366 Musical #22-26

Here are some more of my 366 Musicals! If you have any I should listen to let me know! #366Musicals

1/22- Big River.
This is one of a bunch of shows I used to listen to all the time during High School. Listening to this, I was just overcome with memories. I love this show, I think this might be one of the greatest American musicals ever. Every song is catchy and a showstopper. I completely forgot that a young John Goodman was in this. Muddy Water is one of those timeless showtunes. 10/10⭐️

1/23- The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
This is dark. This production took the music from the Disney movie but followed the plot of the book. Their Quasimodo is partly deaf and blind. Michael Arden is so amazing and Patrick Page makes an evil character likable. Ciara Renee’s voice is so beautiful. So amazing. My friend said it best, “…the Tambourine and Tavern songs felt like I was taking a swim through warm chocolate sauce.” I agree. The new songs are fantastic, so good that at points I forgot which were old and which were new. I hope this comes to Broadway. 8/10⭐️

1/24- Violet.
This is the story of a woman with a huge scar on her face. I listened to the revival with Sutton Foster, Joshua Henry and Colin Donnell. There are some great numbers, it’s enjoyable. I’m not the biggest fan of Jeanine Tesori. My favorite score of hers is Shrek. I love the show Fun Home but the music doesn’t do it for me. It just never has. This doesn’t change that. It’s good. 6/10⭐️

1/25- Once on This Island.
I love this show. This, like Big River, was a show I was obsessed with in high school. The score is so much fun. I love Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. This is my favorite show by them. Highlights are Forever Yours and Rain. It’s lead by Jerry Dixon and LeChanze who are just amazing in everything. The only thing is the recording itself isn’t great, I’d love a revival of this. 9/10⭐️

1/26- 21 Chump Street.
Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a 15 minute musical about an NPR piece. It’s pretty great. It’s a quick, frankly upsetting musical about a good kid who gets tricked into buying weed from an uncover cop. Classic story. Lin is just showing off now. Like we get it, you can make anything entertaining. 7/10⭐️

Excerpt of the tfc foster home Au

“Andrews hands unfold themselves supine, calloused palms facing Neil and the world but asking two very different things of them both. Neil jerks back shaking his head, “your wrong no one hurt me, my family loves me.” his lip threatens to stick farther out in a pout , trying to quell the behavior he sits on the last swing so there is a buffer in the middle. One swing in between them and Andrews intense solemn face. 

“oh Neil, “ he turns his face towards the dusty grey sky as a warm breeze sweeps across the backyard ruffling his blond hair like a kind hand. “Don’t you know its always family that gives you the most ouches?” 

if he focuses on the ground he can almost ignore the crushing feeling in his chest. Thunder rumbles in the distance, white noise to their tiny world. “don’t “ Neil says softly 

“my foster brothers used to say they loved me, but it wasn’t love.” he doesn’t even sound sad , he sounds like…..thats all he expects from life even now. with Abbeys kind eyes and Mrs. Bee’s hot coco, “ i still want love. but not when it hurts. love…shouldn’t cause ouches Neil. “ Andrews eye’s are gentle as he watches the darker clouds tumble through the sky. Neils head is loud with a truth that his throat cant’s handle, it slides back to his stomach like a cold lump when his mouth cant force the words out. 

nononononon stop, stop, stop. His mom told him this was the one thing he could never say. who he was, who gave him every burn and cut.  but it seems to have made him unable to say many more things. He can’t even say that he too wishes for a love that doesn’t hurt. or that he wishes Andrew never knew that pain but his vocabulary lacks the eloquence for such things. 

In his peripheral vision he can see the other boys hand stretch slowly to lay on the seat of the swing between them. there is an invitation in the way his fingers uncurl and curl, like he’s waiting for something . like he’s waiting for Neil to be that something. 

but he can’t. his dad always said you can’t make something out of nothing. Neil was born a possibility of something that fractured away when he and his mother fled in the middle of the night. The cover of night the only protection against their bruised fragile hearts. 

……maybe….maybe he could try though. Wymack said they were family now right? maybe he could try to be something for them….to protect them… protect Andrew from the real life monsters that plagued his bed ……the monsters that made Matts dad make Matt sick or hurt Renee everyday she dared to stand back up…..even if its just so he doesn’t let them down…maybe that would be ok. maybe someday he would get there,

Neil tentatively reachs out. he’s shaking so hard he expects Andrew to make fun of him. call him a baby and go back inside but he just continues to observe the gathering tempest. The air is dry with summer heat , Andrews palm a cool contrast to his own sweaty dirt covered fingers. Andrew wraps his fingers around Neil’s without hesitation.  

“but i’m here now. and so are you.” his young voice drops to a fierce oath, “ This is our family now Neil ok? we gotta protect them , we gotta make sure ouches don’t mean love anymore ok?” 

His answer is lost in the roll of thunder but Neil know Andrew gets what he was trying to say. yes, the answer is yes. it’s always yes for Andrew. Neil pushes off the ground setting the swing into a lazy back and forth knowing he doesn’t need to say anymore. 

The sky is a fresh bruise of color , it’s almost time to go in for dinner.  He’s reluctant to move when the place were their hands meets radiates a warmth that makes Neil want to stay holding Andrews hand until the stars come out and the world is quiet, a warmth that seeps into Neil chasing away the vestiges of his turmoil and a past that never stays where it should .For once, Neil feels exactly where he should be.”