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anonymous asked:

Elesis(BH) pranking/teasing/memeing everyone in the elgang and how they would react ;)

Elsword: He joins her in pranking everyone else.

Aisha: She whines about it and can’t believe that (actually she can) that Elesis would do such a thing.

Rena: She’s surprised, but somewhat amused on what humans do for fun.

Raven: He gets embarrassed to fall for something like that and tries to stay composed, but you can tell he’s trying not to react.

Eve: She is confused on why humans enjoy pranks and spends more time asking Elesis questions than reacting to it.

Chung: He is embarrassed and yells at Elesis about it with his face red.

Ara: She is flustered and falls over when she chases after Elesis with Eun laughing in her head.

Elesis: She is busy pestering the Elgang and is laughing the whole time.

Add: He growls at her to get out of his lab and fumes even more when she keeps teasing him.

Lu: She thinks it’s fun and joins Elesis in teasing others.  She even offers Elesis some ideas for future pranks!

Ciel: He ignores most of it and asks Elesis if she wants a cookie.  She takes the cookie before running off to her next victim – I mean person.

Ain: He is confused and doesn’t get it.  The stares he gives her makes her go away.