Nice things I did for myself today

1) Had cuddles with my puppy in bed.

2) Went for a long walk.

3) Met 6 dogs.

4) Bought my Mum snacks.

5) Drank my expensive, special occasion tea leaves.

6) Sang the entire Mama Mia soundtrack in the bath.

7) Wrote for fun (Ok, it ended up sad, but it felt good).

8) Cleaned my room for the first time in ages.

Sometimes, you have to remember to do things for yourself (Or be reminded, thank you @lizziebennetinjapan ). You are important and you need to take care of yourself. 

And yes, this is a personal post. If you don’t like it you can SUCK IT! 



[15/10/19 TAO’S WEIBO] he shared the audio of the Vox Up intro song

I’m thankful to those who believe in me and the Hailangs who love me the most~ 6AM tomorrow, a new beginning, a new starting point. Let’s do it~ this intro was made before the concert… in the middle of the song are the words i want to say, a lot of people probably hasn’t listened to it yet, hope you all like it~ goodnight everyone ❤️ Please forgive me for not having editing pictures skill………….

In light of a few messages I’ve received, please remember to take care yourself and log off if you need to. Participation in post-tragedy online reactions is not mandatory to be a good person. There’s plenty you can do as an individual without compromising your own mental state. And if you’re reading this right now, I’m sure you already know the steps you can take to make a difference in a way that works best for you. Namely voting, contacting your local representatives (local, state and national), and donating blood if you are able (in Orlando and just as a general good deed).


1. It’s OK to admit motherhood isn’t fun, that you’re exhausted and that you resent your husband because he gets to go out into the world while you wipe noses and butts for a living.

2. Not breastfeeding will not kill your baby, regardless of whether your friends make you feel otherwise.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and unless your child has a serious illness, it’s all small stuff.

4. Take the time to shower. Every single day.

5. Remember: They will always stop crying… eventually.

6. You don’t need a Diaper Genie or a wipe warmer.

7. Sometimes you’ll feel like throwing them out of a window. And that’s ok… as long as you don’t actually do it.

8. Don’t compare yourself to others. All you can be is the best mother you can be.

9. Put the baby in his or her “nice clothes.” Who cares if they get dirty? Save your favorite outfits and your baby may grow too quickly to ever wear them.

10. Don’t judge other parents. They have no idea what they are doing either.

11. Take videos of your kids. Pictures are great, too, but video captures the moment in a way photos can’t.

12. Get out of the house while they’re in the infant seat. That’s the easiest it’s ever going to be.

13. Don’t take things too seriously. You won’t completely screw up your kids if they miss a vegetable, a bath, fall asleep in their clothes or get away with things once in a while.

14. Nobody else knows what’s best for your baby. 

15. Let them get messy. That’s what baths are for.

16. Take time to refuel… It’s not selfish to take care of yourself.

17. Pick your battles. Sometimes it’s not worth the fight.

18. Parenthood is defined by extremes: Extreme happiness, extreme frustration, extreme love, extreme guilt… Learn to let go, breathe, and try to find the happy in each day.

19. The parents who look like they have it all together are almost always a bigger mess than you.

20. You’re doing a great job. Relax.


Anyone who is having a tough time please remember:

* you are never alone. Ever.
* you always have someone to talk to
* you are loved
* you are worth love and health and happiness
* it may be tough now but it will get better eventually
* you are strong enough to get through this.
* it’s ok to cry or be angry or avoid people for a short period of time
* real friends will understand
* take care of yourself always - and only you know the way to do that.
* follow your gut instincts. They are 98% right.

Postive (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: Could you please do an imagine where the reader finds out she’s pregnant with Liam’s baby but before she can tell him he breaks up with her because he thinks he can’t protect her. She doesn’t tell him but he eventually finds out

A/n:Thank you to @fan-ficing-tastic for writing this imagine! Remember to follow her and I hope you like it x

 The little plus sign stared back at you, pregnant. You were pregnant. There was a baby inside of you, a life that now depended on you to take care of you and of it. A soft-more in high school and pregnant. You took a deep breath.

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You will experience days when you feel lost, misunderstood, wanting to give in, or just unsure if this is the right career for you. Remember the first patient you took care of in nursing school, remember the day you passed NCLEX, remember the first patient you helped save, remember the first family you comforted when they lost their loved one, simply being there silently while they grieved, remember the first moment you thought, “I can do this.” Remember how far you’ve come, remember you’ve got more courage than you think, you’ve got more learning, and more growing to do - so take a deep breath, remind yourself it’s ok to have self-doubts, it’s ok to make mistakes and come up against critics; adversity reminds us we have something to strive for, so you just quietly begin again tomorrow.
—  Nurse X

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Hay guys if you’re super stressed out like I am over everything that’s been going on this past evening, here’s a cat cloud to help cheer you up. Remember guys it’s ok to take a break from things. Look at some cat video’s if you need to. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Hey there, remember..

it’s a bad day, not a bad life.
Take care of yourself, you matter too.
You don’t like what you see, but you are beautiful.
You can’t control everything. it’s hard to let go, but sometimes, it’s for the better. and you’ll see clearer.
You’re stuck right now, but you won’t be forever.
it’s ok to play safe, someday you don’t have to.
Hold on, have courage, you’re in a battle. every war ends.
it’s alright to ask for help, you don’t have to be strong on your own.
You don’t feel important, but you are and you’re worth the efforts.
You’re not a bother, you’re beloved.
You will get there, I promise, have patience.
the storm will end, the tides will change.
You’re not ok, but you will be.

hiiii everyone! how are we all doing 2day?

good i hope!

hav u remembered 2 take ur #meds , drink plenty of #water , nd eat enough #food so far today? also 2 take a bath/shower, nd brush ur teeth if u need to? 

i kno tht taking care of yourself can be super duper hard! nd its ok if you forget to, or cant sometimes (even if tht sometimes is a lot of the time!), but it is super important! u deserve 2 be healthy nd happy (whtever happy means 2 u!) 

so pretty please take care of yourself the bestest u can, nd hav a lovely day!! i luv you all! 

hello friends i know this is v late but better late than never right!!!

  • what to do?

mbf me
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i’m picking a handful of blogs for the poll on july 7th, whoever has the most votes on july 12th is my blog of summer :-) until then please remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and take care of yourself ok i love u all :*

It makes me so sad that almost nobody I know thinks highly of themselves

It’s okay to love yourself, in case you needed a reminder

It’s okay to make mistakes, to be human is to make mistakes after all

Be kind to yourself today. Sit up straight, get rid of the trash in your room, get a snack, maybe some water, take your meds and for the love of god stop holding your pee and go take care of it

I love you and you’re all valid and important, remember that

nepetas-guard  asked:

Stop being so kind and lovable? Well I will never stop being kind. Idk about lovable But thank you. :3 Just remember To take care of yourself and get some rest. Ok? I don't want you over working yourself.

Don’t worry, I work a ton yet I find times to rest! :) I mean, I’m often left pretty tired in classes but I get all my work done before due dates so yaaaayyy

goldenangelwings  asked:

(1) It can be really, really hard to stop those kinds of thoughts from happening, especially when under stress or when motivation is at a low point. Still, an artist can be their own worst critic. When you look at the work of others and remember how much time and effort goes into your own work, and you feel that you don't measure up to that level, it's more than frustrating. But what's important to remember is that we're all learning and growing as artists at different increments.

(2) And as our skill grows, so too does our perception and understanding. Even if you’re not at the place you’d like to be yet, you’ll get there someday. Your art has a lot of care and love put into it, and that shows. As hard as it can be, make sure you don’t push yourself too hard, understand that there will be times where you will need to take a break once in a while, and that’s ok. Art has the ability to do so much, and yours can both inspire and bring smiles to others.

(3) And that’s something pretty special. (I don’t remember where I was going with this, but I hope it helps even a little. ^-^)

First, thanks for your message, I appreciate every word ;A; *hugs*

You’re absolutely right, I’m the worst critic of myself, and not just with art. I know that I’m not perfect, and I always try to improve in my next drawings (and in the end, I like to see my improvements). That’s actually how I learn, by trying new things or just changing my old methods if I don’t like them anymore. Thanks to that I finally found my own style, and I’m really really happy about that, because it was one of my goals some years ago. 10 years ago I would never imagined to draw like I’m drawing today, so I just have to be patient, judging my actual results. (But sometimes I forget all about this x.x)

I’m glad that people can see the love and efforts I put in my drawings (even if they’re not perfect), you’re actually the second person that writes me that, and it makes me really really happy, because I think I did it in the right way. I guess it’s the best compliment an artist can receive >.< Some of my drawings have a hidden meaning, and I’m happy when someone notice what is it :3

Thanks again, Autumn.

To my future self: read this post if you lose again your damn self confidence è.é

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Kpopmart fighting ❤️❤️ Please staff remember to take care of yourself and don't forget to eat in this busy time, ok! ✨Without you me and my friends wouldn't have our cherished albums, we can't wait for WINGS! thank you 🌸😊

Than you, you’re so sweet ^ ^

This is why we’re happy though work is crazily busy. We’re fine and will try to take care of ourselves as well as all the orders. =^‿^=♡

crispymura  asked:

¥ @mun: Take care of yourself, don't stress with replies, and remember that your muse is wonderful and I love them very much. Treat yourself to something sweet, and make sure your number one priority is to enjoy yourself!

[ aaaahh ty fam!! i just feel rly guilty bc some of my replies are literally a week/two weeks late bc of my hiatus n i really wanna get to them but. where is my muse

but really thank u!! your muse is just as wonderful as mine ok ok c’: ]