can someone send me $150 so that I can order some hair off the internet?

 I normally don’t do this but I have an appointment with my beautiful professor and i wanna look cute for her and run my fingers through my 100% remy human hair, this 50% polyester shit I got in my head right now i can’t even brush a strand of hair outta my face without my ring getting tangled and my earrings ripping outta my fucking ear.

red-faux  asked:

hey, what is the best way to blend the top/back of my hair with my extensions? :( i have not left my house with them in because i cant figure out how to hide them better

Hi!! I am Samantha, writing you from Instant Beauty Hair Extensions.  I am giving you some general instructions on how to apply and style your extensions to get the most natural look.  Hope this helps!


Using your fingers or rattail comb, create a horizontal part and lift the top part away with a section clip. Depending on how many wefts you are working with, you should always attach the clip-in extensions from the bottom up.


Open the snap clips and place the weft just below the part you’ve just made and snap them closed. Be sure that the clips are grabbing the hair below your part before you close each one. If you want to apply more than one weft, repeat steps one and two. Always part hair horizontally and secure into desired area. You should place them where you need extra length and volume.


When you are done, feel the back of your head to be sure the extensions are lying flat and that they feel comfortable and secure. If they are tugging on one side, or they do not feel very secure, remove the extensions and try again. Simply release the hair that was clipped away by removing the section clip, style and go!


To achieve a glamorous look in no time, apply the extensions and curl your hair together. You may use a thin flat iron, or a large barrel curing iron to get a loose, celebrity type curl.

If you decide to wear you hair straight, flatten your own hair first as best as you can. After applying the extensions, run the flat iron over both the extensions and you hair again.

To finish, add a drop of smoothing gloss. This will blend the extensions flawlessly.