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How does Cas know Dean is an angry sleeper?

Because Cas has watched him sleep many times, and so many of those times, Dean has been a wee bit grumpy when Cas woke him up; like that time he was sitting on Dean’s bed in 4.03 and Dean was like WTF:

Which was right after this angry Dean after being woken up in 4.02

I mean it wasn’t really about being woken up that time but it was still a mark in the wow Dean’s a bear if you wake him up before he’s ready column. Another one for that column when they had this confrontation in the middle of the night in 6.20: 

And then there’s this in 8.10: 

And it’s implied this has happened many times before: 

And it makes sense because we know Cas and Dean have shared a motel room  on cases (8.07): 

And that Cas sleeps at the bunker (12.02): 

Where we can infer he’s seen Grumpy Bear go into hibernation with some coffee. And then there’s this Before He Even Goes To Sleep Grumpy Bear when Cas wants to pop over and Dean’s like no way dude I gotta sleep I’m so freaking tired (5.04)

And when Cas agrees, Dean just grumbles some more and hangs up

Cas has definitely witnessed Grumpy Bear on many occasions, and that’s how he knows. 

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Hey :). I'm new to the fandom, and I was wondering if you could recommend some Thor/Loki fics, perhaps the more popular ones? Thanks lovely!

HELLO.  :D  This is a perfect excuse for what I’ve been meaning to do!  If you’re new to fandom, I imagine it’s pretty hard to navigate your way through all the massive backlog the fandom has–there are SO MANY brilliant fics in this fandom and I would love to shove every single one of them at people, but I’m going to limit myself to my Five Ten Fics I Would Recommend To Any New Fans, that this is a list specifically for ones I think would be good at luring new people in and cementing them here with us or else for more casual fans who might just have a passing itch they want to scratch, rather than a deep dive!

No Such Liberty by Xparrot, thor & loki + other asgardians + avengers + thanos, action fic, redemption fic, 147k
   Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?
  It’s very easy to read Thorki into this fic–the author is very much a shipper and Thorki is their OTP–so I’m recommending it despite that it’s a genfic, but more importantly it’s brilliant Thor and Loki characterization, it’s brilliant worldbuilding, and the emotional moments made me cry like three separate times.  This fic spoiled me for Thor fic in the fandom, but it’s absolutely and utterly worth it.

Bedding the Wolf by leonidaslion, thor/loki + implied background thor/sif, NSFW, hard dub-con, 13.4k
   If Sif thinks she’s going to get away with wedding Loki’s idiot brother, then she’s sorely mistaken…   OR  Thor is smarter than Loki thinks he is.
  This is one of the first NSFW Thorki fics I ever read and it set the tone for me in fandom, where Loki thinks he’s this genius manipulator, but is not actually as smart as he thinks he is and Thor knows that he needs a heavy hand to deal with him.  It’s more dub-con than some might prefer, but if you’re all right with that, it’s one I return to again and again to reread.

My Love Is Like To Ice, And I To Fire by amberfox17, thor/loki, NSFW, jotunn!loki, intersex!loki, 9k
   Post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki to face Odin’s decree: he is stripped of his magic and confined to the palace but his true punishment is to be disowned and forced into his jotun form. Thor begins the slow process of trying to repair his relationship with Loki, and along the way discovers five new things about the jotun and one about himself.
  Anything by Amber is absolutely worth reading (I also love this one and this one and Wild Ambition Fortune’s Ice Prefers is a massive AU fic with incredible worldbuilding for Jotunheim and a complicated relationship between them), but I think this one is a great first place to start.  Amber writes brilliantly and choosing one is impossible (seriously, just fling yourself at all their fics!) but if I had to, I’m picking this one because it has a special place in my heart.

Covenant by RobotSquid, thor/loki + others, NSFW, intersex!loki, dealing-with-being-jotunn!loki, 72.9k
  Frost Giants are ugly, cruel, and malicious creatures. Thor has always known this to be true. So then how can Loki, his beloved little brother, be one of them?
  I’m biased because this was a birthday present for me, except, no, shit, it’s legitimately one of the best fics I’ve read in the fandom!  It’s a Loki-focused piece, but all the characters around him are well characterized, Thor is spot on in the background and when he’s with Loki, and it does a gorgeous job of worldbuilding for Jotunheim and the growing relationship between the two characters.  This fic saved me at a time when I was feeling burnt out on the fandom and single-handedly revived me, so it’s a forever fave for me.

Shadow Plays by dreamlittleyo, thor/loki, NSFW, time loop, dub con, 24.4k
   In which Thor lives a single day more times than he can count, and Loki doesn’t know how to fix it.
  dreamlittleyo is one of the authors that was writing early on in the fandom and they’re classics, so I have a ton of nostalgia for them and Shadow Plays is one of the first that I read that gave me so much of what I wanted, strong Thor characterization, messy and manipulative Loki, Thor seeing through that, and a rough edge to them with hope for something better.

If You Built Yourself a Myth by cavaleira, thor/loki, NSFW, 27k
   A magical artifact causes Thor’s elemental powers to backfire and overload him, leaving him comatose and barely holding on as the power consumes him. Loki is the only one who can stop it, by going inside Thor’s mind and helping him master the power once more. Loki must find his way through Thor’s memories in a desperate bid to find the real Thor amongst the chaos before it’s too late.
  cavaleira has written many good fics (I’m also still very much in love with the King!Thor/Prostitute!Jotunn!Loki AU!) but this one is my favorite, where Thor is put into a magical coma and Loki has to wade into it to save his brother and face up to what Thor really wants from him, that he can’t deny that Thor actually does love him.  And the ending is just absolutely perfect.

Miscellanies by karuvapatta, thor/loki, NSFW, various, 15.3k
  This is a repost of my tumblr ficlets, which are largely unrelated. Tags do not apply to every chapter.
  Honestly, I could not pick just one of karuvapatta’s fics, they’re ALL worth reading, but this collection has a ton of ones that I remember reading and falling in love with–they’re another author who clearly loves both characters, writes beautifully, and has that weight to the characters’ presence in a room that I love.

In the Grip of Grace by proantagonist, thor/loki & odin & frigga & avengers, NSFW, 90k
  When Loki learns the truth of his heritage, he quietly leaves Asgard behind. The search for the lost prince continues for nearly a year until Odin hires a professional tracker to find him, sending Thor along on the hunt to ensure Loki’s safe return. They locate him on Midgard, living on his own in a run down apartment—depressed, weakened, and trying very hard to disappear.
   While Bargaining is my very favorite of their work (I CRIED LIKE THREE TIMES READING THAT FIC, it’s a genfic and more about Loki and all his relationships, not just Thorki, so I’m picking this one instead.  proantagonist’s work is gorgeous, the kind that sweeps you up and engages you and is absolutely a must-read.

The Sound of Letting Go by Velvedere, thor/loki + background characters, mildly nsfw, 35k
   He was going to do it. Thor knew he was going to do it. He had seen that look before. That look echoed across a childhood of stolen nights and broken trespasses. Of dangers fought, revisited, and conquered. It was the look in Loki’s eyes when he’d made up his mind.
  I am ALWAYS AND FOREVER a sucker for “Thor jumps after Loki and everything changes” fic (Flowers on the Sand is another great one, though, there’s less of the kissing type of resolution, but still a lot of great worldbuilding!) and this one is great–where there’s other Realms and worlds and culture and plot, but also Thor trying to understand Loki, understand what happened while he was gone, and the slow burn of them finding their way back to each other.

Black is the color by cunninglingus, thor/loki, NSFW, heavy dub-con, intersex!loki, rough sex, pregnant!loki, manipulative loki, size kink, 53.3k
   “Have you not thought about what it would be like to mount me?” Loki goes on in that mercilessly sinful voice. “About what is between my legs, now that I am unable to work my glamour to disguise my malformation?”
  There’s a reason intersex!pregnant!Loki tropes have become super popular in fandom and it’s because so many of the fics are SO MUCH FUN and so sharp and hilarious in the right moments and hitting our ids at just the right places.  It has such a sharp and brittle and manipulative Loki, while also a good slow burn towards bringing him back around and also a whole lot of ridiculously hot sex.

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It's so frustrating how they don't care about the group's music. Just 2 months ago, they released their new album, they broke a lot of records, they made history... and here they are, having to feel awkward all the time with those stupid and irrelevant questions. Namjoon's face in almost every interview says it all, he understands everything and he looks so done.

It is and it’s getting tiring to listen all of that. It sucks that it ended up like that, there is no real interest what they truly are and what they have done so far. They don’t care~ Namjoon is doing a good job answering and helping boys if needed, he is dealing with that well even tho he is so done lol

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I know you were probably joking in your tags on that gifset of Len's "barrytuition, but it would make a /lot/ of sense if Len actually was a meta who's power is pinpointing where a speedster is. Frankly, the cold gun should be fairly useless, all things considered, because it only slows Barry down if it hits him, and an average human shouldn't be able to react fast enough to hit a speedster, according to canon. But Len manages it a completely improbable number of times, every episode. (1)

(2) Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Len found out he actually /is/ a meta, but instead of being anything dazzling like superspeed or storm controlling or what have you, he’s just a speedster detector. I can’t decide whether he’d be pissed, or pleased to have confirmation from the universe itself that he is clearly supposed to be the Flash’s ultimate nemesis. He could be an excellent ally to have around, too, if the Flash is continually going to have speedster enemies.

Leonard Snart - Speed Force Detector.

I’m so into it.

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Fia: I simply cannot understand, if you have survived church abuse, why do you still follow the religion that allowed that church to thive? How can you read a book that describes an egotistical, misogynistic, xenophobic god and not throw up? How can you still refer to and praise your abuser? Paty PS. I'm not hiding on the Internet- it's just that I don't have a tumblr account.

Okay wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this.

I’ve spent all day feeling by turns queasy and infuriated about this. I don’t really feel up to giving a long theological answer, tbh, but more importantly I’m not obligated to do so.

Pro tip: no one owes you an explanation for their identity. I do not have to justify any part of my identity to you, a stranger on the internet. I do not have to explain any part of my abuse to you. I certainly don’t have to relive it just because you have questions.

And you don’t get to tell anyone else what their religion means. I don’t know if you’re also a survivor of religious abuse, or if you’re speaking from outside that experience, but either way, you do not have the right to tell a survivor how they should deal with their experience. And you do not get to demand that a survivor justify their coping methods to you.

My sister and I both escaped an abusive religion. I did so by finding hope and healing in a religious life that prioritizes justice. My sister did so by rejecting religion and finding hope and healing in a humanist belief in the ability of people to work together for justice.

Both of those decisions are perfectly valid. There are countless other paths to recovery that would also be valid. Every person responds to abuse in their own way, and recovers in their own way. You don’t get to decide what that way should be. And you don’t get to demand that survivors justify themselves to you.

God is not and never was my abuser. People were my abusers. People who told me that I was worthless, inherently sinful, and meant only to obey. People who demanded that I justify my every thought and every action to them, and that I fit within their rigid standards at all times.

If your response to an abuse survivor is to demand they justify themselves and their abuse and fit within a rigid image of what a survivor should be and how they should behave…perhaps you ought to think about that.

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whenever bts does something, this blog is one of the first that i go to. honestly, this blog is amazing and i wanna thank you for keeping up with their hectic schedule right now. doin the lords work tbh

Sobs, this is so sweet. Thanks for trusting and coming to us! \ (•◡•) / Sorry in advance for when we’re not right on top of things. ;n; We’re trying our best~ 

Anonymous said: Thank you so much for always keeping us updated!! There’s so much going on rn and i honestly wouldn’t survive without your blog 💕💕

Thank you for your kindness~ We do the best that we can! ^.^

Anonymous said: omg no :’( go to sleep please

Anonymous said: okay remember to rest!!!!!!!!! i sent that because it’s almost 7 am here and i woke up and was checking ur blog!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you friends~ I did end up going to sleep shortly after. ;-; Much love. ♡
- Kristi 

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Can you give your opinion of who's the man that covering o!ciel's eyes in the last panel of 134 ch?

It’s difficult to say anything about the person’s identity. It seems to be one of the attackers who grabbed our Ciel and also shielded his view from the other attacker who stabbed Tanaka.

What’s interesting is that the person behind our Ciel seems to have come out of nowhere. When Ciel was running towards Tanaka there was no one behind him.

But right after that the person who grabbed him was standing behind him. So this person must have been very fast… which could support the theory that at least one of the attackers was a supernatural being. Since all the servants were killed so easily without making much noise the attackers surely were professionals and I could also see at least one of them not being human.

I’m curious to know what we’ll see in the next chapter because I still don’t quite get how the twins ended up being kidnapped. Why weren’t they killed together with the rest of the household? Especially since our Ciel was surely grabbed by one of the attackers now. Or were the twins given to the abductors or cultists intentionally? But then why? And there are so many more questions regarding this chapter. Where is the twin? What did Tanaka do all the time while the servants were killed? He may have fought some attackers but couldn’t he warn anyone? At least an hour must have passed between the start of the attack and when our Ciel found Tanaka because the reason Tanaka didn’t get the twins at 6pm was surely the attack and our Ciel left his room at 7pm. What happened during that hour? …

But back to your question, I think the only thing we can say about the person who grabbed our Ciel is that it’s a grown-up person who most likely is one of the people who attacked the manor that night. From the hands it might be a male person but I can’t say that for sure. And because of the sudden appearance of that person it’s possible that this person might not be human…

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jack: quotes dean on what burns stays dead, "iLL GO TELL THEM" *immediately goes to dean and starts poking him". hugs cas and looks Soft. moves pencil: hey dads look what i can do! it's hilarious and sweet how much he seems to look up to dean even if he's still a little scared of him and wants him to like him and how quickly he was like yes this is cas he's my dad. dean too. i have 2 dads it's awesome

I’m so impressed with Jack’s persistence on this, actually. Usually when someone dislikes you so obviously, you don’t entirely give up trying to please them but you do kind of start to accept that and accept you have a limitation, no matter what the relationship is.

But Jack is like??? “Dean doesn’t like me and I know that he doesn’t like me……………………………… but he COULD, maybe. If I work harder.” 

He operates like that consistently. It’s very Kid Trying To Please His Father. But it also shows that he’s stubborn when he wants something and doesn’t give up on people easily, and I really wonder how much of that is “taught” and how much of that is just pure Jack.

I also think it might be Gifted Kid Syndrome. Sam likes Jack and Cas likes Jack (because Jack is special), but Dean does NOT like Jack despite the reasons Sam and Cas put forth. My gift is not enough? This is unsettling. I have to make the one person that doesn’t like me change his mind, or else I have Failed. I think a lot of us have felt that way at some point!

Anyway yeah Jack and Dean is a very sore subject I’m very sad about it always

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I'm a queer Catholic and I have to deal with people always telling me that if I REALLY cared about social justice issues or my queer identity I would leave the Church (and join one of THEIR super-liberal Protestant churches, obviously) and it just drives me up the wall. So thank you so, so much for all of your religion blogging and your unapologetic Catholicism. It's inspiring and wonderful to see.

Thank you for this message, anon! It’s really brightened my night.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why so many people who are otherwise dedicated to diversity and inclusion will have as their first response to a queer Catholic (or a queer Muslim, or a queer member of any other religion that’s commonly perceived as “conservative”), “Wow, you should really change a fundamental part of your identity to better fit in to our progressive community!”

That’s…that’s really not what justice looks like.

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I was super amused that you have an Auntie Sole too, so I came to your blog (which I was apparently already following, go past me!) and I just. You're incredible. Your art is magnificent, you seem like a nice (funny, intelligent) person, and you're super beautiful. Basically, you're the bee's knees. That is all. :)

Thanks anon! :)  I feel like Aunt Sole is a good compromise between forcibly having a plot family and having no connection to the story at all lol, so fuck yeah fun aunts!

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Hello, I’m kinda behind on all the recent BTS talk shows, can you update me on what’s been happening with “reparative questions” and Seacrest? Thank you.🙂

hii, you didn’t miss out that much, trust me. They always ask ‘’are you excited?’’ like no, they’re not. Questions like, do  they have plans to make an english song, any plans to collab with someone, crushes and dating, fav american artist etc….

Some guy asked them during Seacrest’s interview if they plan to make a whole album in english. After they said 4782929 times THEY DO NOT PLAN TO MAKE ENGLISH SONG and that they want to focus on korean songs 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 like ffs stop asking them that and putting pressure on them, they don’t need song in english and we don’t want it. Namjoon’s reactions are gold tho lol 

➡Namjoon’s reaction after guy asked that + that sarcasm and shade later when they had to say hi to that guy

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hey i noticed that when cas said those things in that accent, dean's reaction was v weird. it was like facepalmy, almost eye-rolly what did i get myself into sort of reaction. but he couldve stopped cas at any point, right? he couldve just said "cas quit it youre making it worse" but he didnt. why? and if he wasnt embarrassed/annoyed/uncomfortable then what was that reaction? was it just jensen acting all grumpy!dean which brought that disconnect b/w how dean's written & how hes being played?

Probably for the same reason that Castiel didn’t reprimand Dean for pulling a gun after being woken up! There was a similar eye rolling vibe there for sure.

Both of these two have eccentricities that are the results of the strange lives they’ve led - Castiel being socially awkward because of his species and Dean being overly defensive because of being raised as a hunter - and while often embarrassing or inconvenient, Dean and Cas love each other whole heartedly. All parts of them, even the embarrassing bits.

So they tolerate these things. Cas tolerates the fact that Dean is a grumpy bear in the mornings and Dean tolerates the bad accents and poor aliases. His reactions in the car (1, 2) and outside (1, 2) were, “Ugh, god. This is the man I have chosen to love.” He’s biting his tongue, picking his battles, and going with it.

(Plus, the accent is a turn on. And everything Castiel does is a little bit endearing, let’s face it. Of course Dean wouldn’t say anything.)

thriceandonce replied to your post “Hi Fia. I hope this won’t stress you out. Today the evangelical…”

*gasp* hail Mary full of rage what a good phrase oh wow

I mean Mary’s Magnificat is basically a paean of rage arising out of her love for justice and her fury at its absence. I’m endlessly frustrated with this whole “Mary meek and mild” tradition. The woman we see in the gospels was animated by the same kind of rage Terry Pratchett describes so well: an anger born of love, born of the absolute belief that, although the world is not good or just, it should be.

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I like to imagine that the majority, if not all, of Central City knows Barry is the Flash, but pretend they don't cause they don't wish to see his sad, "I watched someone kick a puppy" face

While I’ve always appreciated the “open secret” headcanon, if we take it down a notch, I do sometimes feel like it’s not that far off. Not the average citizen, but just like, a lot of Barry’s, Iris’s, and others’ extended network. But the knowledge is more… unconscious, unexamined, by most people?

Like I’ve talked at length about how there is no conceivable way that Singh doesn’t know Barry is The Flash at this point, but what about the rest of the CCPD? What about the CSIs he interacts with?

“Did you hear - Allen just quit.”

“What seriously? With Julian in the hospital?”

“I bet it’s because –”

*snerk* “Don’t even say it’s because ‘he’s the Flash’.”

“C’mon, what else would explain all the–” *gestures vaguely in a way that encompasses all of Barry’s absences and oddness.

Just because Allen was out sick the same week Zoom kicked The Flash’s ass on television doesn’t mean anything.”

“Doesn’t it?”

And the other detectives?

“Joe! I heard Allen just got back from – where was it, the Czech Republic?”

“That’s right! He’s back at work already, Singh had him on a case this morning, that elevator pink mist?”

“Right right - how’s that going.”

“You don’t wanna know.”

The other cop laughs, nods, and walks away with a newspaper tucked under his arm that say ‘The Flash Returns!’ with a picture of a streak through the city and a corner photo of Iris being kidnapped by the Samurai. The other detective didn’t feel the need to ask about Iris’s confidence that The Flash would save her, evne though Allen was supposedly across the world. It just felt gauche to make West lie to his face, after all.

And what about the reports at the CCPN who see this stuff with Iris too? Who know she’s dating Barry Allen but also know she has an in with the Flash and his friends and gets all the best scoops? Who know her fiancé disappeared for six months and she forced a smile and lied about and the Flash shows up the day she hands herself to a villain demanding to fight him, after being basically emotionally shut down for months?

“Did you hear the wedding is back on?”

“I did! Did you hear her bachelorette party got crashed by a metahuman?”

No - who?”

“I don’t know, some guy without an eye.”

“Only Iris.”

“Always Iris.”

“Y’know I used to be jealous.”

“Same! I mean, she’s dating…”

Yeah. But then, I mean - is all that worth it? Especially for a guy who’s gonna peace out for six months?”

“He’s not even that cute.”

“You’ve met him!”

“Googled his CCPD page. And I swear - I don’t see how the entire city hasn’t figured it out with that jaw and smile.”

“H o n e s t l y. But not everyone’s a journalist.”

What about the majority of ARGUS agents? And the muggers in lockup who’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that this brown-haired ray of sunshine who was so happy to be mugged stopped them with superspeed? And what about Henry Hewitt disclosing to his colleagues that The Flash locked him up and if he goes missing, to call Barry Allen and his friends? And the colleagues of Eliza Harmon who found her research on Velocity after she went missing all of a sudden? What about the baristas at Jitters who’ve had to get used to The Flash speeding in and dropping some cash and taking coffee in the blink of an eye, and who realize that the only time Barry Allen doesn’t pop by for a coffee are the days The Flash speeds through?

It’s not an open secret in the entire city, but you don’t have to be The Thinker to figure it out. You don’t even have to be Tina McGee. So some people know, and some people don’t really know what to do with the knowledge. And some people are just grateful he’s working at their precinct, or grateful that Iris is the one stuck getting kidnapping for a story.