Here’s the first photoset I made for this year’s @jonxsansaremix!

Persephone Rising

Author: snacky
Original Couple: Darrow/Eo
Disclaimer: All quotes from Red Rising,by Pierce Brown. Not mine, no profit is being made, don’t sue, etc.
Summary: Sansa and Jon are Northerners, enslaved to the prosperous Southern Kingdom. When Sansa sings a song of rebellion, they both are put to death – and they both are resurrected, as the Lord of Light has other plans for them. While Jon goes south, to infiltrate the capitol, and reclaim the Iron Throne as the rightful heir, Sansa lives again as Persephone, leading the rebellion in the North, becoming a legend throughout the land.
Warnings: None!


And here’s the second of the photosets I did for the @jonxsansaremix!

She Belongs To My Heart
Original Couple:
All quotes from Finnikin of the Rock, by Melina Marchetta Not mine, no profit is being made, don’t sue, etc.
Summary: A long lost queen, and her sworn protector. Together they travel back to their home, together they’re stronger than any enemy, and together they belong.
Warnings: None!


Long story short, you have about 30 minutes to watch this video before we have to bury it deep in the Earth’s core for humanity’s well-being.


(WARNING: FLASHING IMAGES) I can’t stop listening to this and it keeps giving me chills

Just listen and enjoy.

Sounds like Overwatch a.k.a “Aardvark from Above" by HaveLuckGoodFun