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Which of Simone de Beauvoir's works would you recommend to someone as of yet unfamiliar with her writings?

My devotion to de Beauvoir cannot be overstated enough, and so I barely contain myself in stopping short of responding « everything! ». De Beauvoir considered herself an author, first and foremost, and so her philosophical and political writings are – within the context of being termed a ‘philosopher’ – gratifyingly readable.

My first taste of de Beauvoir was Mémoires d'une jeune fille rangée (Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter) and I remain convinced that it is one of the finest pieces of nonfiction writing of the 20th century, in addition to being an ideal introduction to her work. It provides a fascinating exercise in witnessing de Beauvoir apply her philosophically-trained mind to her jeunesse, exploring questions in semiotics, ontology, and beyond. De Beauvoir’s philosophy of existentialist humanism is also most apparent and tangible, and will become even more apparent in her other works. Philosophy aside though, it is foremost a deeply intimate articulation of de Beauvoir’s own inner landscape. It is an epiphanic piece of writing, before which very few had evoked such a level of visceral sympathy; I imagine it is true too for any young woman of discerning mind who has ever been bound by decorum and social expectation. That is to say nothing of its Proustian consideration of memory and its persistence throughout one’s lifetime and its continuous colouring of the present.

For me, Le Deuxième Sexe (The Second Sex) is essential literature. Terming it the « feminist Bible » is insensitively glib, and entirely undermines the essence of the work: a manifesto of the female condition and its social and political construction. It is not intended to be a comforting polemic, and yet it is – a verbalisation of the convert fears, fantasies, and desires regarding womanhood that suddenly empowered a generation of women who previously regarded such articulations as only possible in secret. Volumes upon volumes have extolled the brilliance of Sexe, and I need not belabour them, except to marvel at (and be bemused by) the fact that it is still considered a radical work. To reiterate: essential reading.

The Mandarins is, essentially, a nonfiction work thinly disguised as fiction. It tells of the intelligentsia of post-war France and their reconciliation of rhetoric, principle, and l’essence de vie in a mutable world. The work chiefly acts as a platform to expound de Beauvoir’s own views and document shrewd observations concerning her intellectual circle. The characters are veritably lifelike, the passages of dialogue sparkling, and the immediacy of the themes retain relevance. While the philosophy is beyond reproach, the writing, however, is not, and reveals de Beauvoir’s moderate weaknesses as a narrative author. Nevertheless, it is entirely worth perusing for further elucidations on de Beauvoir’s philosophies.

I would finally suggest The Ethics of Ambiguity as a bookend to de Beauvoir’s major philosophical output. It continues the tradition of individual responsibility in constructing personal meaning, as she did in Sexe, but here through the more general visage of essence (think Sartre’s existence precedes essence). She claims that the « ambiguity » is a function of the dissonance between the material tangibility of the world and the self-constructed reality of the inner self. De Beauvoir dwells considerably on this dualism, as well as the relationship between mind-body, spirit-matter, etc, and its implications for moral freedom. Ethics is the most technical of her philosophical output, closer to Sartre’s Being and Nothingness or Heidegger’s Being and Time than to her other works, but the philosophy essence remains the same, placed within the context of her feminist framework found elsewhere in Sexe. More interestingly, I think, is her consideration of personal dualism – not in the Cartesian sense, mind, but in the perpetual discord of acknowledging personal freedom of choice and action, and deciding when to deploy it, leading to ‘sub-man’ acts such as bigotry and violence as a rejection of such choice. Ethics is a complex work, but if you manage to get through it, will find it entirely rewarding in the degree to which it coalesces fragments of themes found de Beauvoir’s other works, producing a definitive philosophy of – ultimately – freedom.

For further reading, I would also highly suggest de Beauvoir’s interview with the Paris Review - for extraordinary insights into the mind of this extraordinary woman.

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Hello! I started liking EXO because of Yixing and since you seem to like him so much, could you tell me some things about him? ^^ New fan here and I want to know more ^^

this is probably the best way to get into exo! welcome! you can find all your basics (or.. basically everything you need to know) here.

what else can i add?

- his fans are called xingmi

- for your resource i suggest following @fy-zyixing and @laymerence for updates and here is a list of wonderful xingmi to keep up with as well.

- you can follow yixing on instagram, his personal weibo, his studio’s weibo.

- he and xingmi have their own little hand sign. it looks like this.

- his nicknames are: dandan, little pride, little sheep, changsha pride

- he was a child star in the show star academy so he’s not new to the stage.

- he was a sub for jonghyun on one of shinee’s concerts pre debut!

- his early debut china interviews are the best, seriously, you should watch some here and here and here and this show too.

- he has his own studio in china! (his studio’s little secretary is the cutest)

- he really really really really wants to play the rolle of a killer (or a dino.. but lets not talk abt that…)

- movies? tv? he’s filmed the movie oh my god, starred in the ex files 2, the drama to be a better man, he’s the main character in The Mystic Nine, a member of the variety show go fighting which is super funny and emotional and all sorts of amazing you have!!! to!! watch!! it!!, he’s also starring in a movie with f(x)’s krystal that’s supposed to be released this autumn. oh.. he also filmed star chef but lets just say… cooking isn’t really….his forte… lol

- he’s super scared of pigeons. birds. anything with a beak to poke him. it’s really cute and funny and kinda sad.

- he loves his xingmi more than anything, honestly not to be biased but this relationship is different and more intimate than any other I’ve ever seen between artist and fan.

- this man is an all or nothing kind of guy. i suggest you read his autobiography “standing firm at 24” to get a deeper understanding of him. a group of amazing xingmi translated it from mandarin to english!

that’s about all i can think of.. if any other xingmi has any additions feel free to add on! :-)

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Months ago, when some fans were worried that s3 would be behind a paywall, Steph said that the episodes of the show would always be aired for free. IF they want to backtrack, it means that they know that their channel will bite the dust after Carmilla ends, so they want to milk the fandom for all that's worth. But maybe it just means that they will change the airing days.

i sincerely doubt they’re going to make anyone pay for any of the episodes, that’s true. but yeah the… airing dates seems like a more likely option but like… why? and how?

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Omg are you disabled??! I'm really sorry to hear that ,I hope you have all the help you need ,you seem such a peaceful and calm person, that is so unfair.

I’m not disabled as in physically disabled, the disability pension in Australia covers more than just the physically disabled. It also covers people like me who suffer from severe anxiety and depression who can’t work.

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i always cry when i spill milk

  • u cry over sold out concert tickets
  • u cry over expensive plane tickets back home
  • u cry over shipping fees
  • u cry when there is no more strawberry cheesecake ice cream at the store
  • u cry when u don’t have access to free 24/7 fried chicken delivery
  • but u NEVER cry over spilled milk

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its kim donghyuck not lee jfc

Kim in Hangul is while Lee is .

This is part of a Naver article. You see that highlighted part? It says “real name Lee Donghyuck

Even in the vapp broadcast with him and Mark, he wore a shirt with a name tag on it.

The name tag says “ ” meaning Lee Dong Hyuck. it’s not Kim- it’s Lee.

His name is Lee Donghyuck.

gimliisbig replied to your post: “Mary is a murderer, like. That’s just a fact of the show. She’s killed…”:

I don’t get all the Mary hate??? Sherlock has killed too??? John was in the army, who are kinda famous for killing people????

It is genuinely sad how many of you seriously cannot see the difference between the hero killing a villain, to being a soldier fighting in a war, to being literally a paid assassin whose sole purpose is to murder others. Like ??? Are you really truly failing to see the lack of logic in your reasoning?

The two times we’ve seen John and Sherlock kill in this show (cabbie/Magnussen) were for the safety and protection of others. The time we’ve seen Mary kill in this show was for the safety and protection of herself. It should not be THIS difficult for you to grasp.

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I definitely want to hear more about 'the only season 4 you're interested in seeing.' (Like you, and apparently somewhat controversially in fandom, if we couldn't/can't get another season I also am satisfied with the show ending after TWOTL and the implication that they both died there - and in fact would have been way MORE satisfied if we hadn't gotten that damn post-credit sequence muddying the waters!)

There seems to be A LOT OF CONTROVERSY going around lately! A lot of “this is right and this is wrong.” Which is a strictness that is kinda at odds, I think, with a show that was all Upon This Ambiguity I Shall Build My M.C. Escher Haunted House.

I mean to me, one of the big things this story was concerned with is how everyone has different perceptions and definitions for what is beautiful, and that those can change. I always figured this was part of why everything was kept so dreamy and indefinite, to give us the freedom to see a whole spectrum of beauties as we watched it. It laid everything together in richly patterned layers, so that you could shift your focus and see romance in the horror, and comedy in the mythic.

And depending on what you like feasting your eyes on (pun intended), there are always going to be different elements of Hannibal that some people treasure more than others! My recaps and rewatches reflected my own vision, naturally, and in the early days I actually spent a lot of time wondering if I should step back into more neutrality, or if it would be more interesting/entertaining for me to step further into the wild hinterland of my weirdo feels. I don’t know if I ever really came to a decision about that, or if I just blithely wandered further inland over time like I…certainly did.

So yeah, now that we’re here with me being bold about my personal ~opines~, my morbid butt is TRANSCENDENTLY happy with these disastrous idiots dying together. I love their love as doomed, I find that so satisfying for some reason. The Fall feels like the perfect culmination of the heartfelt hilarious horror of their storyline, this big fancy “fuck it all, we’re going down together,” ah it’s so good. I love it SO MUCH that I am like, maximally renegade in this fandom, and don’t even want a fourth season? I know, I know.

And yet, I do have a lot of fun imagining what a fourth season might be, because this is just such a fantastical spooky playground they’ve built. And somewhere in the fall of 2015 it occurred to me that if there were a season 4, realistically the odds are pretty good that Will Graham would not make it out of it alive. I remember this moment because I muttered “oh that’s TRAGIC,” and then started laughing helplessly. It just works really well — finally letting the man who is always embracing his Death reach his end, and a surefire way to get this Hannibal to Silence of the Lambs. In my head Will would be killed in some sort of showdown with Jack & co. He’ll tell Hannibal goodbye, and Hannibal will refuse, and Will will whisper, “Please, Hannibal,” and we’ll all scream into our hands. Hannibal will rise to his feet incandescent with rage and grief, tears cutting through blood and blood falling like tears, throwing himself heedlessly into the fray, where he takes out dozens before the F.B.I. finally snags him. And then he calcifies in his cell, in his bitter misery, into the Hannibal Lecter whom Clarice Starling meets years later, and so on and so on.

I mean, this is HELLA BLEAK, but it’s thematic and tidy, and it would give us a fucking MAJESTIC scene for Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen to act through. Mostly I still just want the whole thing to be perfectly over, but like, this could be good too.

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But she is now willing to change the way she was living for love; for John. No one would go through that much trouble for nothing. She actually is putting an effort into making herself a better person, and changing her whole life-style. She knows that she made a mistake in the past. That’s why I’m #teammary all the way!

She literally killed Sherlock

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And from what @mysimhideout said, I don’t know because I’m not a programmer or anything, but since they already have the basic model.. it sounds like it would be easier.

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sorry to bother you but i'm thinking of getting my first art tablet, do you have any recommendations? thank you!!

Hi! No worries– for art tablets, Wacom is generally considered the standard, but they’re pretty pricey. The cheapest Wacom tablets are around $70, but they only have 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. For optimal drawing, you want 2048. The cheapest Wacom that’ll give you that is an Intuos Pro, which start at around $250. 

You can find some really nice used ones on ebay for good prices if you check around– that’s how I got my cintiq! 

But, if that’s not an option, you should check out other brands. I’ve heard good things about both Huion & Monoprice tablets. They offer 2048 pressure levels for a fraction of the price of an Intuos Pro, and have pretty good connectivity/ key controls. Here’s a link to some more extensive reviews of alternative tablets by Frenden

TLDR: you could spend $70-80 on a smaller Wacom Intuos or Bamboo which would serve you just fine as a novice, or invest the same in a Huion/Monoprice and get better specs. Hope this helps!

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Kinda random, but I'm curious.. How did your mother react when she got the photo?

Hello Anon!

That is EXTREMELY random.  xD  I don’t mind answering though.  She loved it!  You have to understand: I guess she was taking a train in California or something and… randomly decided to get our picture at a photobooth.  A photobooth.  Do such things even exist outside of malls or other niche areas anymore?  ANYWAY… I was very small.  I look no older than four months or so.

Photobooth photo though: so the result was… what…. an inch and a half or two by an inch?  TINEH.  Couple that with many many many years of wear, tear, stains…. but for some reason I had a scan of it on my computer?  e__e 

Mother’s Day was coming up at the time, so… threw it into Photoshop, cleaned up everything, made the colors brighter, blew the size up to a nice resolution, etc, etc.  It’s not poster-worthy; the end result is nice on the size I put it on, which was 4x6″.  There’s a framing place close by, gave it to them to professionally frame, and sent it in the mail.  :)

I WOULD show you but I really don’t care to have that kinda personal shit on the internet.  :X  Forgive.

As penance have a painting I did of my cat for my husband’s birthday a couple years ago.  xD

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Die of heart failure? MCU Tony's heart doesn't need the arc reactor anymore.

Tony doesn’t need the arc reactor to keep shrapnel away from his heart any more, yes, but he is still missing like 30% of his sternum and has lasting heart damage.

like. is this not the look of a man teetering on the edge of a heart attack.