GB!Week pt. 1

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McGonagall: now class, what is the difference between an animagus and a werewolf?

McGongall: yes, Ms. Black?

Remi: …particularly around the full moon.

McGonagall: …..while I appreciate the compliments, those were not the answers I was looking for.


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Bold Moves

Liam Evans (Genderbent!Lily Evans) played by: @son-0f-a-snitch

*Remi and Jamie sit in the Gryffindor Common Room*

Liam: *enters through the portrait hole*

Jamie: *her version of “spidey-sense go off, alerting her*

Liam: *approaches the two girls*

Liam: *turns to leave*

Liam: *walks up the stairs to the boys dormitory*

—2 Hours later, Remi and Liam return to the Gryffondor Common Room from Patrol—

Liam: *shrugs* they weren’t supposed to be out of bed after hours anyway.

Liam: what–?

*Remi watches as Liam’s jaw drops ever so slightly, and he quickly recovers*

Liam: *walks upstairs*


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Chop Chop

The Gryffindor Common Room.

Remi: *continues writing*

Sirius: *sits opposite Remi, playing with their hair*

Remi: *too surprised to speak*

*Her voice cracks. Sirius stops smiling*

Remi: *pauses, still confused*

Remi: *ducks her head, embarrassed* 

Remi: *begins to protest, but surrenders under Sirius’s glare*

Sirius: *caught off-guard, staring*


I have so many theories for why Jane left the country and weller but my finaly decision is: Jane remembered everything (zip dose wearing off) and she was scared that will become Remi again and she decided to leave the country and Weller. This explain the long hair (Remi had long hair)

I like the long hair. I want Jane with long hair in season 3.

blindspotgreece  asked:

Do you believe that Roman is responsible for Jane left the country and Weller? In addition, how many months passed when Jane left the country and Weller (i don't think 2 years )? I will say 6 months-1 year. The box say Jane Doe FBI because Jane is FBI agent? I'm the only that hate time jumps? omg two year time jump really?

yes i have extras questions for wednesday episode. I think today i will full your inbox. hahaha. 1. First i don’t understand the finale scene we have new tattoos or the old tattoos are glowing? 2. Do you thing that Jane remembered everything (zip dose wearing off) and she was scared that will become Remi again and she decided to leave the country and Weller?This explain the long hair (Remi had long hair)

Hey! Don’t worry about it! My inbox is always open! 

Sorry it took me some time to get to some your questions you guys but I was at a workshop.

I don’t know how much Roman is responsible for any “evil thins over the past two years and honestly I do not know if Jane leaving had anything to do with him. But whatever it was it must have freaked Jane out enough to have her run away. And Jane is not one to run away from trouble or danger or threat, it is not who she is, so whatever it was must have been HUGE.

The fear of reverting into Remi would be something that would terrify Jane because it is a topic they have been touching upon a lot so if that were the case I could see her leaving and going to live in a monastery especially to protect her loved ones. And if she has to come back then a theme in s3 would be Jane batting reverting to Remi and holding onto who she is as Jane.

I think Jane has been missing for around 6 months probably not more than that. That’s my instinct. I think at some point before they got married Jane became a full fledged agent and kept her name as Jane Doe.

I think the glowing tattoos have always been there as a second layer of tattoos that were maybe put there without Jane (Remi) or even Shepherd knowing.

I personally do not mind the time jump to be honest. It is very liberating from a storytelling point of view and allows for the show to come fresh and new.

anonymous asked:

Remy cut his hair again! Which one is that, if I may ask? Thank you!

Yeah, Remy looks better with short hair I think. The hair is Anto’s Brave in a Maxis Match recolor.