Big News!

Check out the teaser trailer for my upcoming project “Thatch & Dial” – featuring the art of Erin Middendorf, and Sabrina Alberghetti, along with the vocal talents of Dusty Rhoades!


I should start more mystery projects more often. I didn’t have any expectations for this and now I love it. I do this thing where every time I make something new, I wear it around the house for about a week like a proud mama bear. Which is why I’m sitting here typing this in nothing but a tunic and socks. Can you say, excellent life choices? :P
Tonight’s game was awesome. 
Also, I got a new friend! (aka sewing mannequin) Still thinking of a name for her. 

This is my renaissance inspired Navy Dress. It was designed, drafted and sewn by me. I made the patterns and everything was hand sewn. I have a new Facebook Page for my creations, so you can follow me there, too, if you want.

Also, this dress is available on etsy!

- Maria Heller

In the car coming home from school
  • Me:so we're learning about the Renaissance in history class
  • Mom:oh really? What's your favorite statue?
  • Me:I think I like the David statue. It's a really nice one.
  • Mom:yeah because he's a really handsome naked man with a penis, right?
  • Me:MOM.
  • Mom:what?! Is that not it?!
  • Me:actually it's because of all the art detail in it. Like even the wrinkles in the skin and veins and stuff.
  • Mom:are you sure it's not the penis?
  • Me:....that's only a small bit of it