so one thing about me is that I’ve done some DJing in the past & mostly now I do it just for fun when I’m bored =) anyways so today I did a non-stop 2 hour mix of all remixed taylorswift songs called Taylor Swift: This Sick Mix =) anyways check it out Swifties & other followers and let me know what ya think also Taylor if you see this let me know what you think as well =) =)


Doopliss theme (orchestral) by Veneox

Found some stellar Earthbound medley/remixes by this person and also found something Paper Mario!! It’s pretty good!

  • titanium (hardstyle remix)
  • well it was originally by sia and david guetta but i remixed it so

hey everyone so yesterday i asked you which song you wanted me to do a mini remix of and a lot of people said titanium by sia and david guetta so that’s the one i did! i asked which genre you wanted it to be and the most popular one was hardstyle so here’s my attempt at making it! i’ve never made hardstyle before so it was a learning experience making all ofthe synths  but yeah here it is!! hope you all enjoy


1. Happy (Acoustic)

2. I’m A Ruin (Acoustic)

3. Froot (Oliver Nelson Remix)

4. Froot (St. Lucia Remix)


*!!!Purchase Froot on iTunes!!!*

Note: I put together a 4 track remix/acoustic album thing since these aren’t being sold currently to my knowledge. I’ll probably add to the album if more remixes or acoustic performances are released. If she released any of these tracks on a future release, consider deleting this copy and purchasing her released copy. PLEASE PURCHASE FROOT BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS.

White Iverson [Remix]

It’s funny. I read an article on Pigeons & Planes where the writer says that he wasn’t sure if he liked the song “White Iverson” by artist Post Malone at first listen…

…but with more plays and deeper listens, you can’t help but love it. Same feelings; yep I had those. The FKi production was immediately catching, but adjusting to Post Malone’s vocals, or as Noisey calls it: “gurgle raps”,  became not as easy as I thought, but happened inevitably. I need to see more from this artist to see if it’s him or the music that I was initially unsure about. Or all in all, maybe it’s just one of those songs you can’t help but really like. 

But what I like even more are the mixes! The song’s production and sound overall is pretty infectious so I’m sure beatmakers/DJs/producers have a blast with it. Hiko Momoji’s, so far in my opinion, is one of the most notable.

- Jhonna. ( @Twigsdom )