So I've been rewatching Xena...

And man this show is just fantastic! Here’s a list of why:
·Awesome main character! Especially for a female character! And there’s no “OMG a woman who fights?!” bullshit. Its just given!
·Romances are few and far between because this show is about friendship! Honestly Xena and Gabrielle say ‘I love you’ like almost every episode!
·Their friendship blossoms into much more but because it’s the 90s they don’t really talk about it which is a shame but they are totes girlfriends!
·Tons of episodes with just women which means tons of interesting female characters
·Fucking Amazons!!!
·Lucy Lawless is a precious nerd and funny as hell and gets plenty of opportunity to be a silly loser and it’s refreshing to see even though the show is 20 years old!
·Xena is fucking Batman! She’s the smartest, the bravest, the most methodical, and she figures out everyone’s bullshit and plots before they can do anything about it!
·Besides being a warrior Xena is a surgeon, she knits, and she loves fishing!
·Gabrielle becomes a formidable fighter starting as just a damsel and her training begins pretty much episode 2. Her development is believable.
·Although I didn’t like him much as a kid Joxer is actually one of my favorite characters because he slowly becomes part of the team but he never becomes a good fighter and his story arc isn’t about becoming better than the women folk. And he never talks down to the girls (i mean except when he first comes in the show because he’s a dweeb trying to intimidate them) and he’s never humiliated when the girls save him. It never comes up as an issue.
·Even though Xena is trying to be good she doesn’t have some bullshit thing where she doesn’t use abilities she used when she was evil or that she doesn’t kill anymore at all. She still kills people who attack her. Her new leaf is about helping people instead of victimizing them and it’s not about that she doesn’t kill.

Tl;dr Xena is an awesome show and you should watch it now!


:DDD I guess we knew it all the time about her “both ways” :D LOL