Dear Supernatural Fandom:

I’m here to ask for help to spread the word of Dominion. This summer a new show called Dominion aired on the Syfy Channel. It was a little slow taking off, but by the fourth episode I can guarantee that everyone watching it was hooked. It’s got just about everything you could ask for in a show. Several female leads who don’t let men control their lives, Angel family drama, bisexual and gay characters, an abundance of awesome CGI wings, and a lot of sexual tension between the main male leads: The Savior Alex Lannon, and Archangel Michael. Also, we basically have an armada of ships that can be seen here, and thus far no shipping drama in the fandom. Basically everyone ships everything, and honestly it’s hard not to.

Our main angels include:

Michael, the stoic angel who likes whipping people and side-eyeing them. He’s basically the only angel on the side of the humans.

Gabriel, the adorably murderous angel who will kill a diner full of people and then eat their pudding afterwards. He’s also leading the army of angels to destroy the human race.

Uriel, this beautiful goddess is sneaky and has her own agenda. She’s pitting her brothers against themselves by playing both sides. She’s also involved romantically with one of the female leads. 

You can watch the first four episodes here on the Syfy website. They have the rest of the episodes, but you’re going to need a cable subscription to view them. 

If you need more of a reason, look at the beautiful wings that we get almost every single episode. You can see more of them here.

Additionally, our cast is EXTREMELY active on Twitter. The Show runner, Vaun Wilmott replies, retweets and even follows almost everyone. The rest of the cast: Tom Wisdom, Chris Egan, Carl Beukes, Roxanne McKee, Anthony Stewart Head, Shivani Ghai, Langley Kirkwood, Luke Allen-Gale, Kim Engelbrecht and Katrine de Candole are all on twitter and they live tweet during the show and they all frequently respond to questions and comments from fans. It’s remarkable how active they all are online and it’s a lot of fun interacting with them.

Now, our first season only had 8 episodes, and our season finale was about two weeks ago. As of right now, our show has not been renewed. We’re are trying to stay as loud as we can with the hopes that our show will get a second season. I’m here to ask for your help. This Tuesday night (August 19th) at 9pm EST we are going to try and trend #Dominion on Twitter, and we would really appreciate any help you could give. Also, if you could help vote for Dominion on this Poll for Favorite Summer Show we would really appreciate it. We’re desperate for a second season, and any help would be great. Also, I don’t think you’ll regret it if you decide to give the show a chance.

Dominion has totally got me hooked, I had a great time drawing these guys! Here’s hoping to season two!

I beg my followers

I know it’s a lot to ask since you maybe don’t know or watch the show but for the DOMINION FAMILY IT IS REALLY VERY IMPORTAN. #Help us to save our show please

The show is not only the sequel to the cinematic hit Legion but, it has interesting plots and characters as well as a big following of fans who had loved the show since the first episode. It deserves to be saved and continued on with another season.

It will only take a minute!  Please sign the PETITION ….I mean you sure think ‘ NAHH I DON’T CARE. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS IS’ BUT take a moment and think about your favorite tv show…what would you do to save your favorite show?
5,000 Signatures Collected for Netflix to Save Dominion
It’s not the first time a social media campaign has requested that Netflix revives a series chopped by regular networks. Forever earlier in the year was by far the greatest but has yielded little results, at least for that series. On the other side of the coin, Longmire after waves of campaigns has seen a fifth season, the second of Netflix’s get the go ahead from the big wigs at Netflix HQ. The campaign, shared under the hashtag #savedominion has swept Facebook and Twitter hoping to get any other networks to pick the show up but particular effort has gone to getting Netflix’s attention. That’s unsurprising given Netflix’s role in the past of picking axed shows up.

Vote, please! And comment.

Dear Netflix

I would just like to mention that the cast and crew involved with Dominion are super active on social media. Creating and maintaining a very friendly, safe, open and interactive relationship between themselves and the fans. They have greatly contributed to develop a strong foundation for the loyal, devoted and loving fanbase Dominion has today. A fanbase that can only continue to grow… if given the chance. 

Us fans are very grateful for this opportunity to communicate so closely with our heroes on and off the screen. We’re appreciating the chance to get a deeper knowledge of the show, its production and the people coming together to make it happen. We get a unique insight of the show and its fantastic universe. A chance to get to know the show in a way most other fans do not. 

As for the fans themselves, I have never seen such a devoted, loving, respecting and non-judgmental bunch in my life and I am both incredibly proud and humbly grateful to be a part of Dominions amazing and wonderful fandom. These are the sorts of people you would want as subscribers to your services. These relationships really help create an even greater attachment to the show itself. 

Think about it… extremely active, fan-oriented and talented cast- and crewmembers, along with a devoted, responsive and vocal fanbase. You really couldn’t ask for a more perfect combination surrounding/backing up a TV show/entertainment media in this day and age.

Please pick up and produce Dominion. This is a safe bet for you. I can’t emphasize that enough. If Netflix carries and produces this show –massive benefits will come your way. As in great increase in customers, reputation, loyal fans and profit (just to mention a few)

Netflix, please help us (and yourself)


Another contribution to #RenewDominion: icons! 

If you’re active on fanforum/twitter/spoilertv/tvbythenumbers/livejournal/sky’s the limit, then you might consider changing your icon into something that represents Dominion. Why? Well, because it may catch someone’s attention, and God only knows we need more viewers.

Or, you know, if you’re bored, and you feel like updating your profile, then please think about Dominion :D

I’ve prepared over 50 icons, so if you can’t make one yourself, then you can use one of those ;) Or you can modify them, resize them, do whatever you want with them, as long as it helps the show. They’re all 170px x 170px.

ICONS (textless version) / ICONS (with #RenewDominion written all over them)