Justice League #8 by Fernando Pasarin & Matt Ryan

Written by BRYAN HITCH
Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers each. Please see the order form for details.
“OUTBREAK” part one! Someone is hacking into the Justice League’s computers, causing the Batcave’s weapons and security systems to turn against the Dark Knight and the Watchtower satellite to plummet to Earth—with Cyborg trapped on board.
On sale NOVEMBER 2 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Written by BRYAN HITCH
Variant cover by YANICK PAQUETTE
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
“OUTBREAK” part two! The Justice League is under attack from an unseen foe with a vendetta against Earth’s greatest heroes—someone with the power to reprogram Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz’s Green Lantern rings to kill any member of the Justice League.
On sale NOVEMBER 16 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

This is James, believe it or not, he is the same as as me, 24. Despite his age, here he is getting ready for his first day back at school for the new school year. He has always looked incredibly young for his age, the fact that he couldn’t grow facial or body hair didn’t help but let me explain the actual reason why he is getting ready for school. 

2 months ago he had just applied for a teaching job in another city, because he had to travel to this city for the interview he thought he might as well make a week of it and go on a holiday for a week. I decided to come because I had nothing better to do, and unknown to him, I had been in love with him since high school, yet despite him also being gay, he had no interest in dating me. 

On the first night of this holiday, he was invited to a school days party by one of his friends. This involved getting dressed up in your old school uniform. James didn’t have his old school uniform with him so he just went out and bought a generic school uniform for the party. Unsurprisingly, he looked just like a 16 year school boy in the uniform. I wasn’t into dressing up, but despite me not having a costume, James pressured me into coming anyway.

On the way to the party was when tragedy struck. While crossing the street, a car came out of nowhere, it just missed me but went straight into James. He was rushed to the hospital, and naturally I came with him. When we got to the hospital they took him straight in and wouldn’t let me see him, not being family and all. After hours of waiting, a doctor came out and brought me through to see him. Surprisingly, they had put him in the youth wing of the hospital, they must have assumed he was a young student based on how young he looks and the fact he was wearing a junior’s school uniform. If it wasn’t for the circumstances I would have laughed because I know how sensitive he is about being mistaken for younger. The doctor informed me that they had brought me through because he had suffered amnesia from the accident and couldn’t remember anything. His ID must have fallen out of his pocket when the accident happened because they couldn’t identify who he was. They asked me if I knew who he was, or who to get in contact with. Now I know this makes me a horrible person, but I saw an opportunity and took it. I claimed I had no idea who he was and that I had just come because I was worried about a young student being by himself, because I’m a foster parent and care a lot about children. Obviously most of that was a lie, apart from the part about being a foster parent, I actually was a registered foster parent. He had no recollection of who he was, so when the doctors told him he must be a high school student based on his uniform, he believed that he was a 16 year old high school student.

After a series of events, I managed to convince them to let me foster him until they could find out who he was and how to contact his parents. He seemed to like me even with his amnesia and I have to admit that I kind of loved him talking to me as if I was so much older than him and I loved being able to tell him what to do. Because he didn’t know anything about himself or where he would go if I didn’t want him anymore, he did everything I told him. Because he didn’t have any clothes I went and bought him some, naturally I bought clothes that made him look as young as possible, as opposed to the normal clothes he’d wear that made him look like an adult. Because he had a broken leg, he couldn’t wash himself, so the doctors informed me I would have to wash him, naturally I didn’t object. I loved being able to run my hands all over his naked body, I had dreamt of being able to touch him like this since highschool, his face may have made him look like a 16 year, but his body sure looked like an adult, he was surprisingly ripped, because you wouldn’t think he was based out how he looks. I was in heaven. Speed forward 2 months and he was still my foster child. No-one had been able to find out who he was, we were on the other side of the country and admittedly I don’t think the hospital or police had put much effort into trying to find his family after they loaded him off on me.

So here he was, my once 24 year old friend who was about to be a teacher, now my foster child who thinks he is a 16 year old high school student. Just to add to the situation, I had actually enrolled him in the school he had come to this city to interview for a teaching role. The school had never seen his face so they had no idea who he was, and they had no issue with him enrolling as a student at their school when I went and saw them. 

So now he’s enrolled as a student at the school where he may have been teaching right now if it hadn’t been for the accident, going to be taught by people who would have been his colleague but are now in charge of him. I loved the whole situation, being able to pick out what clothes he wears, making him do his homework, making him join the waterpolo team so I can watch him walk around in speedos. He was such an obedient foster child, I think I actually preferred him like this to when he was my best friend. He was going to be a teacher so obviously he had no issue reliving high school, so now he’s just taking a more literal method of reliving high school. I know things may be a bit weird if he gets into a relationship with a high school student, but no-one knows the truth but be, so as long as everyone thinks he’s 16 and not 24 I’m sure everything will be fine. 

I know that this can’t go on forever, one day he may get his memories back, and if that ever happens I don’t think it would end well for me, or his family may find him, which also wouldn’t end well for me. But for the time being I’m enjoying being a foster parent to my 16 year old foster child, I’ve seen the way he looks at me, and I think in his 16 year old boy mindset he has a crush on his 24 year old foster father, which I have no issue taking advantage of. 

Reprogramming Myself

There are some things I do that make me feel shitty -I almost referred to them as habits, but they’re not habits, they’re choices. I’m aware I’m doing them and I recognize that they make me feel bad, but I continue to do them anyway- that I would like to redirect into things that will make me feel better. I will probably come up with more of these, but for now, these are the ones I can think of:

1: Snacking out of boredom

Redirection: When I recognize that I am about to do this, I will go outside for some fresh air or a walk around the block. If the weather is not compliant, I will go somewhere peaceful indoors and sit and meditate for ten minutes.

2: Immediate use of social media upon waking

Redirection: Have a feel good song queued up to play upon waking, and keep my positivity notebook on my bedside table and read or write.

3: Too much screen time during my free hours: So often I will feel myself getting anxious and feeling guilty about being lost in my phone and yet continue to stare at the screen.

Redirection: when I notice my screen time having a negative impact on my mental state -bonus points for recognizing this before it even happens- I will get away from the screen and do some mobility work…stretching, trigger point stuff, etc.

Basically I’m going to start replacing my negative tendencies with positive things that I always say I should do more of. I will probably think of more, but this is a good start.

Fox News Launches An All Out Assault Against Occupy Wall Street

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‘These segments are an escalation of the Fox News campaign to spin and discredit Occupy Wall Street. The fact that Fox News is paying attention now means that your message is getting out, and they are scared. When Wall Street uses their media mouthpiece to attack you that means that they are worried. More than anything Wall Street and Fox News are hoping that the protests turn violent so that they can delegitimize you as an angry mob.

The message is out, the people are listening and this has made the corporate interests very nervous, so nervous that Fox News felt compelled to go increase their attacks.’

Researchers have built the first reprogrammable quantum computer
By Fiona MacDonald

Researchers have built the first quantum computer that can not only be programmed, but, just like a regular computer, can actually be reprogrammed, too.

This latest device is only made from five atoms, but it’s a huge step towards building scalable, functioning quantum computers that could change the way we process data forever.

Quantum computers have the power to be exponentially more powerful than today’s regular computers, which are based on units of information called bits that can either be in a ‘0’ or '1’ state.

Quantum processors, on the other hand, are made of qubits, which can be a '1’, '0’, or both at the same time - a state known as 'superposition’.

But while many groups have built small quantum computing devices in the past, most of these have only been hard-wired to solve a single problem, and any reprogramming requires complex physics.

This new device is different, because it’s easily reprogrammable, and it’s already been shown to solve three algorithms in a single step - something that would require several operations for a normal computer to calculate.

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2012 medicine Nobel honors research on reprogramming adult cells

Two scientists who showed that a cell’s fate is reversible have won the 2012 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. The Nobel committee announced October 8 that John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka are being honored for showing that cells once thought to be locked into a specific identity could remember and revert to the supremely flexible state they have in an early embryo. (Science News)

Stem Cells/Immunology


Presentation: “Serendipity 3: The Role of TLR3 in Nuclear Reprogramming”
Presenter: Avantika Chitre  (2nd year BMS student)
Paper: Lee J, et al. Activation of innate immunity is required for efficient nuclear reprogramming. Cell. 2012 Oct 26;151(3):547-58.



In a nutshell:


Arguably one of the most remarkable feats of modern medicine is organ transplantation.   Who could have imagined centuries ago that we would someday be able to remove a patient’s damaged kidney or liver and replace it with that of another human being?  This process, however, carries significant risks, including limited availability of donor organs and possible rejection of the foreign tissue.  What if we could bypass all of that by growing and using the patient’s own healthy tissue? 

What if we could grow a new liver for a patient using his or her skin cells?  What if we could regrow neurons in patients with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s? This is the hope of regenerative medicine—developing the ability to replace damaged tissue or stimulate its healing. 

Groundbreaking progress in the field was made in the lab of UCSF’s own Nobel-prize-winning Shinya Yamanaka.  It was found that four proteins (the transcription factors Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc) could be used to reprogram mature cells into induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells.  Not only does this discovery allow researchers to bypass the ethical concerns of experimentation with embryonic stem cells, but it also introduces the possibility of taking mature cells in the body and reprogramming them into another cell type for regenerative purposes. 

            Something that works well in the lab, however, does not always translate to success in the clinic.  One of the reprogramming methods is introducing these proteins, now dubbed the Yamanaka factors, into cells using a virus.  This poses the risk of turning on cancer-causing genes—is it worth it to get a new kidney only to develop cancer shortly afterwards?  Another technique is the use of purified proteins, but this has proven to be significantly less effective than use of viruses. 

            The authors of this paper set out to determine the reason for this decreases in reprogramming efficiency.  They found that using any virus, not just one that introduces (one of) the Yamanaka factors, improved efficiency, and hypothesized that this might be due to activation of the immune system by the virus.  Indeed, they uncovered a possible role for the immune component TLR3.  Stimulating the TLR3 pathway allowed for more efficient reprogramming.  In support of the role of the immune system was the observation that the TLR3 pathway induced epigenetic changes, which are necessary for cellular reprogramming.  Perhaps by stimulating the immune system, then, we can reprogram cells into iPS cells more safely and efficiently and come one step closer to the goals of regenerative medicine.  

Anyone wonder about Haxus after he and Rover fell? Like, is his decaying body just lying at the bottom of the ship? That’s kinda morbid. Or maybe he survived and he and Rover are buddies now, chilling and shooting the shit in their new home. (Don’t ask how Haxus is still alive with no food or water.) OR, alternate route, what if he survived, reprogrammed Rover to work for him, found a way out, and is planning his revenge on Pidge and the others? Like, yeah. I’d like that. That’d be cool. Haxus makes a comeback! Jk. He’s probably just dead bumping about as the ship flies around space.

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