoken in Dothraki. Unfortunately, my Dothraki is non-existent, so I have to settle for English lol)


Your father had never been a kind man. He had hurt many people in his years as a Khal.

Thankfully, he never laid a hand on you. Nevertheless, what he did to his enemies scared you. And what he did to those who betrayed him scared you even more.

And when one day another Khal entered your camp and challenged your father, you had a hard time watching the fight, knowing that your father wouldn’t simply ‘strike him down’ at the end of the fight, like any other Khal would..

No.. he was ruthless. He’d hurt him in ways that the other Khal couldn’t even imagine.

Your brother, standing next to you, had a smug grin on his face, his eyes never leaving the two men in front of him.

He’d be like your father one day.. unfortunately.

And that one second that you didn’t have your eyes on your father and the other Khal, was the second that you could hear your father scream in agony.

The eyes of your brother widened, before he stormed towards the other Khal and shoved him away, kneeling next to your father, the blade sticking out of his stomach.

You, unlike your brother, didn’t feel sadness, nor anger.

The only sadness you felt was for your little brother. For having lost his hero in front of his eyes.

The other Khal threw up his hands triumphantly, walked up to one of the woman of his clan and kissed her roughly, before turning his head to you, a wicked smile on his face.

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Anon requested: “ can you do a violinist! hoshi moodboard??”

Moodboard Masterlist

“They look at different places
Listening to different songs
I’m thinking about you

Things may seem repetitive
But when I’m with you,
They turn special”
- Soonyoung ~ Beautiful

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Mirio finding out his S/O is preggers with not one... But Two Babies!!! How would pancake deal? Super protective? Happy kike a little school girl? Does he gind pregnancy oddly arousing? Who knows?

Ohhh how interesting! Hopefully you find the headcanons just as interesting as I found the request! Have yourself a heckin’ amazing day my sweet lil’ sapling! Let me know what you think!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

🥞 “W-What?”

🥞 “Mirio, honey, it’s twins…we’re having twins” – You can’t help but smile at the look of pure excitement and happiness that forms on your husband’s face!

🥞 The lil’ pancake hugs you instantly from behind, specifically so he can kiss along your neck and move his hands to your swollen stomach, caressing it gently.

🥞 “Two babies…you’re so perfect, do you know that?” – He’s mostly talking to himself at this stage but he certainly wants you to know how much he loves you and how thankful he is to you for carrying his baby babies!

🥞 “I promise I’ll keep all three of you safe!” – The tone in his voice is suddenly serious, making you look back at him, your heart melting at the look of utter love and determination in his eyes.

🥞He truly was happy about the development.

🥞 “…Guess we need more baby stuff though, how about we go out now?” – He changes his tone and smiles warmly at you, pressing his lips to your forehead gently; he wanted to make sure everything was ready for the two precious lives in your womb.