The signs as Jaden Smith tweets

Aries: “All The Rules In This World Were Made By Someone No Smarter Than You. So Make Your Own”

Taurus: “It’s Your Birthday” Mateo Said. I Didn’t Respond. “Are You Not Excited To Be 15” He Asked. Reading My Book I Uttered “I Turned 15 Long Ago”

Gemini: “People Use To Ask Me What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older And I Would Say What A Stupid Question The Real Question Is What Am I Right Now”

Cancer:  “Either I Lie To You Or We Cry Together”

Leo:  “You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!”

Virgo: “If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth”

Libra: “Water In The Eyes And Alcohol In The Eyes Are Pretty Much The Same I Know This From First Hand Experience.”

Scorpio:  “Dying Is MainStream #MONEY”

Sagittarius: “School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth”

Capricorn: “People Tell Me To Smile I Tell Them The Lack Of Emotion In My Face Doesn’t Mean I’m Unhappy”

“How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real”

Pisces: “Most Trees Are Blue”