Renisha McBride

Dear White People

Police brutality and lethal force against Black and Brown bodies are merely SYMPTOMS of larger issues in this country, like systemic racism.

Working to end police brutality without focusing on race and racism is like cutting off the arm of an octopus. You’ve dealt with one issue but there’s still seven arms of racism still kicking.

Does my black life matter?

In the fifties, I allegedly
Whistled at a white woman.
I was taken away from my family
And ended up getting killed by
Two white men.
They took a 70 pound fan than
Weighted my corpse down to the
Bottom of the Tallahatchie river.
My name is Emmett Till.
Does my black life matter?

In 2009, my life was
Taken at Fruitvale station in
Oakland, California by a
White police officer.
The bullet was shot straight
Through my back, and my
Body became lifeless.
I was someone’s son,
Brother, cousin, and father.
My name is Oscar Grant.
Does my black life matter?

Four years after the death
Of Oscar Grant, I left out of
7-11 with my pack of skittles and
A can of Arizona.
I walk in the rain with my hood
On my head.
My name is Trayvon Martin and
I was shot by a white Hispanic
Who said I was suspicious and a
Threat as I walk home
From that 7-11.
Does my black life matter?

November of 2012, I was
Murdered by a white man
Because the thug music in
The SUV was too loud.
I was shot in my legs,
Lungs, and aorta.
My name is Jordan Davis.
Does my black life matter?

I am an African American girl.
I had crashed my car into a parked
Car and fled the scene to get help.
I went to a house, hoping to get
Some help from someone there.
I knocked on the doors and windows
When suddenly, my body was on the
Ground and I took my last breath.
My name is Renisha McBride.
Does my black life matter?

Fifty-nine years after Emmett Till’s death,
I held my hands in the air as the police
Pointed their gun at me and shot me
Several times.
I was unarmed.
Just like Emmett.
Just like Oscar.
Just like Trayvon.
Just like Jordan.
And just like Renisha.
My lifeless corpse fell to my stomach
In a pool of blood for hours.
My name is Michael Brown.
Does my black life matter?

We live in a time where a black life
Does not matter to society.
They would rather pull a trigger on
A nigger because our lives have
No value.
We’re losing our brothers and sisters,
Kings and queens,
And most don’t make it on the news.
We live in a time where we have to
Tell our black boys and black
Girls that they have to
Stay strong and stay aware in
Order to fight for their precious lives.
I will tell that to my child.
Because I would hate for my child
To tug on my skirt and ask me,
“Mama does my black life matter?”

- Le'Cheay Armstrong

No good result can come from any investigation which refuses to consider the facts. A conclusion that is based upon a presumption instead of the best evidence is unworthy of a moment"s consideration. The lynching record, as it is compiled from day to day by unbiased, reliable, and responsible public journals, should be the basis of every investigation which seeks to discover the cause and suggest the remedy for lynching. The excuses of lynchers and the specious pleas of their apologists should be considered in the light of the record, which they invariably misrepresent or ignore.

The Christian and moral forces of the nation should insist that misrepresentation should have no place in the discussion of this all important question, that the figures of the lynching record should be allowed to plead, trumpet-tongued, in defense of the slandered dead, that the silence of concession be broken, and that truth, swift-winged and courageous, summon this nation to do its duty to exalt justice and preserve inviolate the sacredness of human life.


Ida B. Wells Source: Independent, May 16, 1901.

113 years later, why is Ida B. Wells still painfully correct? 


Where and when the fuck can black people feel safe?

Clearly not in public on the streets during the day (Eric Garner, 43 years old)
Not while shopping for their newborn baby (John Crawford III, 22 years old)
Not on their wedding day (Sean Bell, 23 years old)
Not when they’re asking for help (Renisha McBride, 19 years old)
Not when they’re walking home to their family (Trayvon Martin, 17 years old)
Taking out the trash when mom’s watching (Darius Simmons, 13 years old) 
Playing in the park (Tamir Rice, 12 years old)
Not even when knowing their rights (Sandra Bland, 28 years old)
Not even when they’re sleeping at home (Aiyana Jones, 7 years old)
Clearly not at school. (Spring Valley High School, University of Missouri)
Not even in church (Charleston)

How Black People Can Avoid Being Murdered

Here I have compiled a handy list of ways us colored can appear less threatening Black people may avoid being murdered or beat or abused by racist cops and/or racist, crazed vigilantes (maybe, if we’re lucky):

1. Don’t wear a hoodie when it rains (Trayvon Martin).
2. Don’t go shopping in Walmart (John Crawford).
3. Don’t cosplay/wear costumes (Darrien Hunt).
4. Don’t sleep on the couch in your home (Aiyana Jones).
5. Don’t run in a public place (Darrin Manning).
6. Don’t play your music loud in your car (Jordan Davis).
7. Don’t play with toy guns (Tamir Rice).
8. Don’t be big and/or “threatening” (Mike Brown, Eric Garner).
9. Don’t reach for your wallet (Amadou Diallo).
10. Don’t ride public transportation (Oscar Grant).
11. Don’t be falsely accused of stealing (Kendrec McDade).
12. Don’t take food to your children (Rumain Brisbon).
13. Don’t live in or visit a rich, nice neighborhood (Robbie Tolan).
14. Don’t knock on a White person’s door (Renisha McBride).
15. Don’t hold your baby while in your home (Tarika Wilson).
16. Don’t go to a bachelor party, even your own (Sean Bell).
17. Don’t protest, even peacefully (everyone Black, ever).
18. Don’t carry a pill bottle (Rumain Brisbon).
19. Don’t walk with your hands in your pockets (Brandon McKean).
20. Don’t pick up your kids, and don’t know your rights (Chris Lollie).
21. Don’t reach for your identification during a traffic stop (Jamal Jones).
22. Don’t be in your own home, doing absolutely no wrong (Kathryn Johnston).
23. Don’t inspect your newly purchased property with your brother (Garrick and Carl Hopkins).
24.Don’t date a White person (Daniele Watts, Chris Wright).
25. Don’t be in a public place (Rekia Boyd).
26. Don’t hang out with your White friends alone (Brandon McClelland).
27. Don’t carry a spatula (Seretha Hall).
28. Don’t hold a candy bar (Andre Burgess).
29. Don’t let yourself get murdered by a cop purposely running you over (Tamon Robinson).
30. Don’t visit your children (Akai Gurley).
31. Don’t attend a protest, even when you’re being abused (Dornella Conner).

This is a short list of things you can do, if you’re Black, to avoid being harassed or murdered or beaten by racist police or vigilantes or White ‘friends’.

Our prayers go out to Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, John Crawford, Jordan Davis, and the countless others who have lost their lives to racial injustice. May Allah swt bring their families and friends peace and strength. May He protect and bring justice to the various communities who deserve better. 

C: Today was a very bad day for me, on a mental and spiritual level.

I woke up crying, due to a dream. It wasn’t a nightmare. But it was a dream, a very good one that I wish that I could live in it. In the dream, I was conversing with a late friend, who I consider to be my twin soul. She died, actually one year ago today, from a brain aneurysm.

I should’ve known that today was going to be horrible. I wasn’t feeling well ever since I learned about Tamir Rice and his family’s lack of justice, on the day before. Then there was the FB reminder from my aunt that today was the twenty-sixth anniversary of my cousin’s murder, who was also twelve years old when she was killed. So, today was just bad.

And my co-workers made it worse. Today, they were discussing a documentary that is on Netflix. All. Fucking. Day. Now normally I don’t pay them any attention. But today, I couldn’t help but hear them boo-hoo and cry about the “injustices that is carried out by the U.S. Justice System!”

Which made me fucking enraged.

I was enraged because for the entire 2015 year, I had to listen to these melanin and morally-deficient fucks try to justify the deaths of Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Ramarley Graham, Eric Garner, as well as, Renisha McBride. And listen to their efforts in discrediting the testimonies of the women who were raped by Daniel Holtzclaw. And these were the same dickheads who were now crying about two white men, who are rotting away in prison. Now they want to cry and start up petitions.

Atm, I hoped that those assholes would keep away. Nope, they didn’t. My bad day wouldn’t have been completed without being forced to interact with them. They ask me did I see the documentary or did I have plans on seeing it. I told them that I didn’t have any interest in seeing it, which opened up the floodgates of their shrilled whining.

I ended up cursing them the fuck out. I told all of them that I am all tapped out of fucks, so I am selective with my fucks. I can’t give them out to any old body. The same way they didn’t give two shits about Tamir, Renisha, Trayvon, Eric and for Sandra.

Of course, there was the stream of “But… But… But” from them. At this point, I unleashed the rage and reminded them that they morally-depraved people and deprived of God-given souls for even attempting to justify the murder of a child. A black child. In front of the few black co-workers that worked in the same office. People, who are parents to Black boys and have them as nephews. I think I also called them ‘demonic bigots’ as well. And I told them to never speak to me again unless it is work-related.

Of course, I was taking into my supervisor’s office and was there to receive a lecture. I also reminded my boss that FOR YEARS, myself and the other Black co-workers were subjected to the white coworkers’ acts of micro aggressive forms of racism. From the “funny insults” about President Obama and his family to their references for Black people.


@Regrann from @therealremyredd - They killed this people in less time then they fought with him to put his gun down. 🙏🏾Sylville Smith🙏🏾Andrew Kearse🙏🏾Jimmie Sanders🙏🏾Jordan Edwards🙏🏾Sandra Bland🙏🏾Keith Lamont Scott 🙏🏾Korryn Gaines🙏🏾Mike Moore🙏🏾Alva Braziel🙏🏾Delron Dempse 🙏🏾Philando Castile🙏🏾Alton Sterling🙏🏾Delron Dempsey🙏🏾Eleanor Bumpurs 🙏🏾Anthony Baez🙏🏾Akil Denkins🙏🏾Sandra Bland🙏🏾Freddie Gray🙏🏾 Gynnya McMillen 🙏🏾Trayvon Martin 🙏🏾Eric Garner 🙏🏾Michael Brown 🙏🏾Ezell Ford 🙏🏾Orlando Barlow 🙏🏾Renisha McBride 🙏🏾Dante Parker 🙏🏾Jordan Davis 🙏🏾John Crawford 🙏🏾Brandon Tate Brown🙏🏾Laquan MacDonald🙏🏾Sam Dubose🙏🏾Alonzo Ashley 🙏🏾Oscar Grant 🙏🏾Kimani Gray 🙏🏾Steven Eugene Washington 🙏🏾Victor Steen 🙏🏾Aiyana Stanley-Jones 🙏🏾Wendell Allen 🙏🏾Aaron Campbell 🙏🏾Kendrec McDade 🙏🏾Timothy Stansbury Jr. 🙏🏾Timothy Russell 🙏🏾Jonathan Ferrell 🙏🏾Ervin Jefferson 🙏🏾Sean Bell 🙏🏾Patrick Dorismond 🙏🏾Amadou Diallo 🙏🏾Ousmane Zongo 🙏🏾Ronald Madison 🙏🏾 Abdi Mohamed 🙏🏾James Brissette 🙏🏾Ramarley Graham 🙏🏾Travares McGill 🙏🏾Jerean Blake 🙏🏾Jersey Green 🙏🏾Sheron Jackson 🙏🏾Duane Brown 🙏🏾Angelo Clark 🙏🏾Steven Rodriguez 🙏🏾Christopher Kissane 🙏🏾Raymond Allen 🙏🏾Justin Sipp 🙏🏾Dante Price 🙏🏾Melvin Lawhorn 🙏🏾Bo Morrison 🙏🏾Nehemiah Dillard 🙏🏾Michael Lembhard 🙏🏾Marquez Smart 🙏🏾Tendai Nhekairo 🙏🏾Rekia Boyd 🙏🏾Stephon Watts 🙏🏾Manuel Loggins Jr.🙏🏾Johnnie Kamahi Warren 🙏🏾 Miriam Carey🙏🏾Tyrone West🙏🏾Lennon Lacy🙏🏾Ronald Johnson 🙏🏾Shereese Francis 🙏🏾Yvette Smith 🙏🏾Darrien Hunt 🙏🏾Milton Hall🙏🏾Kevin Turner 🙏🏾Tanesha Anderson 🙏🏾Lavean Johnson 🙏🏾 Akai Gurley 🙏🏾 Tamir Rice 🙏🏾 Rumain Brisbon 🙏🏾Kenneth Harding 🙏🏾Emmet Till🙏🏾Jamar Clark🙏🏾Jeremy Lake 🙏🏾Symone Nicole Marshall🙏🏾George Stinney🙏🏾Kajieme Powell🙏🏾Timothy Thomas🙏🏾Antwan Sedgwick🙏🏾Victor Carter🙏🏾 Kendrick Johnson🙏🏾Kevin Turner🙏🏾Cedric Stephens🙏🏾Michael Ajibade🙏🏾Armand Bennet🙏🏾Walter Scott🙏🏾Jessie Lee Williams🙏🏾 Jay Anderson🙏🏾Amadu Diallo🙏🏾AdolphGrimes🙏🏾 ———————————————-#therealremyredd #BlackHistory #blackhistoryiseveryday

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stand our ground

five bullets isn’t enough.  send your troops.
empty your guns between our eyes, because we
refuse to turn our backs and
go peacefully.  we’re tired of playing
uncle tom to your massa and won’t
sit silently while you paint targets
on our foreheads.  we’ll stand all
night.  we’ll stand our ground.  fire

roars through the streets, and fire roars
in our blood.
so keep shooting.  or finally treat us as
equals, because the fight only makes us
stronger - we march on, we fight on, for justice.



Our Lives Matter. Don’t let them convince you otherwise. I do this for my brothers. my parents. my love. my sisters. I do this for all of you. We shouldn’t have to fear for our lives every time we leave our homes. Just because our skin is enriched with more melanin. We shouldn’t have to be afraid to ask for help because we’re not sure if we’ll be gunned down in the process. We shouldn’t be murdered in cold blood and have our bodies left out in the street for hours while they try to justify killing us. I do this for Emmett Till. That was only 59 years ago. How much has changed? I do this for Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant. I do this for Jordan Davis who was gunned down 5 mins from where I used to live. I do this for Michael Brown. For Ezell Ford and Dante Parker who were both unarmed and gunned down by police SINCE Michael Brown. I do this for Renisha McBride and the countless other women of color who are mistreated and killed all the time. This is real. Don’t let them continue to devalue us. OUR LIVES MATTER. Stand up. Fight Back. Grow. Learn. Listen. Teach. OUR LIVES MATTER.


A lot of people are furious with the AP for this Renisha McBride tweet

In a case that highlights yet again the often deadly combination of racial profiling and gun ownership, Renisha McBride’s murderer was convicted Thursday on charges of second-degree murder.

Although McBride’s tragic story is one of precious few examples in which black victims of racial profiling receive the media attention and jury verdicts they deserved, such was not the case in the immediate aftermath of the McBride verdict. In fact, the Associated Press, one of the most respected wire sources worldwide, sent out a particularly galling tweet Thursday, reducing the situation to a “Detroit homeowner” who “fatally shot a drunk woman” on his porch.

Institutional privilege is still a problem for both the media and the public alike.

Rest In Peace:

Travis Faison, 2014
Rumain Brisbon, 2014
Tamir Rice, 2014
Ezell Ford, 2014
Yvette Smith, 2014
Akai Gurley, 2014
Darrien Hunt, 2014
Michelle Cusseaux, 2014
Kajieme Powell, 2014
Cameron Tillman, 2014
Kaldrick Donald, 2014
Jacinto Zavala, 2014
Dante Parker, 2014
Tanisha Anderson, 2014
Pearlie Golden, 2014
Andrew Scott Gaynier, 2014
Aura Rosser, 2014
VonDerrit D. Myers Jr., 2014
John Crawford III, 2014
Eric Garner, 2014
Michael Brown, 2014
Gary Hatcher, 2013
Thomas Manuel III, 2013
Larry Jackson, Jr., 2013
Jonathan Ferrell, 2013
Danroy Henry, 2013
Renisha McBride, 2013
Alesia Thomas, 2013
Miriam Carey, 2013
Marlon Horton, 2013
Islan Nettles, 2013
Kimani Gray, 2013
Kendrec McDade, 2012
Timothy Russell, 2012
Duane Brown, 2012
Tamon Robinson, 2012
Chavis Carter, 2012
Malissa Williams, 2012
Marquez Smart, 2012
Nehemiah Lazar Dillard, 2012
Jersey K. Green, 2012
Shantel Davis, 2012
Erica Collins, 2012
Michael Lembhard, 2012
Karen Day, 2012
Shulena Weldon, 2012
Darnesha Harris, 2012
Tendai Nhekairo, 2012
Shereese Francis, 2012
Sharmel Edwards, 2012
Sheron Jackson, 2012
Rekia Boyd, 2012
Jordan Davis, 2012
Ervin Jefferson, 2012
Dante Price, 2012
Anna Brown, 2012
Wendell Allen, 2012
Ramarley Graham, 2012
Johnnie Kamahi Warren, 2012
Trayvon Martin, 2012
Angelo Clark, 2012
Shelly Frey, 2012
Adaisha Miller, 2012
Stephon Watts, 2012
Manuel Loggins Jr., 2012
Shem Walker, 2011
Kenneth Chamberlain, 2011
Steven Eugene Washington, 2011
James Brissette, 2011
Jimmell Cannon, 2011
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Kenneth Harding, 2011
Denise Gray, 2011
Corey Brown, 2011
Alonzo Ashley, 2011
Aaron Campbell, 2010
Guy Jarreau Jr., 2010
Je’Rean Blake, 2010
Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones, 2010
Derrick Jones, 2010
Oscar Grant, 2009
Kiwane Carrington, 2009
Ian Tomlinson, 2009
Brenda WIlliams, 2009
Victor Steen, 2009
Tarika Wilson, 2008
Jeremiah Chass, 2007
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Sean Bell, 2006
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Travares McGill, 2005
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Earl Murray, 2000
Anthony Dwaine Lee, 2000
Roger Owensby, 2000
Cornel Young, 2000
Gary Hopkins, 1999
Irvin Landrum Jr., 1999
A. Demetrius Dubose, 1999
Ahmed Amadou Diallo, 1999
Margaret Mitchell, 1999
Latanya Haggerty, 1999
Tyisha Miller, 1998
Christopher Ridley, 1998
Richard Brown, 1996
Tyron Lewis, 1996
Johnny Gammage, 1995
Anthony Baez, 1994

After all the shit black people have been through on this land, it’s truly a shame that some of us still say “God Bless Amerikkka”. A nation that was founded on the rape, enslavement, and massacre of their ancestors. A nation that made and still makes it comedy to degrade and disrespect Blacks. The same land that deemed it legal for hundreds of whites to gather and watch a Black man or woman tortured and hung from a tree. A land that possesses a system where it is justified for racist police to shoot down innocent black boys and girls with no consequence. A country that blacks have fought and died for, in wars they did not start, only to return home and be treated like shit. As a Black person, how can you say “God Bless Amerikkka”?
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