PSA For Students Beginning School Again

It’s ok to struggle. But when you do, find help. Get the help you need to get back on your feet. 

Focus on school. Don’t be the kid who says school is lame. It totally is but it is necessary.

Remember that there are people out there who love you and care about you and want you to succeed.

Take care of yourself. Especially when you’re stressed. Take a personal day or two if you have to. It’s ok.


Make new friends. You could always go for more friends. 

Form good relationships with your teachers. They’re not all bad. They are there for your well being 

Don’t forget to eat enough.

Drink enough water.

Get some sleep.

Don’t Procrastinate. No matter how long you have to do it. 

Keep yourself on a schedule. It will help you to do better and keep yourself organized.

But most importantly. Make some good memories. Go out with friends. Have some fun. 

I love you. 

averageordinaryfangirl replied to your post:So I survived today… kind of. I’ve felt anxious…

Well done, we’re so proud of you! <3 if you don’t feel you can do it, don’t force yourself to write anything. Take care of yourself, ok buttercup? -Nikki

Thank you so much, darling. I know everyone’s probably sick of me talking about myself and how I feel but I just feel like I can tell all of you everything and sometimes, I just need to be reminded that I can do this - which is what I want you all to remember too. Today has just been very stressful and I’m running on three hours sleep so I’m slowly becoming delusional ;) xxx


A few pictures of my mousie babies and a birb and cat I’ve encountered recently. I’m sorry you lost your babies, it sounds really hard on you. I hope soon you can remember them without being too sad, and things will be better soon. Take care of yourself, ily.

((Awwwwwww…. They’re all so cute. Take good care of them ok?))

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have an awesome night and remember to keep yourself nice and clean bc someone cares about you ok i promise. also if u have medication did u remember to take it today??

this was so sweet, you’re the best kind of human


idek what you’re doing lmao but you’re really funny lmao. You’re act soo silly sometimes but it brightens up everyones day. And omg you and your sister look like twins and you looked so pretty allahumma baarik laha. 90% of the time when we talk I end up being confused or something happens and we are both like ???? what just happened lmao (remember ok-c0ol) that was you right?? And I was like ??? what??? Lmao you’re awesome! Take care of yourself man

Send me a number and I’ll tell you what I think of you and your blog✌🏼️ (only doing mutuals now)

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Breathe. You've made it this far. You are an amazing human being. You are doing ok. I know it's hard, but you're doing ok. I believe in you. Cry and listen to some sad music. Take lots of naps in comfy places and drink lots of water. :) Just remember: you are doing ok and I believe in you. Take care of yourself. ~M :)

Hey. I . Love. You.

Hey, everyone going to school this semester!

Good luck! I hope you all do really well this semester, but remember that it’s okay to drop out of classes that you can’t handle, it’s okay to fail classes, it’s okay to struggle. Your self-worth is not determined by how well you do in school, and your health is more important than your grades. School is important but please take care of yourself first ♥

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Ugh Anne, I have so over eaten today. Work was so stressful and I was already tired from a night out before and I've just binged on chocolate bars and snacks. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it and have a just move on attitude but I also don't want to just brush it off because I know overeating/binging is bad :(

Babe, it’s okay. It happens to all of us sometimes. You don’t do it every day, and you will be okay too. Just remember to drink lots of water and take care of yourself for me, ok? <3

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it's ok to feel drained after socialization. friends will understand. it's not a good idea to wear yourself out and drain yourself of energy -- it's a limited sort of expenditure. recharging is so very important and when you recharge, you make sure that your future interactions are more worthwhile and better in terms of quality! :D so don't worry about wanting to recharge after socializing. you're okay! take care and remember to cater to your needs -- you're already thinking for others enough :)

Aww! Thank you! Finally someone that understands!

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Did you remember to eat breakfast this morning? Don't skip meals, eating is important! You are important! Take extra care of yourself ok? Ok? I love you ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

Waaaahhh this is so sweet! Omg thank you anon! I did eat breakfast!

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i wanted to reply to the pertinent post but i couldn't because of the character limit dangit. i'm sorry about your last day of work. just remember that life doesn't necessarily move upwards all the time; sometimes there are periods of stasis, and that's ok. that's normal. just because you're going into one of these periods doesn't mean that your life isn't going forward or that everything that came before doesn't matter. use this time to take care of yourself a little bit, you earned it.

this… is a really nice post. thanks andrea, i really needed to hear this right now.

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Jihoon...I took a picture of the sunset today,near the park we met. I thought of you a lot today while I passed that park so I decided to visit it. Remember when we decided to grow some flowers there? The roses are blooming really beautifully. I think of you a lot,take a break my love and accompany this woman who misses you so much? I'll be waiting Jihoon,please don't work too hard on yourself. I love you so much

Oh baby, i remember perfectly. I could never forget your bright smile and how beautiful you looked that day. You’re more beautiful than any roses, my love. I’m sorry i couldn’t go with you again today.. Things got tougher around here.. I’m getting tired.. but I need to keep working so I can see you soon. I miss you a lot.. I’ll be home really soon. Take care of yourself, ok? I love you

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Umm I'm so sorry if it's not my place to say anything but despite all of the negativity that's been affecting you I hope you will take care of yourself because you are a wonderful person to me and your happiness is #1 priority!! Remember that ok ♡♡♡

thank you and i really do love you

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Aha I feel too djskskfjsk to come off anon but remember you're very sweet and you deserve the world. ^^ xoxo

That’s ok anon. Thank you. You are very sweet yourself. Take care 💜

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hi friend, i hope everything is ok. remember to take care of yourself. ily

ahh thank u friend!! everything is ok we’re ok thank u sm! ily

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hey i hope school ends up ok!!! remember to take care of yourself and talk to yourself the way u would talk to a friend. u deserve kindness! it will all work out in the end. u will do great

thank u sooo much

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I hope you are doing okay! Remember to take care of yourself and stay hydrated. Remember you are very important!

Aw this is so cute. I sadly am not doing well physically because I didn’t have time to eat today cus work but I’m nipping on some cheez its so I’ll be ok. Thank you