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let's not think about how many times mike must have come into al's locker room looking like a kicked puppy over the years

You mean this look

Because I don’t even want to contemplate it anon. Think about how many beers they drank. Think about how Al was the first person Mike told about how Rachel and he were “taking a break” and then told him again when that break turned permanent. 

I am just really…devastated about Mike “I ruin everything” Lawson because he deserves to be loved. He deserves to be happy. 

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i love that you call the bullshit that is qui gon jinn because there is just something so w r o n g with that character in terms of how he rationalizes prioritizing some people over others.

Here’s the thing about Qui-Gon Jinn: when I was a kid, I loved him. And I think we’re meant to love him. I think Lucas actually intended him to be the good Jedi, the one who was willing to buck the rules when required. There’s a really common idea in fandom that if Qui-Gon had trained Anakin, Anakin wouldn’t have turned. I suspect Lucas may have even wanted to imply that.

But. It doesn’t hold up.

And as an adult, I look at Qui-Gon and I see someone who’s actually very familiar.

(Buckle up, kids, it’s time for story time with Fia.) I grew up in one of the poorest counties in Kansas. Pretty much everybody was dirt poor, with emphasis on the dirt. People worked on small farms, hoping to keep the farm going for just another season, or they worked dead-end minimum wage jobs, or they didn’t work at all. (Or they made meth. We had, at the time, one of the highest meth production rates in the entire country.) And most kids growing up there knew they could expect a life pretty much exactly the same as what their parents had.

But there was one way out. All through high school, and even some weeks in middle school, they had a table right there in the cafeteria, where everyone would see them: the army recruiters. They were clean and professional and friendly, and they were full of stories about all the opportunities that the military would open up for us. We would get a good education - maybe even a college degree after we’d served. We’d learn valuable job skills. We’d serve our country. We’d save lives and travel and be part of something important, something so much bigger than our little town. We’d be heroes.

We just had to enlist. (And it was always enlist: recruiters don’t come to shitty little schools like mine looking for officer material.)

And the recruiters were really good at selling it. You never really heard much if anything about what it was actually like to be in the army. What you heard about were those magic words: opportunity, benefits, recognition. And, unspoken but most important of all, the chance to get out.

Of course, the Jedi Order isn’t exactly a military organization, and Qui-Gon didn’t exactly roll into Mos Espa looking for people to enlist. But even so… damn does his sales pitch look awfully familiar.

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seriously though, must everything end up with sex and babies ��

Haha, well, when you put it that way, perhaps the way I stated it in that particular post might’ve made my wanting it to “end with sex and babies” sound shallow. 

Short answer: No. It obviously doesn’t have to end with sex/babies. But it would be beneficial for both characters if it did end with those things.

Long Answer: Mikasa becoming pregnant with Eren’s child before he dies means so much more than “ayyy we know they got it on ;)” and “awww eremika baby :)” and an implied “shipper victory”. 

It’s about what the act, and the “end product” mean to the characters.

Eren hasn’t shown the capacity to be romantically/sexually attracted to anyone (not high on his priority list, so this is understandable), and Mikasa has her walls built so high for everyone but him (and Armin, you could say, but to a different degree). So, the two engaging in the act could be beautiful and incredibly meaningful - most especially because tragedy is on the horizon and he’s going to die relatively soon. Sex would be a form of finding solace in one another, and showing the extent of their trust and care for one another, in a way that is intimate and completely unique to just the two of them. It would be Eren doing something he’s never really thought of doing, but does it because it is with someone who means a lot to him. It would be Mikasa getting to be intimate with the one she loves the most on a completely different level, and finally a form of reciprocation of her feelings. 

It’s already been talked to death about how, in losing Armin and Eren, Mikasa will be losing her family for a second time - and losing Eren a second time, but this time permanently. She will have no one, she will be even more traumatized, and she will be forced to lead a life without the ones she loves most. And yeah, people are saying “well she’s gotta move on” and that goes without saying. And she will.

But - being able to move forward from this incredibly dark period in her life while bearing the child of the man she loves would give her a sense of peace throughout all the shittiness - a sense of hope. Even though he’d be gone, she would still have some part of him with her, and the child would be a physical manifestation of how much they meant to one another. 

She is going to be forced to live without the one person she loved with all her heart - the person who taught her that life was worth living when she lost everything the first time; the person she was so willing to lay down her life for; the person who meant the world to her. And it’s going to hurt like a motherfucker. That’s why sex/having his child would be incredibly meaningful to her, and would be at least some light in the darkness.

Just my opinion.

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I would very much like for you to talk about Mike and his trip to the mound because that moment was epic. I can't get over the way he was looking at Ginny. I'd like your perspective on his headspace with everything that was going on.


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What is also ironic is that Wyatt kept talking about ‘meant to be’ when he’s clearly stated that he doesn’t believe in that stuff.

YES! They actually have exact opposite views. Lucy believes in destiny but NOT when it comes to love. Wyatt believes that life is NOT destined but that love is fated. The writers have built the perfect cage of revolving angst and it will be interesting to see who’s walls crack first. Though I’d say this episode made a little dent in both Lucy and Wyatt’s walls. The revelations that our running through their heads as they walk away from each other at the end are going to haunt them for awhile. 

Before this episode, I think they were both trying to stay as professional as possible and wouldn’t acknowledge the presence of romantic feelings even to themselves, instead chalking it up to caring about a fellow brother-in-arms. But that kiss was the key that unlocked it all. It’s like you can see Pandora’s box opening (or Rittenhouse clock *wink*). Lucy realizes instantly what it is, the spark she doesn’t feel with her ‘fiance’. While Wyatt looks almost confused, like he didn’t think it was possible to feel this way about someone other than Jessica. 

I’ve seen some comments that Lucy and Wyatt’s chemistry paled in comparison to Bonnie and Clyde. However, Bonnie and Clyde are the epitome of burning hot and bright which quickly smothers the life out. Whereas Lucy and Wyatt are a slow simmer beneath the surface, this is just the beginning of a long enduring love story. They are both responsible adults and coworkers, with complicated pasts and lives. This is not going to be rushed or easy. This is going to be all angst-ridden longing which is what I signed up for. 

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But it ISN’T engagement rings. Are people that delusional??? Viktor only said that to get a rise out of people and they would’ve have bought them TOGETHER if it was meant to be a proposal. Stop this.

tayorikami replied to your post “me: they had a fake “marriage proposal” in ep 9, it could not get more…”

wouldn’t have*

Are there seriously still people out there who don’t believe Victuuri isn’t canonically engaged? How is this delusional? You sound like the people who said the kiss was just a hug because it wasn’t explicitly shown. YOI has proven to us that they aren’t kidding around with Victuuri, so I have no reason to believe that this proposal isn’t serious. Yuuri was beating around the bush when he gave Viktor that ring but that doesn’t mean his intentions were any different. Why would Viktor joke about being engaged to his boyfriend just to prank their close friends? He would never do such a thing and play with Yuuri’s feelings let’s be real. They are legitimately engaged in the show.

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Are you posting "THEHO218" photos because of her death? :(

Yes we were. We wanted to show how much we miss and love her. She was truly a beautiful person ;n; I haven’t been actively posting fantakens because I have a final exam tomorrow, but Kristi and Eunice were posting earlier…
- Kylie

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i must admit all those ‘aw, she’ll grow from it as a character and as a person’ posts annoy me because they seem to imply that mikasa’s reaction to her trauma the way we’ve seen it was somehow immature. it’s not imature/childish/something to grow out of to intensely grieve after you lose your family one, two, three times. I would have fallen apart after the first time! Yet Mikasa just keeps going.

YES. YEAH. THIS. I HATE HOW PEOPLE INVALIDATE HER TRAUMA. I would’ve gone out of my damn mind if I had to watch my father die, and watch my mother die trying to protect me. I would have freaked the fuck out if the one person that brought me out of my darkness died on me. I don’t even know what state I’d be in if I found out that my only remaining family has a fucking hourglass ticking on their lives.

And this “growing” thing… Mikasa’s done it. She has grown, and she’s continuing to. But suffering is not the only way she can learn to grow - yet it’s starting to look like it’s the only way the series wants to develop her character. There’s now this idea that experiencing the same kind of unimaginable pain and suffering and loneliness and abandonment multiple times in your life is the only way to be “better and stronger” - if your name is Mikasa Ackerman (or maybe if you’re just an Ackerman I guess). It’s just ridiculous, unnecessarily cruel and lazy imo.

I honestly hope that we’re all freaking out for no reason, and things will work out, and she won’t have to go through this awfulness again - but the future’s looking bleak.