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hands down the best birthday I’ve had in years. this is the first birthday I can remember where my mind and body are at peace. my mom got me a card and she said she made sure it was the card that said son the most times. I’m HAPPY to celebrate my day, despite me being old as fuck now. here’s to 22 🙏🏼🙌🏼

Just found this long lost photo I though I’d share. I wrote about this beauty moment in the hair chapter in my book #YourBeautyMark The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour. It was over ten years ago, I had just come home from being scanned head to toe while posed in my martini glass for the creation of a life size statue. My hair had to be sprayed white in order for the scanner to be able to “see” it. And @aleistervonteese would always come to the door to greet me, so I had scooped him up and he bit me square on the nose, which he still does sometimes when he’s extra lovable. I always loved this picture because I remember the day so well and it’s amazing that this quick little lovebite was captured on camera. I’m glad I finally found the image to share… I sure do love this cat! With his 71,000+ followers, I guess I’m not the only one! Almost every time I go to events, at least one person tells me how much they like his Instagram, which I love because he makes me happy every single day. He’s been all over the world with me, the sweetest companion for over 13 years now. I’ve always had pets my entire life, sometimes a menagerie of dogs and cats and sometimes just one. I’m always amazed at how they brighten my day. #catsofinstagram #silverfox #aleistervonteese

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Holy crap, you guys! I woke up this morning and saw everyone posting about @glaad’s spirit day and decided I wanted to do more than tweet about it. So I made a page and spent all afternoon flooding your timelines and within just a few hours, you guys helped me reach my $5,000 goal. I’m humbled and blown away. My campaign was the top one on GLAAD’s page and we raised so much money toward preventing bullying and protecting LGBT youth. A few days ago, someone on Facebook spitefully notes the “16k spam accounts” that are my Twitter followers in an attempt to make our time and work on social media seem pointless and trivial. It isn’t. Social media and fandom can do so much when we try. I remember raising 50k with you all a couple years ago and this one day of flash fundraising was just as fun. Thank you for your support, generosity, and for spreading the word. Preventing not LGBTQ bullying means saving LGBTQ lives and we did that today. You did that. You are heroes. Thank you. #SpiritDay 💜💜

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Okay, but can you please please please write a thing about the tiara fantasy? I didn't realize I needed this. Please.

So like, a really really long time ago when this blog was still an infant, someone sent me an anon about YSL’s spring collection or whatever and there was like, a diamond tiara in it. And they were like “Imagine Harry buying that for you and having sex with you while doing some Princess roleplay.” And for SOME REASON that has fucked me up every day since then. (Original anon idk if you’re still following me at this point or if you even remember sending me that because it was last year I think but thanks a LOT)

I can’t even begin to describe how bad I need that. Maybe with him tying you up, then just like, completely worshipping your entire body while you’ve got this expensive tiara sitting perfectly on your head. And it’s princess roleplay, so maybe he’s saving the “damsel in distress.” Or maybe he’s the villain, and he’s captured you to “torture” you with the softest kisses, probably edging the shit out of you OR making you cum multiple times until youre crying. And theres a ton of cooing, as well. “Awww dirty little princess. Y'like this don’t you?” Lots of “Your majesty” “your highness” “princess” etc which might sound cheesy but my god when he’s got his tongue against you like that, you’ll let him call you anything you want.

This is really really long, and personally I don’t know if you’ll even answer. But I’m so confused and I need serious help. I should start out by saying, this is weird for me. So so weird. My whole entire life I’ve never believed any of this, at all. Magic, psychic, spirit, whatever, I NEVER believed it to be true. Speed time up to now. I meet this woman at work and we hit it off, become FAST friends. We’re out having coffee one day and BAM one thing leads to another and she tells me about the spirits following me.

Nbd, it’s not a surprise. One of them has been following me since I could remember, standing in the corners and door ways of my rooms to just being in the shadows and the other popped up from time to time scaring the crap out of me, but she was always harmless. She tells me I need to ‘rope them in’ because they are ‘my people’ and 'they are crazy’ that I know what I need to do to do just that (honestly I have no idea) and that all I have to do is meditate and trust them. OKAY, so, I think on it and decide that I have NO IDEA WHAT I"M DOING NONE, and I couldn’t even swallow the fact that all of this was happening.

OKAY, so fast forward a few weeks and this woman throws a Halloween party. We’re having a blast, a great time. Laughing, games, the whole spcheel. Then end of the party comes at 2am, and we’re sitting on the floor when she tells me that I still haven’t 'let them in’, and they’re not happy. Okay, so, I get that, it freaks me out she knew that, but whatever. She asks me about my grandfather who is deceased, and asks me about how he was. Okay, so then she freaks out and says he has something to tell me and sends her friend (that I just met) to get her tarot cards, THEN she freaks out even more and says “this has never happened before, they never wanted this, I can’t believe this” and she includes herself and her friend in the tarot card reading.

She asks us each to pull a card, and we do, and when we do all hell breaks loose. She starts freaking out (not in a good way) and starts repeating that 'it can’t be’ and 'this can’t be real’ and things like that and I’m freaking out because I’ve never had a tarot card reading and I have NO idea what the cards mean. So my card was a book and apparently meant 'a new life, a change is coming, a new beginning’ and the friends I can’t remember and HER card was ALSO a book that meant the end or something.

OKAY so she says that we are the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. That virtually I am her, and she was freaking out because these are the same cards her grandmother pulled for her and her aunt right before she passed, and she’s afraid that this means that it is her time too. Now she’s saying how dire it is if I don’t accept who I am and that eventually my 'gift’ and who I am will destroy me. And that her two children are there if I don’t accept who I am, and I’m freaking out because I don’t know what to do or where to start. I don’t know if you can help me, I needed to talk to an unbiased third party, and I found your blog and I just need help…


Not gunna lie, it sounds like they’re bullshitting you extremely hard, especially considering the bold I placed. 

Look, I’m really sorry she freaked you out this bad. Genuinely, especially since you’re not a witch, never believed, never even had a tarot reading. I don;t want to sound rude, but that means you’d be gullible, and an easy target for someone to freak out to play their Hyper Fantasy out.

The Mother, Maiden, and Crone are archetypes of The Goddess, a Wiccan deity. While, sure, there are beliefs in shards and such that could mean an individual has a piece of a god in them, the fact she said that you, herself, and a friend are the Mother, Maiden, and Crone sounds like something straight outta The Craft (1996)

Let’s break down some bolded parts:

She tells me I need to ‘rope them in’ because they are 'my people’ and 'they are crazy’ that I know what I need to do to do just that (honestly I have no idea) and that all I have to do is meditate and trust them.

You shouldn’t go willy nilly trusting spirits, first and foremost. You can speak with them or communicate if you want to, but not knowing anything about them is generally dangerous. In some cases, you’d be better off randomly selecting a demon out of the Ars Goetia to chat with than a random spirit.

The fact she said they are “your people” is an albeit small red flag.


she tells me that I still haven’t 'let them in’, and they’re not happy. Okay, so, I get that, it freaks me out she knew that,

You Don’t Have To Do Jack Shit

You don’t “have” to let anyone or anything “in” 

ESPECIALLY if you don’t know what you’re doing, what to do, what they’re like, etc. Don’t do that. That’s another flag.

The fact they dismissed your apprehension is another red flag. Three strikes, she’s out.

Okay, so then she freaks out and says he [your grandfather] has something to tell me and sends her friend (that I just met) to get her tarot cards, THEN she freaks out even more and says “this has never happened before, they never wanted this, I can’t believe this” and she includes herself and her friend in the tarot card reading.

The fact they would include themselves into a tarot reading is rude, intrusive, and just ???

PLUS she’s using your deceased relative to play this all out in order to insert herself and her friend, of which you just met. That’s messed up, man.

And yet there’s still more.

So my card was a book and apparently meant 'a new life, a change is coming, a new beginning’

In tarot and oracle readings, this is pretty vague but usually just means something new is coming into your life. The context would depend but it could be as mundane as starting college, moving to a new city, etc. 

Not a red flag, but just to help ease your discomfort. It’s probably just about something new and exciting to look forward to, not some High Fantasy Ritual about being one of a Very Special Three like a Lord of the Rings book or Eragon or something. Magic can get real weird, sure, but it’s nothing like this and this is some borderline negative cultish behavior. 

OKAY so she says that we are the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. 

Sure, some people believe in having a piece of a deity in them. However, actually being in physical form the Mother, Maiden, Crone archetypes is a little much. It sounds like either a) they’re try-harding magic way too much, b) trying to sike you out, or c) they’re not much of a believer to begin with

That virtually I am her, and she was freaking out because these are the same cards her grandmother pulled for her and her aunt right before she passed, and she’s afraid that this means that it is her time too.

And now using her own relatives to make you think it’s real. 

Now she’s saying how dire it is if I don’t accept who I am and that eventually my 'gift’ and who I am will destroy me

Scaring you into trying to believe her story, pretty pathetic, tbh. 

I’m extremely sorry you have to deal with this but I am going to go ahead and stamp this as Grade A Bullshit and you should avoid her. 

She’s either confused or trying really hard to bullshit both you and probably herself into thinking these things. 

Hope this helps, and again I’m sorry.

~ Rose   

Man, ngl, that sounds like she’s 200% setting you up for some scam.


Lemme tell a story, okay? I had a friend, Stella. Stellara. She knew I was strong in energy work and she knew I was very young and she knew I was rearing to figure out past lives/goddesses/etc, so she abused my niavete.

Basically, she told me she had a vision that I was her son in another life, Michael, and that I had died of Spanish Flu and to prevent doom I must give her energy to keep her alive so she could protect me from “spirits,” that gave me the flu. 

Sounds far fetched now, but at the time I fed energy into her daily, developed the flu, and ended up in the hospital sick due to taking everything out of myself to protect another. It’s in my nature to help others like that.

DON’T believe in anything you don’t believe. Don’t be dragged in to stuff you don’t believe in. THAT is what’ll only end in doom.

-Tema Koinu

I’ve been on the receiving end of some bull shit tarot readings, but this is some next level shit. The worst I ever got was someone trying to convince me that I owed them money in another life *cue eye roll* but what this girl did was either due to some hardcore cultish beliefs, or just to be cruel and scare you.

I agree with the above mods and I say that she’s setting you up for a scam. Don’t take what she says to heart. She’s either a really good actress or actually believes what she’s saying and either way it’s bad news.

nocturnal wix

…Wow, dude.  You’d probably be best served by getting away from this person and anyone associated with her. 

If you still find yourself anxious about any potential spirit thing, I’d recommend focusing on learning a few basic techniques in grounding, centering, cleansing, and protecting.  None of these things have to be difficult, complex, or fancy in any way, and each can be done in less a few minutes, but they go a long way in simple spiritual protection.  Even if they do nothing other than make you feel less upset emotionally, that’s still invaluable.

“Next level shit,” indeed.

- mountain hound

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My wife is the reason anything gets done. She nudges me towards promise by degrees. She is a perfect symphony of one. Our son is her most beautiful reprise. We chased the melodies that seem to find us until they are finished songs and start to play. When senseless acts of tragedy remind us that nothing here is promised. Not one day. The show is proof that history remembers. We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger. We rise and fall and light from dying embers, remembrances that hope and love lasts longer. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside. I sing as a symphony, Eliza tells her story, now fill the world with music, love, and pride.
—  Lin-Manuel Miranda (The 70th Annual Tony Awards)


Instagram and Tumble help me to find new friend all over the world. One day a had a conversation with a friend of mine about Doctor Strange Funko Pop toy. She said that she want to present it to me! She and her sisters added some more presents inside the box. I can’t remember the last time I was so emotional like during this video!

Yhis must be a first, a picture that I upload here and not on DA!

I was thinking this could be todays Inktober, but then I remembered that Inktober day already made people go “I wasn’t expecting this from you! I don’t really like this dark things” and it wasn’t nothing that bad, there was a Pinkamena with blood on the knive

Maybe I’m being a bit insentive and you feel the same way please tell me

In the mean time this will be tagged CuteNightMare, i think you can block that if you don’t want to see it


A Bethyl Fanfiction - AU, no zombies ever

“I remember the first time I saw you…”

“You do?” Face turning back towards him, her eyes bright, Beth seemed more relaxed.

That’s better. “Yeah. I was with my dad when you came in. I thought he was dyin’. And there you were with a big smile, tellin’ me he wasn’t. Shit, I almost killed him myself right then. But, your smile. I’d a comeback every day just to see your smile. Well, that and your ass.”

Everything won’t last but I’ll be by your side

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by tatemarkhams

“Does Chat know what it’s like for me to watch him get turned into stone? Or dissipate from the time stream? Or erased from this dimension? Does he know what it’s like for me to almost lose him every time? And what if one of these days I can’t bring him back? What happens then?” Her voice was breaking, and Adrien could tell she was making an effort to maintain any semblance of composure in front of him.

Chapter 2

The last time Adrien remembered being sick was when he was ten years old.

It was after his mother had taken him out to see the turtles at the park and when he leaned in too close to feed them, he had fallen into the pond.  By nightfall, he was already feverish which prompted his mother to feed him soup and wrap him up in layers of blankets. Later that night, she pushed Adrien’s hair back from his forehead, called him her little angel, and sang him lullabies until he drifted off to sleep.

Sixteen-year old Adrien Agreste didn’t have any of that. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t even supposed to be sick. His diet formulated by a nutritionist and his extracurricular activities managed by Nathalie saw to it that he was always in tip top condition. Staying out at night in the middle of a thunderstorm wasn’t exactly part of his schedule and he very much doubted that it was something his father would approve of.

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A Thing to Note about my Melkor

A friendly reminder that Melkor is a HELL of a lot meaner, violent, deceptive, and more intelligent than he has been as of late. 

Remember that I don’t take crack seriously AT ALL so looking at crack threads for scoping out Melkor’s character isn’t the best way to go about it, unless you just wanna do crack with me. However, in serious threads, he is a horrible person, with little to no redeeming characteristics that are frequently shown. Usually it will take a very long time, or for an intense thing to happen for any major sigh of goodness, love, empathy, or really anything like that. It may be hinted, but not fully address or implemented frequently UNLESS we really work up to that point (or it’s a verse/AU of some kind). 

I just want everyone to always remember that at the end of the day, Melkor is a terrible person!

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congrats on the job interview! if the company is on glassdoors, you should check that. dress to impress. arrive at least 15 minutes early. don't be on your phone. be prepared to answer "why do you want to work here" and at the end they *always* ask "do you have any questions for me?" so come up with some to show you're interested. remember who you talked to, drop off a thank you note for them the next day. when they ask "tell me about a time..." use the STAR format to answer. good luck!!!

Omg these are all great tips but I hadn’t heard of Glassdoors before and that’s such a neat resource??? Tysm bud


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I remembered to do this at a very nice time (coincidentally) 21:10 on 21st Oct <3 I love love love those pics of Namjoon that the fansite Love you too much put them together like that.
Hollywood Undead is my 8 year obsession and I can never get tired of their music, my fave albums are Notes from the Underground and Swan Songs. Day of the Dead and American Tragedy are, of course, really good too.

I’m glad I still save this selfie bc I think I looked ridiculously good in it like I still cannot believe that’s me… so don’t think I look like this all the time (i wish i would tho) ;;; It was a one time miracle…

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but it ok if you don’t do it ;;

A friend of mine told me that I was one of the happiest people she knew.
And I laughed.
Harder than I had in a long time.
Not because I was overjoyed.
It was because her statement was just hilarious to me.
Me? Happy? Unlikely combination.
I am content, but unhappy at the same time.
The notion of me feeling something so blissful is nothing but a daydream.
I hide my pain in order to keep skeptics at bay.
The idea of prying myself open to reveal the very entrails of my being like some sort of crustacean doesn’t appeal to me.
No one has a need to see that side of me anyways.
This bright, cheery, quirky side of me that they see every day is enough.
In actuality, my real self is insecure, needy, negative, depressed, and utterly cold.
I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to laugh so hard that tears formed in the corners of my eyes.
But, it seemed I got a laugh in at my own expense.
—  Admin Mari’s Jumbled Mind

It seemed no matter what I asked, the conversation turned to either God, Larry Graham, or both—The Artist freely admitted he modeled his bass style after Graham’s.

Prince first briefly met the slap pioneer at a Warner Bros. company picnic in 1978, by which time Larry had moved on from Sly & the Family Stone and was a star in his own right fronting Graham Central Station. The two met again a few years later, this time at a Nashville jam.

“Larry’s wife came up to him and pulled an effects box and cord out of her purse,” The Artist remembers warmly. “Now that’s love.”

But Graham and the man he calls ‘Little Brother’ didn’t develop a real relationship until the ’90s 'relationship’ perhaps being an inadequate description.

“Here’s a guy who has a brother hug for you every day,” says The Artist. “And once Larry taught me The Truth, everything changed. My agoraphobia went away. I used to have nightmares about going to the mall, with everyone looking at me strange. No more.”

-Prince, Bass Player Magazine (1999)

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Hi Sonja! I'm a bit lost and hope you can help me out- even if it's just by passing this on. I'm usually super organized, but i can't find this fanfic. I've tried everything but asking for help, but I remember your fanfic spree a few days ago (which was a great thing to do!!) which gave me this idea. So, last chance. I think Louis was an astronaut, stranded on the moon (possibly mars?) and Harry was responsible for finding a way to get him back home. Does this sound familiar to anyone?? THANKS!!

unfortunately i don’t think i’ve read this or even anything like this (though i have seen the martian and this kind of sounds like that) but can anyone help this anon?

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The 2Ps know Reader as the daughter/niece/whatever of their boss or whatever. They hardly interacted with her much and only meet each other a few times. One day they bump into each other during a normal day off. The 2Ps remember reader, but Reader's reaction to them: "You're... uh... Who are you, again?" Reader has a terrible habit on remembering people's names.

2p America & 2p China: The guy who wants you in more ways than one~ *winks*

2p Canada: The name’s Canada

2p England: You don’t remember me? That’s alright, dear! I’m England! Nice to meet you, again!

2p Russia: My name is Russia

2p France: France..

2p Italy: You don’t need to know, love

2p Germany: Sup, name’s Todd *makes fuckboy face* Nah, I’m just kidding! I’m Germany!

2p Japan: I'm Japan

2p Romano: Your new best friend!

2p Prussia: Y-You don’t remember me?! *gets depressed* Well, I’m not surprised. No one really knows my name..

2p Austria: Your worst nightmare~

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Your tooth anon got me thinking. Remember that day with the blood draw? And the HomeMade shirt? That was a positive time. He should really get a pat test. Or just wear that shirt again? I liked it.

Ahhhhh yes, the day I learned that plaster means bandage. Project Home was happening and he showed his support with his shirt. I love Louis. He’s really just a good person. 

Also, yes, please, get that paternity test, Tomlinson!

Things To Remember

• Jordan calls bread rolls ‘rollroll’. Charlie taught him to repeat ‘Pizza, Pizza, daddy-o’ after her. He calls bottles 'bottleh’, and apples 'ahhple’. He knows how to point to his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin, belly, feet, hair, fingers, and hands. He can also say all of those words. He still asks for boobie every day despite being weaned quite some time ago now, and it kind of tugs at my heart. But not enough for me to try feed him when I no longer make milk haha

• Charlie is so different from me. So confident, so bossy. So sure of herself and of her worth. I often think she should be my sister’s child instead of my own. But then, I’m cleaning her room, and I find the spot that she has collected every single card and gift my Mother has given her. She’s stored them all in a little shelf, and I know she has some of me in her after all. That sentimentality. That emotion. It’s in there, quietly linking her to me. My baby.

• Dylan tells his sister that he is sad that I won’t look forward to our wedding now, when I had been so excited about it before. She tells me, and it makes me sad too. I don’t go to Dylan for emotional stuff, I never have. Our relationship does not suffer because of it, I don’t resent him. I just know he hasn’t suffered anything hard in his life yet, and he won’t understand. But the solidity of him in my life has helped me more than he could know. The quiet way in which he supports me, giving me space, rubbing my back, picking up the pieces I have dropped. I cannot wait to be his wife. Forever. I never want anyone but him. I am just as excited to stand in front of him and tell him that as I ever was.

• Mum visits me for what is to be the last time. She drops by photos for me, and her coffee goes cold on the bench while she shows Jordan pictures of me as a baby. She listens to me complain about how touched out I’ve been feeling, and commiserates on how hard it is raising toddlers. She brings plastic beach toys for J, and asks what I need for my wedding gift. I don’t remember if I hugged her goodbye. I always hug her goodbye, and tell her I love her, but I don’t remember if I did. She is happy, and proud of paying off her car loan. She seems to be making an effort to be in our lives more. And then she is gone.

• Dylan sets up mum’s laptop on the tv for me. Her screen is smashed and useless, but her desktop background pops up on our television, and it’s me with my siblings at my brother’s birthday lunch in July. I hack her email and search for any trace of her. I look at her photos. I rescue all of the pictures from her recycle bin, and they’re all selfies from the end of September. Her selfies always made me laugh. I find one from last month of her standing in the exact spot she died, and I close the laptop for another day.

• Jordan grazes. I offer him food all day long, and he takes a mouthful here and there. He says yes to food, and then when I open the food, he says no. He frustrates me constantly.
He throws tantrums now, and hits. He throws things if he is upset. And then he’s back to his lovely sweet self, like nothing just happened. It’s becoming less fun to leave the house with him. I hope it’s a phase.

• Dylan calls me into the bathroom where he and Jordan are showering together. Jordan is looking at the shower floor, disgusted. Dylan is laughing so hard he’s almost crying.
Two little piles of Jordan poop are sitting in the water. I don’t think Jordan has ever seen poo before, but he’s horrified. I pick it up with paper towel, and it cheers me up more than anything has all week.

• The people who I’d expect to be the most helpful during all this, are the least helpful. Friends who I thought would be there, aren’t. But then my friend flies in from out of state to be at the funeral to support me, and all of the school mum’s offer babysitting or support or a friendly ear. People send cards, and flowers, and buy me candles. People check in on me every day. Dylan’s family rally around me. People bring food. Grief feels like a hand crushing my insides, and people are holding me up. Grief feels like I am empty, and people are filling the spaces. I appreciate every 'this is really unfair and shit’, and hate every 'just think of the 31 years you got with her!’
I cry in the middle of playgroup, and strangers support me.
Life is rough, but it sure can help you find the good people and weed out the bad.

• Small things hurt. Big things also hurt. People keep telling me I’m strong. When I get through telling one playgroup mum about what has happened, another comes up oblivious to what we have been talking about, and starts chatting about how a tree almost hit her swing set. I nod, and make polite answers. It’s not her fault, and I don’t want to make her feel bad.
I walk into the pharmacy and people I have never seen before are talking about how 'a lady died’ in the storms. I want to yell THAT WAS MY MOTHER, but I keep walking.
I feel like this is so big, that everyone should know! I want to work it into conversations. When workers in shops ask me how I am, I want to scream that I am dying inside. But I just say good, and move on. I don’t feel strong, I feel like I am falling apart at the seams. I feel terrified by all of the loss that is yet to come in my life. I feel crushed by the weight of grief. I picture how my mother died, constantly, wondering if she knew what was happening.
I buy groceries, pay bills, make lunches. Cook dinner, eat, sleep. One day, it won’t be so hard.

• Charlie hums INXS 'by my side’ under her breath in the back of the car. Jordan says 'nanny’ when he picks up Mum’s coat. I think of all the things that are unsaid now, all the things I want to say to Mum. I think of all the times she hurt me, and how they are balanced by all the times she was wonderful. Everything is complicated, and there’s no time now to sort through it. Life is so short. It’s so short. Love the people you love, forgive if you can! Tell them everything you want to say. Tell the person you love that you love them! Don’t be afraid to live. Don’t waste time.
I miss my Mum, I want my Mum. I miss my Dad. I am feeling so many things. And life keeps moving. And I keep moving.