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The placement of the Schnee mansion as it looked over Vale had always been both Weiss’s favorite and least favorite thing.

On the east side, the structure overlooked the vast, sparkling ocean from on high; the walk from her house to the beach was a good half hour if one traveled through town, but only half the time if one were to simply brave the prickling ferns and thickets of the hillside directly below. Having such a lovely view was one of several benefits of being the wealthiest family in Vale, after all.

But the mansion’s location wasn’t exactly ideal.

On the west side, it was smothered by the rest of Vale’s buildings, a grungy alleyway sitting constantly in shadows just beneath Weiss’s bedroom window, even at noon on the brightest of days. She heard fights take place there almost every night, and longed to write a book on the things she’d discovered from the reverberating echoes.

But Weiss didn’t have to worry, because she rarely left the house anyway, and when she did, it was with escorts and security.

Though, to her, they felt more like prison guards.

She envied those who were allowed to attend combat school, but Weiss was home-schooled all her life. She had a strict schedule, and stuck to it for sanity’s sake, lest her father gain wind of her so much as dripping a speck of ink out of place on her calligraphy papers. 

She trained with her rapier in the wide, specialized basement daily, but it was more for show and bragging rights rather than actual fighting. She had piano, signing, writing, business, and various other lessons as well.

She needed to be the perfect young wife for whatever suitors came to visit at her father’s lavish monthly banquets, after all. 

Weiss had been born solely for the purpose of being married off for her father’s financial benefits, and she’d always known that. 

Sometimes, though, she just wished she could go down to the beach and watch the sunset, and not have to think about all of that for an hour or so.


Run away-ay with me
Lost souls in revelry
Running wild and running free

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