Color of the Week: Warm Gold

Need to inject a little sunshine into a room? Glidden’s Warm Gold from our Canyon Sunrise color palette will liven it right up. In the inspiration photos above, we love it paired with greys and whites (and even that pop of fuchsia!). 

There’s lots of big design credit in the little details. Paint window mullions to match the shade of painted kitchen cabinets. It’s a small way to add extra personalization to a kitchen.

Cabinet paint color: Ralph Lauren Rue Royale

Remodeling Columbine High School (pictures)

A lot of work had to be done to repair the damages done to Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. It was a massive effort on the parts of many people and they successfully renovated the building so it could be opened that same fall for the return of the Columbine students. There were parts of the school that weren’t completed till later but classes were able to resume on time. 

The library was sealed off initially and later knocked out completely, leaving an open space about the cafeteria below. The cafeteria was remodeled and the area above it was transformed into a bright atrium. Several other areas were redone as well - hallways, classrooms… a lot of the school looked completely different when students returned to campus - which was the intention. 

A temporary library was established until the new one could be built. In 2000, the HOPE Columbine Library broke ground and was built on the grassy hill where Rachel Scott died. 

Brian Rohrbough and Sue Petrone, parents of victim Daniel Rohrbough, participate in a campaign to repair and remodel the school. 

The athletics department office of the school is under repairs. You can see a bullet hole still scarring the right side of the window frame. 

The blood-soaked carpet of the stairs was ripped up to replace the whole floor with tile. 

Columbine’s new stairs, finished. 

The Arizona Wildcats visit the restored school. 

Columbine High’s upstairs hallway with the floor removed for re-tiling. 

The tiled, finished hall. 

The science room where Coach Sanders died was completely gutted and remodeled. 

One of the several security cameras that monitor the repaired school. 

Columbine mosaic in the entryway floor. 

Principal Frank DeAngelis stands in the newly remodeled hallway. 

The remodeling of the cafeteria is underway. 

Students fill the redesigned cafeteria once more, just as they did before the bombs went off April ‘99.