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anonymous asked:

so I was thinking, IF you're taking any prompts: what do you think would've happened if Mary went to police and enroled the Witness Protection Program - or if she just gave Nathaniel to them bc it is easier to run away without a child? I was thinking, if he had full support from the police, even if Riko got DNA or digitals for a test, there would be no Nathaniel Wesninski in the system for him to find. What do you think?

( imagine: Mary gives Neil to the police. imagine: Neil in the foster care system. imagine: some meetings are fated, but the path is a little flexible. )

( warning for …….. so much stuff. implied drug abuse. implied animal abuse. anti-religious talk. rough people in rough situations. Neil’s characterization took a harsh turn from canon, because imo Mary’s control and the high pressure of being on the run had a huuuge impact on his behaviour. also because lbr he’ll always be a chameleon kid until Palmetto. )

“You’re fucking bailing. I can’t fucking believe it.”

“Neil, I’m not bailing.”

“Yeah? You take a look in the mirror lately? Dressing like Tyron’s auntie, like some fucking prude, like you’re pure and holy and above all us gutter rats. I can’t believe it. He was right. You’re– you’re- you’ve become a fucking jesus freak, going to jesus camp.

“It’s a retreat, and it’s only one week.”

“What the fuck ever, Renee. That senile old woman’s corrupted you.”

“Is that what this is about?”

“There’s no this. There’s no anything. You’re ditching me.”

“I’m not ditching you, Neil.”

“Really? ‘Cause you sure as hell aren’t gonna convert me, and I don’t think your high horse has room for two.”

Renee pursed her lips.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry, but the Neil Joining the Witness Protection, or becoming Part of the System fic, was really interesting. I would like to know your thoughts on how he came to be the person he was, and the events that followed his joining the Foxes. How young was he when his mom separated from him? What would his interactions with Matt and Seth be like? Would his first night out at Eden's with the monsters end similarly?

( also for: more about [foster] Neil in Palmetto and the foxes reaction to him. )

( thank you for all the ideas for starts, too!! my gosh this prompt is good. related to this. canon-typical warnings. ) 

“Wait.” Nicky leaned heavily on the unsteady club table, his breath reeking of alcohol and eyes hazy from dust. “You’re dating Allison?

“Yeah, I am.” Neil leaned back, his face blank even with his pupils blown wide from his own intake. “Now back off.”

Nicky did not back off. Nicky sighed and slumped ever closer.

“Damn. Really thought you were one of my people.”

“The fuck you say?” Neil asked, voice flat and unconcerned. Across the table and next to Kevin, Andrew’s eyes focused on him.

“She’s just using you,” Aaron cut in. He also eyed Neil. Around them, the club pounded out a heavy beat. Shouting over the music didn’t leave much room for inflection or tonal nuance, but it was hard to miss the vaguely appreciative look to Aaron’s face. “You know and don’t give a shit, huh?”

Neil shrugged. “She can do what she likes.”

Nicky whistled. The music snatched it up and carried it away. “Are you like that with everyone you’re with? All giving, all the time? It’s hot. What if I gave you a little suggestion right now?”

Neil stared.

Aaron shot Nicky a disgusted look, lip curled. He swiftly turned to Neil. “I bet she’s out with Seth tonight.”

“Fuckin’ finally,” Neil replied, derisive. “He’s been a real bitch to live with. They’ve been pining over each other since her and me started dating.”

“Why don’t you care? She’s using you, man.”

“Believe it or not, she’s a great conversationalist.”

“Uh-huh. In the bedroom, maybe.”

Neil sneered. “Right. I’m bored. Is this what you antisocial jackasses consider a party?”

“Oh,” Andrew said, “it’s just beginning.”

“Let’s dance.” Again, Nicky leaned close. Neil’s expression blanked. “Come on. My boyfriend agreed, and your girlfriend won’t care.”

“Touch me,” Neil said, “and I’ll break your fucking fingers.”

“Hurt him,” Andrew cut in, “and I’ll break your neck.”

Neil grinned, teeth and fevered eyes catching the glittering lights.

“Now that’s a party.”

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  • okay but Allison and Renee are absolutely foster parents
  • They adopt two or three of them because they love all of the kids they help, but they also want a family of their own
  • Allison deciding that she wants a child of her own as well. Not because she loves any of their children less, but because it’s just different
  • Renee understands and whole heartedly agrees to her idea
  • Their children being alternatively excited and nervous about the baby
  • Allison assuring all of them over and over again that she will always love them
  • Andrew and Neil are the first to find out (the four of them have become super close over the years bc I live for Andrew/Renee/Neil and Neil/Allison brotps).
  • Andrew and Dan are the godparents and Andrew is /blown away/ by this decision? Like completely stunned? 
    • “You’re going to trust me with your kid if something happens to you???”
    • Allison joking that it’s only because Matt and Dan had already staked their claim on Neil
    • Later that night, Renee pulls Andrew out onto the porch and they talk quietly about it. Renee tells him she understands if he doesn't’ want to, but that she wouldn’t have asked him if she didn’t think he’d be great 
  • Allison is absolutely horrified by maternity clothes. 
  • Katelyn, Thea (because Kevin may be a dick but he’s still their family and when he married Thea they took her too), Dan, Renee, Allison and the kids all go out and when they come back the boys have set up an amazing nursery for them
    • Allison cries. She hates pregnancy hormones almost as much as she hates maternity clothes
  • Allison is bitter during her baby shower bc everyone gets drunk (the years have not stopped drinking from being one of the primary forms of Fox bonding) and Dan laughs in her face bc now she knows how Dan felt.
  • When she finally goes into labor, she breaks Neil’s hand from squeezing it so hard and Nicky’s nose because he kept asking her if she was okay and “no you fucking idiot, im in a shit ton of pain so shut the fuck up!!” but Nicky is horrible at listening.
  • She has a boy
  • They hadn’t really talked about names, but Renee says “Seth” in a way that’s not a question but a statement
  • and Allison’s heart swells with affection for this girl she married bc she understood Allison so completely it hurt