“The voice you deserve.”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I deserve representation better than that of someone who had an affair with a married man, while threatening to kill her own husband.

Shareblue’s response to this is, ironically, racism.

They call such people “pet minorities” or “token blacks.”

These are 21st century equivalents of “Uncle Tom” and “House Negro.”

But, racism is okay when you’re a member of the Ctrl Left, according to liberals.

Remember these names

Chris Hixon
Nicholas Dworet
Aaron Feis
Gina Montalto
Scott Beigel
Alyssa Alhadeff
Joaquin Oliver
Jaime Guttenberg
Martin Duque
Meadow Pollack
Alex Schachter
Peter Wang
Helena Ramsay
Alaina Petty
Carmen Schentrup
Cara Loughran
Luke Hoyer

These are the latest victims of America’s apathy. From 14 to 44 years, each of them lost to a situation that happens no where else in the developed world. No where else in the developed world would Scott Biegal need to shield his students with his body. No where else in the developed world would Peter Wang be shot while holding the door, trying to help a final classmate escape the fate he was about to face. No where else in the developed world would Aaron Feis need to run towards the sound of bullets, on a fucking normal Wednesday at a god damn high school.

Trump will send his prayers and Congress will send their silence and inaction. Tomorrow will be another news cycle where the shooter becomes a footnote, no mention of his antisemitism. Next week will be another shooting and next week will be another list.

Next week Aaron Feis will not return to his team. Scott Biegal will not return to his class. Cara will never dance again, Meadow won’t reach her first college class in September. Nicholas will never swim again, and Alyssa won’t ever reach her fucking 15th birthday.

America, you can’t look at this and not see a problem. You can’t look at this and not want to help, not want to stop, not want to end this insane cycle that only halts for the fucking dead.

The defensiveness of your Republicans, of your politicians, your pundits, your spokespeople is disgusting. Your whataboutisms, your redirections, your smugness, your lies your anger at liberals, you are accomplishing nothing but putting the gun in another killer’s hands and praising yourselves for it.

I don’t know what else I can say. I think you lost your humanity the day you decided decided that turning a first grade classroom into a massacre scene was an appropriate price to pay for an amendment made in the 1700s hundred where the only guns they knew were flintlock and bulky, not the AR-15s you seem hellbent on keeping in the hands of citizens.

I guess I’m just sad. Even as an outsider looking in I’m fed up. I don’t even know what your people are facing. And I don’t think you do either.

Me, young, naive: Mike Pence was rude as shit for disrespecting South Korea’s opening ceremony message about their children building a more peaceful, possibly more unified future

You, conservative, wise: Sometimes world peace is bad