After the regime of Bashar al-Assad again attacked civilians with chemical weapons a rally took place in front of the embassy of Russia in Berlin. Russia is beside Iran the closest ally of al-Assad. About 86 People died from the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhun, hundreds were injured.

The activists condemned the ongoing war crimes by the regime and urged Russia to stop al-Assad from killing the Syrian People. 04/05/2017.


Grenfell Tower fire

On Wednesday 14th of June, London had a very somber awakening. A fire in the early morning had engulfed a 24 story tower block in under 30 minutes with the occupants inside. In the moment I heard it, I went there to try and get personal stories. Still it’s very early and the sorrows very clear but the amazing community and how the people from all over the city has responded so rapidly and with such a great heart and generosity gives a sense of hope and an overwhelming emotion that I can’t describe. This is just a few and early scenes documenting what is happening at the area surrounding Grenfell Tower in London.


Hélène Hardy, première femme transgenre élue députée à l’assemblée?

En tout cas, on salue son courage et on lui souhaite bonne chance pour sa campagne!