Over the past decade, fluid dynamicists have been investigating tiny droplets bouncing on a vibrating fluid. This seemingly simple experiment has remarkable depth, including the ability to recreate quantum behaviors in a classical system. In this video, some of the researchers demonstrate their experimental techniques, including how they vary the frame rate relative to the bouncing of the drops. At the right frame rate, this sampling makes the droplets appear to glide along with their ripples, giving us a look at a system that is simultaneously a particle (drop) and wave (ripple). (Video credit: D. Harris et al.)

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Louis Walsh is repeating his Bitter Betty comments from the fall. LOL - does this mean the end is near? It's funny - the first time he barfed up this script, he made positive comments about Harry (maybe Simon still had delusions of signing him) & disparaging remarks about Louis (saying he might as well have a kid since has no other prospects). Now it's like he can't remember who's currently on the shit list so he's keeping it vague. 'Er, some are monsters, some loyal. Don't ask me which ones.'


Because traumatized people often have trouble sensing what is going on in their bodies, they lack a nuanced response to frustration. They either react to stress by becoming “spaced out” or with excessive anger. Whatever their response, they often can’t tell what is upsetting them. This failure to be in touch with their bodies contributes to their well-documented lack of self-protection and high rates of revictimization and also to their remarkable difficulties feeling pleasure, sensuality, and having a sense of meaning. People with alexithymia can get better only by learning to recognize the relationship between their physical sensations and their emotions, much as colorblind people can only enter the world of color by learning to distinguish and appreciate shades of gray.
—  Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Did you know one out of every five LGBQT youth regularly skip school because of bullying?

Did you know 73% of students hear remarks like “faggot” or “dyke” on a regularly basis?

Did you know 80% of trans students feel unsafe at school just because of their gender expression?

Did you know 30% of LGBQT youth have been physically abused by their peers?

Did you know more than 33% of LGBQT students have attempted SUICIDE because of bullying?

Did you know that more than 50% of all trans or gender non-conforming youth will attempt suicide by their 20th birthday?


Bullying is not and should not be just a normal part of growing up. It is not something we should have to PUT UP WITH.

EVERYONE deserves to be treated with the same respect and the same love as everyone else. Everyone deserves to feel special. Everyone deserves to live a happy, hate free life, and everyone deserves to be proud to be who they are.

Dont be afaid to stand up and speak out against bullying. You could even save a life if you do.


He (Cristiano) has a unique physique.It’s like those cars that last millions of kilometres without any fault.
I have known Ronaldo for 11 years, since he was in Manchester. He had some minor injuries and asked for advice.
In addition to having a great character, he is an athlete who fulfils all that is required to maintain a physical and psychological form to the fullest, from food to sleep and fitness.
He is a scholar and occasionally he asks me if there are new scientific articles that you can read on food and other topics.
He is an example - exceptional. It is remarkable the support he gives to the younger players in the team, to integrate them and take away any fear or shame to be there next to a monster.
—  Jose Carlos Noronha (Portuguese knee surgeon)
So earlier today I posted a silly little piece ...

in which I claimed that people who only watched FOX News should be called “bubble people.”

This was a fairly light hearted attempt on my part to make a serious point: that people who watch FOX News are remarkably prone to parroting dumb things … like whether Hillary Clinton has an illness (while ignoring the North Korea-like statement of Trump’s “doctor” about Trump’s perfect 70 year old, junk food loving health), or how Clinton’s tax returns prove she corruptly advances Clinton Foundation interests (while insisting Trump need not release his own profoundly complicated returns), or whatever. Obama Terrorist Fist jabs, anyone? Birtherism? Death panels? 

Anyway, this post stimulated a few responses along the lines of, “Sure, so long as you say the same thing about CNN.” Well, I don’t agree on the equivalency … but not for reasons you probably think.

See, I don’t think CNN is the liberal equivalent of FOX. For one, it doesn’t provide anything close to the “liberal” take on the news that liberals respond to in anything like the degree that conservatives respond to FOX. So the “CNN is a problem too” argument just doesn’t hold water.

But more than that, I don’t think CNN is even a serious, credible news organization. This is, after all, a network that hired Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, to “analyze” the campaign … a hire that only made sense for what Lewandowski might say about Trump. Except he signed a nondisclosure agreement with Trump, so he can’t say anything interesting about Trump. It’s a network in which Wolf Blitzer is taken seriously on political matters, and “analysis” consists of “from the right, X dweezil, and from the left, Y dweezil.” 

So no: I don’t agree that CNN does it too. Or that if CNN did it (and it doesn’t), it would matter anything at all like it does at FOX. The bubble, for now, is concentrated on the political right, and its heart is FOX News.

Thought for the Day – August 25 

St Louis was strong-willed, strong-minded. His word was trusted utterly and his courage in action was remarkable. What is most remarkable was his sense of respect for anyone with whom he dealt, especially the “humble folk of the Lord.” To care for his people he built cathedrals, churches, libraries, hospitals and orphanages. He dealt with princes honestly and equitably. He hoped to be treated the same way by the King of Kings, to whom he gave his life, his family and his country.
St Louis Pray for us!

HEADCANON: Holtzmann is actually pretty concerned with safety when it comes to the team testing out her machinery. She only makes it look like they are all pretty unstable because she herself loves the feeling of adrenaline so she makes all her fellow teammates have the same level of adrenaline when they are testing out her weapons but she is the only one who knows that they are all in fact pretty safe.

Facts behind this head-canon:

  • Holtzmann is in fact an adrenaline junky since she was always pretty excited when she was busting ghosts and all the remarks she makes about her work being unstable.
  • Holtzmann made it pretty obvious that her machinery was extremely dangerous and still in experimental stage before the ghostbusters (specially Erin) were about to test said machinery BUT when she lead the team to the “table of treats” she actually screamed for Erin not to touch one of the weapons.
  • So, she always made them nervous about testing out the machinery but every time they did the equipment worked fine. The one time it could have gone wrong, Holtzmann stopped Erin from touching it.


Holtz is a bit careless when it comes to her safety but she is really careful when it comes to her teammates.

I get that people want Dean to become more open, but deconstructing the walls Dean built over the years is not going to be helpful for Dean in any way or shape or form. Not unless Dean leaves the hunting life or gets the support and therapy he clearly needs. Even then, I am not sure that Dean’s hurts can heal, because things Dean has seen, done, experienced are way above the normal PTSD area. In fact, like Jensen brilliantly observed, Dean’s walls are actually helping Dean to survive and function in an essentially hostile environment.

But lets not talk about that. Instead, look at what happens when Dean lowers his defenses, look at what happened when Dean trusted Sam with his secret? Sam threw back Dean’s hell trauma at his face and mocked him for it. Look how Sam took Dean’s “I’m poison” remark and twisted it to destroy his self-worth in S9. Look how often Dean gets betrayed or left back from his family. Look how often Dean’s trust gets broken. If you were in Dean’s place, if you were betrayed as often and as thoroughly as Dean was, if you were mocked for being weak, if you lost everyone you loved, if your worst nightmares about yourself are reinforced by your family, if you were left behind by your only family, then, how would you react? Would you start lowering your emotional defenses or would you start building more mental walls to safeguard yourself? Is it any wonder that Dean tries (tries but often fails) to emotionally detach himself?

Dean’s life is already full of horrors, betrayals, sorrows. These walls, this emotional detachment is Dean’s way of coping, it’s his only way of shielding himself from further attacks. True, it doesn’t always work, because Dean has a big heart and feels for others, but, it helps him survive.

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May I request Neji blushing over his gentle yet badass crush playing with and gushing over his long hair? like when it's not tied at the bottom c: maybe sfw, but still steamy? thank you in advance!

Neji took a deep breath, stretching his arms in the air. He had really worked up a sweat during his training session with Y/N, because they were always a good match for him, but also because it made him incredibly flustered to be in such close proximity to them.

Neji reached behind his back, pulling the tie from his hair and releasing it. He shook his head, sending his dark locks flying in the gentle breeze.

“Wow. I’ve never seen your hair down before, Neji,” Y/N remarked, and he turned around to face them.

He didn’t quite know what to make of this comment, so he simply said, “Oh?”

Y/N approached him, and their fingers ghosted over his hair, stroking it lightly. This sent a shiver down Neji’s spine, but he was lucky to find that his crush hadn’t seemed to notice it.

“Yeah. Your hair’s really nice, y’know?” Neji heard the smile in Y/N’s voice, and he could feel his face heat up.

“O-Oh. Thank you,” he said, a stutter entering his voice.

They began to ran their hands through his hair, and pronounced, “It’s so soft too.”

At this, a strangled coughing noise escaped from Neji’s throat.

“Neji, are you okay? Your face is real red. Are you heating up?” Y/N asked, a concerned frown on their face. They pressed their hand to Neji’s forehead. He jumped back ever so slightly, and Y/N tilted their head to the side, a look of confusion painted upon their face.

“I’m fine,” Neji said with a nervous laugh. He scolded himself. He needed to get it together, or Y/N would realise he had feelings for them. Internally, he slapped himself around the face, trying to relax. He was sure everything would be fine… as long as Y/N kept their hands away from his hair.

-Admin Will

Body Language Silliness

This was posted on a super-shipper blog:

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Squee!! I was in the States last weekend for a family wedding and was seated at a table with my cousin who works for a 3-letter government agency. While betting on the length of this latest family marriage my cousin remarked on their body language. I pressed for an explanation and she described what she was seeing and what it meant. I don’t know exactly what she does in her job, but she did confirm that she came by this skill as part of her training. I asked her for some SC analysis and she (1)

agreed. She said lots of interesting things which most shippers has already concluded, but the winery pic was really good! She said “He has his hands in front of his crotch and his center (belly) is pulling away from her. His gaze is hard to discern for sure but it looks like polite interest. She has invaded his space with her leg and her posture is straight up and strong. Hand to face indicating she is giving all her attention to him. Conclusion: she is way more into him than he is into her (2)

and she appears to be the aggressor by entering his personal space. He is pulling his body back while leaving his face in a more neutral zone to her, but covering his crotch area indicates a ‘back off’ message. It’s impossible to know if she was being friendly or flirty, but she was certainly testing the waters by putting her leg in his personal space and possibly touching his leg with hers which may have resulted in the crotch covering message. Bottom line: she wanted his attention at the (3)

very least and possibly more. Judging by his posture and choices, he wasn’t into it and was maybe trying to figure out how to get away without rejecting her outright.” I would have sent this sooner but I just flew back and I wasn’t using wifi over there (soooo expensive) but I started typing this the moment my plane got to the gate. Gotta get through customs now. Let me know if you want to hear what she said about SC photos too. (4)

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I just love how s-shippers always pull out these dubious “experts” whenever they need to keep the ship afloat. We had the questionable archeologist (?) turned botanist who claimed the cliff picture could only have been taken in Italy because of the flora. We have the questionable artist/ calligraphy expert who exerted that Sam and only Sam could have drawn Mr. Lemon. Now we have body language “experts” who sound like amateurs because they are making assumptions based on one picture (most professionals would know not to do that–you have to have multiple viewings either in person or on videotape to do a good reading) and they are doing a piecemeal approach where they look at each part of their subjects’ bodies instead of taking in the gestalt of what is in front of them.  Looking at each body part in isolation and then putting it all together is really problematic.

So here is a question I want to ask everyone who saw this picture before all the “experts” weighed in. When you saw this picture wasn’t your initial thought that these two are a couple and they really look into each other? That was my first thought. That was a holistic take on the picture. I can analyze each little bit–but that really isn’t what you should do when you are looking at body language. You need to respond to the whole of it.  And I’m sorry but this picture just screamed these two want to go home and have their way with each other. 

[BTW, I can play the game of doing a piecemeal approach if you want. It’s not a good way of doing things but I can do it. For instance, if I did so I wouldn’t say Sam has his hand in front of his crotch to protect it. It would have been a tad higher if that were the case and draped more to his body’s right. (In fact someone said he looked like he was holding a large envelope. If that were the case a protective stance–and easier for holding the envelope–would have been for him to hold the envelope up on his lap, totally protecting his crotch.) Rather than protecting his crotch, I would say he has his hand near MM’s knee or inner thigh!  In other words, he is approaching her sexually, not protecting himself. (All this “invading her space” stuff sounds like the “expert” has been too influenced by her “government” job and so looks at everything in terms of  attacks and defenses. And BTW, did this anon tape record this exchange? Why does she have a transcript? Actually, it looks like it isn’t even a transcript but a carefully worded document…that someone wrote at a wedding… presumably after several drinks. Really?)  Sam is turned towards MM and not away and his body actually appears to be quite relaxed and at ease.  I would even say that Sam’s knee seems to be welcoming her leg and not pulling away from it in the least. I’d also say their upper hands are mirroring each other and he almost looks like his finger is caressing his lips the way he would want to caress hers. Whatever. Looking at each part seems to me to be a bit like a projective test where anyone can easily read into each “part” what they want to. This is why I much prefer a holistic take.] 

Anyway, a good little article that points out some of the misconceptions about reading body language can be found HERE.

ADDENDUM: I am not a body language “expert” although I do have to read body language as a part of my job (as it is a part of many people’s jobs). I was just playing in my “reading” of their body language in the picture. My guess is as good as yours. And I most certainly could be wrong.

Do any of my borderline followers do that thing where you make tiny effortless white lies about aspects of your life for no reason, and sometimes without even noticing? Not necessarily things that cast you in a better light even, just lies to make the conversation flow and give you something to talk about?

I’m not talking about the people for whom BPD manifests as serious pathological lying, I’m talking about tiny, irrelevant changes in stories like a one off remark about a friend who doesn’t exist, or a conversation that never happened, essentially harmless things but things that a neurotypical would never think to do?

Stephen King on productivity #1yrago

“There are many unspoken postulates in literary criticism,” writes the legendary author, “one being that the more one writes, the less remarkable one’s work is apt to be.” And yet…

Some prolific writers have made a deep impression on the public consciousness. Consider Agatha Christie, arguably the most popular writer of the 20th century, whose entire oeuvre remains in print. She wrote 91 novels, 82 under her own name and nine under a nom de plume — Mary Westmacott — or her married name, Agatha Christie Mallowan.

Those novels may not be literary, but they are far above the porridge turned out by John Creasey, and some of them are strikingly good. Christie gave us two characters — Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot — who have achieved a kind of immortality. Add to this the stylistic and thematic unity of Christie’s novels (the cozy warmth of the settings and the British stereotypes, placed within the context of her surprisingly cold appraisal of human nature), and one must view those many books in a different light.

Buried lede: he wrote The Running Man in a week.

I vagueblogged about this earlier, but my college has a very Autism-Speaks-y sorority. It was at the Activities Fair. It is amazing how calm and polite and nice people who think your nonexistence is an fine tradeoff for remarkably small gains can be. Like, I would understand the desire to trade my neurotype for an end to malaria, or something, but people who value autism so little that “allegedly slightly better at supporting families in the US than other non-eradication-y autism nonprofits are” is an acceptable tradeoff should be scorned. (Okay, they should be argued with politely, which I did.)

I can be polite and rational while verbally defending my existence, it appears. Not calm, though. They were so calm and dispassionate and they’d heard it all already and they don’t get it, and I was almost shaking, and saying things similar to “I want to make an appeal to emotion but I probably shouldn’t”, and, and—

It was a friendly conversation, it was a polite conversation, the person said we could continue it over email if I wanted to, and it was also a conversation about whether the decimation of my neurotype is an acceptable price to pay for a remarkably low-quality set of goods.

The person had some kind of sympathy. They understood that the prospect of the decimation of my neurotype made me uncomfortable and they thought my discomfort was somewhat reasonable. And they just didn’t consider this concern important enough to outweigh the …benefits to families? …ease of supporting the same nonprofit that the sorority as a whole represents? IDK.

♫♪ It’s my neurotype and I’ll be tense if I want to, tense if I want to, tense if I want to. It’s my neurotype and I’ll be tense if I want to—you’d be tense too if it could plausibly happen to you. ♩♬

(Interacting with people who are clearly outside the Overton window is often fun even when I disagree with them, because I can have similarly repulsive-to-normal-people opinions in their presence, and so on, but people who go around promoting badwrong things who I can’t even say outside-the-Overton-window things to are generally unpleasant to interact with.)

Displays of Affection (Suga)

“Are you sure your relationship is going well?” My best friend asked me a moment after my boyfriend stood up and left to find the nearest restroom at the bistro.

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she paused, “you guys don’t even look like a couple.”

Confused, I started laughing in response. “What’s a couple supposed to look like?”

“Uh… happy?”

“We are happy.”

“You don’t look like it,” she remarked, a little annoyed. “You don’t even show an ounce of affection for each other. Does he even hold your hand or hug you?”

“Not unless I force him,” I mention as I gaze out thoughtfully.

“Does he tell you you’re beautiful?”

I practically choked from the hilarity. “He reminds me how ugly I am every day.”


I wiped away the tears that dripped down as a result of laughing too hard. “You don’t understand,” I explained to her calmly. “I am very happy. The both of us are. We love each other very much.”

The truth is that we don’t show it. At least, he doesn’t.

To everyone else, and to even myself for a long while, I was the one that loved him more than he loved me. I came into this relationship thinking that the overflowing obvious displays of affection I gave him would be reciprocated just as pathetically and cheesily. But he wasn’t like me, of course. He wasn’t as openly passionate as me. I learned that later.

The way he loved me was intimate and wholehearted, but quiet. When we’re out, he shakes me off when I try to link my arms with his, but every so often, when we’re all alone, he held me in the dark and never let me go. He held my hand in his most vulnerable moments. He told me I was beautiful when I tumbled back down to my lows.

Because of who he was, he couldn’t make a sound when it came to me. He had the same attitude towards everything. He showed the world that he didn’t actually care. It’s true. He doesn’t give a shit. He doesn’t give a fuck… because if he did care too much, he’s scared that the world is going to turn on him and end up hurting him beyond his imagination.

He behaved that way towards me, too. He behaved that way with his members, the boys he saw as his family. He always acted like he didn’t care at all, but every now and then would display the heart he hid so deeply within himself in a discreet manner.

I came to understand that about him. Once I understood, I came to love him and believe in him easier. I respected the way he felt, and as time went on, he started becoming a little more open to me, as long as it was just to ourselves.

“Why do you look so dreamy? It’s gross…” Yoongi’s low murmur woke me from my momentary daze. My best friend looked up at him, crossing her arms in disapproval.

“Oh honey, I was just thinking of you,” I practically purred teasingly, giggling when he made a disgusted face.

My friend groaned as she slowly rose from across the table. “Oh, look at the time, I gotta get going.”

Yoongi sat down beside me and leaned back in his chair. “Why is she so irritable today?” He asked.

Raising my hand to rest on his shoulder, I responded tiredly, “She thinks our relationship is bad.”

He fell silent as he sat back up and faced me. His fingers slowly felt for mine and grasped them, then rested our linked hands on this thigh. “I’m sorry.”

I smiled. “She’ll get over it.“

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Anonymous, as my photo is NSFW... I've messaged you a couple of times in the past... I live in the US.. Seattle, Washington. Your remarks about US hypocrisy are sadly true. I'm willing to bet that 85% of the citizens here have no idea what you're talking about, thanks to the government information blackout. Evil Empire indeed....

It’s to push the US capitalist agenda more than anything, it’s greed pure and simple. If you haven’t already I’d recommended reading Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Noam Chomsky. I was meant to post about this book but keep forgetting, but it’s an incredibly well researched coverage of the US propaganda system.
Or, if you don’t want to read, there is also his documentary Manufacturing Consent which you can watch here.