Building Beyond Buildings, Architecture Symposium

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life. I attended an architecture symposium entitled Building Beyond Buildings at Resorts World Manila. The guest speakers were Japanese Architect Kozuyasu Kochi and Dutch Architect Rene van Zuuk.

The talk was pretty much a big deal and I learned a lot about getting inspiration from different forms. Architect Kazuyasu Kochi talked about his different works and his inspiration for each different piece. Architect Rene van Zuuk talked about his different works and how to get the most out of your budget as well as working within the limit given by your client.

My heels broke on the way to Marriot from the Newport Performing Arts Theater, so I had to change into my flats/shoes.

Afterwards, we got to meet them because our blockmate, Kaori, somehow became the translator for Arch. Kochi since she’s half Japanese and Arch. Kochi sort of needed a translator.

It was a pretty fun and eventful day and I learned so much. It is because of this event that I was inspired to revive my architecture blog, ArchiStructure. I’ll be working on it from time to time since my schedule is pretty tight, but I hope to make it my architectural inspiration blog once again.