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at this point in the story how does yurio feel abt yuuri? does he still look up to him? does he hate him??

He has very mixed feelings about him now. On one hand, everyone knows that there must be a reason for Yuuri sleeping with Viktor despite hating him and the most commonly accepted one is that Yuuri is manipulating him, so that’s the view that Yuri is surrounded with. And if Yuuri is doing that, he’s cheating and has completely broken all of Yuri’s respect and kind of (not that he will ever admit it) hero worship of him. Yuri respected Yuuri for his skating and hard work and how he clawed his way up from the underdog to the top from sheer force of will and Yuuri manipulating Viktor to win undermines all of that respect. And even if Yuuri isn’t cheating to win, he’s still hurting Viktor in a way with what he’s doing, even if it’s Viktor’s choice to continue. 

On the other hand, Yuri doesn’t want to believe that of Yuuri. He respects him and the accusations are there but Viktor denies them and there is no solid proof. So Yuuri might actually still be the skater Yuri thought he was and everyone else is wrong. But Yuuri must still have an ulterior motive for doing what he’s doing. Either he’s looking to gain something from Viktor by sleeping with him or it’s the other option that everyone else dismissed. He’s not hurting Viktor on purpose and it might actually be affection, or even love that keeps bringing him back. 

So Yuri is completely stuck, either his idol is a manipulative cheat and just using Viktor like everyone thinks, or he actually care about, maybe even loves, Viktor but for some reason still jerking him around. Which brings Yuri onto his first confrontation with Yuuri. 

“Hey asshole.” - You’re still a dick even if you are in love because you’ve been hurting Viktor 

“Yes, I’m talking to you asshole.” - see above

“Don’t think I don’t know who you are or what you do.”  - I know you’re sleeping with Viktor and I know you’re hurting him (but I don’t know if that’s intentional or not). 

“The way I see it, this goes one of two ways. Either you actually do care about Viktor, even a little bit in that stupid fucked up head of yours, or you’re using him just like everyone thinks. So I’m giving you a choice. If you do feel something for him, you tell him and stop fucking him around. And if you don’t, you stay the hell away from him. Got it? - either you’re manipulating him like everyone in the Russian rink thinks or you care about him even though you’re still hurting him. If you do care then stop hurting him and tell him so that people know they were wrong about you. If you don’t then you’re a cheat and I’ve lost all respect for you and I will try and keep you away from Viktor like everyone else. 

“I hope you love him.”  - If you love him, I was right and everyone else was wrong. You’re not a cheat, you’re still the person I thought you were (and admired) and maybe you didn’t realize you were hurting him. If you love him, you can still be a good person and I didn’t grow up idolizing someone only to have that admiration broken. 

So Yuri currently still has very mixed feelings about Yuuri and those wont change until it becomes clear to everyone that Yuuri was actually very much in love with Viktor and never, ever intended to hurt him

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I love how many tags on Isak/Even gifsets this season have been "I can't believe they're that couple who [...]" haha. I think we can safely say that they're That Couple, full stop. Whatever ridiculous and cheesy couple-y thing you're thinking about, Isak and Even are That Couple.

god, this is so true. their friends are in their own relationships and still ragging on them for being That Couple. 

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I never really accepted the HC that Viktor was an incompetent cook or driver. Like, he's 28, even if you're alone, you can still cook and drive well. But then I was introduced to Russian dash cams and I realized. Maybe Viktor's not a bad driver: Russia is 😂

I don’t like ideas where Viktor is completely incompetent at all adult tasks because he’s a fully grown guy who’s been living alone for about 10 years, he knows how to do his own laundry and dishes. But I do see him as a bad driver partly due to his kind of carefree, do before I think personality and partly because he’s from Russia and probably used to pretty crazy driving. As for not being able to cook, in my experience people tend to only learn to cook if they either were taught to growing up or have a reason to learn how. Since I HC Viktor as either an orphan or from an unloved background I don’t see him learning as a child like Yuuri did. And since he travels a lot and has no-one at home to cook for and is rich enough to eat out or order food a lot, I don’t see him as ever really having the motivation to teach himself. Not until Yuuri comes into his life at least :D

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Hi! I completely love your art. I hope it's okay to ask, but what program and what brushes do you usually use?

hii anon! it’s totally okay to ask (please,, spam me with asks) i’ve been using paint tool SAI for a little over a year now, and although I did purchase clip studio paint, i still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it! so i only use it for finishing effects and the sort. 

as for my usual brushes- i feel a little bad because they’re super boring (and i use like, at max, 4 different brushes on any given project) ;;

this is my go-to inking brush, it’s just very versatile and easy to use, best for producing clean, uniform lines.

my very uncomplicated rendering brush, it’s like the epitome of uninteresting.

and this is my personal favorite, a flat brush which i use for applying hard lights, which i downloaded from here! thanks for dropping by anon~

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neno i just had the nicest dream of yoonjin wedding day, it was out doors, sky so blue and the sun shining, so much flowers and jin was wearing a light colored well fitted suit holding a bouquet and yg was standing at the alter dresses in black suit, waiting for him and the second he saw jin, in all his glory, sunshine illuminating his beautiful face and giving him his sweetest smile, just brakes down in tears so does jin

this is all i could see

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i love how matt looked at neil and was just like 'yup mine now, gonna protect him with my life' and how andrew basically did the same lmao RIP

BASICALLY,,  it makes me think about the scene at the hotel after neil’s kidnapping were the foxes were arguing with fucking FBI agents about not wanting neil to be gone from their lives , im crying as i type this

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People often portray Carmilla and Laura as opposites & in many ways they are but also Laura has this really snarky, asshole loving part of her (even in s1 she’s smirking about ‘surveilling her roomate’ giggling at some of Carmillas rude comments ect) and Carmilla has this soft, hopeful side that she buried down for centuries until Laura arrives & I just love how even from the beginning they actually have qualities of each other & they bring them to the surface as they become closer

its not even like it was a secret that laura was also an asshole. people just willfully ignored it bc it would make a good foil (kind of) to carmilla’s more cynical tenancies if laura was a ball of sunshine.

but that was one of the things i liked about hollstein was that on the surface they weren’t very nice people, but they do bring out other qualities in each other that they dont let anyone else see.

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If you were a part of the rivals universe, who would you support Vitya or Yuuri ? Or would you support them both?

I’m not really a huge sports fan so I probably wouldn’t support either! I’m definitely not an RPF shipper so I wouldn’t be a Viktuuri fan either. I’d probably be one of those people who watched the Big Kiss like ‘oh, that’s nice for them, I hope they’re happy together’ which the in-universe figure skating fandom collectively lost their shit

heroofthreefaces replied to your post: I’m new to the DW fandom (season 10 is the first…

The Doctor Who showrunner is always despised, since there’s been an organized fandom. Stark divides will occur when Chibnall takes over. Some of Moffat’s most virulent critics will wish to have him back because some people are never satsified.

This is also true. Been tradition since John Nathan-Turner, at the very least.

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Remember that time Wonho was obv jealous of Showki piggy back? I bet Wonho would be sulking all day and Kihyun would keep pawing at him for attention. "Baby, I said I was sorry," he'd whine but Wonho would look away. "I did it for the camera," Kihyun would wrap Wonho's loose arms around his waist and he'd cup his cheeks. "Hey, look at me; I love you. Only you," he'd boop their noses because he knows Wonho is weak at those. "I hate you sometimes," Wonho would give in, pulling him for a kiss.

im sorry anon but you really have to make this prompt more dramatic and hard to get wonho because have you seen HOW JEALOUS WONHO WAS?? even if he was moody he doesn’t usually look like that

i mean look!

that side eye he made at them says everything im screaming!!

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Well if you take a look at my ‘Hogwarts AU’ you can see all the solid plans for what I’m writing which aren’t going to change. I love all the HP/YOI content going round the fandom at the moment but this AU has been planned for months now and I wont be taking ideas from the current fandom craze like Durmstrang Viktor, much as I love all the content about it. In my AU Viktor is the half-veela Charms professor and Yuuri is the muggle-born Transfiguration professor. They both attended Hogwarts together when they were younger and Yuuri really admired Viktor but never got up the courage to speak to him. Durmstrang Viktor is wonderful but wouldn’t fit into my AU

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Hi. About yana's angel ladder post. Do you think it's a type of foreshadowing?

Hi. :) So you mean this picture, right? (source)

This picture kinda seemed a bit like the ending of the manga might be near. (Didn’t they kinda jump off a cliff in the ocean at the end of season 2?)

From what I could read (with Google Translate) Yana currently likes to draw backgrounds and skies. So maybe this is just another picture for that. But sure, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a meaning.

It could indeed be some foreshadowing or have some symbolic meaning. Ciel seems quite alone in this picture (except for Sebastian but he’s always there because of the contract). And seeing the latest chapter Ciel may really end up alone for a short time. The twin might try to take back the title and the manor. So Ciel may not have a place to go at first. I think he’ll be helped by the Midfords but he may at least feel like he’s all alone now.

The light shining through the clouds could stand for rays of hope, though Ciel himself is still standing in the darkness. So maybe that symbolizes our Ciel’s current state that he becomes more and more isolated (maybe even because of his own choice). Like Soma said, he’s aware of the love, he sees the light, but he doesn’t accept it for his own, he prefers to stay in the darkness with Sebastian by his side.

At the same time it could also symbolize that it’s not too late for our Ciel to step into the light. There may still be a chance to escape from his dark fate.

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Ok but like, what's been going on with Scout????

lmao idk why this made me laugh but it didd. but omg thank you for asking and i don’t know if you mean like what is she up to or like is something wrong but she is finee, she’s staying on campus for the summer because she was accepted into a program but it’s only 3 days a week so she also got a part-time job as a lifeguard as well because why tf not :D and also her and arias broke up, he was her first real relationship and she kind of had a freak out moment about it after their like 5 month anniversary and panicked and broke up with him.  so right now she’s like in hangover mode about it kind of regretting it and feeling down. also she moved out of her dorms and into a sort of boarding house/apartment with 4 other people so she’s trying to settle in and get to know her new roomies too. she’s distracted right now by a lot of things at least. and that’s what’s up with my baby scout phewf if you made it this far i’m hugging you <33