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You would swear that sometimes your parents forgot they had two children. Yeah that’s right, two. Renesmee or Nessie to everyone but your mother and you, Y/N. You’d been the unexpected sibling. 

It wasn’t that your parents didn’t love you or anything, just that Nessie seemed to be the focus. You were a lot more…stable. You were a lot more grown up, a lot less demanding. Anyway your sister just seemed to naturally draw others to her whereas you didn’t. The only people to ever pay attention to you was your wolf, Seth and your Aunt Alice. For the most part you didn’t mind, you liked being left alone. 

However, when you were actually trying to talk to your Uncle Jasper and your father one day and Nessie pranced in demanding your dad’s attention you couldn’t help but become extremely jealous. Watching Nessie place her hand on your fathers face, you knew that you’d give anything to know what they were saying and anything to be able to communicate like Ness. So when your Uncle Jasper gasped in shock along with your father as an image of Jacob and Ness catching snowflakes flooded your mind you were shocked. 

Suddenly everyone was around you, trying to figure out how you had done whatever it was you’d done. Hours of tests later it was confirmed. You could borrow powers for short amounts of time. Everyone seemed so interested in you now. Constantly asking for your attention, wanting you to show them something, try something new and spend time with them. 

This was everything you’d ever wanted right? So why was all you wanted now to go back to being nobody and curl up with your Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper and Seth and watch a funny movie?


Twilight Characters With Snapchat Filters: Renesmee


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If anyone were to ask you, which of course, they didn’t, you’d say you got the worst deal when it came to genetics. Your twin Renesmee was born half-vampire half-human due to when you were conceived and born. You were born human, completely human.

Your Grandpa Carlisle always said what a miracle it was that Nessie hadn’t drained you dry in the womb, sometimes you secretly wished she had. Nessie had all the best parts of humanity (except perhaps the ability to get pregnant you weren’t really sure about that yet) and yet she had none of the crap stuff. 

She got speed, grace, beauty, long life, quick growth, a soul mate from birth and you, you grew slowly, you got hurt, you got sick, your skin broke out now and again, you were clumsy and awkward and not half as intelligent oh and one day, you were going to die. Probably alone considering a normal relationship would struggle to live up to the relationships you’d been exposed to in your supernatural family and friends. 

Aunt Rose always preached how perfect your life was, all the possibilities you had, the prospect of children and in some ways you couldn’t blame her, it was nice to have the option of children. However knowing that your children would forever be in danger because of their knowledge of the supernatural or even worse keeping it from them and them never knowing your family, yeah, you weren’t entirely sold on the children road. 

It really, really sucked being the only human member of an extraordinary supernatural family. Everything you could do they could do better. Ness in particular. 

Your mum was the only one who even slightly understood that and yet the hypocritical woman still preached the brilliance of humanity at you. Although secretly you were sure that was a selfish thing, after all she really adored the fact that you got your dads human eyes. If you became a vampire, she’d loose them.


So I’m patiently waiting for a Jacob and Renesmee movie. I was bored one day and decided to make this video. This is what I imagine would happen to Jacob and Renesmee after Breaking Dawn Part 2. Enjoy!

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(Requested by Anon)

Renesmee was everything you could have ever dreamed your mate would be and more. She was kind, compassionate, caring, talented, beautiful and completely and utterly one of a kind… well…almost; she was the only female of her kind who wasn’t crazy at least and you loved her. Your life together was perfect, well except that you were pretty certain that Jacob, (her best friend and werewolf protector), was waiting for you to fuck up so he could zoom in and be the mutt in shining fur or something. But apart from that? Complete perfection.


Renesmee and Nahuel (via Queenofshadows)